Angry Birds Birthday Party

I had such a fun time creating this Angry Birds birthday party for Lego Boy!  He’s such a fun kid, and making hime happy is always so much fun!  Every aspect was a BALL! Lego Boy has been talking about Angry birds for years now and I LOVE how this turned out.


I decided to make the food all bird/pig themed.  There were SO many options and foods that can be used so I narrowed it down to two food items for each bird, one really unique and one more simple (shape and color).  Then added food items for the pigs, the blogs and even the TNT!


For the table I added a fuzzy green blanket for the base (ground), with a blue backdrop (sky).  Then I built and stained some wood shelves to give height to the food. I LOVE the wood shelves, it’s cheap and easy and add’s great details to the table.


The first part of any party in our house is designing the cake!  Lego boy wanted a different tier for each bird (he originally wanted 9 birds…) and I wanted to do something that hadn’t been done before!  When we talked about doing this the reader drew my rough draft for me, it was so cute!

I knew we’d do cookies and cake pops, so picking the bird to assign to each was fun!  “Chuck“, a triangle shaped bird became the cookies!!!


“Pig” pudding… So much fun!  I love these little cups I found, they added extra height and were the perfect size for everyone to get some.  I used pistachio pudding (my favorite) for this sweet treat, and the perfect green.  Then I created faces in photoshop and simply taped to the front with double sided tape!


I knew I wanted cake pop and cookies, but with 5 birds I needed a few more shapes and treats.  I wanted something else on a stick for height and then I thought “oreo pops!” they turned out perfect for “Red”!

I also made chocolate peanut butter “Nests”.  The only bad part of the day is that it was the HOTTEST days in early June we’ve had in YEARS (one year it SNOWED the same week, this year , hottest day all summer I swear).  So these nest got really messy and melted together!


I knew we’d have some adults at the party too, so we wanted some healthy foods as well.  I picked out some veggies to represent some of our birds, and my favorite, the “Pig” snouts!  It’s super easy to take a size 10 tip and cut out some snot holes.  The tomatoes, and olives were the second item for “Red” and “Bomb” and the carrot sticks were “blocks”

I also served it with my “crack” dip, and labeled it with the “TNT box” label (but didn’t get a picture of it- gah)  It was super cute, you’ll just have to download the label to see!


Another adult food, chips and dip!  I love my Jalapeno dip, it’s spicy with a gorgeous green color, so another “Pig” item, and then triangle corn chips are that secondary item for “Chuck”.


“The Blues” are three small birds, so I went with my candy popcorn, with blue candy and blue sprinkles!  This is my Brother in laws favorite party food I make!   And of course the “Matilda” cake pops!  By the end of the afternoon it was so hot these had melted off the sticks, it was pretty disturbing, but the boys loved it and were laughing over them the whole time!


I bought sports ball shaped water bottles and spray painted them black for “Bomb”!  Just use 2 light layers of spray paint for bottles.  Then I printed off wrappers and wrapped them up!  These spray painted water bottles I do at parties are always a huge hit!


I used the same “golden eggs” as the invitations, for these sweet treats.  They are filled with yellow M&M’s.  And then used blueberry yogurt to cover frozen blueberries for a cool treats for “the Blues”.  They of course didn’t hold up to good in the heat, but they tasted great.  These def would work best for an indoor party though.


Chocolate dipped pretzels added a second “block” food item.  I couldn’t think of anything else to make these prettier, blocks are blocks…  I don’t know, what would you have done differently? Maybe add chocolate sprinkles?


And that’s the table!  (see the TNT dip?)  I love how it turned out!  I used floral styrofoam to hold the cake pops and oreo pops.  To keep them matching I left them covered in plastic and spray painted them with the same black as the water bottles. I love the heights of the food and table!


And every party needs party favors!  So “Angry Birds Food” gummy worms, in a take home bag with a handmade label!  The kids actually loved these so much that they broke into them early, I’m not sure if any of these gummy worm packages made it home!


The Birthday Boy had seen and helped with the food over the days leading up to the party, but hadn’t seen everything together, or the cake!  So when he showed up and saw it all he was SO excited.  THIS is why I do these parties, because it makes my kids happy!  I love creating special days and events for them.


I found some angry bird tattoos at the store that were the perfect addition, something simple and easy to add that put everyone in the mood.
I wanted a fun activity that everyone could have fun with, and a full sized angry bird game was an obvious choice!  I bought a bunch of kick balls and hand painted them all We had “the blues”


I ordered this large water balloon launcher.  It wasn’t perfect, it kept gathering up and the ball’s didn’t stay inside great, but we figured it out and the kids had a BALL!  If I was doing it again I’d still buy this, but I’d prob replace the fabric pocket.  Make it bigger, and a thicker fabric that wouldn’t gather as much.


“Bomb” and “Chuck”  finish off our balls.  I wish I had found a red kickball and made a “Red” too!  The Reader actually helped me paint all of these while I worked on the cake!  She did a great job!

We also had a “King Pig” pinata for the kids to finish up the party!  They had a ball and went home with ton’s of sugar and treats and happy faces. This also happened to be the last day of school, so a double reason to celebrate!  I think all the kids AND parents that came to the party had a great time!


Another missed picture, all the blocks!  I started collecting boxes about a month before the party!  Boxes of every shape and size!  I put them together and spray painted them brown, grey and blue (wood, stone and ice) to replicate the game!  I also blew up green balloons and added larger “Pig” faces to them to get “squished” by the boxes, but they kept blowing away, so they didn’t work out so well.

We had two adults holding the outside of the launcher, it actually worked out well because the adults could help “push” forward the ball and help with the launch when the kids couldn’t pull quite hard enough.

I made the labels egg shaped (as getting back the eggs are the whole goal of the game!)  The small pig faces were for the pudding cups, while the larger ones were for the green ballons in the life sized game.  
Angry Bird’s Birthday Party Labels – printables PDF

a fun angry birds birthday party - themed food, cake and activities

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  1. Jacklyn Jessa says

    Wow! This entire layout looks AMAZING! I showed my son the posts of the cake from a while back and he said he wanted it! I’m no cake maker (love to bake, though), but would love to give it a shot. The oreos look really yummy. I’m sure I can handle those. :)

    • says

      if you’ve worked with fondant at all it’s a super easy cake, no carving just cutting out fondant shapes! And the oreo’s and cake balls were super fun to make with my kids! Let me know if you try it, I’d love to see how it goes!

    • says

      thanks so much! we had a ball collecting ideas, and narrowing it down to this! if you end up throwing one let me know, I’d love to see it!

    • says

      awww thanks! It was so much fun to make! After Lego Boy told us the design and drew it out his big sister drew an even fancier one, it was so cute! and when he saw it he was so happy with it, make it all worth it!

    • says

      thank you so much!!! I love throwing my kids crazy, totally over the top parties! I think the party planning/executing is even more fun than the party itself!

  2. says

    This party was a bomb! Really amazing!!! My kid’s jaw dropped, haha! His party will be Lego Star Wars (Yikes) so, I’m transferring an idea or two from your kid’s party. Do you mind? Everything was perfect (my kid loved “Matilda”).

    • says

      of course you can, that’s why I share! I have all the printables on my FB page for all the parties if you want to use any of them! My Lego Star Wars party was so much fun to create!

  3. Melanie says

    Dear Ashlee, your ideas inspired me so much! I’m going to throw an Angry Birds party for my son who’s going to be 8 on January 12.
    Without your great ideas I wouldn’t really have known what to do, especially concerning the “healthy” food. If you like, I’ll send you some pictures afterwards.

    • says

      I’m so glad! My boy’s birthday was yesterday, the 11th, and parties right after the Holiday’s can be rough, so I’m glad you were inspired and I hope the party went great!

  4. nicole says

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am using many of your ideas for my son’s 3rd birthday …. he loves Angry Birds. I am so thankful that you share your ideas, you give inspiration to the creatively challenged.

  5. Cynthia says

    I love all your ideas and thank you for the printables.

    What brand of water did you use for your water bombs?

  6. Andrea says

    So adorable! we’re doing an Angry Birds party for my 3 year old next month! Thanks for the printables!
    What kind of paint did you use on the kick balls? Acrylic?

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