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I FINALLY posted another video in my cake decorating series, How to fill a cake. I plan to post one every week until I finish the basics, then go in to more advanced tips and tricks starting in January, so if there is something specific you want to learn let me know!

I’m still on my crochet kick and made this crown for my little prince (just wait until you see what I made him for Thanksgiving!!!)

prince-baby-crown-pattern riverwoods-event-040 riverwoods-event-072 riverwoods-event-120 riverwoods-event-195

Last weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a bloggers event down at the Shops at Riverwoods. I posted about all 4 stops, Blickenstaff’s (the cutest vintage candy and toy store ever), Ike’s Ice Cream (with the famous Texas ice cream, blue bell), Zion’s mercantile (an LDS art, bookstore and other trinkets and goodies) and finally La Jolla Groves (a fantastic restaurant I would highly suggest- and I don’t normally do that)

This week’s features:


This trellis wall, board and batten style, is GORGEOUS! Perfect for a little girls room. My own daughter loved it and we’re considering for her upcoming room makeover!


This turkey hand print t-shirt is totally adorable! If my sewing machine wasn’t buried (and I wasn’t working on this totally adorable thing for the baby) I would have made these for Thanksgiving dinner for my girls!


The treat of the week is this delicious looking microwave mug brownie. I don’t crave chocolate when I’m pregnant with boys (I do with my girls, I wonder what that means for their future) but I’ve eaten more chocolate in the last month than in the previous 9 months. This is SO going on the list of midnight chocolate fixes.

So there you have it, some of my favorite link up’s from last week~

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    Once again thanks for hosting, and for featuring my brownie. I’m not sure why but the picture I see is of some pie, but when i select the link below the picture its of my brownie…. Either way. Thanks!

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