Princess Tiana Birthday Cake

While I don’t have a tutorial on this cake I do have tutorials on these other princesses, Merida, Rapunzel and Aurora that you can use as a good reference to recreate this Tiana Cake  how I deal with legs, how I attach fondant to fondant, why I use ganache, etc…

disney Princess Tiana Birthday cake

A sweet three year old, who happens to be the daughter of my college roommate, had a birthday yesterday!  And I got to make her cake! I loved how well it turned out. I started by dying all the fondant ivory as a good base then adding the yellows and greens from there.  Starting with the same color helps bring the whole thing together better!

Princess Tiana birthday cake

I started by placing the doll into the cake, frosting the cake with ganache, then covering the skirt with the light yellow.  Then cutting the light green, long petals for the skirt and the shorter ones for the bodice.  Then I created a medium green and cut fat petal shapes for the upper skirt and more short petals for the bodice.  Finally some dark green around the waist and curling down the side.  Add a small ivory flower and your done!

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  1. Ashlee @ I'm Topsy Turvy says

    WOW! So many great compliments! I'm SO glad you all liked the cake! It was cute, but I'm surprised at the overwhelming response! Thank you thank you thank you!

  2. Corynne says

    I have to bookmark this for next year. I do a cake every year for my daughter and next year she will be 5 and has already requested a Princess party and I want to do Tiana – now just to get over my fear of fondant!

    • says

      It was a fun cake to make! And wasn’t as hard as it looks. Just keep the petals/leaves as this as possible so your Tiana doesn’t get to bulky! And don’t forget to send me a picture!

  3. Tashani says

    Hi Ashlee!
    Your Princess Tiana cake is ridiculously good. My goodness. I have a Princess Tianna cake to do this weekend and really needed some inspiration. Now that I saw yours I’m so pumped. Did you use a fondant cutter for the leaves of the dress or did you do it free hand. And if by free hand, what tool do you use to get clean lines? When I do my free hand I sometimes use an exacto knife and my pieces are always ridged. (sad face) Thanks for the help.

    • says

      I’m happy to help! It was such a fun cake to make. I free handed all the petals. The secret is to keep the fondant really fresh, don’t roll out too much at a time. Also only cut one piece at a time. Then when I pull it up from the rest of the fondant I use my fingers to press the ragged edges back in, does that make sense? Anyway I usually use pizza cutter, the rolling cut is much better than a knife. Good Luck and send pictures!

  4. says

    Hi, I wanted to make this for my daughters who are turning 5 in two weeks and I was wondering if you could tell me what colors you used to make dress. Thank you

    • says

      I started with white fondant, used ivory as a base so all the colors matched well. I used a few different shades of green, a little here a little there, not sure what exact shades, it’s been a long time… I own about 8 different green gel food dyes

  5. says

    Hi Ashlee, thanks indeed for sharing your beautiful creation, VERY NEAT!!!!!. Can you kindly tell me if you used a particular cutter/template for the cream layer of leaf like layers of the gown if you get what i mean. They are neat and all look the same shape.
    I am planning to make one recently and will highly appreciate an insight into how to make the dress layers SOOOO NEAT. Thanks again

    • says

      I don’t have one, I made this before I was doing tutorials. you can kind of get an idea of what to do from the others. Start with making sure the cake is the right height, prepare the doll, put the doll in, frost and cover an under skirt in fondant. then add the under petals, then the bodice, the green over skirt, and the details! sorry I don’t have pictures, but I hope that helps!

        • says

          okay, I was confused because you are commenting on the tiana cake post, not the rapunzel cake tutorial post. I didn’t buy the doll, the mother of the little girl bought it on amazon and had it sent to my house to decorate with. Of course I made the cake the year the movie came out so the doll was everywhere and easy to find. any of the 12 inch dolls will work.

          • Rowena says

            Thank you so much Ashley, I found 1 in amazon, thanks for the link, I’m so excited
            making the Rapunzel cake. And thank you for the cake tutorial! :-)

          • says

            you are so welcome and I hope the tutorial is clear! If you have any questions feel free to ask, I try to respond to all my comments once a week.

  6. Arlene Rolan says

    Hello Ashley,

    I LOVE your work!!
    My daughter is turning 3 on the 26th of December. I’ve been searching forever for a Princess Tiana “doll” cake. I was wondering if you canPLEASE help me with this? She loves Chocolate cake. I want to do the exact Tiana cake like yours. Can you help me? If so What do I need to do?


    • says

      I am so sorry, I only respond to comments once a month. hopefully you were able to get your answer from all the other comments I responded to with the same question. Again, I am SO sorry I didn’t get back to you earlier, i hope you were able to figure it out.

  7. Ruby says

    I love your Princess Tiana, hope you have a tutorial on how to do this. As i want to prepare it for my niece birthday…

    Thank you in advance

    • says

      I am so sorry, but I don’t, I made it YEARS ago before I started doing tutorials! You can use the other tutorials to get a basic idea of how to go about doing a princess cake. I use the same techniques for all of them. How I get the doll in the cake, how I cover it with ganache and fondant! From there it’s just about adding the extra’s! And I used a THIN layer of piping gel or an even THINNER layer of corn syrup to hold the petal to the plastic bodice of the doll. I used an extruder to do the vines and a mini flower cutter for the flower

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