Pot O’ Gold cake tutorial

Last year I shared my Pot O’ Gold cake, but I shared it the DAY of St. Patrick’s day so I figured there was no reason to share the tutorial. But THIS year there is still time so here it is!!!


Even a year later I’m still THRILLED with how this cake came together! This and my pumpkin are easily the best holiday cakes EVER (if I do say so myself) still trying to come up with the PERFECT Christmas cake….


Start with 2 half’s of a ball pan baked and an 8 inch cheesecake.  The ball pans are always a little short of creating a full circle, SO I like to use a cake, or in this case cheesecake, to give it the height. Carve the top of all three so they are perfectly flat.


To get started cut a 4 inch circle off the bottom so you’ll have a flat bottom to work with.


Frost with whipped Ganache…


Flip it over, and frost the flat top.


Place the cheesecake on top and frost the other half of the cake with the ganache


Now you have your “pot”.


I cut the flat top off, because your going to be “filling” the top with edible gold coins you could leave the top.  But I decide cut it, at about 6 inches wide.


Finish frosting the cake, I left the top UNfrosted at this point so I could flip it over later, you’ll see.


Roll out the black fondant, so you don’t get ripples as you wrap the fondant around the cake keep it pretty thick, just under 1/4″.  This will be heavy, that’s why I always use very DENSE cakes, similar to pound cakes.


with the cake upside down (I used a 6 inch cake circle to hold it)…


Cover it with the black fondant!


Cover a base, I used three 6 inch circles to create a nice strong base that wasn’t too big.


Frost the top and cover with the edible gold coins.  Then using dabs of the ganache add more coins until your happy with it.  Roll out a long “snake” of fondant, and add it around the top of the pot.  I use vodka, but you can also use clear vanilla when attaching fondant to fondant.


Add some details, I made the round rings the night before and let them dry, then used fresh fondant to attach them to the sides.

I love love LOVE the way it turned out! It made a great centerpiece for the party, and a delicious one!


AND the cheesecake center is not only tasty, but GORGEOUS as well.

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    • says

      it is TOTALLY amazing! It’s hard not to do it for every cake now, but my husband isn’t a cheesecake fan *gasp* so it’s not as often as i’d like!

    • says

      that’s so weird, I’ve had a few comments lately about poeple not seeing posts. Try it again and if it still doesn’t work let me know what your viewing it on (pc, tablet, phone) and what browswer your using? That way I can work on the problem. thanks for letting me know.

    • says

      thank you so much!!! I’m so in love with how it ended up! It’s always fun when people don’t believe it’s a cake until I cut into it! totally tickles me!

    • says

      Thank you so much! this is still one of my favorite cakes ever! hard to top, i need to come up with a fun design for every holiday, been trying to think of a 4th of July for years now, just not 100% in love with any idea yet.

  1. Emily says

    Great cake! Quick question though: What size ball cake pan did you use? I can only find 6″ diameter pans. It seems like this one must be a bigger diameter.

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