Lego Mold

I saw this idea at Instructables and fell in love.  I’ve been wanting to do this for my kids and my son’s birthday theme was the perfect time!  So first you make your 2 story wall around whatever space you want. I went big, but I usually do.  Then fill it in with all the shapes you are interested in using keeping them just one dot apart each.  You don’t want to waste space by leaving them too far apart.

lego prep mold set up

Next take these, I got my food grade silicone here, I used the copy flex so I could pour it into my lego’s.  I think I’ll order some of the silicone plastique for my cake decorating.  It was just SO much fun!.  So you mix equal parts of the two together.

food grade silicone

And pour it in.  I ended up using 2 full pounds to fill in my huge board! It says it only takes 4 hours to cure, but it was still tacky on the back, so I just left it overnight!

Lego food grade silicone mold setting

Then peel off the silicone and there you go.  The Lego’s that remained in the mold popped RIGHT out.  I let my 2 year old and 4 year old help with that part.  They loved it, and I have to say I did too, there is something SO fun about peeling the Lego’s out of this thing.  Since the plastic is food grade there is SO many things you can do with it.  Watch over the next few entries as I talk about all the different things I made using my new mold!

lego mold done

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  1. Melissa R Wheeler says

    WOW you are “All that and a bag of LEGOS” I cant believe you did all that. I would just buy a mold bcs i am so Inpatient. I love your creativity and heart! U are a good mama

    • says

      oh you found the mold already! Great! The material was expensive for sure, but SO worth it. I’m not sure where you could by a silicone lego mold that didn’t cost as much and was much smaller.

      • c says or the lego store has some if not all the molds… around 10 bucks but they are small maybe 8×8 in size I think the person one only has 6 ppl in it… I would love to do this with duplos

        • says

          back when I made this mold the lego store didn’t offer any molds, and I still use it cause 1. I have it and 2. I never make that small of a batch so I’d end up spending $50 in molds anyway

  2. says

    Looks great! I love the double size tray you made. I’d already spent so much money experimenting with everything that I just went with the smaller plate I already had. I’d love it if you’d post a photo of the tray and link to this in the comments on the Instructable.


    • says

      Eeeek!!! The originator of THE mold is commenting on my post! I’m tickled! I went and posted pictures and a comment. I have LOVED my mold, used it for 4 parties already with more to come (I have three boys after all). Thank you thank you thank you! Best instructables EVER! The double size tray was expensive but SO worth it! I’ve thought about other molds, but in the end all you really need is legos :)

    • says

      the whole post is about how to make your own lego mold because that’s how you get one, by making it. You can’t buy one, lego doesn’t sell the rights. now the official lego corporation does have some of their own molds but they are small and very expensive.

  3. JCLCsMama says

    How many pounds of the copyflex liquid silicone did it take to make the mold you made? I’d like to order it, but it depends on how much I’d need if I can afford it or not. Thanks!

    • says

      like I said in the post I used the full 2 lbs and it fit PERFECTLY, any less would have been to little! so $50, but I’ve used it over and over and over again! I wish I’d ordered more…

  4. Ashlie says

    What size lego plate did you use? A 10×10? I’ve already done two lego parties without this so I’m thinking this would’ve made a huge difference in quality and quantity :-) thanks for this post!

    • says

      only if you put the plate back on after you pour in whatever your working with. the mold is upside down, if that makes sense, so if you don’t put the plate back on then whatever your molding will have a flat surface. Something like the gelatin candies it works great with, the crayons and sucker are too hot to put the plate on, the chocolate candies you could do it with too, but I didn’t have a lot of luck with them. Does that help???

  5. Joanne says

    On the website for the CopyFlex, it says to use their anchor-it product first on what you are making a mold of. Did you use this or just pour the CopyFlex straight onto the legos? Did you use any of their other products? Just trying to get an idea of what all needs to be purchased to make this correctly. I used another product over the weekend that was more of a putty and failed. The cure time was too quick and I couldn’t push the material over the lego board quick enough. Hoping the pourable stuff works much better.

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