Macy’s letters to Santa benefiting Make-a-Wish

I love it when big companies give back and help amazing causes.  I also love getting to take my kids for free and fun activities. So I am super excited about Macy’s Letters to Santa!


It’s super easy to do, Macy’s has cards in store right next to their Santa Mail box.  Just bring a stamp, let your kids write or draw a letter and mail it!  You can also use their online letter writing app, OR just write a normal letter to Santa and mail it at Macy’s!


We grabbed the Macy’s cute letter to Santa and let the kids go to town!  It’s always interesting what the kids actually ened up asking for when faced with narrowing it down.  Lego boy, not surprisingly, asked for Legos!  He actually finished his sentence to say “I want the lego to be in a 12 and older box” cause the younger lego kits are too easy for him!  CUTE!


Princess always surprises me, she ended up writing her name over and over again at the beginning  she’s loving learning to write in kindergarten this year!  Finally she asked for help spelling and wrote that she wanted a baby doll.  WHAT??? she has never liked dolls, we have a ton that never get touched, so what is Santa going to bring?


Baby boy enjoyed the stickers more than the crayon, but how totally cute are those chubby hands?


And Computer Boy totally surprised me by asking for a WiiU- huh?  So not happening, but when I asked if there was anything else he said “I don’t really need anything Mom.” I so love this boy.


So WHY should you mail  your letter through Macy’s?  Well because for ever letter mailed they’ll donate a $1 to Make a Wish (up to 1,000,000).  AMAZING.  They have already received over 600,000 letters, lets make SURE they get to that million letters.  Make a Wish is a terrific charity one I try to support as often as I can.


And the kids totally LOVED mailing their letters!  They wanted to write more just so they could mail more!

letter-to-santa-macys-mail-princess letter-to-santa-macys-mail-computer

Even Baby Boy got in on the action…  He could easily reach the shorter opening, and kept trying to mail the cute holiday duck that is on display right next to the mail box!


Finally Macy’s has an AMAZING Santa touring the country right now!  He was in Salt Lake City last Sunday, so we missed him (Sunday is a special church and family day for us) But he still has half the country left to visit!  And since most of you guys (my readers) don’t live in Salt Lake City that’s good news for you!  Check out when he’s coming to a town near you!  Seriously an AMAZING Santa!


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