Crochet wrap around button baby boots- girls and boys

UPDATE: after some confusion I separated the pattern, the larger version is still right here, comparable to a size 4, and the smaller crochet wrap around button infant boot is on it’s own post.

I am SO excted to share this tutorial with you. I saw this picture and I couldn’t help but try to create my own version of it! My cousin just had twins last week so I made a boy and girl version! Of course I made them to fit my model so they won’t fit the twins for SOME time. But they are precious!

free crochet pattern for these baby sized wrap around baby boots

Yes, I made my sweet little boy wear the girls boots for this picture.  Better than a skirt or something, right?  I love the scallops on the girl version, but the boy version is adorable too! The really sad thing is he’s already out grown these boots as well.

I started with a size to fit my model, Baby Boy.  I ended up with boots that are around a size 4~  YES, 4 and they area already tight on him.  According to a shoe website that’s like a 9-12 month shoe for the average babies feet!  I was going to share just that size, but a friend, Summer, asked me to make a pair for her baby, a size 1.  So I figured it out, and added those numbers to the pattern at the last min! (on another post now)

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Baby wrap around boots:

caron simply soft yarn
large buttons
G6- 4 mm hook (To go up a size use a G-4.25mm, to go down a size use an f-3.75mm hook)

ch (chain)
sl st (slip stitch)
sc (single crochet)
hdc (half double crochet)
dc (double crochet)
sc2tog (single crochet 2 together)
dc2tog (double crochet 2 together)
dc3tog (double crochet 3 together)

sole and shoe, baby sized, free crochet pattern

ch 13
row 1- sc in 2nd ch, sc 7 times, hdc 3 times, 7hdc in last ch, finish the rest of the round working along the back of the chain, hdc 3 times, sc 7 times, 4sc in the last/first ch, sl st to the first sc (32)

row 2- ch1, sc in same sc, sc 9 times, hdc, 2hdc 3 times, 3hdc, 2 hdc 3 times, hdc, sc 10 times, 2sc 3times, sl st to first sc (43)

row 3- ch2, hdc in same sc, hdc 11 times, *2hdc, 1hdc* 7 times, hdc 11 times, 2hdc, hdc, 2hdc twice, hdc, 2 hdc, sl st to first hdc (54)


row 4- ch1, working in back stitches, sc around, sl st to first sc (54)

rows 5-6- ch1, sc around, sl st to first sc sc (54)

row 7ch1, sc in same sc, sc 12 times, sc2tog, dc2tog 7 times, sc2tog, sc around, sl st to first sc (45)

row 8- ch 1, sc in same sc, sc 10 times, sc2tog, dc2tog, dc, dc3tog, dc, dc2tog, sc2tog, sc around, sl st to first sc (39)

row 9- ch 1, sc in same sc, sc 8 times, sc2tog, dc2tog, dc3tog, dc2tog, sc2tog, sc around, sl st to first sc (33)

row 10- ch 1, sc in same sc, sc 6 times, sc2tog, dc, dc3tog, dc, sc2tog, sc around, sl st to first sc, cut yarn weave in ends. (29)

where to put the cuff and how to make it, free crochet wrap around boot pattern

Boot cuff:
for the right boot sl st in the 8th stitch from the seam, for the left boot sl st in the 12th stitch from the seam

ch 15

row 1- dc in 4th ch from hook -first 3ch counts as first dc, dc in next 11 ch, dc in first sc (the one you sl st in), dc 24 times (there will be 4 spaces left), skip 3 spaces, sc in last space. (39) **note – some people had a problem with getting two right or two left feet. remember to not cross over the front, work down the inside, around the back and back up the outside, so you’ll work in opposite directions for each bootie, counterclock wise – looking top down, or “wrong” side out for the right booties and clockwise, or “right” side out for the left bootie**

row 2- ch3 (counts as dc), turn, dc in first dc and around 35 times, ch 1 skip one dc, dc in last 2 (38- with a ch1 space)

row 3- ch3 (counts as dc), turn, dc, dc in ch1 space, dc around (39)

row 4 scallops (girls)- turn, 5dc in second dc, *skip 1dc, sc in next dc, skip 1dc, 5dc in next dc*, repeat around (10 shells), sc down the side (I do 2 for each row so a total of 6 down the side), continuing around sc across the bottom along the original chain (13), sl st, cut yarn and weave in ends

where to attach the button on these wrap around baby boots

row 4 simple (boys)- ch1, turn, sc across top (39), down the side (6) and across the bottom chain (13), sl st, cut yarn and weave in ends

Do you love them??? Considering the twins are HALF the size of Baby boy when he was born (let alone they don’t have his massive hobbit feet) I doubt they’ll even come close to fitting until they are at LEAST 9 months, maybe a year?? So next winter, perfect!

Don’t forget to add a button where ever you like and your done! I placed mine at the bottom of the 6th dc over from the front- I might go lower next time… or maybe two smaller buttons?

And one final picture, I thought you might want an inside shot so you can see how it wraps a bit… I’m still so very much in love with these boots. And when I finish Baby Boy’s I’ll post picture’s!!!

boy and girl finished version, wrap around baby and infant boots, free crochet pattern

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    • Chelsea says

      I was wondering if you could adjust the pattern for a two year old. I made a pair for my new niece on the way and now a friend would like a pair for her niece. They are so adorable.

      • says

        It all depends on the size of the 2 yo’s feet. This size fit my cousin’s twins when they were 2, but fit my baby as a 1 yo! Try going up a hook size, start with just making the sole, and compare it to the babies feet (have them send you the heel to toe and width measurements to use). once you get the sole right the rest will fit too!

        • says

          I was about to ask the same thing.. glad I searched through comments! lol. My question is once you change the sole size, how muck will the stitches going around change? I want to make a pair for my 3 year old, her shoe size is an 8 *sob*

          • Amie says

            I was experimenting last night to try and make a larger pair for my size 7 wearing 3 year old.
            I used 2 strands of the simply soft and a j hook, 6.00 (I think it is). They came out a tad big so I think you would find they fit your little one perfect.
            They look just as cute as the smaller sized ones too!

  1. says

    These are adorable. I mean, simply amazing, I mean incredible!! I love them Ash- especially the scallops on the girl version, but I have to say those boy ones are almost making me hope for a boy. almost.

  2. Terri says

    your blog is awesome!!! i came here via pinterest and i’m so happy with what else is on here. keep up the good work.

  3. Rhonie K says

    Ashlee, these are so cute. I can’t wait to make these for my granddaughters, and grandson. Thank you for the pattern.

  4. Jennifer says

    I love the look of these booties and have been trying to figure out the formula to enlarge them to a size 7-8 to fit my 2 yr old daughter. I know its a bit of work but i was wondering if you could possibly tell me how much extra to add? I tried using the bigger pattern and adding 2 to everywhere you had added stiches from the smaller one but it still wasn’t big enough lol. Thank you for this wonderful pattern i love it!

    • says

      Try going up a hook size, as well. When I added 2 everywhere with a larger hook I got about a size 8! I hope that helps! I still have my larger bootie, I’ll add writing the pattern to my list of things to do!

      • Nadia says

        Would I add an extra row everytime I tried to make the pattern bigger. I noticed you added an extra row on the sole when you made the bigger size

        • says

          not necessarily, if your going up a few sizes, then yes. If your just wanting to go up one size I’d just go up a hook size, it’s amazing what a difference that makes!

          • says

            These are stinkin adorable – and thanks for the information on making it larger. My son is between a size 6 and 7, so I think that these would make amazing slippers for him!! Thank you for the pattern!

          • says

            you are so welcome! If going up a hook size or two (maybe with thicker yarn or doubling thin yarn- this baby yarn is a bit thinner) try adding another row?

  5. Heather says

    I LOVE these booties! I was wondering if you had a larger size? My little niece has larger feet, like your son and needs a size 9-10 (at only 19 mo. -she is tall!!) Can you help?

    • says

      HA! I’m into making things for babies, so an adult size isn’t something I plan on doing anytime soon, it’s all about Baby Boy these days! But I think taking a normal adult size bootie pattern and adding a few rows on for cufts and then the scalloped edge wouldn’t be TOO hard! It’s mostly about filling in above the foot

  6. says

    Found you via a creative link up! love your pattern, I am learning to crochet & can’t wait to use it! Hope it doesn’t take forever to get to this level. lol Added you on twitter too! 😉 drop by sometime! I’m over at have a great week!

    • says

      Thanks! I don’t think it’s too hard, but kind of hard to gauge for myself, of course I don’t think my pattern is hard 😉 It does use quite a few different stitches and techniques. if you understand everything in the abbreviation section above where the pattern starts you’ll do great!

  7. says

    So cute and you are super talented. I hope you will link these up this week to the CSI Project. The challenge is yarn projects, knitting and Crochet.
    The link party begins on Wednesday at midnight through Friday at noon.

    Come on over!!!
    Dee, the CSI Girl

    • says

      And I wish my little girl was small enough! It was fun to make them for another little girl, but kind of made me wish for one as well!!! But My little man is sure handsome with his!

      • Katelyn says

        Hello! I am a beginner and I have a quick question! In row 3 of the sole, what does the star before 2hdc and after the 1hdc 7 times mean? and how is that different from the next hdc 11?


  8. says

    These are so darling they almost make me tear up! They make me want to learn how to crochet so badly!
    Better yet I want to buy them… I’ll love them more that way. Are you on Etsy?

    Found you on Someday Crafts
    Visiting from Well Rounded,

    • says

      Thank you so much, and for your interest. I used to have a store, but it’s just not for me, I don’t like making more than one or two things of something ever. Having a store almost made me quit alltogether. So no, I don’t have a store, but if you have someone who knows how to crochet in your life send them over to get the pattern and make them for you!!! Sorry!

      • Jillian says

        I really love these booties! I just made them in a coral/pink, they are adorable!! I am a crochet-er on Etsy and I was wondering if I could sell the product from your patterns? I would credit the pattern to you and your website, or any other source you’d like. Tell me what you think!

        I can’t wait to add some color combos to your fun pattern, thanks again,


  9. Chris says

    Love, love, love these booties! Thank you so much for posting this pattern, can’t wait to try them. As someone else stated, I would love to have an adult version of this pattern. I have 2 teenage girls that would love a pair of these. I have never tried to convert a pattern from child to adult? Again, thank you!

    • says

      Thanks so much! I personally hate anything my feet, I don’t even own socks, slippers or flats (I’m either barefoot or in stilettos) so I doubt I’ll feel inspired enough to make a larger pattern! I would suggest making any favorite larger bootie pattern, making sure to fill in over the foot as close to the ankle as you can get while still fitting your foot inside, then use my baby pattern cuff as a base for making an adult size!

  10. Terri B says

    I love the booties, I’m following the pattern, but I’m somewhat confused to when the front of the shoe got sewn together. I don’t know if I didn’t follow the pattern correctly, or if the front is somehow crochet later. I got to row 10 and the front of my shoe is not together as shown in the photo. Can you please help me? I can read patterns but somehow this one has me stumped. :(

    • says

      I’m so sorry! I’m confused myself. the shoe is worked in round and nothing is ever sewn together. I think you missed something completely. The sole is made first , then building in the back chains the shoe is built up and in rounds until it’s tall enough then the cuff is added on. there is now sewing together. could you maybe send me a picture of where you started to get confused? When did it not look like the pictures?

  11. cindy says

    absolutely love this pattern and really want to finish the pair i have started, however i am struggling with the boot cuff where it says “for the right boot sl st in the 8 stitches from the seam, for the left boot sl st in the 12 stitches from the seam then chain 15” where is the seam is it where i sl st into the first stitch at the end of the previous rows or is it at the front of the boot and then it says ch 15, do i slip stich back down the chain and around the top of the boot to begin the first row of the cuff? would be so grateful if someone could explain this to me so i could finish them off. x

    • says

      Yes to the first question, it’s from the seam left from where each row ends while making the shoe part. If I was better at this I’m sure I could swap it so the seam was on the inside of both boots, but I’m just not that good yet. The first Sl St before the chain is actually in the two sc2tog stitches but I thought saying that would be even more confusing. Does that help at all?

      No to the 2nd question, once your done with the ch 15 you’ll dc in the 4th chain from the hook and start the DC’s around that create the first row of the cuff.

      • Cindy says

        Actually, saying it this way makes more sense to me. Until I read this comment, I had no idea what you meant by “seam” because as you mentioned in a comment above, you’re haven’t sewn anything together. Thank you for the clarification and THANK YOU for such a lovely little project!

    • says

      Your so welcome! Thanks so much for coming by AND stopping to leave a comment! I love getting them and am so happy when people love something I’ve created, so thank you!

  12. says

    I wish I knew how to crochet more than what I do! These are so adorable!! Maybe I can convince someone to make them for me instead. Thanks for sharing :)

    • says

      Thanks so much!!! I tend to feature Bev so much because her stuff is amazing, it’s SUCH an honor to be featured by her! Glad you like my booties!

  13. Sherri Gillis says

    Thank you soo much for sharing this pattern! I have been looking for so long to find a pattern like this for free! Cant wait to see them on my lil guy! :-)

    • says

      I’m with you, I love free patterns for cute things, so that’s why I put my stuff out there for free… I honesty can’t imagine charging! I hope you love them as much as I do!

  14. Kathy Wysuph says

    It appears that the pattern is for the left foot, how do I adjust for right foot. How many chains do you make to start the boot cuff.
    Thank you for you assistiance, the pattern is darling.

    • says

      both feet are listing in the pattern.
      “Boot cuff: for the right boot sl st in the 8 stitches from the seam, for the left boot sl st in the 12 stitches from the seam:”
      just under the picture of the two sides starting points.

  15. amber says


    I just wanted to say how easy it is to follow your pattern. I have learned to crochet on my own and this is my first time following a pattern ever. Since I am really green to all of this could you please let me know how to connect the stitches when the multiple SC and DC come into the pattern. When it is forming the covering of the toes…so row 7. I wanting to thank you for offering this pattern for free and really would appreciate your help!

    Thank you!

  16. Zoe says

    thank you so much for the perfect most absolute cutest baby booties!!! I cant stop making them! They look so handsome on my 5 month old baby :) My 3 year old keeps trying to try them on….I would love to make some for him, and my mother in law too, if you could figure the patterns to those I would be honored to have the patterns to make :) Thank you Thank you Thank you

    • says

      You’ll notice I said if you use a larger hook you’ll get larger booties? Mine were huge with just that change, like 2-3 sizes bigger. If it’s still not big enough (you can tell by just doing the sole, no need to do the whole bootie) then add 2 ch’s to the beginning and add 2 stitches on each side as you enlarge the sole/pattern… (think of it as near the heel so you don’t need to do any other increase, but 2 stitches on each side for length) and as you make the bootie part you might add an extra sc row for shoe height as well. Does that make any sense?

  17. Emily says

    OMG! ive been trying to find a really good website on baby booties with pics!
    everytime i tyrd with other websits that dont have pics i always have to take the whole thing apart and re-do everything and count, now that i found this website with pics now i know what im doing and not miss counting. THANK YOU SO MUCH 😛

  18. Courtney says

    I had a similar issue :) Ok, so it makes sense that the first SL ST before the chain is in the sc2tog for the one boot. For the other boot, do you start at the seam, do 11 sl st around the front until you get to the other side’s sc2tog
    do you start at the seam, 11 sl st around the back to get to the other side’s sc2tog?

    Also, you say you have three sc left. Does this mean the front of the cuff is not actually attached to the boot part? It just folds over the front and appears to be attached?

    Thank you SO much for your help! This pattern is ADORABLE and I can’t wait to finish the boots! :)

    • says

      the picture just above the cuff instructions shows the placement for starting the sl st for both the right and left cuffs. You start counting form the old seam and count towards the front. you’ll be starting both chains for the cuffs in the sc2tog stitches, one on each side, but I thought saying it that way would cause even more confusion. You should read some of the questions I get emailed about my patterns. I could spend hours everyday just responding to some of them.

      as for your second question? I’m not sure what part your referring to, but the cuff does wrap around and attach with a button, could you give me a row number your having a hard time with?

  19. Lindsey says

    i love love LOVE these boots!! i’m a new crocheter, but i tend to take on projects that are ‘too big’ for me, so of course i wanted to try this pattern RIGHT AWAY! i had a little trouble keeping the number of stitches correct, and mine aren’t NEARLY as cute as yours, but i’m happy with the finished product :)

    thanks for providing the pattern for free!!

    • says

      Your so welcome! I kind of have a thing about paying for things I can figure out myself and I love to share! I hope you didn’t have too many stitch count problems. Every pattern maker writes with a different style so sometimes just figuring out that style helps with understanding and reading it! I’m glad you were happy with the end results, that’s all that really matters, right?

  20. Shar says

    I found your site from Pinterest. I love your boot pattern and converse pattern. Thank you so much for sharing them. I have a niece and nephew on the way and will be making these for them!!

    • says

      Thanks so much! I love the converse too, My little man grew out of them WAY too fast, I might have to design a larger pattern for those!

  21. Lateria says

    Hi! Thank you so much for sharing your pattern, these are so cute I had to try to make them for my baby girl. I tried making the infant size first, but they were too small, I’ve made one shoe in this size (working on the cuff now) but it’s too big. Do you have any suggestions for a beginner on how I can adjust it for a six month size? Any help would be appreciated.

    I think I came across your site through ravelry, found it last night and pinned it since then it has been pinned 26 times and liked 11! I love how easy your pattern was to follow, I’ve tried making a few boots/shoes and each time was unable to get them right, I’m so excited to finally get one right (even if she’ll have to grow into this pair : ) Maybe I can figure it out to make a smaller one in another color.
    Thanks again!

    • says

      the patterns are just 2 stitches off each, so to adjust to a different size use smaller or larger hooks. My 4 month old has already grown out of this baby size, so going by months is not a good gauge. so use a larger hook for the infant version, or a smaller hook on this baby version. You can just do the sole as a guage, if it looks right finish the rest of the bootie, if not try again, no reason to make the whole shoe! Good luck!

  22. Holly says

    Thanks for posting these darling boots. I am not very experienced in following patterns and am a bit confused. At the beginning of the cuff it says sl st in 8 stitches. I did a sl st in each of 8 stitches thinking this was for the part the flap wrapped over i wondered why you said to cut yarn at end of shoe but now I think I was suppose to sl st in the 8th stitch only to start the cuff with new piece of yarn. is that right? I want to make these for a friends twins. If I figure it out I’ll try to post pics. Such a darling patten. Thanks again for sharing your talent! (also forgive typing I’m doing this from my phone. 😀

    • says

      okay, I reworded it a bit, you just do ONE sl st for each cuff, in the 8th stitch from the seam or the 12th stitch from the seam. Thank you so much!

  23. Kat Bowman says

    I still can’t find the instructions for the right foot… am I missing it somewhere? I think Kathy Wysuph was asking how many “chains” you make once you slip stitch the 8 stitches from the seam. I got the left boot made…. let me know where I can find the pattern for the right boot.

    • says

      Boot cuff:
      for the right boot sl st in the 8th stitch from the seam, for the left boot sl st in the 12th stitch from the seam

      after that the cuff is made the same way for either side, ch, turn, dc around, turn, dc back, etc….

  24. Kat Bowman says

    I’m having trouble with creating the right “sole” and then building the boot up from that. The instructions you have are definitely for a left boot. I understand the instructions for the right and left cuff. Thanks!

    • says

      the soles and boot part are symmetrical and therefore don’t have a right and left foot, the right and left are created by the cuffs. when you work in a round your work natrually starts to curve to one side, but once your done you can pull and stretch it out and once they are on the babies feet it doesn’t matter. But there is no right or left sole, they start with 7hdc at the tip and 5 sc at the end and the sides are even and it goes from there.

    • kayla mullis says

      I am having the same problem. I am most defiantly doing it right by the diagram and everything but no matter what I do the sole goes left footed. I tried to pull and shape it for a right but it just wont work. I dont know if it has something to do with being right handed maybe?

      • says

        nope not right handed. If you were left handed it would twist the other way, it’s TOTALLY NORMAL for them to twist and turn while working in the round. it does take some blocking (or simply start wearing it like I did with my baby) and it works itself out.

  25. Denise says

    Im new at crocheting and am having some trouble reading the pattern. What does it mean, after 3 hdc, to 7hdc? Am I doing 7 HFCs in the same stich?

    • says

      It helps if you tell me what row your having a hard time with. Are you talking about row one? then yes, 7 hdc in the last ch, the same stitch, it creates a half circle and then you work down the back stitches of the chain and create an oval to start your sole with.

  26. Kat Bowman says

    I didn’t think about stretching the boot into shape…. duh! Thanks so much for your help. I can’t wait to get started on the other boot!

    • says

      It is a bit trippy to look at at first, but I promise it will work out just fine. After wearing them for a day you can’t even tell they were ever a bit off

  27. says

    My friend came across this pattern on Pinterest and shared it with me. I just started my own little baby crochet business via facebook. I am currently building up an inventory of various baby items and I would like to know if its okay if I sell booties using your pattern on my facebook page. I will be sure to include a link to your website and give you credit for the pattern.

    Thanks so much!

    • says

      I’m totally okay with you selling items made from my tutorials and patterns. just don’t sell the pattern please and if you could link back to my page for those people who want to make their own I’d appreciate it! Good luck with your store!

  28. Kirsty says

    So um, I’ve tried making these quite a few times now, but I’m having trouble with the seam? If i start each round the way it says to, I end up with extra stitches and my seam moves backwards. If i go one forward and start the round in the stitch after the slip stitch, my seam curves forwards. I’ve only been crocheting a few months so I have no idea what I’m doing wrong, or how to fix it. It would be awesome if you could help!

    • says

      I’m GUESSING that your doing one of two common mistakes. Either 1) your sl st in the ch1 from the beginning of the round instead of in the sc? That is my only guess about getting an extra stitch without seeing a picture. The other one 2) is accidentally sc in the sl st from the last row, thus adding an extra stitch. Make sure to ONLY sc in other sc’s. It’s TOTALLY common and I still do it sometimes and have to go back and count! your seam will move backwards a bit, that’s totally normal, but not an extra stitch!!

  29. Susan says

    I love these so much that I would be super over-joyed if I could ever make it. I am left handed and pretty much self taught. I can crochet but I struggle. These are super adorable. Great job!!


    • says

      Keep it up! I’ve been crocheting for 9 years and it just takes time and practice to get a feel for it! You’ll totally be able to do these!

  30. Lisa says

    Hi, I just began crochet n I saw these and I would love to make it! But it seems like its too complicated do u think you could make a video of you making it! Cuz that would be awesome! Or if you could write out exactly what I am suppose to do for row 2 ” row 2- ch1, sc in same sc, sc 9 times, hdc, 2hdc 3 times, 3hdc, 2 hdc 3 times, hdc, sc 10 times, 2sc 3times,
    sl st to first sc (43)”
    Like I am suppose to sc 9 times n then what does 2hdc three times mean? Like 2 hdc in the next three?
    Sorry to bother you but I would really like to learn how to make these. Thanks in advance!

  31. mimi says

    Does it make a difference what yarn you use? Because i have sugar n’ cream yarn and for some reason my bootie looks much bigger than yours? I’m also use a size 4.0 mm hook,

    • says

      I’m sure it does, but the way you crochet will make the biggest difference, tight or loose. But they ARE big shoes, as I said my baby that I made these for has HUGE feet. The twins I made both of these for probably won’t fit them until they are one! you can try the smaller version, the infant size.

  32. Heather says

    These booties are adorable!! My cousin is expecting twin girls this August and I would love to make two pairs since everything I am making is in twos :) The pattern seems very simple and i’m just a beginner at crocheting so I always read to pattern to make sure I can understand it before I start. My question to you is on the sole portion you have, 2hdc 3 times, 3hdc, 2 hdc 3 times, on the 2nd row. Are the 2 hdc in the same stitch and then I just repeat 3 times, then 3 hdc in the same stitch..etc?? Everyone writes their patterns different so this is always were I get tired up!! I would greatly appreciate your advice so that I can make these. Thanks again, and thanks for sharing the pattern!!!

    • says

      I’m new to pattern writing too, so I write what makes sense to me, but since I get a lot of questions clearly you aren’t the only one not perfectly understanding. I just hate to write a paragraph when a sentence will do! yes, 2hdc 3 times means 2hdc in one stitch then repeat, so you’ll have 6 hdc over 3 stitches. I hope you enjoy making them!

  33. Sophia says

    Hey there! These are just TOO cute! i’ve made my first little bootie of the boys version and while it’s a little bit funny looking at the moment i can tell that it will sit ok when on baby’s foot. My question though is that, even though the shape obviously ok, when I did the ‘dc2tog 7 times’ on row 7, it doesn’t end up anywhere close to being in the centre of the toe of the boot. And in the finished product, all the beautiful detail at the toe sits off centre. Like it’s at least 4 stitches to more to one side. But i’ve checked the number of stitches again and again. You said that the sides are symmetrical, so is this something that sorts itself out when on baby’s foot too? cos I really don’t see how it can be right? Thanks!!

    • says

      the bootie soles are symmetrical, so just tug it a bit and it should be centered.

      the ch it starts and ends with is 5 stitches, then one stitch in each of the chains down and back with 7 stitches in the tip

      As long as your 7 stitches are in the last chain I don’t see how they can’t possibly be centered.

  34. Angela says

    Hi there – love these!! Was wondering what weight the wool you used is?? (I’m from New Zealand, and I haven’t seen the wool you used before) Thank you:)

    • says

      any brand that has a line for baby’s would work just fine, these are medium weight, but because you don’t want them to scratch or annoy the baby using the special soft baby yarn is really the best.

    • says

      the base of the bootie is the same for both left and right feet. The different cuffs is the only difference between the two.

      “Boot cuff:
      for the right boot sl st in the 8th stitch from the seam, for the left boot sl st in the 12th stitch from the seam”

      • Jessica says

        So I’ve attempted to make the cuff for the left foot a few times and still am getting caught up and I’m having to start all over on that part. When I tried to make the left boot first, the cuff ended up facing the opposite direction, making it the right instead. This isn’t the problem, but with making the left boot this time around (since I have the right one now) I’ve started from both locations from the seam and my cuff is still facing the wrong direction. Could you clarify ‘the seam’? Do you mean from the sl st spot when you are finished with the initial boot part and what direction should I be counting? To the right of the seam or to the left? I would really love to finish these off for my sister who’s expecting but I can’t figure this out or what I’m doing wrong. Thanks!

        • says

          your probably starting at the right spot for each, your just going the wrong direction around. For each cuff you’ll do the chain, then work down the chain, THEN down the INSIDE, around the heel and back up the outside of the boot, then back around. SO each cuff is a bit different, one is “right” side “wrong” side “right” side and the other is “wrong” side, “right” side “wrong side.

          • kelly says

            Thanks, I was having this same problem and this clarified it for me. I have enjoyed making these, thank you for sharing.

          • says

            you are so welcome! i’m glad it clarified things for you! I have been thinking about doing a FAQ post to help people who don’t want to go through all these comments!

  35. Avie says

    Thank you very much for sharing the pattern. This I’ve been looking for this pattern every since I saw for the first time on e-net

    • says

      your so welcome! I just saw one I loved and played around until I thought I got it decently right! I’m sure the original is even better, but good enough for me!

  36. Jen says

    I just wanted to say thanks so much for the free patterns, you are so cute and so are your creations! Complete with picture! It was very sweet of you! xx

    • says

      thank you so much! I love love LOVE getting such sweet compliments, they mean SO much to me and I really appreciate you taking the time to say something so nice~!

  37. Jennifer Crewe says

    I love the look of these boots and I am sure from reading all the comments that they should be easy to make, however my experience is becoming different. I had a problem with the stitch count on Row 3 no matter how many times I tried it I didn’t have room for your last 2hdc hdc. I just went from there anyway and now I am trying g to do the cuff. I have begun the strap and am doing the 24 dbc. Do these go around from the strap to the back and toward the front.? How does the left strap get attached to the correct side of the shoe if there is only a 4 stitch difference in placement. Or do I count 12 stitches in the opposite direction from the seam than I counted the six for the rot? It is shard to even word my questions so I do hope they are u certai dabble. I will,persevere and hope the muddle in my mind clears up. Than, you for sharing and for your patience and help.

    • says

      you must have your count off in the early rows somehow, we all crochet so differently that totally happens! it happens to me all the time! As long as you are happy with the fit in the end it doesn’t matter. as for the cuff there is only 4 stitches apart, but it should be centered, one front and to the right and one front and to the left. you chain and then when you come back down the back of the chain is where it’s different, you dc down the back of the chain and then continue around the back, don’t cross over into the front for either cuff. does that help?

  38. Jennifer Crewe says

    One further question. I took seam to mean where my rounds have been ending but now thati am another round into my cuff I. Otice that it is starting much too back on the shoe. What is the seam?

    • says

      because you didn’t get in that last 2hdc hdc in row 3 it will move your seam farther to the back, instead of off to the side where it should be so you’ll have to make up for that when you sl st and start the ch for the cuff. just center the two, with the small gap in the front

  39. Jennifer Crewe says

    Thank you for your help. I Now have it figured out and really like the end result. Thank you for the pattern.


  40. Vicki says

    These look beautiful and I’m now on my third attempt but can’t get it working? After row 7 I have 45 stitches, but after row 8 I have 40 or so? For some reason I just can’t get the top of the boot to come together when decreasing?

    • says

      well after row 8 you should have 39, so if your at 40 your only off one stitch.

      row 8- ch 1, sc in same sc, sc 10 times,
      sc2tog, (1 decrease)
      dc2tog, (1 decrease)
      dc, dc3tog, (2 decreases)
      dc, dc2tog, (1 decrease)
      sc2tog, (1 decrease)
      sc around, sl st to first sc (so 6 decreases takes you from 45 to 39)

      • Sandra says

        The diagram you added is Genius! saved me a lot of guess work when I made a blunder doing the sole. I’m sort of a beginner – my grandmother taught me to crochet as a child but I never really learned a proper technique. I haven’t crochet in years – but, saw these darling boots and thought I’d give it a shot. I had been doing great – until I got to row 8 – for the life of me I can’t get 39 stitches – I’ve avoided stitching into the center of the dc2tog & dc3tog stitches to continue the decrease – but, I”m still off – I have 45 stitches on row 7 – somehow my decreasing isn’t working = ( – am I doing it wrong?

        • says

          yes, if your not at the right stitch count then something went wrong. It’s hard to help too much over comments. But, if you made it to row 7 and the right stitch count then you clearly know how to decrease, since you just went from 54 to 45 in row 7. So I’m not sure why you’d be have a hard time with row 8. Don’t skip any stitches, work in all 45 from row 7 and decrease the same way you did before. Let me know if that helps at all, I’ll keep trying to think what it could be.

  41. Vicki says

    Thanks! I was doing something wrong but started again and has come out perfectly! Thanks for sharing!

  42. Shawna Smith says

    Hi, love the pattern, these look sooo cute! I’m having trouble with row 3 though, it says:
    hdc in same sc, hdc 11 times, 2hdc, 1hdc 7 times, hdc 11 times, 2hdc, hdc, 2hdc twice, hdc, 2 hdc.
    I keep re-counting, but I only count 42 stitches here, when it is supposed to be 54. I’m finished the stitches, but I haven’t gone all the way around the heel!! If you could shine some light on what I’m doing wrong that would be wonderful!! Thank-you :)

    • says

      let’s count it out together then

      row 3- ch2, hdc in same sc (1), hdc 11 times (11), *2hdc, 1hdc* 7 times (21), hdc 11 times (11), 2hdc (2), hdc (1), 2hdc twice (4), hdc (1), 2 hdc (2), sl st to first hdc (54)


      I think your not repeating the *2hdc, 1hdc* seven times (when there are * you repeat the SECTION 7 times)

  43. Shawna Smith says

    OH, haha silly me, I get it now! You’re right, I did 2 hdc and then only repeated 1hdc 7 times. New to crochet, didn’t know what the * meant. Thank-you for the help, and the quick reply!

  44. Diana Hartney says

    I have made 3 and ended up ripping them out because I think I’m missing something somewhere. How do you get the top stitched together so that you can go on and start the cuff. All I end up with is a cute littl
    E bootie not together with the pattern on one side. So, how do I get the top from toe to ankle together????? HELP, my first granddaughter and I can’t figure this out ;( thanks in advance for your help!!

  45. Paige says

    These are so lovely!!! I’m about 25% done with the ones I’m working on. I was asked to make a pair by a girl my husband works with so I decided to test these out! The ones I’m making right now are going to be perfect as a birthday gift for my niece! Also they’ll be just in time for winter! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  46. Eva says

    Dear ashlee,
    I can’t understand the beginning of each row, what you mean by sc in the same sc?
    Can you please drow a diagram of just the beginning of tow rows so If I will see it iwill understand what you mean. I tried to crochet but it get very confused rows.

    • says

      every crocheter has a preference on how they start, I like to sc in the same sc as the one you had just sl st then ch in. some people sl st, ch then sc in the NEXT sc, but I find it makes the seam crocked instead of straight.

  47. Beth says

    These booties are adorable, and I’ve enjoyed crocheting them. I just have one teensy, weensy problem. I keep winding up with 2 right ones! I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. any suggestions would be much appreciated! Thanks, Beth

    • says

      the shoe part is the same for both, you get the left and right boots by where you start the cuff

      Boot cuff:
      for the right boot sl st in the 8th stitch from the seam, for the left boot sl st in the 12th stitch from the seam

  48. nariamma says

    I love them! I made them today for my 9 months old and found out they are almost 2cm too small in the sole… U___u and his chubby feet doest help much. Is it dificult to resize the pattern? Any suggestion? :-)

    • says

      first I’d try a larger hook size, see if that helps, measure his foot against the sole before you make the rest of the shoe. it’s amazing how much difference a larger hook can make.

      if that doesn’t work then add a chain or 2 then add to the SC section of the first row, and just make sure you remember to add that extra stitch (or two) on BOTH sides as you work your way around ever row. Also when you add the cuff make sure you remember to add one (or two) as your counting to get to the right sitch for adding the cuff.

      Does that make sense?

  49. Sara says

    Love this pattern! The booties look adorable! I’m new to crocheting (only taught myself last week) and I’m having trouble understanding when you go from sole to boot – what are the ‘back stitches’? Is the sole that you’ve just made turn into the bottom of the boot, or does the ‘right’ side end up inside? I tried what I thought were back stitches as it looks ok but not right at the sole edge (smooth) like yours, its like I’ve got a edge on the sole outside which is fine but it’s going I mean the inside of my boots will be smaller now….

  50. Alice says

    Love this pattern, they are so super cute! I’ve done the first boot then just had an idea that I’m pretty sure will work. To make the seam come out on the opposite side for the left boot, (so that it will be on the inside of both boots) you can crochet each row in reverse order, ie start with the final stitch and work backwards through the instructions for that row, ending with the first stitch. Then join as normal, and then go onto the next row, working that one backwards in the same way. Hope that makes sense!

    • says

      feel free to do it however you want, I actually my second one a bit different (I’m a bit OCD about things being symmetrical…) but it was MUCH harder to explain than this way. I don’t think I’ve ever crochet from a pattern without changing it up a bit, so feel free! just don’t confuse other (more beginner) crocheter please.

  51. Sara says

    Nevermind me – I figured out the back stitches! However I did end up with two possible buttonholes somehow – on the first turn around on the cuff, and again towards the end (last row before the scallops started) not sure what happened there but hopefully I can disguise it!

  52. nariamma says

    Thank you! Im doing with 2 extra chains, havent finish yet but it seems right. I will also add another row to make it taller, i love the pattern and gives me so many ideas! 😀

  53. Sarah says

    Hi! Love these boots! I’ve made your tophat for several babies and it is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!
    Struggling with first row. If I ch13 then start in 2nd chain from hook i’m left with 2 chains after the 7sc and 3hdc. So do I skip the second last ch and 7hdc in the last one? I am finding my stitch count off when I do it that way.

    • says

      try again, here are the stitches by chain…

      ch 13
      row 1- sc in 2nd ch, {2nd chain}
      sc 7 times, {3rd-9th chains}
      hdc 3 times, {10th-12th chains}
      7hdc in last ch, {13th chain}
      finish the rest of the round working along the back of the chain, hdc 3 times, {12th-10th chains}
      sc 7 times, {9th-3rd chain}
      4sc in the last/first ch, {2nd chain}
      sl st to the first sc (32)

  54. vanessa says

    Hi, these are soo incredibly adorable! Just a quick question though – I noticed someone asked how to do the opposite boot, and you’d pointed out the sole is for either boot, but every time I make the sole it always leans across and I have a ton of left footed boots. Any tips where I’m going wrong? I follow the pattern closely but always have this problem….

    • says

      just pull it into place, it twists a little or a lot depending on how you crochet, loose or tight, etc… your not doing anything wrong, it twisted a bit for me, too. I just kept crocheting! Once I put them on the baby they were fine.

  55. chelsea says

    hi i was having a problem with the cuff. im doing the right side and i cant figure out what you want me to do at the end of the first row. it says skip 3 spaces and sc chain in the fourth. am i bringing the sides together?

  56. Wenona says

    Thank you for making this pattern available. The booties are adorable. I just finished the first bootie….I cant wait to finish the pair. They work up very easily. It is my first try at booties and I’m hooked! Thank you again!

    • says

      our so welcome! And thank you for the positive feedback, it’s nice to balance the problems or issues (which are fine, but can get overwhelming without such nice comments!)

  57. Mandy says

    Hello! Thank you so much for posting this! These are darling and I am trying to make them for my daughter. I am not the most amazing crochet-er, I was wondering if you could further explain what you mean when you say to chain (after the slip stitch) and then single crochet in the same single crochet? I am not sure I am single crocheting in the right spot…. Thank you!

    • says

      every pattern is written a bit different. to avoid the “seam” sliding over every row this is how I choose to write it, but feel free to change it to fit your crocheting style! so you Sl St in the first SC of the previous row (rather than the Ch- sometimes the ch counts as a stitch, but not in this case) then ch to get the height to start the next row. sc in the same sc, the same sc that you JUST sl st in rather than the NEXT sc. Does that help?

  58. Anne says

    Hello There! I Absolutely LOVE Your Work, Big Fan! I Have A Question For You! When It Says Sc In Same Sc, Does That Mean To Crochet In The Same St Or What Exactly? Oh Newbie Here! : )

  59. says

    Hi! Your baby boots are so cute! Thank u for sharing ;D
    I started to make a pair of them and I have a question… At row 7, you made 9 decreases (sc2tog + dc2tog x 7 + sc2tog) in addition of 26 (13+13) sc stitches, so you have 26+9 = 35 stiches. But the instructions indicates 45 stitches for the 7th row…. I can’t understand it, if I follow the instructions it is impossible to get 45 stitches at the 7th row. Can u help me?
    Thank u!

    • says

      it’s because there are 13 sc the first part before the decreases, but after that you SC AROUND, which is the 13 down the side but then 10 around the heel! so 13 sc, the 9 decreases and 23 sc to the sl st

  60. says

    Oh! I’ve just found out how u did it! I though that you started the 4th row from the center of the heel but you started just where you finished the 3rd row. Sorry, I made a change of color for the sole so I made my mistake 😀

  61. says

    Hiya, Thank you so much for this pattern. I have had to tweek it a little for the boots I’ve made for my daughter, but I would have never been inspired to make them if I had not seen this. I’ve posted what I have made on to my blog if you want to have a look.
    Thanks again

  62. Nicole says

    Do you crochet tightly? I have tried doing this pattern over and over and over and for whatever reason, my stitch number is coming out correctly. do you count the chain 2?

    • says

      Ummmm Tighter than some, not as tight as others… I know that doesn’t help a bit! I do NOT count the ch, you say your stitch number is coming out correctly so what’s your question?

  63. Margot says

    Hello Ashlee, first of all thank you very much for this pattern. The baby booties are really cute. Anyway, I would like to ask you for advice: in the row 7, shouldn’t there be the same number of of SC on each side of baby shoe? I’ve tried to make it exactly like you in your pattern, but the front pattern of the bootie started to come on a side, so the bootie looks asymetrical.
    I’ve changed it after that for scheme CH1, 17 SC, sc2tog, dc2tog 7 times, sc2 tog, 18 SC (to make sure, that there will be the same number of SC on each side, since the start of the row in the middle of heel) – but would like to know why I’m not able to do it due to your pattern (I’ve checked number of chains in each row and it fits)

    thanks very much for your advice and once more thanks so much for your work!


    • says

      no, you should NOT have the same number of SC on each side, the seam, or starting point for each row, is on the side of the bootie, so if you had the same number on each side your heel and toes would be totally twisted by a dozen or so stitches! I’m not sure why you think the starting point of the row is in the middle of the heel since it is NOT.

      The pattern is written so that the decreases are centered above the increases in the sole. Don’t change your numbers unless you want it seriously off.

  64. Caitlyn says

    I think her question (which is mine as well) is that the sole is shaped for the left foot. How do we adjust the pattern so that we can use the second sole to be shaped for the right foot.

    • says

      the soles are symmetrical, so you use the same sole for both booties. They get a little (or sometimes alot depending one how tightly or loosely you crochet) twisted while making them, but stick with it. Once your don’t block them and they’ll be just fine!

  65. says

    Hi, I just love your beautiful design! I was wondering, since your page says it’s okay to share your projects, would you mind if I shared a picture of your booties on my new crochet business page as an item I could make? I would of course credit you and link back here. I have made countless beautiful items over the last couple of years but since I never intended to sell them, I mostly gave them away without photographing anything. Now that I’m trying to offer things to sell it’s making life pretty difficult that I don’t have photos! lol :)

    • says

      please don’t crop my watermark, and please replace it with your own picture as soon as you can, since we all crochet differently I’d hate for you to sell someone on my image and have yours look a bit different, if that makes sense! Good luck and I hope you have fun!

    • says

      I only have the patterns for the two sizes, the infant and baby, the way I crochet the baby size is around a size 4 shoe. If you use a larger hook you’ll get a larger size!

  66. Paige says

    I absolutely love these!! I am so glad you are willing to share this for free, its hard to find really good patterns online for free.
    I am having trouble though with the cuff. I did the chain 15 and the dc in 4th ch from hook but after the dc in next 11ch I got lost, So i get that i dc in where i did the sl st but theyn what do i do from there? I don’t understand what it means, where do i do the 24 dc and what is the 4 spaces left?

    • says

      your so welcome! so after you dc down the ch and in the same dc where the sl st was you’ll dc in the stitches down the side, around the back and up the other side. So on one foot it’s right side out and on the other foot it’s right side in. Does that help?

  67. Paige says

    Ohh, i see is says dc 24 times, but if its for row 1 which direction do i go with it and where are the 4 spaces left?

    • says

      I think I just answered this in the last response, go down the side, around the back and up the other side. the 4 spaces left are in the front.

  68. Ika says

    Hi! Boots are adorable. I want to make them for my little girl. But I’m new in crochet, and my english is not so good. Can someone explain me what means 2 hdc 3 times? Thank you very much for this pattern. All the best from Serbia

    • says

      if the number is before the stitch abbriviation then it’s the number of times you do that in one stitch, if the number is after it’s the number of stitches you repeat. when the number is both before and after it’s “2 half double crochets in each of the next 3 stitches” does that help?

  69. jen says

    I really like this pattern but I’m having a hard time with it. At the end of the second row, I found myself halfway down the sole, instead of at either end of the sole. Shouldn’t I end the row at either the toe or the heel? It’s ending at about the arch instead. Then it says to chain two, but that leaves a hole right in the middle of the sole. I admit, I’m not a great crocheter, but I’ve pulled it out several times with the same results. Thank you.~jen

    • says

      kay, you ended row 1 with 32 stitches, right?

      row 2- ch1, sc in same sc, (in the 1st stitch)
      sc 9 times, (in the 2nd-10th stitches)
      hdc, (11th stitch)
      2hdc 3 times, (12th-14th stitches)
      3hdc, (15th stitch)
      2 hdc 3 times, (16th-18th stitches)
      hdc, (19th stitch)
      sc 10 times, (20th-29th stitches)
      2sc 3times, (30th-32nd sitches)
      sl st to first sc (43)

      and your all the way around… so where did you go wrong?

  70. Jen says

    Im so impressed that you were kind enough to post this pattern for everyone, then to take the time to help with all these questions! Very, VERY awesome of you. Happy hooking!

    • says

      your so very welcome! I’m a total amateur when it comes to writing patterns so I’m sure there is a better way to write it out, I just write what makes the most sense to me! so when people have trouble I feel terrible and what it to make sense and work out for them! I hope it helps in the end!

  71. says

    So cute! I found this searching ravelry, thank you for posting it there! I am going to make a pair for my toddler, I’ll probably blog about it and link everyone back here! Not that I get alot of hits, but I think it is very cute!

  72. Dannie says

    i love this pattern i. gonna try to make my daughter some today! but is there any way to make boot taller so i can use a double button instead of one??

  73. Laura says

    I also do not understand the whole right foot, left foot of the pattern. After i finish the sole and begin making the shoe it is clearly a left foot boot. The only thing i can think of it that you flip the sole of the second shoe before continueing to make the bootie? Or maybe i messed up and the sole is not suppose to have a slight curve in it to indicate which foot it is for?

    • says

      it’s not a left foot, and you don’t flip it. the sole pattern is symmetrical, the same number of stitches on each side. depending on how tightly or loosely you crochet it will twist/curve a bit while you make it. you can either block it before moving on, or simply move on, and block it afterwards, that’s what I do.

  74. Donna says

    Hi Ashlee….Do yo have an adult version of this pattern? My daughter is wanting me to make her a pair of slippers like this….Thanks, Donna

    • says

      no I don’t. I personally don’t like things on my feet so i have no desire to crochet/knit booties and I only make things I’m interested in! Sorry!

  75. Nelly Gama says

    I love these and they are perfect for my baby sister in law i cant wait to give them to her. Thanks for such great instructions.

  76. Jess says

    I am about to cry. I have been working on these since last night. I can’t get the sole. I think I have ripped out my work about 50 times. I just can’t get it. I wanted to make these for my 2 year old daughter for Christmas. I have been looking for a pattern for months now and I finally find one and I can’t do it. UGH!

    • says

      thank you so much! I love it when people are not only successful at making something from my pattern, but are kind enough to link back! and i really like the brown soles!

  77. Sana says

    I really love the booties and their so cute. I want to make them for my niece. So i am trying to do these booties. But i’m confused. i chained 13 and then on da 2nd stich i did sc. And added 7 more. And then there were only 3 more chains left and i did 3 hdc. But you said to do 7 hdc on the last chain. What did i do wrong? Please helpp!.

    • says

      ch 13
      row 1- sc in 2nd ch, (the 12th ch, leaving 11 left)
      sc 7 times, (in ch’s 11-5, leaving 4 left)
      hdc 3 times, (in ch’s 4-2, leaving one left)
      7hdc in last ch, …..

  78. Kristen says

    The boots are so cute.

    I’m struggling with row 8 of the boot. Are you skipping stitches between each of the ones you’re Doing in that row?? I’m so off on that row.

    I counted row 7 and I’m right on with the Amt of stitches I should have.

    • says

      If I was skipping stitches it would say “skip the next stitch”

      row 8, huh? so you have 45 from row 7

      row 8- ch 1,
      sc in same sc,
      sc 10 times,
      sc2tog, (decrease -1)
      dc2tog, (decrease -1)
      dc3tog, (triple decrease -2)
      dc2tog, (decrease -1)
      sc2tog, (decrease -1)
      sc around,
      sl st to first sc (39) so with 6 decreases you go from 45 to 39

  79. Cori P. says

    I have been trying to figure this pattern out all day! LOL I keep finding that the bootie ends up big, like a size 7 maybe (could just be the wool I am using) and I have extra stitches. :( on round 7 I should have 45 stitches and I have 49? oy… I’ll try again tomorrow. :o) thanks for this pattern tho, a girl at my church is desperate for a pair of these and I told her I can make them….

    • says

      sounds like your missing some of the decreases in row 7,

      row 7
      sc in same sc,
      sc 12 times,
      sc2tog, (decrease -1)
      dc2tog 7 times, (7 decreases, -7)
      sc2tog, (decreases -1)
      sc around,
      sl st to first sc (45) so with 9 decreases you go from 54 to 45

      as for the size are you using the correct hook size? a G 4.00 MM, NOT a G – 4.25. try going down a hook size!

  80. Monica says

    Love these! I have such a long list of baby things that I want to make for one of my friends who is expecting in December 😀

    And I wanted to post this for the people saying they want to learn crochet, I used this tutorial and was crocheting and reading patterns in a couple weeks. Seriously, I recommend it to everyone who asks me where I learned. :)

  81. Jhelum says

    Loved the baby booties. I’ve made a pair for my husband’s cousin who’s expecting a baby this dec :-) it’s a surprise for her. hope she loves them :-) and thank you soooo much for such a lovely pattern :-) loved it totally. i even loved the rose tutorial by you.

    • says

      I have no interest in designing adult size, sorry, I’m sure there is a designer out there who likes yarn on her feet (shutter) but it’s one of the hang up’s I have (things on my feet) so it will never happen, sorry!

  82. Sarah says

    I think these are absolutely adorable. I started making it, but got confused at the 2nd row. Sounds pathetic I know. But I’m stilll sorta learning how to follow patterns and directions like these. I’m normaly looking on YouTube but I can’t find anything as cute as these. I’m only 17 so I don’t have that many years under my belt of crocheting. Only like, 2years doing it off and on. My best friend is about to have a baby in the next few weeks, and I bet she would love these for her little girl. So do u think you could make a video on how to make these? If you could, that would be totally amazing!!!

  83. Judy kellogg says

    I am so confused and hope you can help me. I I did the sole and up to row 5, but when it comes to crocheting it so it actually forms the front part I am lost. I start crocheting around but I do not know how to get it so it forms the top front area.
    Please help.
    Thank you

    • says

      can you be more specific what exactly about row 6 are you not understanding? the decreases? sc2tog- is it not understanding stitches or is your count off at the end of the row

  84. Lau88 says

    I have tied these 10 times today and it does not work. How can you get your total stiches when you don’t cound the “chain one” at the beginning of eah row. I can get to row 6 – 8 and it doesn’t come out right.

    • says

      what row does your count first get off? the more specific you are with your questions the better I can help you. Just saying it’s not coming out right is a little too vague, it could be so many things… so let me know, I’m happy to help.

  85. Marrina says

    Im BRAND NEW at crocheting… ans Im stuck on the sole of the boot
    row 3- ch2, hdc in same sc, hdc 11 times, *2hdc, 1hdc* 7 times, hdc 11 times, 2hdc, hdc, 2hdc twice, hdc, 2 hdc, sl st to first hdc (54)

    What does *2hdc, 1hdc* mean???

    • says

      if the number comes before the stitch abreviation that’s the number of times you do that stitch in the same stich, in this case 2hdc. if the number comes AFTER the abreviation that’s the number of times you repeat across. when there are ** around a phrase then you repeat that phrase the number of times. so *2hdc, 1hdc* 7 times will be worked across 14 stitches, and you’ll end up with 21 stitches. make sense?

  86. Janet B. says

    Absolutely LOVE these “wrap around” boots! I’m making my granddaughter a pair out of red with silver thread running thru it for Christmas booties!!! They are turning out perfect. Thank you so very much for this pattern!!!

  87. franciska says


    you can use this pattern in dutch translation?
    if I do it myself I come not from the abbreviations: (

    I hope I get a response back …


    • says

      I’m not sure I understand your question. are you asking if you can translate the pattern into dutch? Feel free, but only for your personal use. Please don’t distribute it in any way.

  88. Amber M says

    I can’t understand your pattern. I don’t know if when you say 7 sc and then 3 hdc if you mean in the same stitch or separate. There aren’t enough in the chain for separate but it doesn’t make sense to me for it all to be done in one chain. I’m confused and can’t find any other free patterns like this to make booties like these… I would appreciate some help with deciphering. I’d really love to make these!

    • says

      if the number comes after the abbreviation you repeat it across that number of stitches (that why it says 7 times). if the number comes before the abbreviation you repeat it that many times in the current stitch. as you didn’t say which row your not understanding so I’ll assume row 1.

      row 1- sc in 2nd ch,
      sc 7 times, (sc in chains 3-9)
      hdc 3 times, (hdc in chains 10-12)
      7hdc in last ch (7hdc in ch 13), …

  89. Judy says

    Once I crochet row 5 do I just crochet row 6 around the whole bootie? How do I form the top of the bootie that covers the toes and top of the foot?
    Thank you

  90. Angie says

    Hi I’m so sorry for bothering you with another question, I can see you’ve had a million repetitive questions but I read through all of them but can’t seem to find an answer to mine… When you make them left or right I get that you start either at 8 or 12 stitches in, but what I don’t get is how remake the right foot strap curve the right way, becuse they both wrap around to the rigt side when finished… Advice please?? Again sorry for being a pain, and thank you for any help you can offer!

    • says

      after you chain and start coming back down the chain when you reach where you sl st you need to make sure you keep working down the side and around the back, NOT across the front. so one foot this row will be right side out and one foot it will be wrong side out. does that help?

  91. Angie says

    Yes thank you:) and as soon as I thought about it this morning it all made sense even before I read your reply, I guess I should stop trying to crochet at midnight and go to bed! Haha thank you though for the help and for the adorable pattern!

  92. liz says

    Hi! I just wanted to say I love these! They are irresistable! I’ve made it to row 6, but everytime I try to move onto row 7 and 8 and I end up family it back out. Your stitches that say dc2tog and etc, I’m not recognizing that stitch. I’m familiar with patterns in books, decreasing, etc. And I see that you have described those as decreases, but Ik not sure what I’m supposed to be doing. I at first thought it was for example, dc2tog = 2 dc in same stitch, but in the end it didn’t work out. I’m at loss, could you help? I’ve left my email if that will work.

    Thank you! These are for my nephew if I can accomplish them!

  93. Heather says

    Do u have a similar pattern for an adult version? Love this pattern and I have tried to tweak it for adult sizes but it never comes out right. Thank you!

    • says

      I do not. Sorry, I don’t like things on my feet, esp yarn, so I have no interest in making an adult size pattern. If you have a base shoe pattern I think it would be pretty easy to enlarge the cuff idea I did hear with a little playing around. Sorry!

  94. says

    Looks fabulous, love the “girl” pattern and am thinking that one could even do that for a boy with masculine colors!
    Hope to make these as a gift for a baby who’s on the way as I type this……..and will hopefully post on my blog and link back to you, all the best!

    • says

      that’s totally up to you, my husband would die if I added scallops to anything for our boy, but they sure are pretty!!! I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  95. jennifer says

    I just love these! i have my mother making me some for my daughter. Do you have a pattern for like a size 2 (3-6 mths)? the only patterens that i see are infant 0-3 or size 4 which is 9-12. let me know because these are AMAZING!!

    • says

      the patterns are actually just 2 stitches different, so try just simply changing the hook size up and down to create different sizes, it’s amazing how big of a difference you can get with just a hook switch.

    • says

      it all depends on your babies foot size, are you looking to go up a size or down a size? These fit my baby when he was 5 months old, but they fit the twins I made them for at 10 months… If your looking to go bigger just go up a needle size. Make the soles and test it against the babies foot before going on.

    • says

      honestly? prob a few years, it’s not my priority right now. I would rather write new patterns, and don’t have the tech needed to make good videos.

  96. crystal says

    hello there, im a begginner here. i have a few questions hope u can asnwer me.

    —row 2- ch1, sc in same sc, sc 9 times, hdc, 2hdc 3 times, 3hdc, 2 hdc 3 times, hdc, sc 10 times, 2sc 3times, sl st to first sc (43)—

    where it says ,hdc, < does that mean just one hdc in the next sc?
    and the next question i have is where it says 2 hdc 3 times. Does that mean make 2hdc in the next sc 3 times? or 2hdc in the next 3 sc? hope u understand me. :./

    • says

      yes, hdc just means once
      if the number is before the stitch it’s the number of times you repeat that stitch in one stitch
      if the number is after the stitch it’s the number of stitches you do repeat across

      as for your questions aren’t they the same question? 2hdc in the next 3 sc is the same as 2hdc in the next sc three times.

  97. Kristen T says

    I have been looking for a pattern for similar boots to these. They have two buttons instead of one. Could i just make the cuff taller and add on a second button right above the one? Also, how can I go up a size, like say a size 6…? My daughter is almost two, and I would love to make her a pair… These are so adorable! Thank you!

    • says

      yes of course you can just add a row or two.
      I only made these two sizes, but try using a larger hook, it’s amazing how much bigger something that simple can make a pattern. make just the sole and compare it to a size 6 shoe if still isn’t big enough go up another hook (and prob larger yarn)

  98. Krisilyn McCauley says

    PLEASE HELP… I seem to be doing something wrong. I have the shoe part complete but now I am at the boot cuff. I have followed your directions exactly, beginning with the right side. Some how I end up dc around the front of the shoe, around the side and back and ended up at the seam…. I do not know what I am doing wrong…

    • says

      after you sl st and ch and start working down the ch and back into the shoe make sure you work around the side, back and other side, never cross the front. one shoe the first row will be right side out, one shoe the first row will be wrong side out.

  99. Ashley says

    These booties are sooo cute!! I didn’t realize until I started making them how big they would turn out!! I’m wondering if you could send me a pattern for a newborn 0-3 months!!! Thanks!

  100. tanya says

    2hdc 3 times wouldn’t it be 6 stiches? since you would have 2 hdc in the next 3. its like 2 multiplied by 3 or am i wrong?

  101. Karla says

    Jana, you can go on youtube and look for crochet for beginners that’s how I learn to crochet and learned the instructions in english as well, my first language is spanish and believe me this booties now are easy for me :) thanks for sharing your pattern I love it

  102. Melissa says

    Excellent pattern! I consider myself a beginner and, minus a lot of struggling and frogging, I am almost done. They are so ridiculously cute and I’m very glad I didn’t give up! Being self-taught, I am very excited to have made these for my daughter. Thank you for sharing the pattern!

  103. Dee says

    Thanks for the adorable pattern. I made a pair for my grandson and was very happy with how they turned out. I found your instructions to be very well written.

  104. AmbyreR says

    Hi! These are super adorable, and I’ve been trying to make them tonight for my daughter who is exactly a size 4! I’m super upset because mine doesn’t look like the pic, and I counted and I’m on track, but my sides don’t add up. one side is longer than the other, and the middle of the top of the shoe doesn’t match up with the sole. I’m so lost as to what I did wrong. :/ If you could email me, and I can email you a pic so you know what I’m talking about, that’d be great! Thanks!

  105. Amanda says

    I am so glad I found your post with these directions and pictures. A friend had a post on her pinterest of boots similar to these and the website wanted $25 for a pair! As a crocheter, I knew I could make them for much less, booties are so quick and easy.

  106. Amanda says

    lol, no problem. My trial one turned out funky, but they all do. I haven’t made booties for a while, and never one with a “wrap around” cuff. It seemed okay until row 2 of the cuff. when it came to “ch 1 skip one dc, dc in last 2” I only had the ability to “ch 1, skip one dc, dc in last 1”. Not sure what I did, but I had no pictures with me to help, I think I’ll print the pictures too next time =)

    I was curious if instead of cutting and weaving at the end of row 10 then reattaching, if I couldn’t slip stitch to the appropriate spot and continue? The less weaving I have the better it appears to be for my current skill.

    • says

      your creating the button hole, so just do it 3 away from the end for more strength.

      you CAN just sl st, BUT sl st add a little bulk AND it makes it less stretchy so you lose some of the GIVE to get the baby’s foot in. IMO

  107. Amanda says

    ah yes, I forgot about that. I printed out the pictures and diagram so hopefully it will turn out less funky this time, lol. Thanks again for posting, I’m having a blast practicing with it (my only child is 4yrs old, long out of booties)

  108. Amanda says

    I don’t seem to have a shortage of pregnant friends this year, lol. I think if I didn’t, I would find a charity that helped with infants and children and donate the booties…or any other clothing I made. But that’s just me, children are my weak spot.

  109. Bonnie says

    I am horrible at reading patterns but great at youtube videos do you happen to have a video on making this wrap around bootie?

    • says

      I don’t. Making videos takes equipment I don’t have, editing software, someone to help video and time to video without all my noisy kids around so it’s not going to happen anytime soon, sorry.

  110. Diana says

    Love the boots, working on the first one now for my baby girl. Having a minor problem, but trying to figure it out on my own after seeing how many posts you had. If everyone would take the time to read the posts first, maybe you wouldn’t have to answer the same questions multiple times . Also, basic crochet help can be found all over the web, like how to do a dc decrease or what does 3hdc mean. Sorry if this sounds offensive to the posters, but you are very nice to give out this wonderful free pattern, and far too nice to point this out to people. Thanks so much for sharing your talent!

  111. Diana says

    I just finished the right boot and its perfect! I’m sure the next onevwill go quick since I figured out what I was doing wrong , and probably doing on all my projects. I use stitch markers and still could never get my count right, well I was doing my last stitch of each round in the stitch I used to make a slip stitch on the previous round, instead of my last stitch. Thanks again for this amazing pattern, baby girl Charli will have these in colors to match every outfit!

  112. Diana says

    This is for Lisa: just curious, what kind of fringe? Same color as the boot or different? That sounds really cute .

  113. Lyndzee says

    I’ve tried to make these booties a few times now, and every time I get past the sole it just keeps making more sole. “row 4- ch1, working in back stitches, sc around, sl st to first sc (54)” where it says this working in the back stitches means to work in the stitches furthest away from me right? the ones that if I flatten out the stitches of the booty are where it would touch the ground. I just don’t know why it keeps staying flat instead of folding up like the pictures show. Please help =)

    • says

      if you just doing one stitch in every stitch it won’t grow, it CAN’T grow if your not adding stitches. so it will start to get taller. i don’t konw what to tell you, other than maybe your still adding stitches for it to stay flat.

  114. Mgrib says

    Thanks for the pattern! They are super cute and I’m almost done a pair for my son. Is there any way to make the right cuff with the right side out like the left one? I’ve been trying to figure it out but I just can’t. I know the way the pattern is written it ends up being right side in, but wondering if there’s a way to change that. Thanks again.

    • says

      nope, sorry. plus the cuff is three rows high so on one foot 2 rows are right side out and one side is wrong side out, while the other bootie there are two wrong side out rows and one right side in row. there really isn’t one cuff that’s completely right side out.

  115. Pam Clark says

    Why am I struggling SO much with the right bootie. I can not seem to get the flap, so it will be on the right side(opposite of the 1st bootie) ???? :(

    • says

      I’m not sure why… i can’t really help you with out more information, what is going wrong? the two sl st to start the cuffs are just a few stitches apart, for both when your coming back down the chain continue working down the outside, the back then up the inside. just make sure you go around different directions.

  116. Pam Clark says

    I can not figure out how to get the flap and button to be on the opposite side. I made the first bootie and the flap is on the outside, which would have to be the left bootie, so what am I doing wrong that the second bootie also flaps to the same way(to the inside then) HELP

    • says

      it means your coming back down the sl st and going around the right, back then left rather than one side going around the left, back and then right.

  117. Malia says

    First of all, let me say I absolutely LOVE this pattern. The only part I’m having trouble with is row 3 where you say *2hdc, *1hdc 7 times. I thought you meant to do 2hdc in one st and then 1hdc in the next and repeat that pattern 7 times. When I did that I ended up with more than 54 st around. What am I doing wrong?

    • says

      yup, your totally right, that’s what it means.

      row 3- ch2, hdc in same sc, (1)
      hdc 11 times, (+11=12)
      *2hdc, 1hdc* 7 times, (+21=33)
      hdc 11 times, (+11=44)
      2hdc, (+2=46)
      hdc, (+1=47)
      2hdc twice, (+4=51)
      hdc, (+1=52)
      2 hdc, (+2=54)
      sl st to first hdc (54)

  118. tammy says

    Hello I really want to do these shoes. If I use other yarn than the simply soft, and use a 5mm hook to make a size 5 – 6 shoe. Will that work? Or any suggestions? Please email me the reply at

    • says

      using a thicker yarn and larger hook will def go up sizes, try one first, make the sole and see if it’s measuring where you want, if it’s still too small try changing both.

  119. Kathryn says

    Thank you so much for this pattern!!! Its really nice to have a free pattern for something thats not cheesy! I made the right boot so now I’m going to tackle the left. Next I’m going to do your top hat pattern! Thanks again!!! 😀

  120. HilaryC says

    This is the first thing other than beanies that I have crocheted. I am finishing up my second pair now…so cute! I made the first pair to match the outfit my son wore for his baptism. They were absolutely perfect for the occasion and so special. THANK YOU so much for sharing this pattern for free…you are awesome!!! :)

  121. Lara says

    I appreciate you sharing this pattern, I have been hunting for it for a while now. I started my first one and I ran into a small problem. Somehow my bootie looks like a ballerina slipper. The heel of the boot did not form correctly, somehow I increased stitches. Do you have any suggestions as to where I went wrong? Please help, I am a armature crocheter. Thanks!!

    • says

      um, without a more specific question it’s hard to help… don’t increase along the heel!

      maybe send me a picture and I can try to guess better what went wrong.

  122. Elizabeth says

    Thanks for the pattern I modified it a bit to make a taller boot for a baby girl it came out great tho.!!wish I could leave you a picture/

  123. Courtney says

    Question: after you start working in the back loops of the pattern step 4… do you stay that way through out the rest of the pattern? Thank you! all but that question I have done fairly well! thanks for the easy read pattern:)

  124. Jolecia says

    Hi Ashlee, Im having trouble making this. I don’t understand what you mean by sl st to the first sc . I thought it meant to do a slip stitch in the next single crochet bt we i do that and then go to the second row of the sole and make a chain it just doesnt come out totally right, especially when I am doing the third row.

  125. jessica says

    Hi ashlee, i am wondering if im doing these correct. When i start the flap on the right boot, the first row is wrong side out, but the left boot the first row is right side out. Is that correct??

  126. Emily says

    Thank you so much for sharing this pattern, I have been looking everywhere for one like this to make booties for my lil guy :) Thanks so much.

  127. Mary Wall says

    Hi there
    These boots are super cute but I can’t seem to make them come out right. I get everything done but when I’m finished I have one boot with the scallops right side facing out and the other boot with right side facing in. It doesn’t look right that way. Can you help me sort this out? When I start the strap and continue on with the boot should I be crocheting on the inside of the boot or the outside? It seems to be different for each boot.

    • says

      that’s the way all mine are. I start coming down the chain, around the outside, back and then inside. because they are opposite then the row that is right side out on one bootie is wrong side out on the other. No one ever noticed on my baby, and it’s the only way I could think to do it without making it separately and then attaching it later.

    • says

      nope, the cuffs go around different directions. On sl st on the right of the center and one sl st on the left of the center. after you chain you work down the chain, down the side, around the back and back up the other side. do NOT work across the front.

  128. Shana says

    I seem to be having great difficulty on starting the cuff, do you happen to have a video on how to do it ? Do you ? :-) im not entirely sure where to start as my “seam” is on the side of the heel …… Halp!

  129. Keren Al says

    Hi Ashlee. Your web site and booties pattern are superb , clear instruction (loved the diagram and number of stitch count in each row). I have been a pastry chef myself (and cake deco) for 8 years, but now that I’m at home with bub I taught myself to crochet 9 month ago and haven’t stop since …
    I wanted to make the booties a size 5 so I doubles the yarn and use a size 6mm which end up to be almost like a size 7 (doesn’t matter bigger is better than smaller , cause it means it will fit one day).
    I am having trouble with the left boot cuff (with which I started) . I have reached the end of the first row of the cuff, I ended up with 5 empty space, I thought I can overcome this by skipping 4 spaces and then sc, but the skipping creating a huge hole/ gap, is that how it suppose to look like ?
    BTW thanks for sharing , I really appreciate it.
    I tried to make my own pattern but I can’t get my head around it.

    • says

      with the cuff your actually doing rows, not rounds anymore, you turn the work and go back the other way, so there is an opening to get the foot into then the cuff wraps around. does that help?

  130. says

    This is so AWESOME!. I’ve been looking for a long time for a nice crochet boot pattern. I’m currently working (using your pattern) on making these for an adult. So far so good. Will post as soon as I finish one. Thank you for making your pattern free and the instructions and chart easy to read. The instruction style is a little different than what i’m use to, but once I read all the comments it was easy. The summer sandals are next on my list. You are AWESOME! Keep up the great work! Look forward to seeing more of your projects.

    • says

      Thank you so much! I’ve been in a bit of a rut, I’ve started about 12 new patterns and dropped them all… hopefully I’ll get back in the swing of things soon! I’m glad you like them, and if you write down your variation I’d love to share them with my readers.

  131. colleen says

    Hi all i am having a very hard time with these booties i can not get a right bootie i dont know what i am doing wrong. can someone please help i love these booties and yet i cant seem to get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am not new to crocheting and i can also read a patter so what am i doing anyone else having this problem PLEASE PLEASE SOMEONE HELP

    • says

      the right and left cuff each start just to one side of the center. after you chain and start working down the chain continue down the side, around the back and up the other side, do NOT cross over the center. So for one bootie you’ll be working “right side” out that first row and for the other it will be “wrong” side out the first row. Does that help?

  132. Chandana says

    Hi..I loved this pattern .. Just wanted to check that if i have to make the pattern for a 6 month old or in a larger size , what should i do?

    • says

      It all depends on the 6th month old. This size fit my 4 month old, but the twins I made them for didn’t fit into them until they were a year! So make the sole, measure it against the baby’s foot and go from there. if it needs to be slightly larger then use a larger hook.

    • says

      I get asked that alot, honestly I hate the feel of yarn on my feet, in fact it gives me the heebie jeebies just thinking about it so no, but I encourage anyone interested to take what I made and come up with your own adult size, the basic idea is the same!

  133. Ellen M says

    Hello there,

    Cute, cute. I am starting the cuff today. Making baby boy version for upcoming baby shower. Began crocheting last year and enjoy it immensely!

    Two questions regarding starting cuff/slip into 8th stitch from seam for the right (and into 12th stick for the left):

    1) “From the seam” means the stitch where I finished off?

    2) Count eight (and 12) stitches TOWARD THE FRONT?

    Thank you so much for the adorable pattern and advice!

  134. says

    I just made the right bootie and it came out perfectly! I can crochet anyway but I’ve never done anything thats not flat! Really easy to follow, even though at times I didn’t see how it would pan out, but it did! So pleased with them! Thanks for sharing!!!

  135. says

    Ashlee, great pattern and instructions. Thanks so much for offering up this FREE pattern (and being so kind and patient with everyone’s questions, too!). I Favorited this design on ravelry, and now it’s on my to-do list for this week :) I’ll let you know when I finish…

    • says

      Sorry, but no, I hate the feel or yarn on my feet so I have no interest in making adult sizes. And for some reason I just can’t force myself to work on patterns untless I really really love them. But using any adult bootie pattern and adding a cuff would be super easy

  136. Yogesvari queen says

    I am really confused i have made the sole like sooooo many Times and still end up with 3extra st, each row i do i count it’s the last row i end up with extra st, when i saw your Boots i was so happy and got working than even after so many tries am still happy to make them but I am with extra stiches, when you say work in same sc I am a little confused sorry but if u could help me would realy be happy.

    • says

      I’m not sure why you’d have extra stitches on the last row, but not have that same problem with the other rows? when I sy work in the same sc it’s the sc you just did your ch’s from, that you had just sl st in to close off the last row. does that help? So your on the right stitch count for row 1 and 2 but not 3? I’m not sure what it could be, looking at the sole stitch chart do think you know where your going off?

  137. JD says

    Hi, So I was wondering. I made this tonight and my soles curve…are they supposed to curve and if they are then how do I make them so it curves the opposite way??

    • says

      They curve a bit for me too, I just kept going, and when I finished them completely I blocked them to get them in shape. honestly once they start getting worn the curve goes away really fast.

  138. Karolina says

    Love this pattern! I’m a self taught beginner at crochet and struggled a lot with the sole of the boots. Went at it for two weeks, almost giving up so many times. So glad I kept at it, finally figured out my mistakes from comments and other booty tutorials. I have only done to main body and am moving onto the cuffs, but I thought I’d share some tips for newbies that might be having a hard time with the sole;

    1. Do not crochet into chain stitches (other than the first row of course) and do not count them as stitches.
    2. Do not count the slip stitch as a stitch, but do count the first crochet that you slip stitched into.
    3. Reading pattern – if number first, crochet that many times into one crochet. If stitch first followed by number it means crochet that stitch into x amount of crochets.
    4. For a newbie like me, helps to mark rounds with markers. For every round I marked where I slip stitched and the first crochet. Always could tell where the chain was (in between the two markers) and where my first crochet was. Also if you mess up, you can take apart your work up until the slip stitch and start round over.

    Hope this helps other newbies!

    • says

      unless a pattern says “count as a stitch” you never count a chain or work in it (other than the first row)
      no pattern I have ever read counts a slip stitch as a stitch

      I’m glad you figured it out

  139. Melinda says

    Thank you so much for this pattern! The finished product is absolutely adorable! I am in the middle of making my first boot, in a light purple. So far the pattern has been very easy to read. So thankful I found this!

  140. Dye says

    I love these I’m excited to see my little one wearing them this winter :) I’m still a bit fresh at crocheting so I’m hoping this isn’t too much for me they do seem pretty easy to follow. I already attempted to make the sole but I’m a bit confused on where it says row 5-6 does that mean do the same thing for both rows. Just wondering since it doesn’t saw repeat or show *Just want to make them right before I end up undoing my work
    Thanks again! :)

  141. Kala says

    Hi! First of all, these are so cute, thanks for sharing! Ok so I’m sure this is a stupid question since no one else has asked, but do you need to flip inside out so that the right side is on the outside? If so, when? Before you start the cuff, or after all is said and done? Maybe my right side is already out and I’m just confused? I’ve done the first 8 rows and my starting tail is sticking out on the outside of the boot. And the little ridge around the sole part from crocheting into the back loops in row 4 is inside of the boot.

    • says

      actually if you read all the comments I’ve gotten this question a few times. the answer is NO! If you turned them inside out the sharp edge you get from crocehing in the back stitches at the sole would be lost. That’s also why each cuff has a different start location, one off to the right of the center, the other cuff on the left side of the center. You chain and then work your way down the chain, then down the inside (NOT across the center) so opposite sides, then around the back an up the outside. So one cuff will be “right” side/ “wrong” side/ “right” side… and the other is “wrong” side/ “right” side/ “wrong” side…

      • Kala says

        Hmmm, I thought I read all the comments before asking and I did not see anyone else ask, sorry! By the way, you have more patience than I for answering the question about left/right soles about 100 times!! Anyways, I must be mixed up because I’ve finished the boot part (end of row 10) and if I don’t turn it inside out, it definately doesn’t have the correct shape. The sole doesn’t sit flat and the boot is sort of flattened looking. But once I turn it inside out, voila, problem solved!

        • says

          it might have been on the other pattern, the infant size, I just know I’ve answered it a lot. If that’s what works for you go for it, I often change patterns to fit my style of crochet, it’s not what I do, it rounds the corners too much for me. but maybe your working it inside out so your actually turning it right side out? if you actually turning it inside out you could always work in the front stitches instead of the back stitches so when you turn it inside out you’ll still get the sharp edge?

      • Kala says

        Finished the first one and it looks awesome! Thanks again!! By the way I think you misunderstood my question. I was not asking whether you turn one boot inside out to make one left and one right, what I meant was, do I flip the boots right side out when they’re done. But I figured it out :)
        If you ever consider trying to explain what you did to move the seam on the opposite boot to the inside, I’d love to try it! I’m also pretty OCD about things being symetrical!! To be honest I’ve actually contemplated trying to do one left-handed since that would produce the opposite and I’m just in love with your pattern aside from that one minor detail (which I realize no one sees anyways).

        • says

          It’s easy, if you understand patterns visually, instead of going down the side first go around the heel first, then down the side, you basically want to do the heel first all the way around (so start with the end of the pattern and then do the rest. Does that make since?

  142. Yoanna Miron says

    Hey, I love the boots, so I’ve decided to give them a try. I am having difficulties on row 7. I am getting the stitches correct but the front of the boot is coming somehow wrong and on the side. It says sc in same st as the sl st, sc 12 times, sc2tog… etc and then sc to the end. Isn’t it supposed to have the same amount of sc on both sides of the decreases for the boot to be symmetrical? I am ending up with 13 in the beginning and 23 on the other side. Can you please help me figure it out what I am doing wrong.
    I hope I am making some sort of sense.

    Have a great day.

    • says

      not at all, your working off to one side, that’s why they aren’t even, if you look at the diagram from the sole you can see that you end on one side, as you continue to work your way up your still on one side, that’s why it’s less stitches on the first side and more after the toe, you have to go down the second side AND all the way around the heel.

  143. Jenna says

    I need help! I am confused on row 7. When you say sc2tog, dc2tog . 7 times. Do I do both stitches 7 times or just the dc2tog? Any advice would be helpful. Thank You! ~ Jenna :)

  144. says

    Hey, I used your pattern for an order I tried emailing you through Facebook for permission before, but I must have done something wrong, I did credit you for the pattern though, you are super talented, congrats! :)

    • says

      Thank you so much! I totally allow selling items from my pattern and just ask for a link so that people who want to make their own can! Thank’s for the credit!

  145. Brittany says

    I use this pattern to make slippers for my little cousin and it was perfect! So I was wondering if you have ever tried using this pattern for adult slippers because they are so cute!

    • says

      nope, sorry, I can’t stand things on my feet, so I have no interest in it. You could just take any adult bootie and add a cuff to it though!

  146. Nikki says

    I’m making a pair of these for a friend and was wondering what size you would recommend that I make. She said that she just bought dress shoes for her in an infant size 2.


    • says

      honestly I have no clue, my babies were born wearing size 4 I swear (not really) but it’s been years since I made these and gave them away, I remember they fit my size 4 son, and the infant pattern I made was smaller, but I didn’t keep any and can’t compare them to anything.

  147. Marta says

    Hi!! thank you for sharing this pattern, it is very nice!
    I have a couple of questions on it. I do not have problem until row 6 when there are total 54 stitches but then I do not understand how you get from 54 to 45 stitches in row 7, 39 in row 8 and 33 in row 9 and so on. Where is it the point in which you diminish the stitches?
    Second question is about the sc2tog and the other stitches where they are together. Does it mean that sc2tog are 2 stitches together in the same stitch/chain?
    Thank you very much!

  148. Heather says

    Hi, I just made one of the girl ones but somehow messed up the seam and ended up with about 6 extra stitches, any idea what I did wrong??
    Love then regardless!!

    • says

      there is a stitch count on every row, what row did you get off on, thats usually where you had the problem. Without knowing what row or rows you had trouble with it’s hard to help too much.

  149. Sharon says

    Thank you so very much for sharing your pattern, these booties are absolutely adorable! Can’t wait to make them for my grand-daughter!

    • says

      I’m sorry, I don’t know what you mean by bubbled out? it should be shoe shaped???? send me a picture if you want, pictures are easier to diagnosis a problem when I can see it. Also the seam is that area where your ch 2 and moving up a row.

      • eui souchra says

        hi!all of your handmade thinks are perfect!!bravo!!i would like to ask you about the baby boots!the boy is 1,5 years old,so how am i start?how many chains?do you know??thanks!!i love your thinks!!

        • says

          I would make with this size pattern, make the sole first and measure it against your model. If you need to make it a bit bigger go up a hook size. (making a sole doesn’t take too long and it’s a great test) and it says right in the pattern to ch 13.

  150. Meghan says

    Hi, I just wanted to say thank you very much for the free patterns! I really appreciate it. These booties are lovely.

  151. Caitlin says

    These are beautiful! I’m new to crocheting and am a terrible learner when reading patterns but learn very fast by watching videos. Do you have a video tutorial of how to make these? I want to make a pair for my daughter’s 1st birthday the beginning of March. Thank you!

    • says

      I don’t at the moment, making videos of my patterns is actually on the list, and at the top at the moment, just trying to figure out the best way to make the videos easy to understand!

  152. shawna says

    I looove this pattern especially the illistration since im so new. Im having issues with rows of 54 where u ch1 and sc in same sc . My stitches at the end of the row and connect seem to increase.Not stay at 54 stitches. Ive unraveled snd tried again. Am I doing something wrong? U slip slitch in first crochet of the beginnibg crochet. Chain 1 and then sc in that same chain? Each row I end up with 2 extra and after bother roes I ended up with 6 extra stitches?

    • says

      if your ending up with extra stitches you might be sc in the sl st, instaed of just the previous stitches? that’s usually where people have problems, if you only doing one sc in each sc you CAN’T increase unless your sc into the sl st or other non stitches.

  153. Courtney Stirmel says

    I love how these look! I am a little stumped though. I made the whole boot, and I am to the point of the cuff, and I made one following the pattern, and I just feel like it isn’t looking the same. When I made the right foot, it wraps around like the left foot should. :/ So what am I doing wrong?

    Thank you so much for this pattern though! I love them. I am making the new born size for my friend’s new baby!

    • says

      when you work down the ch your probably simply going the wrong direction, do NOT cross the front, make sure you work around the side, back and side again.

  154. Cyndi says

    I love these boots and I am currently trying to make them for my great niece. I’m a little
    Confused after row 8. It seems I’m not as far along as your pics show. Any help you could give me
    Would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!! Thanks!

  155. Lyric says

    Thank you I”m Topsy Turvy for creating AND sharing this way cute pattern with the world. Here is my first attempt at a pair of these way cute booties. I am sure there will be more to come.



    • says

      I’m not sure what you mean? are you talking about weaving in the ends? since the cuff is made attached to the shoe, it’s not separate.

  156. Bo says

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful patterns!

    I always have problems with making a base like you did: making a chain and then working in circles. When I have to make multiple stitches in one stich from the chain (at the ends: heel and toes) I always end up with a big hole were I have made these multiple stitches :( And it is a big hole which will not disappear when I have finished the next row. How do you prevent getting big holes like I have?

    • says

      I’ve never had a problem, but everyone crochet’s so differently. I wonder if maybe your chain is too loose? you can loosen the knot from the start of the chain and try to pull that first ch tight? or someone else said they weaved the ch ends into that hole and pulled it tight.

  157. Aimée says

    Help =(
    When i reach the last row of the sole, the last stitch is still too far away from the first one… What do the stitches with * mean?

    • Aimée says

      NEVERMIND! I found the answer u gave to the same question in the comments above. I finished the first pair and they turned out perfect and SO adorable! Thank you so much for the pattern and great instructions! xx

      • says

        GAH, saw that you already figured this out AFTER I answered your question. Glad you got it done before I got around to answering questions (I only answer once a month)

    • says

      *2hdc, 1hdc* 7 times means to repeat 2hdc, 1hdc 7 times. When there are *’s like that and it says repeat afterwards you repeat the whole section between the *’s. Does that help?

  158. Nada says

    Cutest ever!!!Thank you SO much for the pattern, Miss Ashlee!!
    I hesitated at first, but made them, and :-0 was successfull. I don’t care that they had one with the upper showing the wrong side of the crotchet, so I attempted to make the Second one with two separate pcs worked awesome. Takes a little extra effort, but works out!
    Not sure how to post the pictures if how I did it, tho. Thank you, again !!

    • says

      your so welcome! I’m glad you enjoyed my bootie pattern and that you figured out a hack that worked for you to get the wrap the right way.

  159. says

    DID YOU KNOW Your booties for baby I believe the instruction are off by one stitch……I think that why everyone is having trouble. it should read 6 stitches in one row and 9 instead of 8 in another. :/ I tried this pattern once and caught it going to the left then if you make another do flip it over you can have a right one……with the mistakes in the pattern.

    • says

      nope they aren’t off. I’m not sure what problem you are having but these have been made a few hundred times without any issues. and they don’t need to be flipped. I’m sorry your having issues but it’s not the pattern.

    • says

      it all depends on the size of your babies feet, and your crochet style (tight or loose). I always suggest that you make the sole and see how it fits your model before moving on. I’d go with the INFANT size though, not this pattern (baby size) as this one fit’s a much older baby.

  160. Lena says

    I tried to make these booties, but when I came to row 10 the leg opening is too wide (I couldn’t bring it close enough). It’s like I am missing a few rows.
    Did I use wrong yarn or is it possible to add 3 or 4 rows?
    (I would add photo if I could).

    • says

      feel free to email me pictures, it’s hard to help without more details. Are you doing the decreases right? Some people don’t know the dc2tog stitch very well.

  161. Vida says

    Hi! I know I’m in the non-infant section but I was planning on making a pair of these very cute boots for a 3-month old in DK cotton. Any tips on which hook I should go for? I was planning on using a 3-3.5mm hook but I’m also thinking I might have to go down even lower. What do you think?

    • says

      well first off use the other infant pattern, not the baby one, this one is huge. I’d make the sole of the infant one the way it is written and hold it up against your models foot. (everyone crochets so different it’s hard to know what’s going to fit or not so a quick sole is a great way to find out) If it’s too small or big at that point try going up or down a hook size

  162. Michelle says

    Hi I’m having some trouble with the pattern I’m doing the small size starting with a chain of 11 everything is fine until I get to the boot cuff at the end of row 1 boot cuff part I only have 30 stitches instead of 32 please help x

    • says

      I’m a bit confused, this pattern has 39 at the end of the first row of the cuff, not 32? are you working with the other pattern, the infant one and you accidentally left the comment on the wrong size? Did you have the right number the last row of the shoe? my guess would be that your not counting the ch2 as a stitch? and that you probably missed doing an HDC in the same SC as you connected the cuff to (an easy one to skip)

  163. Aleah says

    I’ve been trying to do these booties and I am not sure what is going wrong!? Maybe you can help me? I’ve already started over 3 times! Every time I get to the part where you start to do the decreasing and every time every time every time every time every time every time is in the wrong position? The decrease starts on the side! I’ve even tried to not back stitch beforehand and to continue along the same stitch and the decrease still ends up on the side making the bootie deformed! I’m assuming that the decrease is supposed to be centered not off to the side?

    • says

      is it off stitches? or is it simply twisted because your working in a round? you can follow the center stitches from the sole up to the bootie and if your in the same line (but the line twists around) then your just fine, once your done with the bootie you’ll need to BLOCK it to get it back into place. IF the center is truly off sitches then it’s probably because your starting the beginning of the row in a wrong place. There are so many ways people end and start new rows, it sometimes is tough to follow a new style if the way I do it is different than how your used to, so I would suggest being really meticulous in that area.

  164. Sheridan says

    Hi there. I’ve had a few goes at this pattern and can’t work out what I’m doing wrong – the boot seems a bit wonky, out of shape. I’m guessing that I’m doing something wrong with the decreasing. Any suggestions? Can I send a photo perhaps!
    Kind regards, Sheridan

    • says

      of course you can send a photo, just respond to this email! It’s probably the normal twisting that comes with working in the round. Once your done you simply need to block the bootie (or skip blocking and just let the baby wear them and it will work itself out, I’m lazy)

  165. Jasmine says

    This pattern is so easy to follow and clearly written. The boots are gorgeous, thanks so much for sharing!

    • says

      THANK YOU so much, It’s so nice to hear when people have an easy time with the pattern, thank you for taking the time to comment!

  166. Jennifer says

    On the off chance you are still looking at comments, I just wanted to say thank you for posting this pattern! The pattern was easy to follow & the boots so cute. The mommy-to-be just loved them!

    • says

      you are so welcome! and thank you so much for taking the time to comment, so many people only comment when they have a problem (totally understandable of course) but it’s so so SO nice to hear that it was easy and you loved it!

  167. says

    Hiya, I just completed my first pair of baby (toddler) booties since I started crocheting (1 entire year!) These are just too cute and the pattern was very easy to follow considering I have a hard time cocheting things in pairs, I find it difficult to make sure they are the same both times. I ran out of yarn at the end of the second boot so the cuff is a bit shorter than the other :(
    There was one thing that I did have a small problem with though for some reason, was the front of the boot behind the cuff. I wasn’t actually sure if i was suppose to crochet right across so the left and right side meet up or not, I did it anyway (but not joining them)
    Thanks so much for sharing anyways! and don’t worry, my son is almost one and has little hobbit feet too haha

  168. christina says

    help! I am trying to make these but the top of the foot doesn’t look right. The “sc2tog, dc2tog,dc3tog” etc is leaving holes in my top. I am using a worsted weight with a size 3.75 hook (f)

    • says

      I’m not sure what to tell you, everyone crochets a little bit differently, maybe you need to tighten your crochet just for those stitches? It’s hard to know without seeing, but even mind has minor gaps around that area, but after it’s all done and you block the booties a lot of the problems get fixed.

  169. Peggy Droddy says

    Looking for baby sweater pattern and came across your boots pattern I am in love with these. I have two new greatgrandchildren, one boy one girl and another boy due in less than a month. I am going to be very busy, have been already, making afghans. hats and mitts. these are grands # 13, 14, and 15.
    thanks for the pattern.

    • says

      Awwww congrats on all the new great grandbabies! Now that my kiddo’s are all bigger I’m not as inspired to make stuff as I was when they were younger! Something so fun about making things for babies!

  170. Courtney says

    Hi! I love your free pattern for these cute booties! I am wondering… do you have this pattern in an adult size? Or may I have your permission to try and tinker your pattern for an adult size? I love these booties so much that I would love to make myself a pair! Maybe even make the cuff a little longer as well?

  171. Emily says

    Hi there!

    I just wanted to say – these cute little boots inspired me to finally teach myself to crochet! I’m youtubing the stitches as I go, and its looking slightly wonky, but for the most part resembles a boot. I call that a win! Awesome job for having instructions that literally any skill level can figure out! I’m sure my second boot will look much better than the first…

  172. Karin says

    Hello Ashleemarie, thanks so much for posting this pattern. Have been looking for these kind of booties for ages. So glad my friend found them for me. Started yesterday right away but the sole already gets very wavey. Is that normal? Does not look like this on your pictures. Thanks for your help. Karin (from Germany)

    • says

      yes, I blocked my patterns as I went, so it would be pretty, but a wave is totally normal, you can just wait until the end to block, OR you can just put them on the baby and it will work itself out

  173. jen p says

    oh honey… first row. chain 13. sc in second chain from hook leaves us with 12 chains. 7 sc leaves us with 5 chains. 3 hdc leaves us with 2 chains. then, heres where it gets off, 7 hdc in last chain.. you have 2 chains left at this point.. momma when you count back chains to start into you include the one your hook is on too. now i’m not sure if i need all 13 chains or to cut back to 12. no response. i’ll amend. they are awesome boots BUT someone that hasn’t been doing this for years could easily get lost.for the people that breezed through it. gotta say i’m very surprised. i can whip a pattern out in no time and with this one i’ve had to rework it quite a bit. great final product though

    • says

      ACTUALLY if you chain 13, sc in second ch from hook leaves you with 11 chains, the one you skipped (#13) and one you just SC in (#12), that leaves 11. Then 7sc (#11-5), 3 hdc (#4-2) then 7hdc in the last one (#1)

  174. Nancy says

    Ashlee, I told my son and DIL that I planned to crochet a pair of hot pink crocs for my new baby granddaughter because she loves my hot pink crocs and just NEEDS a pair like GaGa’s! The next day, they posted me on FB with your boot pattern…”while I was at it”. I loved the pattern – and the way you wrote, it was so easy to follow! Thank you for sharing. I whipped up the boots in no time then began working with a couple different croc patterns I’d found but none of them had such a perfect sole as yours – so I stole it and built on it to make the crocs. I used an F hook to make them a tad smaller -(approx. 5-5 1/2″ long the way I crochet), the same Caron yarn and 1/2″ buttons to make them adjustable. Since I stole your sole I thought it only fair to share. :-) Starting with row 5:

    row 5- ch1, sc 7 times, hdc 2 times, dc 9 times, dc2tog 2 times, dc3tog, dc2tog 2 times, dc 9 times, hdc 2 times, 1 sc, turn

    row 6- ch 2, hdc in 2nd st, dc 5 times, dc2tog 3 times, dc3 tog, dc2tog 3 times, dc 5 times, hdc, turn

    row 7- ch 2, hdc in 2nd st, dc 2 times, dc2tog 2 times, dc3tog, dc2tog 2 times, dc 2 times, hdc, sc down side (3 sc), hdc in 1st sc of sole, sc around (12 sc), sl st in beg st. Tie off and weave in ends.

    ch 27
    dc in 3rd ch from hook and remaining chs to end. Weave in ends.

    Attach buttons on each side at junction of sole and shoe.

    The 1/2 in. buttons should fit through the dc strap to make them adjustable. If not, use a slightly smaller button or a larger hook for the dc.

    Thanks again for the wonderful pattern!

  175. Jenny says

    Just wanted to thank you for the adorable boot pattern! I write a few myself and I know that it takes a bit of work to put them together so I always appreciate it when someone offers them up free. I just have one done so far, but I wanted to let you know that I think the pattern (and included pics) is very clear. I had 0 problems working up this little bootie. I’m going to add a little fur to the edges just for fun :) I’ve been looking around the web forever trying to find something just like this so I’m glad I finally stumbled across your blog!

  176. Shilpa Uparkar says

    Loved the boots the minute I saw them. A perfect gift for my dear friend who recently had a baby boy. I followed the pattern to the tee but and made the shoe but I am stuck at the cuff. I am not able to understand stitch from the seam part. Which seam and where do I find the 8th stitch? Please help. I am stuck with two cuffless boots.

  177. Tiffany says

    Hi, forgive me for my crochet ignorance, but I am a beginner and may be getting ahead of myself trying something like this but Im having a hard time figuring out what you mean by 2hdc 3 times, etc. The abbreviation guide tells me what “hdc” is but what is the “2” in front telling me to do?

    • says

      if the number is before the stitch name it’s the number of times you are going to do it in ONE stitch space. If the number is AFTER the stitch name it’s the number of times you are going to repeat it across the next stitch spaces. SO 2hdc 3times means you’ll be doing 2hdc in the next 3 stitches

  178. Latosha says

    Im new to crocheting and pick up on things pretty quickly… however this is the 3rd time I tried this pattern (by the way, Thank YOU for taking the time to do so, for people like myself!) and I have FAILED all 3 times! lol

    Somehow the front of the shoe is ALWAYS off centered! it always starts to off center at row 7 after the sc 12 times! if you are able to help me figure this out I would greatly appreciate it! I have a niece and 2 cousins due between the middle of april and the 2nd week of may plus a baby girl of my own who I would love to make this pattern for!

    looking forward to your reply! happy holidays!

    • says

      the soles are symmetrical, look at the chart and make sure your stitches are matching up on the sole, if it is then the rest should be fine too. . It’s normal when working in the round for things to twist. Once I’m done with the boots I block them and it straightens right out! if your stitches are off then your probably adding something at the beginning of each row, like working in the ch instead of the stitch or skipping a stitch (happens all the time, the most common mistakes I’d say)

  179. Caroline says

    Love your pattern, just made no 1. And I am quite new to crochet. Me little niece is getting the size 4 shoe and I’m gonna make a size 1 after. Thanks alot for the pattern.

    • says

      you are so welcome! good luck and have fun and I hope they go smoothly for you, they are a little advanced, but be patient and take your time.

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