Dr. Seuss cat in the hat cake pops

Happy Dr. Seuss Birthday!!! I made these 2 years ago for my daughters Dr. Seuss birthday party, and I get asked all the time for instructions on how I made them. So I figured his birthday this year was a great time to make them again and make a tutorial on it!


First of all I am not a cake pop fan, so these are actually my Oreo truffles, but cake pops will work just as well, so use whichever recipe you prefer.


Start off my making cylinders. I roll mine into a ball first, then roll them into a tub, using one hand’s finger and thumb to flatten the top and bottom and the other hand’s finger and thumb to form the tub, turning it until I’m happy with the size. Luckily these hats don’t have to be perfect and look good a bit floppy!


Place it on parchment paper! Make the batch and throw them in the freezer to firm up!


Now melt the white candy melts in your double broiler! I just use a metal pan sitting on top of one of my sauce pans with boiling water, it doesn’t take much water.


The better quality candy melts (I like guillards) the easier dipping will be! Also if you don’t want your candy melts to crack when you dip your pops make sure you let them it out a bit do they aren’t fresh from the freezer.


I hold the cylinder between my fingers holding the top and bottom. Then roll the sides in the white candy melts! The tops and bottoms don’t matter so much!


Then sit it right side up on parchment paper again!


The top doesn’t have to be pretty, or perfectly smooth, but you also don’t want it to be TOO rough, so dip your finger in the white candy melts and dab it on the top a bit to smooth it out a bit if it’s too rough (or if you can’t stand it- like OCD me!)


Finish them all and let them dry- I like to keep them refrigerated!  I work with two trays, so one tray is in the refrigerator setting up while I’m working on the second tray- it keeps things moving quickly!


Next up, melt the red candy melts in your double broiler


Start by dipping the TOPS of all the cylinders into red candy melts. make sure to get it even, and go about 1/3rd of the way down. Let them dry- refrigerate.


Now did the bottom of the batch it the red candy melts. Again- try to keep it even and about 1/3rd of the way up. Set them on parchement paper, but this time leave room around each one. Let them dry- refrigerate.


Now we’re going to add the brim!  If you have any of the melted white candy melts left you can pour them into a piping bag!  If you don’t you can add candy melts to a piping bag and melt them in the microwave- just be careful not to burn it, or burn yourself!


Here is my piping bag, while you want the chocolate melted you don’t want it TOO runny, for me I let it cool a bit before I did this.  I cut a small hole in the tip, not too big since we don’t want it running out , you want to be in control of the squeezing.  And less is more, you can always cut a bigger hole if you need to so be cautious!


pipe around the brim of the hat directly onto the parchment paper, it’s okay if it’s messy, just get it nice and thick and as WIDE as you want it.


Then grab the top of the hat and wiggle or shake it, just a bit, kind of up and down- it will pick up the parchment a big as well as wiggle the roughness out of the candy melts!


See how smooth it is now????  AMAZING!  Do this with all your hats and refridgerate until your ready to serve them!


You can leave them flat on a plate, or stick them on, well, sticks! and serve them as pops!  We made a few dozen and took them to the kids school mates today for school!  Everyone loved them, and they really are pretty darn quick and easy to make!


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  1. jessie@saavysavings says

    Hi! First time on your site – it’s great! These turned out awesome! Just started following your blog! Hope you’ll have a chance to check out mine (new to the blogging world)! Thanks :)

    • says

      Your blog looks great! You have a TON of people linking up to your party for just starting out! very impressive! the felt monster is totally cute and I love your hair cut~!

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      that’s crazy? try it again and let me know what your viewing it on (pc, tablet, phone) and what browser your using. I’ve had a few coments on a few different posts like this and i’m trying to see if they have the same things in common so I know what I need to work on/fix! thanks for letting me know!

  2. Anna says

    AWESOME!! I’m going to make these for my son’s 3rd birthday party in October! I was looking for Dr. Seuss cake pop ideas using Oreo Truffles which is how I came upon your blog. I’m so excited now :) Thanks so much for the detailed instructions!

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