Ice Cream Parlor Birthday Party

It’s time to show off my Ice Cream Parlor Birthday party!  I am so excited to share this with you.  I started by collecting ideas and inspiration on a pinterest board.  Then I started creating labels…  I was originally going to use white brown and pink, pretty classic ice cream parlor colors.  BUT I switched to green, mint ice cream green!  Vanilla, chocolate and Mint Ice cream!  My favorite ice cream flavor!  And a different twist on some of the classic color schemes. Thanks again to my sister Chelsea Peterson Photography not only for her help finishing up and setting up, but also taking and editing these amazing pictures for me!


I really REALLY wish my table was just a foot longer.  It ended up being a BIT crowded and could’ve used a tad bit more space, but two tables would’ve been too much…  I WANTED to make a table, but ran out of time, plus what would I do with it afterwards?  We decided to risk having an outdoor party in September.  The worry was rain, but it was actually not only sunny, but INCREDIBLE hot!  SO hot everything started melting!


I MIGHT have overdone how MUCH I did, but honestly I actually cut back on quite a few of the toppings, sauces and food items I wanted to make!  Last week I was hit with inspiration for a standing ice cream cone cake!!  You can see how I made my ice cream cone birthday cake in yesterday’s post!


For sauces I made my Grandpa’s Hot Fudge, my Buttery Caramel Sauce and Peanut Butter Sauce and my Marshmallow frosting


I had a TON of toppings, probably too much, BUT I wanted to make sure I had stuff for all the different tastes coming.  Some guests are like me, into candy, and other guests are more like my husband into fruits and more “healthy” stuff.  I had crushed candy bars (butterfingers), sprinkles, toasted coconut, mixed nuts, toffee, mini chocolate chips, mini M&M’s, apple pie filling, raspberry pie filling, granola and Reese’s pieces!


I also made cookie bowls, I should have made a second batch, they were by FAR the most popular way to serve the ice cream!  I used my Dad’s famous chocolate chip cookie recipe with mini chips and the back of a muffing tin for the shape.  Not as pretty as the ones floating around pinterest, but delicious and they worked just fine!  I planned on making brownie bowls as well as chocolate wafers for homemade ice cream sandwiches but ran out of time, and in the end had no room for them anyway!


I had my classic mini water bottles of course (it took me weeks to find these galvanized steel tubs in this oval shape!  Thank you Lowe’s).  And I made Ice cream cone wrappers (they have three different phrases on them: I scream, you scream, we all scream).  I thought the kids would love the cones, but only a few got eaten…  I guess I know better for next time, more cookie bowls, less cones!


I also made Ice cream pops from oreo balls (instead of cake balls, nasty) AND I tried something new!  I made my favorite cheesecake recipe (without the sour cream topping) and froze it.  Then I chopped it into small triangles and froze them, again.  I stuck them on sticks and dipped them in semi sweet chocolate and refroze them!  They were the HIT of the day…  Good thing I made such a large cheesecake!  I still have a FEW more in the freezer that I’m still enjoying!


My favorite find was this mason jar water tank!  LOVE it!  It fit my mason jar theme so well and it’s simple enough to use over and over again!  Wanting to keep the milk cold so I froze some milk in a huge cube and it worked great!.  The kids LOVED it!   So did my father in law, chocolate milk is his favorite drink of all time!


The only mishap was the butter-cream and ganache melting right off the cake because of the surprising heat…  But while it didn’t stay pretty for long it still tasted amazing!  So I just got the knife out and served it, problem solved!


The kids were SO patient as we finished up the photo’s and then told them they could go to town!  They had a ton of food, not surprising they didn’t eat much dinner that night!  Because of the sun and warmth we put up a huge tent and put it over the table to help with the melting.  About an hour after the party started it cooled down enough that the melting slowed down to almost a halt!  I guess I started the party just an hour too early!  Who knew the middle of September could BE so warm!  I made the party open house so people were coming and going all afternoon/evening.  It was great to spend some time relaxing and socializing with family!


Get the free printables for the party here.

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  1. says

    Oh man, now I am even more sad that I missed this because of canning. Everything looks just amazing! Stinkin’ pears! Why oh why can’t fruit ripen on my time schedule?

  2. says

    You’re so stinkin’ talented in all things food or craft related!! Puts my pathetic efforts to shame (LOL). I love reading your blog posts – thanks for sharing!! Glad the party went well – and that you’re getting things done in prep for the baby!!

    • says

      Thanks so much! No ones efforts are pathetic though, I’ll share some of my older parties sometime! Really the best way to get better and better is to simply throw more and more! I learn something from EVERY party I do!

  3. Shiloh says

    Oh my goodness, Icecream is one of my favorite things.:) This is such an awesome party! I’m a new follower from Decorate and Organize:)

    • says

      My grocery store and every other grocery store I’ve ever been to has an isle with mason jars for canning. My local farm store has them for even cheaper than the grocery store.

    • says

      I did design them (and they are linked up at the bottom of the post if you want them. I used full Photoshop extended. I use PC, but Mac works great too. Photoshop is AMAZING! Then I used my Silhouette Machine to cut them out!

  4. says

    I’m wondering how I’ve missed seeing all these parties of yours … good thing Kendra’s hosting her Party Party so I can catch up. This ice cream parlor party is absolutely adorable! I love it from start to finish!

  5. says

    What a fantastic idea. Wish I had thought of that when I wast trying to figure out what to do in July for my birthday. Aw well..everything turned out so cute! I do that too..way too much food/toppings/options when I have my Pinterest parties and not everything gets eaten but I want to be sure everyone finds something they like, etc :)

  6. Meg says

    This is perfect! I am planning on doing an ice cream parlor for my daughter’s 1st birthday and would love to use your labels/templates but am having a hard time downloading them to print them out. If you don’t mind and get a chance I would love to get them maybe via e-mail! Many thanks!

    • says

      I only shared the silhouette studio files before, but I just went back and added a PDF! just right click and save it to your computer to use anytime you want.

  7. Emily says

    Thank you SO Much! This is exactly what I have been looking for! My daughter turns 2 in July and we are doing an Ice Cream Party. Because of the summer heat, we will probably try indoors or in the evening so that we can be outside still.

    Thank you! I am now your blog follower for sure!

    • says

      TOTALLY indoors, I was shocked how much heat we had in SEPTEMBER and how much everything melted! GAH, even if you just leave the food inside but had the party in the evening! Let me know if you have any questions!

  8. Alex says


    I love these labels and want to use them or do something similar for my wedding! We are having a sundae bar :) However, our colors are Navy and Gray. Is there anyway you still have the original of these printable’s and can make them Navy or tell me how to make them? Thank you so much!

    • says

      I don’t offer changes to my free printables, I just offer what I make for myself. I DO have the originals, but it would seriously take hours and hours to change colors, and I simply don’t have the time, I’m so sorry.

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