My new kitchen!!!

Finally!!!!  I’m finally getting started on posting remodeling pictures.   Remember way back when when I posted the before and after plans? Well time to show you some of the after. I’ve been putting it off, since I don’t have good after pictures of most of the projects.  But I figured I should just get started.  I can update pictures and projects later, but for now these are burning a whole in my flickr stream and quite a few of my newer crafts are being held up from posting because of images in the background from the remodel that I haven’t shared yet.  So moving forward…

When the remodeling started we were actually out of town.  And I TOTALLY forgot to take a lot of really great before pictures.  So I had to SCOUR all my pictures from the past year and a half here.  I found this picture and it was the best one I had….

old wall and storage room

I was taking this pictures of my canvas picture from Japan, so that’s what’s in focus.  BUT if you look over to the left, the long yellow wall…  Just to the left of the wooden door.  THAT wall…

old storage room no wall remodel

Here it is!!!!  GONE!  This is the unfinished room beyond that wall.  We were using it for storage, but we thought it would be better used as a…

kitchen in prepaint

kitchen!!!  My teeny tiny kitchen, but it’s all mine!!!!  SO in love with it already.

Here is a picture on the other side of the room.  You can see my laundry closet over on the right, and the small door on the left is where the heater, humidifier, and other electrical stuff got moved to (it all used to be in the middle of the room)!

kitchen and laundry pre paint

Then we added our stove, microwave, dishwasher and fridge!  There isn’t a ton of room in here for food, but we’re so in love with having our own kitchen.  Next up???  My tile back-splash (already finished, I’ll be posting it soon!)!

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    • says

      Thanks Michelle!!! It has been such a great addition and change from last year. Sharing wasn’t as bad as it could have been, but having my own space is clearly better!

  1. Carrie says

    Do you guys do all your own work? It’s amazing!! Seriously! I am also so impressed with everything you post. you put a lot of professionalism into it all!

    • says

      Thanks! I love the counter tops too! They remind me of Japan with the pink and Jade in them. In fact they are from Asia (most granite is from Brazil) so it’s a fun daily reminder of a place I love!

    • says

      Thanks so much, Lorie! I love them to!!! I was afraid the pink would be too strong, but it ended up great! Now if only I could get it clean long enough that I could take the AFTER picture of my backsplash!

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