Crochet wrap around button infant boots- girls and boys

Okay, after some confusion I’m separating out the patterns. Here is the one for the INFANT size! I realized after making a second set of these that I have two G hooks and they are different sizes??? So for the larger Baby sized shoes I used a G6 – 4mm for these infant shoes I used G6 – 4.25! So if your looking for an infant size 1 (or 0-3 month) boot your in the right place! For a larger (closer to size 4) shoe go to the crochet wrap around button baby boots!

free crochet pattern from these wrap around button booties, infant sized

The pictures are still the same as before, for the larger size, I’ll try to substitute out smaller pictures when I make another pair!

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Infant wrap around boots

caron simply soft yarn
large buttons
G6- 4.25 mm hook (To go up a size use a larger hook, or a larger pattern, to go down a size use an G-4mm hook)

ch (chain)
sl st (slip stitch)
sc (single crochet)
hdc (half double crochet)
dc (double crochet)
sc2tog (single crochet 2 together)
dc2tog (double crochet 2 together)
dc3tog (double crochet 3 together)

tutorial for making the sole and shoe of the wrap around baby booties

ch 11
row 1- sc in 2nd ch, sc 5 times, hdc 3 times, 7hdc in last ch, finish the rest of the round working along the back of the chain, hdc 3 times, sc 5 times, 4sc in the last/first ch, sl st to the first sc (28)

row 2- ch1, sc in same sc, sc 7 times, hdc, 2hdc 3 times, 3hdc (in one stitch), 2 hdc 3 times, hdc, sc 8 times, 2sc 3times, sl st to first sc (39)

row 3- ch1, working in back loops, sc in same sc, sc around, sl st to first sc (39)

rows 4-5- ch1, sc in same sc,sc around, sl st to first sc (39)

row 6- ch 1, sc in same sc, sc 9 times, sc2tog, dc2tog, dc, dc3tog, dc, dc2tog, sc2tog, sc around, sl st to first sc (33)

row 7- ch 1, sc in same sc, sc 7 times, sc2tog, dc2tog, dc3tog, dc2tog, sc2tog, sc around, sl st to first sc (27)

row 8- ch 1, sc in same sc, sc 5 times, sc2tog, dc, dc3tog, dc, sc2tog, sc around, sl st to first sc, cut yarn weave in ends. (23)

where to put the cuff and how to make it, free crochet wrap around boot pattern

Boot cuff:
for the right boot sl st in the 7th stitch from the seam, for the left boot sl st in the 11th stitch from the seam

ch 12

row 1- hdc in 3rd ch from hook- ch2 counts as hdc, hdc in next 9 ch, hdc in first sc (the same one you sl st in), hdc 19 times (there will be 3 spaces left), skip 2 spaces, sc in last space. (32) **note – some people had a problem with getting two right or two left feet. remember to not cross over the front, work down the inside, around the back and back up the outside, so you’ll work in opposite directions for each bootie, counterclock wise – looking top down, or “wrong” side out for the right booties and clockwise, or “right” side out for the left bootie**

row 2- ch2 (counts as hdc), turn, hdc in first hdc and around 28 times, ch 1 skip one hdc, hdc in last 2 (31- with a ch1 space)

row 3- ch2 (counts as hdc), turn, hdc, hdc in ch1 space, hdc around (32)

row 4 scallops (girls)- turn, 5dc in second hdc, *skip 1hdc, sc in next hdc, skip 1hdc, 5dc in next hdc*, repeat around (8 shells), sc down the side (I fit 5), continuing around sc across the bottom along the original chain (11), sl st, cut yarn and weave in ends

where to attach the button on these wrap around baby boots

row 4 simple (boys)- ch1, turn, sc across top (32), down the side (5) and across the bottom chain (11), sl st, cut yarn and weave in ends

And both the boys and girl versions (again these are the larger size)

Don’t forget to add a button where ever you like and your done! I placed mine at the bottom of the 5th hdc over from the front- I might go lower next time… or maybe two smaller buttons?

And one final picture, I thought you might want an inside shot so you can see how it wraps a bit… I’m still so very much in love with these boots.

boy and girl finished version, wrap around baby and infant boots, free crochet pattern

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  1. Sara says

    I am thrilled beyond thrilled, to see this tutorial! I have been searching for a good one, and am so excited about yours!! I’m going to start a pair today! 😀 Thanks!!

    • says

      Thank you so much! Thats why I decided to make them, and why I give them away for free. I hate when I find a pattern that I love that I have to pay for! So I figure it out~!! I’m glad you like them!

      • Rebeca K says

        Thank you so much for the free tutorial. I hate finding something I like and then finding out I have to pay. Thank you for taking the time to write these out for us too.

      • Terri Halstead says

        I made the booties and they are adorable, but I keep getting a right boot and never a left boot I don’t get what I am doing wrong. Do you have a video of yourself on youtube making this booty? If you do it would help me out a ton. Thankyou for the pattern. My son and his wife are expecting triplets and she adores these booties and I would love to make them with a left and a right bootie. Thanks

        • says

          I don’t have a video, when your doing the other cuff you start further over, ch, and then work down the chain, around the side, back and up the other side, DON’T work across the front,then around. it will be inside/outside/inside for one cuff and outside/inside/outside for the other.

          • Jean says

            I can’t figure out how to make the left bootie either. Are you saying that they won’t match when done? I can’t get it to be right, wrong, right, wrong like the right bootie, it ends up opposite, when doing the last row the finished edge is inside not outside. Are they suppose to be different? I’m also left handed so not sure if that is the problem for me. TY The right bootie is very cute.

          • says

            nope, the cuffs each go in different directions. I can’t think of another way to do it, you start on opposite sides, work your way around oppositly (down the ch, around the inside, back then inside then back again. So right side/wrong side/right side and the opposited on the other cuff. No one ever noticed when my little boy was wearing his, only those of us working so closely notice!

          • says

            not just you, probably the most common problem people have, I tried to make these as simple as possible. I couldn’t think of a better, less confusing way to create the two cuffs opposite other than to start in the front, chain, and work your way around each side. I hope you finally got them to work after reading the comments!

      • Samantha says

        Can you put a pattern up for a size 5 toddler? I am new to crochet and can’t figure out how to make them bigger.

        • says

          This is the infant patter, come over to the baby pattern, it made a size 4 for me, so make the sole and see what size your getting (everyne crochets different so if you crochet looser you might get a size 5) or try going up a hook size!

    • Norma Wright says

      The booties were tremendously easy. However, I felt that in order to change from right to left you have to add the sole by doing a sc into the front stitch of the previous row…Do you have another way of doing it?

      I also made one pair with a smaller hook for my newborn great granddaughter and put two buttons on them, one straight across and the other closer to the sole,

      Thank you for the pattern. Love them..

          • Laura says

            At the beginning of the pattern you say size G 4.25 and here in the comments you say G6 -4.25 I am confused Please explain. Is this American sizing and the big boy bootie you say size G4 Is this a typo in the pattern??
            Thank you

          • says

            For some reason I have 2 G6 hooks. One is 4mm and one is 4.25mm. I used the 4.25mm for this pattern, but if you want a slightly smaller size you can use the 4mm. I have NO idea why I have 2 g6 that are different sizes, I’ve picked up hooks all over the place, but all in the USA. I use the mm sizing because I know just saying G6 is different everywhere.

      • says

        I’m completely confused by your comment…. there is no right or left to the sole, the sole is completely symmetrical. and I make them exactly how they are written, I don’t know what you mean by “doing a sc in to the front stitch of the previous row”.

        I’m glad you like the pattern though.

        • Cheryl says

          When I crochet the sole, it clearly looks like a left boot to me so I made this one be the left. When I tried the right one, the sole still looks like a left boot to me. Mine is not symmetrical. I haven’t given up yet…

          • says

            if you look at the graph you can see that they ARE symmetrical, when you crochet in a round it’s TOTALLY normal to twist and go wonky, you just have to block the shoe and it will be fine. I’m thinking about doing a post on bocking these booties I get so many questions about it. or you can just finish making them, put them on the babies feet and let them wear it, they’ll totally work themselves out.

          • nancy says

            mine looked like that too but after it was all done it looked o.k. just try to pull and stretch them and they will take the right shape.

          • says

            you can either block them (get them wet, stuff with paper towels, pull into shape and let dry) OR just put them on the baby and they fix themselves while they are being worn!

          • Ashleigh says

            So when I first made the bootie, it was twisted and looked like how people are describing it. I noticed that when I did the dc3tog it wasn’t lining up on the front of the bootie so I tried adding a stitch for rows 6-8. For example, row 6 I did 10 sc, row 7 I did 8 sc and row 8 I did 6 sc before starting the decreasing stitches. This way, every time I did a dc3tog it was completely centered in the front of the bootie. After I increased by 1 stitch for those rows, the bootie came out facing forward. I’m not sure if that helps those that are having the curving problem, but now my booties are completely symmetrical. Super cute pattern!

          • says

            The pattern is written to be completely symmetrical, but because your working in the round it tends to twist (esp if you crochet tight it will be even more twisted) they simply need to be blocked before moving on. And of course we all have our own normal style and sometimes we each have our own way of starting the row that if your don’t start it the same way as I do then you might need to add another stitch (and take one off) like your mentioning. I’m SO glad you found a way to make it work for you, I do that with patterns all the time!

          • Marianne Hayward says

            I have tried this pattern and I have trouble as well and have undone it twice now. Maybe the pattern doesn’t work for me (and I see for others as well), because in the diagram you have only chained 10, while in the instructions you say to chain 11. It doesn’t add up.

          • says

            you chain 11, then sc in the second chain, which leaves 9. In the diagram there are 11, the 11th one is up next to the first sc, it’s there for height. If you are working hdc or dc’s you’d do it in the 3rd chain from the hook, it’s STANDARD in any pattern, you need those extra chains for the height of the stitches.

          • Dot Smith says

            I know exactly what you mean by “two” lefties … but since I did my sole in black, I picked up on this right away. You have to turn over one of the “soles” some way and work on the “opposite” side to get a left sole and a right sole. I am doing mine in camouflage and they are darling. Made a newborn bib and hat to match. This is really an absolute darling “set.”
            Happy Crocheting … and thanks Ashlee for an awesome “free” pattern.

          • says

            actually they are symmetrical, it’s normal when you work in the round to have your work twist a little, you simply need to block your work. but I’m glad you found a way it worked for you. I’m glad you enjoy the pattern.

        • afka says

          Mine ended up being curved like a foot would be for me. Maybe that’s what is happening with other people? That’s why I am having a hard time figuring out how to do left and right!

          • says

            it’s totally normal for in the round patterns to get twisted and turn, you just need to finish the shoe part of the bootie and then you can block it (or finish it then block it, or just let it be all twisted and let the baby wear it like I did, it works itself out). I PROMISE mine looked the same way, I just pulled and tugged it into place for pictures so you can see what it WILL look like.

          • Cheryl says

            What I ended up doing with mine, was turn the sole over so it curved the opposite way so they look like a left and a right. I made the soles of mine a different color from the rest of the boot so they were more noticeable when both soles curved the same way. I will try blocking the soles the next time. I will have to read how to block. I haven’t done that a lot.
            I still love the pattern. I’ve tried other boot patterns and none come out as good as these.

          • says

            I’m planning on doing a post on blocking because I get so many quesions about it, hopefully it will help for your next booties!

      • erika says

        Hi, I didn’t realize that the sole was symmetrical until just now, so I would sc into the back half of the loop on one shoe then into the front half of the stitch on the other.

        • says

          so you made one boot inside out? I’m still not quite understanding what your saying (I guess that’s what it feels like to read my pattern for you, huh?) You can totally change the pattern to fit your style, I often change patterns I read. But I did write it exactly the way I created it, so one boot has the seam on the inside heel and one boot the seam is on the outside of the heel. I felt creating them this way would be easier, he cuffs are also opposite, one is right side/wrong side/right side and the other is wrong side/right side/wrong side. feel free to do it your own way, but know I can’t really help if you deviate too much.

    • Donna says

      I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but I’ve attempted this 3 times and just can’t get it to look like the pictures by the point of starting the cuff :0(

    • Viola says

      I really enjoy making these but I can never make two the same…..I don’t know what I do wrong but I am going to work at it because I give my hand work away all the time.I will be a great grand ma in the next month or so… now you know why I am working so hard to make them perfect……Vi

  2. Pam says

    Adorable booties! I have need to make several for a plethora of little ones due soon. Thank you so much for the pattern. I’m sure the moms will like them.

  3. Shannon says

    Is it safe to assume there isn’t a row 6? It goes from 5 to 7 and I just want to make sure I’m not missing anything. LOVE the pattern!

  4. Angie says

    Just an FYI – your stitch count starting with Row 1 is wrong. Should be 28, not 26, then row 2 & 3 should be 39, not 37.

    • says

      Fixed! Thanks for the heads up, I worked on the main pattern for weeks, double checking it and all that, then threw together the infant version in a day, so there were bound to be problems- Grrr

  5. Aamn says

    These boots are wonderful…I was looking for something like this for a friend’s twin babies (girl n boy) and I got it…m so happy to find this, can’t express…thanks a ton:-)

  6. says

    Absolutely adorable! Had no trouble following your pattern and my little booties look just like yours in the pictures you provide. Good work!

    Hope you don’t mind but I posted pics of my booties with links back to this page and mentions of you on my blog: So glad I found your instructions! : )


    • says

      Thank you SO much! I know it’s common to only comment when people have a problem with the pattern, it makes sense to ask when you don’t understand something but I really really REALLY appreciate the positive ones! I love that you posted pictures! I have no problem with that, the thing I love most about what I do is when someone is inspired and recreates it! I’m tickled that you liked them and hope your friend is happy with the results! I love making the booties foot shaped, even little guys have wider balls and narrow heels…

      And I love that knit house that you found, I would LOVE to do that for all the houses we’ve lived in (10) since we’ve been married, but I doubt I’ll get around to all of that! Super cute though!

  7. Angie says

    Glad I could help. Thank you for the great pattern. I made a pair for a co-worker’s niece and everyone at work just loved them. You pattern was very easy to follow and turned out beautiful. :)

    • says

      I’m glad! Since I’m still new to pattern making I always worry when I put a pattern out there, I worked for weeks on the larger pattern, but threw the infant one together so thanks for catching my problem for me so quickly!

  8. Lise says

    Im a newbie and still figuring out patterns… I don’t quite understand when you start the cuff… “Right boot… Sl st in the 7 stitches from seam” which direction? Sl st in each stitch? Confused…

    • says

      nope, you’ve already cut your yarn from the bootie, we’re starting with a brand new strand and you need to sl st it to the work to get started, so depending on what side your starting with you count from the OLD SEAM around towards the front of the bootie to get the right place to start the cuff.

  9. Kayla says

    My grandma tried to make the wrap around booties for my daughter and we cant figure out the cuff part. It looked like it was just hanging there. Where do you count the 8 stitches from?

    • says

      it’s hard to help without a better explanation of where you went wrong? just hanging there? The point of the wrap is to have a portion hanging off to wrap around. And when you say count 8 stitches, what part are you talking about? could you tell me which row your having a hard time with? I thought it might be where to attach the yarn to start the cuff, but that’s at 7 and 11 stitches from the old seam not 8 so I’m confused too! I’m sorry I coudn’t be more help? Maybe send me a picture or give me a row number.

  10. says

    Thank you so much for the pattern! I have a friend with a baby due in June, so I altered the pattern since booties in June would be too hot! So I ended before I started the cuff and just made slippers, and added ruffles :) I added a picture of them to my blog, with a link back to this pattern of yours! The post is at

    Just one question tho, I did the one, and the sole curves a bit, which I love, but I can’t get it to curve the other way. Do the soles of yours curve too? I know it’s not a big deal, it’s not really really curved like a real shoe, so it doesn’t matter if baby wears two right foot slippers, but just wondering what yours did :)

    Thank you again!

    • says

      depending on how tight or loose you crochet a little twisting and curving in natural. they are designed to be larger at the ball of the foot than the heel, but notice they are symmetrical stitch wise, so while they might twist and turn as you make them a bit they are designed to fit either foot and as the baby’s wear them they naturally adjust and fit just fine.

    • says

      I added a diagram of the sole, so you can see that while it twists a bit they are indeed symmetrical and made for both left and right feet! I hope that helps

  11. Jenn says

    This pattern is awesome! Thank you for sharing it. I am making a bunch of these and donating them to our local pregnancy center.

    I do have one silly question (I know it is a preference thing in many cases) but I was wondering if you you count your ch ups as a stitch – i.e. you ch at the beginning and then begin your stitching in the next stitch or not count them and begin your stitching in the same stitch you sl in? I hope this makes sense – if not I can clarify… These will work either way I was just wondering how you did it.


    • says

      I don’t in this pattern. I do sometimes. It just depends, when I do I’ll say “ch1 (this counts as first sc)” but in this pattern, no. In fact for sc’s I usually never count the ch1 as a stitch. BUT in the cuff you’ll see that I DO count the ch2’s as hdc’s…

  12. azwana says

    i’m from Malaysia. so happy to see a very very good pattern like this. thank you very much to you. can’t wait to try one.

  13. says

    Hey there – I’m new to crocheting and I tried my first attempt at making booties from your pattern yesterday. I didn’t do too terribly bad but they weren’t near as nice as yours. I do have a few questions about the pattern – this was the first pattern I’ve ever followed and I’m not so sure I’m fully understanding a few of the steps.

    What do you mean by “sc in same sc”?
    What do you mean “work in back stitches” – is that a type of stitch?
    Lastly, how the heck do I make a left shoe? LOL

    • says

      happy to help, we were all beginners once, not sure I’d have taken on these when I first started so kudos!

      sc in same sc- I’m assuming your referring to the beginning of the rows, you JUST sl st into an sc at the end of the last row, then you did a ch 1, now your going to SC in the SAME SC that you just did the sl st into. As in don’t move to the next sc or you’ll be missing a stitch

      work in back stitches should say back loops

      at the beginning of the cuff section it says “Boot cuff: for the right boot sl st in the 7 stitches from the seam, for the left boot sl st in the 11 stitches from the seam” after that you work the cuff the same, although the “right” and “wrong” sides are different for each cuff

  14. Joanne says

    Hi there! Love these booties. But I would double check your pattern. Sole _ Row 1 , you have 28 stitches. Row 2, you would need 30 stitches to complete the row. Maybe row 1 is chain 13 not 11. Going to work on these. They are lovely

    • says

      nope it’s right, I think your miss-reading something (everyone writes patterns in a different style so my style might just not read very easily to you), why do you think you need 30 stitches to complete row 2? I’m still reading and counting the 28 needed to complete the row. for my baby bootie pattern you start with 13, but for this infant version you start with 11

  15. megan tibbs says

    shut the front door. i have been searching everywhere for the perfect baby gift for friends. thank you for saving me from becoming an alcoholic as a result of stress. i LOVE these booties and made one the second i found this pattern from you. i might make enough of them to make a little house out of so i can live in it and be surrounded by soft cuteness. oh my heavens. you. are. amazing. and awesome, and i wish we could be best friends. that is all.

    • says

      aw thanks!!!!! I love such positive comments and I appreciate it. I often think I’d be best friends with some of the bloggers I read! Then I meet them IRL and we often are! I would LOVE to be best friends in our house of baby bootie cuteness!

  16. Joanne says

    Ok, So I kind of figured out where the pattern went wrong. The stitch count you had previously was the correct one before you changed it. I believe in row 2, you might have put in extra stitches. Here is what I came up with row 2

    Row 1 = 28 st
    Row 2 – Ch1. 1 sc in same st. sc 6 times, 1HDC, 2HDC 3 times, HDC 3 times, 2HDC 3times, 1 HDC, sc 7 times, 2 sc 3 times = 37 st
    Row 3-5 = 37st
    Row 6 = 31st
    Row 7 = 25st
    Row 8 = 21st

    I have not done the cuff yet. For whatever reason, The boot looked curved and twisted, which was what one woman was talking about here :) Super Cute, will post pics on Ravelry. Hope this helps you a bit!

    • says

      No I’m sorry, but my pattern is written just right.
      row2 looks like this
      row 2- ch1, sc in same sc, sc 7 times, 1hdc, 2hdc 3 times, 3hdc, 2 hdc 3 times, 1hdc, sc 8 times, 2sc 3times, sl st to first sc (39)

      you have the toe WAY off, there is 1hdc, then 2hdc three times, then THREE HDC in ONE stitch, the center of the toe, then 2hdc three times again, 1hdc again, then the sc down the side and then the increase along the heel.

      having your toe so off could account for your boot being twisted and stuff when working in rounds like this the pattern is symmetrical and if you just tug and pull it a bit they work out just fine and works for both the right and left foot.

  17. Sarah says

    I absolutely love this pattern! My first bootie took a little longer than expected, but practice makes perfect! I didn’t have any needles/thread/buttons lying around so I created “buttons” out of a different yarn onto the bootie. These were my first try in creating something other than the crotchet basics (beanies, & basic scarfs) so I had a little trouble in making a right bootie. I followed the directions as I did with the first but I was making two left feet booties! Haha I ended up turning it inside out to make a right bootie but the bottom didn’t end up looking the same as the first. Could you please help a newbie at this? I’d love to make lots more but I want to figure this out first.

    Thank you so much and you are so kind to put this up for all to create for free! :) I truly appreciate it

    • says

      your welcome! I’m glad you liked it. The right bootie is made by starting the cuff on the other side, but after that the instructions are the same. You work one starting on the outside facing in and the other starting from the inside facing out. The picture just above the cuff is a good guide. And where to start each cuff is written right into the instructions. good luck next time!

  18. says

    Oh so excited to find this pattern~!! 2 new grandbabies in a week’s time has me crocheting lots of hats.. now I finally have a snazzy pair of “boots” to match them.. Thank you so much!!

  19. Rachel says

    I love this pattern but I have a question. The first 3 rows of the cuff are done in HDCs but for row 4 it says it do the stitches in the DCs of the previous rows. And your button placement says DCs. Is this a typo in the last part or the first?
    And by the way, thanks so much for the pattern :)

  20. Wendy says

    Heya! This is such a cute pattern, I can’t wait to get started on it! Just have a question about the yarn – what weight/ply yarn did you use? Thanks!

    • says

      I used caron simply soft, but any of the baby soft yarn (like red heart soft baby steps)will work. you don’t want it to be at all scratchy and you want to be able to wash it. It’s a medium weight yarn.

  21. Joanne says

    No, not misreading anything :)

    Row 1 you have 28 stitches
    row 2, count your increases, you do not have 11, you have 9 so, there should be 37 total. You have 39 written. Adding the remaining 2 stitches cause the shoe to curve in an unnatural way, and becomes a lefty shoe. Didnt mean to judge your pattern in any way. I love these booties. I am a full time crocheter, i do not have time to think of patterns, so i look for patterns i like. Out of que for me. Too bad :(

    • says

      I’m sorry to say that you are indeed misreading something, I’m not sure what though.
      let’s count it out:
      row 2- ch1,
      sc in same sc, (1)
      sc 7 times, (7)
      1hdc, (1)
      2hdc 3 times, (6) 3 increases
      3hdc, (3) 2 increases
      2hdc 3 times, (6) 3 increases
      1hdc, (1)
      sc 8 times, (8)
      2sc 3times, (6) 3 increases
      sl st to first sc
      there are 11 increases total

      where are you only getting 9 increases, obviously I’m writing something wrong and I’d like to fix it to make my patterns more legible?

      I should add that I often change a pattern I’m reading to fit my style better, if you like it better with only 37 increases then by all means do that. We all crochet at different tightness/looseness and all patterns are open to change. but that doesn’t mean that it’s written wrong, just not what you want. I understand that adding a gauge to my pattern would greatly help full time crocheters like yourself better, but I’m not in any way full time, I’m a mother of 5 children with special needs who crochets, knits and blogs on the side as my break in the evenings. I make all these items for myself and myself alone. I don’t make any money on my patterns or my blog and while I’m happy to share and happy to answer questions I am in no way claiming to be an expert pattern maker, that’s why I don’t sell them, I’m not confident enough for that. I’m just sharing what worked of me and my style of crocheting. Feel free to change it for your own use however you’d like but my pattern is not wrong, it’s the pattern that perfectly fits my son’s feet. I’m very upfront in the fact that he has long, huge fat feet and these booties won’t fit everyone’s children. I’m not making them to be a specific size, just sharing what I created for my own use.

      • Christine says

        Ashlee your patterns are very well written with very legible instructions. You are a very busy woman looking after 5 children and still seem to find the time to share your talents with us and “free” as well. I don’t think you should be wasting any more of your time on someone who obviously does not appreciate your pattern or the time you have put into them. You have done nothing but write and re-write this pattern for this lady and still doesn’t appear to understand. The spare time that you do have when you have it shouldn’t be wasted on someone who does not appreciate your work. She has done nothing but question your pattern. I totally agree with you on asking her to create her own style or whichever works for her. Thank you so very much for everything you have done and continue to do. Biggest fan!


        • says

          ha! Thank you so much for this comment. It made my day, just a few days ago someone wrote a huge long comment on how I’m not writing in the standard format that’s why so many people don’t understand and I need to fix every pattern I write. Thats the main reason I don’t change, because I feel insecure with my pattern writing. So re reading your comment as I’m catching up on reponding was perfect timing!

          • Cindy says

            Ashlee – I know it has been a while since you wrote this pattern and had to suffer through such ungrateful comments. I am shocked at the back and forth of some people. You wrote this pattern and shared it out of the kindness of your heart. There are some people that need to be right regardless of what you say or how many ways you try to explain things. You handled this situation like a lady or prefers to stay on the higher road as I would have had a problem doing that. Thumbs up to you. I am just finding this pattern so I do not know if you are still sharing but, if you aren’t I pray it wasn’t because of that person – never allow any one to rob you of your power, your self worth and self-confidence. Always hold your head high as even though this is the first time I have ever had any contact with you, you truly have a good and loving heart. Respectfully and warmly, Cindy F.

          • says

            Thank you so much Cindy! It can get discouraging, and yes sometimes maddening, but I just take a break from comments when I need to and come back refreshed. Since my baby is no longer a baby I’m not feeling quite as inspired to make crochet patterns, but when I AM inspired again I’ll for sure be sharing no matter what. Thank you again for your sweet words of encouragement!

  22. Jo says

    These are just about the cutest things I’ve ever seen! I’m a self taught crocheter and not always the best at it but your pattern was so easy to follow! I’ve already made 3 pairs (with no one to give them to…so sad). Thank you for posting these!!

    • says

      Thank you so much! After numerous complaints I’m a bit beaten down right now, your sweet comment came at just the right time! I’m so glad you like them!

    • jodee says

      A good place to give your thoughtful talent to is any facility that loves babies as much as you do! cancer wards, hospital, maternity ward, chelters for women and children, etc…..Lots of babies have little to nothing when they go home…..Just some ideas…

    • says

      I’m glad we got to the bottom of the problem. Do you have a suggestion for a better way for me to write it so someone else doesn’t have the same problem. I really do want to become a better pattern writer. Sorry for the confusion and thanks for trying to help.

  23. Maryann says

    Just wanted to say what an awesome pattern this is and THANK YOU for offering it for free instead of so many etsy-ers who would charge like $5 for it! I made these as part of a set I’m making for my babe due in July as well as 2 cousins who are due around the same time I am. I used lily sugar & cream yarn and they came out perfect. I did use a size f hook to account for the slightly thicker yarn.

    Again, thanks, and a link back has been shared via Facebook :)

    • says

      you are SO welcome, and thank you so much for your comment. so often people only post when they have a question or complaint and hearing the success stories and appreciation is incredible! I could kiss you! So thank you for taking the time to let me know!

  24. Jo says

    So, since my last post I’ve been thinking about these boots a lot! I was wondering if you have thought about felting them? I’ve only ever made one thing felted but I think they would be so cute felted! Or do you think they would be too itchy?? They would have to be made a lot bigger, of course, and I’m not really sure how to go about doing that….
    Wondering your thoughts?

    • says

      Personally I don’t really “get” felting, so I’ve never learned how, and I wouldn’t know if this project is something that could be or not. BUT that said if it CAN be felted (I’m not sure on the requirements for it) then I’d say go for it! It’s always fun to experiment and try something new! At some point I’m sure I WILL try felting, just to try it, but I just haven’t been that motivated yet, and there is always something else I’d like to learn more! Like right now, knitting intarsia in the round… it’s kicking by butt, but I’m loving learning it!

  25. Yvonne says

    I have been crocheting for 34 years. I cannot crochet without a pattern and am self taught. But I have to tell you, as many websites as I have been on and as much work as I have seen done, yours is SPECTACULAR! Your creations are beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing and for the creativity you have and are willing to share. Many creators in the art of crochet do not allow people to re-create, which is a shame. Thank you for your generosity and again sharing your creativity! Hugs!!!

    • says

      why thank you so much! I really REALLY appreciate that! The main reason I blog and share is so that others CAN recreate it themselves! I love it when people make a cake or a crochet or knit piece from one of my tutorials or patterns so thank you so much for commenting, you just totally made my weekend!

  26. lauren says

    Loove this pattern!! I used the little pattern & altered it a bit for my dd11m.. she’s a little fatty so I can NEVER find boots to fit her!! Bottom of her foot is 4″ & her calves are 7″ around. I added a row to the sole & added a row to the top of the shoe, made the strap & added scallops to the side & bottom

    • says

      Glad you were able to adjust it to fit your needs! I do that all the time with patterns! Glad it wasn’t too hard and that your sweet little hobbit (like mine) has shoes now!

  27. Yvonne says

    I made them today and they are just beautiful. I read a previous blog and I too had a bit of trouble with it being “askew”, However, once the bootie’s were finished and I stuffed it with a paper towel to shape it, it turned out just fine! There is nothing “wrong” with your pattern. :) I also made a newborn sunhat and I did the brim with the shell stitch to match, too cute! I am glad I made your weekend. Your work and generosity need praising. You are very talented. BE PROUD! Hugs.

  28. Angela says

    Thank You! I was having problems with row 2 also. I tore it out and reworked it 3 times before I looked at the comments. I think the problem is that the pattern seems to read that the 3 hdc are worked in separate stitches – not all in one at the toe. It was a little confusing to me also.

    Thanks for this pattern! I have been looking everywhere for one just like this that I didn’t have to pay a bunch of money for. And thank you for making it free!

    Well…off to correct and finish making these darn cute little booties!

    • says

      I write hdc 3 times, for that and 3hdc for one stitch… that’s how I’ve always read it, but I’m always open to advice for being a better writer. thanks

  29. MrsCharisma says

    I DID IT! LOL! :)

    I’d left a message on Ravelry because I couldn’t figure it out. But my bootie came out really pretty! I did have an issue after row 8. It didn’t look “closed” like your pic, so I added some more dc2tog and dc3tog and what not to close it up :)


    • says

      I wonder why it wasn’t looking as closed? glad you took the initiative and fixed it. I do that all the time with patterns, change it a bit to fit my style, or stitches! I hope they are the right size now and not to big anymore!

  30. melissa says

    Have you ever consider doing a tutorial on these booties because I am a beginner to crocheting and reading patterns can be tricky for me much easier for me to watch someone do it but I am learning… mostly just from watching videos online. I have started these boots and would love to be able to use as a baby shower gift so fingers crossed they turn out I love them!

    • says

      well this post is a tutorial, there is a picture every few rows to help you along. If you have a trouble at some point just let me know what row and I’ll see if I can help you out! I tried a few videos but no one watches them so I don’t do them any more, esp for something that changes every row. This video would take about an hour!

  31. Vikki says

    Thank you so much for this pattern! The pics were such a help, for me the pictures help the words make sense. So as a first time bootie maker, thank you thank you!

  32. allison says

    So when you say:
    row 1- sc in 2nd ch, sc 5 times, hdc 3 times, 7hdc in last ch, finish the rest of the round working along the back of the chain, hdc 3 times, sc 5 times, 4sc in the last/first ch, sl st to the first sc (28)

    Does that mean sc 5 times in one stitch or sc in the next 5 stitches? Or hdc 3 times, does that mean 3 in one stitch or one in the next 3 stitches?

  33. Mel says

    Thank you so much for this tutorial! I hadn’t made anything but granny rugs before this and after a few attempts, this tute is easy as pie. I’ve made a few sets for my own bub to be and a few for gifts. :)

    • says

      I’m so glad! People comment a lot when they don’t get something (which is fine) but it’s really REALLY refreshing to hear the positive outcomes as well!

  34. Stacie says

    I got all the way to the boot cuff and I can’t figure out where the seam is to count the 7 or 11 from. Is it in the back or the front? Please help me!:)

  35. Kamryn says

    I’m fairly new to crocheting and have made other projects (hats and mary janes mostly) but really wanted to tackle these booties. I kept having difficulty with my stitch counts when I would sc in first sc when starting a new round…the only way I could fix it and still have the proper count is to sl st to complete one round, and sc in the next stitch over before starting my 7, 9, etc sc stitches. That’s probably my own error since other people have made these with no problems.
    I have a question about this step:
    row 1- hdc in 3rd ch from hook- ch2 counts as hdc, hdc in next 9 ch, hdc in first sc (the same one you sl st in), hdc 19 times (there will be 3 spaces left), skip 2 spaces, sc in last space. (32)

    The skip two spaces, sc in last space really threw me off. Is there a way to include pictures of that step? Or, in a perfect world, would you ever make a video tutorial? After two full days of attempting to make these, and pulling yarn apart I think 12 or 13 times, I have to semi-bastardized versions of these adorable booties. Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing the pattern for free!

    • says

      kay I’m not understanding your first problem, you have too few or too many stitches?

      in the second part the hdc row is sticking up about 1/2 inch and the skip 2 stitches and sc in the last space folds it down and closes the cuff a bit.

  36. Erika says

    Thank you for this pattern! My friend found a pair of booties on Etsy that she loved and wanted me to try to figure out how to make, but these look very similar so I am going to give them a shot!

  37. Sara Morrell says

    Hi, I absolutely love this pattern and am kids a beginner with crochet so it’s not too surprising that I’m having trouble. I’ve only done a few simple things out of a book I have and moving on to patterns from the Internet is a bit confusing. On row one when it reads 7hdc in last chain, I was confused if I was supposed to keep entering my hook into the same loop (the last in the row?) to make a curving line on hdc… Well, I did this and ended up with a hole where the picture shows it should be connected… If possible could you help me out with what I did wrong? Sorry for being troublesome it’s just I would be really interested in making these for a friend who had a baby on Easter. As I said I am somewhat beginner, would you suggest I practice with another project and come back to this later? Thank you for free patterns :)

    • says

      yes all in the same ch at the end. It will create a hole from all the in and out, but as you keep working it will pull it self back out, just continue to work down the back and that will help pull it closed again.

  38. Kamryn says

    I have to many stitches, and the opening in my bootie before adding the cuff isn’t as closed as yours was.

    • says

      I’m sorry, but over email and comments it’s hard to really help. Which row does your count get off? And can you tell me EXACTLY what your doing?

  39. abcrew says

    I have been trying to find a pattern for these for almost a year now. Up until now I’ve only found people on Etsy selling the completed booties, which I never would buy since I know how to crochet myself. They are so cute and I am sooo grateful that you are offering the pattern for free. Now my neighbor can get these for her baby as a gift instead of something else.

  40. says

    Good morning! I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! I just started crocheting the end of february beginning of march and whizzed right along making ADORABLE creations! I believe this is the *only* shoe/boot pattern I will ever do! I haven’t done them as boots *yet*, but I will!! I’ve been making them into cutsie little shoes!
    I’m currently finishing up another Mickey set(with your shoe design), then I’m onto a Minnie set a little later! =D Can’t wait to have them in pink… I’m wondering if there’s a way to add mini “high heel” to make it look more like Minnie’s shoe… hmmmm *::gears going::* Mind if I play around with your pattern a bit to try?? =)

    • says

      how fun! I’d finish the shoe and then sl st into the heel base and sc around the heel and then across the base, the build it up, decreasing every row.

  41. Elaine says

    THANK YOU!!! I love this pattern!! It’s the first real bootie that I’ve liked and made. The only thing is… you got an adult version? :) I want some for me, lol! This is gorgeous! Again, thank you! Great job!

  42. Nevi says

    Hi, these are so cute! Just a quick question what are the dimensions of the final bootie (size 1), just the length of the sole of the finished bootie would be great. The baby im crocheting for has long, thin feet and just want to check that they will fit!

    • says

      ummmmm I actually just gave the infant booties to the gal I made them for! So I don’t have them to measure. They might actually be bigger than a size one, it all depends on how tight or loose you stitch. BUT my babies have narrow feet so I tend to create long narrow shoes. What you want to do it crochet the sole, then hold it up to the babies foot, if you need to make adjustments do it then, BEFORE you do the rest!

  43. mayu elizarraraz says

    Hello I love this boots.. I have a baby girl of three months and I going to start this today…. I new at this but I like that way you explain it…

    • says

      thank you so so SO much! I get so many questions it’s so sweet and totally makes my day when someone comments just to day they like it! I hope the boots work out easily for you!

  44. Amy says

    I LOVE this pattern. It is so adorable! Thank you so much for posting the pictures, it helps a ton! I have a quick question because I am also a newbe crocheter. When you start Row 3 in the back stitches, is that just for that row or continued through the whole project? Also before that, are you working in the front of the stitch or through whole chain? I hope that question makes sense? My little baby nephew is going to be so styling! Thank you thank you thank you!

    • says

      I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to answer your question! I’m WAY behind on comments! Row 3 is worked in back stitches to help create a sharper corner for the bottom of the booties, but that’s the ONLY row worked in back stitches. Your second question is unclear. before row three your working in the top of the stitches like normal.

  45. J. G. Burdette says

    They are so adorable. I love them. I’ve searched high and low for something like this!

  46. Bonnie says

    Thank you so much for this pattern, and for making it available for free! I’m fairly new to reading crochet patterns, but found yours easy to interpret! Thanks again for sharing :)

    • says

      your so welcome! And thanks for commenting and sharing your appreciation! So much of the time it’s just complaining and correcting so I really really REALLY appreciate comments like yours just saying thanks!

  47. Angie says

    I’m having trouble with this pattern after row-8. I have 27 sets instead of 23. I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong… HELP!

    • says

      Are you sure you didn’t miss a row???? row 7 should end with 27 stitches, row 8 should end with 23, so unless you didn’t do any of the decreases I’m thinking you just missed a row!

  48. Angie says

    Not sure what I was doing wrong but I’ve figured it out and the pattern is working beautifully! So excited. Thanks again!

  49. Rosey says

    Love this pattern and am currently making a pair for my new baby due in september :)

    quick question – is it done in american or english crochet terms as I know they differ slightly?

  50. cindy says

    thank you for this great pattern. My booties turned out nicely!

    Ik was wondering if you could tell me how you make a sc? Cause yours are perfectly straight above eachother. Mine arent….. Maybee you could email me? Thank you!

    • says

      um… put your hook into the stitch, yo, pull back through, yo and pull through the two stitches on the hook. everyone’s personal style is a bit different, once you find yours you can change patterns as you work to accommodate what you do! I change patterns ALL THE TIME!

  51. says

    I have searched high and low for a bootie pattern like this, thank-you muchly much!!! I have completed a pair and found your instructions easy to follow. I don’t know how but I seem to have crocheted one of the cuffs on inside out? Any ideas what I’ve done wrong or is that how they’re meant to be? You can only really tell with the scalloped edge, one has the pretty side outside (the 7 stchs away from seam), the other has the pretty side inside (the 11 stchs away).
    Am I just being pedantic?

    • says

      that’s just the way it is, I was trying to make it as easy as possible for people following the pattern, but if it bothers you you could always finish off the row before then start at the other end for the finishing round.

  52. Rhonda Crawley says

    I love these booties, Im a beginner crocheter and am having a little trouble with your pattern (have started over 9 times so far lol) when you say sc 5 ect is that all in one chain or 5 in a row? thank you for any help you can give me

    • says

      when the number is first, like 2sc, that means 2 sc in one stitch. when the number is after the stitch, sc 5 times, that means sc in the next 5 stitches. if it’s a number first and after, 2sc 5 times, that’s 2 sc in each of the next 5 stitches

  53. says

    I love these booties. They are very similar to my converse style ones. I love the flap with the button. Thanks for the pattern I can’t wait ti makes these!! Awesome!

    • says

      I’m missing your question? What row says 1hdc??? (and there wouldn’t be a difference between 1hdc and hdc, but I’m just not seeing it!)

  54. Kate says

    These are absolutely adorable!! I love them!! Do you by any chance have a pattern for an adult sized version of these?

  55. Mamadof6 says

    Oh my, you’re so very smart and very talented! I’m going to make for my 1st great grandbaby girl!! It has been a blessing since I’ve been crocheting. Thank u for this adorable pattern, and i copied it from my phone, no computer.

  56. ivy says

    WOW i just ♥ your site, thank you so much for all the work you put into it. i work lots better with pic tutorials together with written, as i am a very visual learner..

    • says

      it’s a decrease, your double crocheting 3 stitches together, so you do half of the dc in each stitch, then do the final yo and pull through all 4 loops on your hook to create one stitch~

  57. Gloriousaffinity says

    This is what my pattern did also! I’ve finished one as I thought it was meant to happen, as it kinda makes it look like a shoe with a curved ball of foot area, but then when I went to make the second one, I was thinking uh oh. I don’t want to undo the other bootie but I think the pattern should be counting the the first sc as number one, instead of then doing 9. Maybe there should one be 9 in total on round 2, as this is where I am finding the problem.

    • says

      nope the pattern is written just right. You are more than welcome to change it to fit your style of crocheting, I do it all the time when I read patterns, but it’s written just right. the soles are symmetrical and getting rid of one stitch would throw it all off. But we all crochet differently, tight, loose, crooked, etc… so feel free to make it your own, and do what you need to make it work for you, but please don’t confuse other readers. I can’t figure out if the tight crocheting or the loose crocheting is causing it to curl over (I wish I could watch someone crochet it to tell). But if you just block it out (or tug it into place like I do- I don’t have the patience for blocking) it should go right into place. I should really draw out a chart so people can see it better maybe?

  58. Anna says

    I am a bit confused, what do you mean sc/dc 2 together? I originally thought you meant two in the same stitch, but that definitely does not make the shoe close like that.

  59. Laura Wild says

    Hey there :-) I am absolutely in LOVE with these booties. Although I am not a beginner, I am still at a novice level. I have a really stupid question for you. What is my old seam? Or maybe where is my old seam? I have one bootie made and I just decided to wing it on my placement of the wrap. It looks okay, but I am a bit of a perfectionist so I want it to look just like yours. Also, do you think it would be possible to add the wrap without finishing off the boot first? Thanks a million for the fantastic tutorial. My girlfriend and her husband just had twin boys 3 days ago and were completely unprepared, so I know they will love these too.

    • says

      you can add the wrap without finishing off for one foot, by sl st over, but it just doesn’t look right… I hate finishing off and restarting, but when it’s right it’t right! The seam is the seam from the foot part- where you sl st at the end and ch up, is there any other kind of seam, should I call it something else? I’m still totally new to writing patterns, and I write what makes sense to me, sorry if it’s too confusing! The booties are HUGE, so hopefully they’ll fit them in the winter!

  60. Courtney says

    I have to start by saying that I absolutely loved this pattern. I tried for months, actual months to make my first pair of booties and it wasnt until I found this pattern that I was able to do it, and I’m a fairly good crocheter. On my third pair, I realized an error I was making that someone else also mentioned about the booties not looking as closed as yours.. this happens in row 1 of the boot cuff if you dont sc in the right place. The cuff ends up not closed and looks more like a shoe than a boot. I think it may be helpful to add a picture showing that that sc is placed across almost to the beginning at the other side. When you miss this step, it makes the decreased rows not look as neat also. Thanks for sharing this great pattern!

    • says

      the picture above that row actually has the picture after the sc in the last spot, but because I don’t have anyone helping me take pictures at 2 am the hook kept falling over so it’s hard to see, if I make another pair I’ll try to get a better picture. glad you were able to figure it out!

  61. JaviValdesM says

    thanks for the pattern, I was looking for this long time ago!!
    It was really easy to follow, but i have a doubt because the sole looks like they were both right foot or I’m wrong :S jijijiji
    kisses and sorry if a wrote the words wrong my native lenguage it’s not english, I’m from Chile so I speak spanish

  62. RACH says

    Hey! I really love this pattern, and I was wondering. Can we sell what we make, or would you prefer we just use them for our own personal use? Thanks! I have looked at all of your patterns and love them all! Great job!

    • says

      you can totally sell what you make, please link back to my pattern and give me design credit. then people who want to make them can, and people who don’t want to make them have something to buy- best of both worlds! good luck!

  63. Krissy says

    Thank you so much for this cute pattern! The booties are absolutely adorable and I can’t wait to see them on my son who’s due later this year!

    • says

      congrats on expecting!!! I love being pregnant, and having babies, and nursing, and raising them, etc… I love it all! I loved crocheting things for the baby during my last few months of my pregnancies, imagining what my baby is going to be like, and how great it’s going to be! So have fun and enjoy it all!

  64. Morgan says

    Ok. I am new to crocheting. I did exactly what your pattern said and it was amazing! I impressed myself so much! Thank you very much! It was very easy to follow! I only have one question! No one laugh!!! HOW DO I MAKE THE OTHER FOOT!? I’ve been trying different things and have absolutely no idea where to start! Please help because unless my neice only has one foot (God forbid) , I’ll need both!

    • says

      like the patterns says, the bottom portion of the booties are the same for both feet, the only change is when you add the cuff,

      Boot cuff:
      for the right boot sl st in the 7th stitch from the seam, for the left boot sl st in the 11th stitch from the seam

  65. Jules says

    Hi Ashlee, I just wanted to say thank you & let you know this is a wonderful pattern I have just finished the first bootee and I found your instructions to be very clear. You are so patience when answering all the questions posted to your blog. You are very generous with your time & knowledge, your kindness shines through your words. I found by reading your replies all my questions were answered. You are very creative keep up the good job! Sincerely, Jules.

  66. Kristy says

    THANK YOUUUUUUUUUU : ) Love these booties and I have even made them without the cuff of the boot for little ballet slippers. The instructions are simple and easy to follow. Well done and thanks so much for sharing : )

  67. Donna says

    These booties are absolutely adorable. I knit most of my booties mainly because I havent really found many crocheted bootie patterns that I liked. This one …… I LIKE! No … I LOVE! Thank you for sharing.

  68. says

    I just finished my first pair of these!!! Thank you SO much for the seriously darling pattern… of course it took a few tries for me to get it to work for me (and a safety pin in my first sc so I could keep my stitches straight!) but now I have such a cute gift to give at baby showers… and my hubby will be happy because now I won’t feel like I have to crochet an entire blanket to give to my friends, and that gives me more time with him! These are much quicker, even with all my detours 😉 and now that I’ve figured it out, it will be much smoother. Anyhow, you are very talented and I love your family pictures, that place is right around the corner from me. Thanks again :) Becky

    • says

      using a stitch marker is a great idea! I usually use a piece of off colored thread when I’m working on a piece that I have trouble keeping track of the first stitch with!. And much faster than a full blanket!

  69. cindy says

    I know how to make a sc :) But there was a picture where yours are straight above eachother. Mine are always like the other pictures. Ive seen it before with someone else but she wouldn’t tell me how she did it. There has to be a way haha! But thanks anyway!

    • says

      I honestly have no idea, it’s just how I crochet, not trick to it! We all crochet so differently, tight, loose, etc… feel free to alter the pattern to fit who you crochet!

  70. Kristin says

    Hi Ashlee,
    Thanks so much for sharing your pattern — and then for following up to the comments with such clear and generous answers. I’m a novice crocheter and this is the first item I’ve made that isn’t a toy (and therefore the first thing I’ve made where the stitch count *really* mattered). It took me a few tries to get the stitches right for the first shoe but I found all the answers to my questions within the comments here and now I have a FANTASTIC pair of booties for my friend’s little boy (due later this month). These have been hugely satisfying to make and I love how structured the final pieces are. If I ever have another baby of my own, s/he will have many, many pairs of these. :)
    All the best, Kristin

  71. Aliah says

    OMG i absolutely love these they are super adorable :), are we allowed to sell the finished products giving you credit ofcourse??

    • says

      Yes, you can sell your finished products, and please give my pattern credit and a link back so people who would rather make their own instead of buying it can find the pattern!

  72. Jackie says

    Hey! I love these! I made a pink pair of the girl version and put a cute little white rabbit button on them for my best friend`s baby! She loved them. :) Great pattern and really helpful pictures. :)

  73. Anna says

    Thank you for posting this pattern for free and it even has a phototutorial! I’ve finished my first pair and will be starting a second one..all for my soon to pop-out baby girl. Now, I’ll be able to dress her up for the winter in these stylish booties. Might try my hand on the top hat too. Thanks again. = )

    • says

      your so welcome! I love the top hat too! Good luck with your soon to pop-out baby girl!!!! Eeek! I love new babies, I can’t believe my little guy is already 10 months, it goes so fast!

  74. Barb Boran says

    First thank you for such a cute bootie pattern and then free besides! I am havig trouble with the second bootie making the wrap go the right way. I kno u count to 11 for the second bootie but after u work the hdc on the chain do you work toward the front of the boot or the back? When I work the cuff do I sl st and work around from the right side for one and then the wrong side for the other bootie. Thanks so much!

    • says

      after the chain you hdc down the chain, then around the BACK on both booties. so right side first row for one, wrong side first row on the other!

  75. Sarah says

    Thank you so much for posting this for free! A friend and my sister are both about to have a little girl and I have been searching everywhere for a good pattern. Thanks!

  76. Nancy Firstiant says

    I have been dreaming to make a pair of baby crochet shoes, because one day I wanna give ’em to my daughter’s baby.. but looking at the step by step pics above, I think I missed the very first step, I mean I don’t know how to make the sole.. would you please help me.. I hope you have pictures about the :
    ch (chain)
    sl st (slip stitch)
    sc (single crochet)
    hdc (half double crochet)
    dc (double crochet)
    I know a bit crocheting, I’ve made a crochet blanket.. but I don’t know the name of the single work of the needle.
    Thanx a lot

    • says

      I’m not sure what your question is? There is no picture of the abbreviation list, it’s just a list of the stitches and the abbreviations used in the pattern.

      let me know if you have any other questions! I’m happy to help, this is NOT a beginner pattern so it might take a few tries, don’t give up!

      you used the word needle, rather than hook, are you thinking of Knitting???

  77. Nancy Firstiant says

    Thanx for the reply
    I was wandering through Pinterest just now, and I got the picture although no word explanation except the steps.. I think it’s quite understandable.. so I can follow the Pinterest steps to make the sole then.
    Yeahh.. it’s an intermediate-advanced I think, but I understand the steps of your pattern. I just know the straight crochet ^^
    I don’t know the tool’s name in English (I’m Indonesian), I have one exactly like on your pic.
    I wanna make a cute baby hat too.. if you have one. Thanx ^^

    • says

      I’m not sure what you mean by pinterest steps, could you send me the pin you saw?? pictures and no words? that doesn’t make any sense? my post is full of the pattern, written tutorial AND pictures.

      What is straight crochet? I think the first thing you need to find is an English to Indonesian crochet stitch guide. I tried to find one online, I tried for about half an hour! but I couldn’t even find an Indonesian stitch guide so it’s hard to help when you don’t recognize my stitch instructions. I’d love to help you make them.

      all my free crochet patterns are on my blog

  78. Trista Morgan says

    I have question about this. line 2hdc 3 times, 3hdc (in one stitch), 2 hdc 3 times does this mean that 2hdc in the same stitch for a increase 3x than increase 3 hdc in the next stitch. I also have question about sc2tog, dc2tog, dc3tog, dc2tog, sc2tog, I don’t think I understand what that means exactly I am not great at reading patterns. sorry. I just wanna make sure I have understanding. I love these little boots.

    • says

      when the number is before the stitch eg 2hdc it means 2 half double crochets in the next stitch. when the number comes AFTER the stitch, eg 3 times, it means do it in the next 3 stitches. so 2hdc 3 times means 2 half double crochet in EACH of the next 3 stitches. then 3 half double crochets in the next stitch and 2 half double crochets in the next three sitches. so your going from 7 stitches to 15 stitches.

      the stitch abbreviation guide is at the top of the pattern
      sc2tog (single crochet 2 together)
      dc2tog (double crochet 2 together)
      dc3tog (double crochet 3 together)

      I don’t blog about the basic stitches. there are a ton of blogs out there that do though, so finding instructions is luckily super easy. href=””>Lion Brand yarn has a great basic list, click on any abbreviation and it will take you to written instructions

      they didn’t have dc2tog listed so I googled it for you and found written instructions, picture instructions and a video for it!

      the dc3tog is the same thing but adding a third before the final pull through. I hope this all helps! Good luck and I hope the rest of the patterns goes better for you, but remember it is a more advanced pattern, so just be patient!

  79. says

    So, I had found a bunch of these wonderfully cute patterns online, and I only now just figured out that they were all yours! You are wonderful! Thank you so much for putting your patterns out into the world and sharing!

  80. says

    Also, just to let you know, I gave your credit for the pattern on all the pictures of the stuff I’ve made! Thanks again, everyone loves them!

  81. Nancy Firstiant says

    This is the original site , i got it from pinterest. i just started to make it for i can make the sole, but i got mine ruffled after some steps.. i think i have to modify it, make it flat.. then i do your booties pattern above.
    I supposed trying the easiest pattern first i think..
    hmm .. your baby sandals pattern looks easy, need to try.. they’re cute, thanx ^^

    • says

      I’m SO sorry, but your comment totally confused me? Why did you link to that ruffle tutorial? and what does it have to do with my pattern? That would not work for a sole at all, the whole point of that pattern is to create a ruffle, it has NOTHING to do with a shoe. Also the sandal pattern uses the same sole tutorial as my booties, and I’d say the sandals are a bit trickier than the booties, IMO.

  82. says

    I made 3 pairs of the wrap around booties, took me awhile to get the hang of the descending stitches, because I was doing them wrong, but they still came out cute! I am about to give the baby sandals a try. I love the colors you chose! I am also thinking about the top hats, and the baby converse! 😀

    • says

      I’m so glad you go them right and were able to make some pairs! Good luck with the sandals, they are a bit tricky… I tend to just play around and make them, and then try to figure out the best way to explain how I made them… I’m afraid it doesn’t always make sense to everyone else! let me know what you think about the other patterns!

  83. Crafty Lady says

    I absolutely love these boots!! I am currently attempting to make a pair but am having a hard time starting the cuff part. I have the cuff for the one that buttons on the left but cant figure out how to do the other one so that it opens on the opposite side….

    • says

      it’s the same cuff, but started a few stitches over. Te difference is the right side/wrong sides are opposite! so chain, then hdc down the chain down the side, around the back and up the other side. does that help?

  84. Vivian says

    Hi, so cool that you’re sharing this pattern. I guess you can say I’m somewhat a beginner… I’ve made a few things here and ther but have never tried shoes. I’m having trouble with the sole… when I get to the toe area and do the 2hdc in 3, I get somewhat of “holes” as the toe curves. There’s one big one in the center and then 8 smaller holes. I used a 4mm hook and some fine baby soft, yarn. Ive tried using a bigger hook & that just made everything looser. If I tried tighter stitches, the sole will be fit for a mouse! Any tips to get the stitches close together? Could it possibly be to fine of a yarn?
    Here’s my sole:

    • says

      it looks like your beginning ch’s are too loose. try doing the original ch on a smaller hook, then switch back to the normal hook and do row 1. we all crochet a bit different, and knowing how you crochet, tight/loose will help you change up patterns to fit your style. I don’t think I’ve ever followed a pattern without changing something.

  85. says

    OMG! I love these and they were super easy to make! I wish I could find a pattern like this for adult sizes lol I want a pair for myself! :) Thanks for sharing! They’re great!

  86. Linda says

    Thank you so much for posting this, especially with such easy to follow instructions. I love them. I made a pair for a baby shower a bit ago and everyone just loved them. I am now making another pair for another baby shower, i am going to try to make a color change on the top of the boot to match an outfit i am making. I very much appreciate people such as yourself who love the craft and don’t require money to share your expertise, or your beautiful patterns. It makes it so helpful for others. Before finding your pattern i think i surfed the internet from one end to the other for just the right bootie, yours are just perfect. Thank you very, very much!!!

    • says

      your so welcome, thank you for taking the time to comment! Three nice comments in a row today! I’m on a roll. It totally tickles me! I usually get question after question after question for my patterns, which is expected for patterns and totally fine, but sometimes it gets to be so much I wonder if I just wrote a dud! so getting such sweet comments letting me know it went well just makes my day!

  87. Danielle Story says

    I Love this pattern!!!
    It works up exactly right, comes together perfectly, and with a size E hook they fit my preemie perfectly!
    Thank you thank you for sharing!

  88. Stephanie says

    I was taught to crochet years ago and the only thing I made was a simple beenie. I am trying to teach myself again, but having trouble. I think you should make a youtube video of you doing this. :) I am going through videos relearning how to do this, but none of them have any booties as cute as these.

    • says

      thanks for the request, I have a lot of requests for patterns, videos, etc… it’s just not really my thing. but I’ll add it to the video request list if i ever get around to it. the best thing to do is watch videos of STITCHES, then read a pattern and make it! if I was to do a video it would be under 5 mins and just be highlights of the pattern, no one wants to watch a few hours of me making booties!

  89. says

    I LOVE your pattern for the booties! I have tried to make them several times and I am doing something terribly wrong – I’m sure it’s user error. Which row begins the toe portion? My toe portion always ends up lopsided to the right of center by about an inch. I’m sure I’m just reading the pattern wrong so can you clarify which row starts the toe please. I can send you a picture if you like.

    • says

      There isn’t a ROW for the toes. there is the sole, the under part of the shoe, then the shoe rows is when it starts climbing up the sides- so the toes/heels everything. so I’m confused by your problems. go ahead and send me a picture and I’ll see what I can answer for you!

  90. says

    Thank you so much for this pattern. I have a granddaughter being born next Friday (2nd c-section) and my daughter has shown me other boot patterns that she likes. These are by far the cutest! The directions are very clear and the pictures help a bunch. I wish more people would have pictures to help us “newbies” figure out what to do!

  91. Kim says

    Love the pattern. I’ve been trying it with various yarns and they all give a different look and size bootie, which I love. I didn’t have any issues with the pattern and found it easy to follow, but I’m wondering if you have any tricks or tips for how you get your seam to look so great? My seam often has small gaps and doesn’t look taut and symmetrical like yours. Any suggestions?

    • says

      I’m SO glad! For every person that has a question or complains, or gives up I feel a bit like maybe I should quite sharing patterns. So the sweet comments like yours, that let me know I’m not a complete failure at pattern writing, it gives me a boost to keep trying!

      As for your seam… I really don’t know, I think it comes down to the way we crochet, tight, loose, etc… I always take my personal crocheting into my thought process as I read other patterns, I often change parts that don’t work with my style, so if there is a better way to close each row try that. you MIGHT be sl st in the chain on accident rather than the top of the sc? after you sl st, put it taunt before you ch and then sc… I hope something I just rambled about helps!

  92. says

    I made these over the weekend for my daughter whom I am expecting in December. They are super cute and were easy to make. I made one mistake and had to start over on the cuff the first time (I crocheted the wrong direction so my cuff went around the back–whoops! But in no time I had my two booties finished, added a button to each and they’re done! Thank you so much for sharing your pattern! I hope to make my baby girls more booties soon!

    • says

      I couldn’t think of a better way to explain the cuff’s, but it is totally easy to get that one wrong the first time! Glad it was an easy fix for you and your welcome!

  93. Loretta says

    Thank you so much for posting this pattern. I have made 3 pairs in past 2 days and I love them! Very well explained and posted. Keep up the good work!

    • says

      I’m SO glad to hear that you were able to make them, love them, and make them so easily and fast! I’m back to crocheting the past few days and I’m working on a new pattern!

  94. Amigurumi Torino says

    Wow, this booties are super cute! Just what I was looking for my friend’s newborn. Months ago I looked for a pattern for baby boots and I couldn’t understand a thing (I was barely a beginner), but with your tutorial I think I’ll be able to crochet them. You have also given me entertainment for a looong night at the airport :)

    • says

      ummmm I have no idea. I made quite a few pairs and didn’t come close to using an entire skein. Certainly not enough yarn that I felt it was necessary to measure- I’m so sorry! I’m still super new to sharing the patterns I make up! I’ve never bothered with how much yarn or gauge or any of it, so I’m trying! I’ll keep better track next time!

  95. Sara says

    These are great! I had to search the internet for booties that are modern and practical, and here theynare!!
    Mine actually came out looking just like the picture! Woo hoo! Although somehow I ended up with two right feet! It’s not like they take forever, so I’ll just make another one and save the extra for the next baby that comes along. This pattern is so cute, thank you! I want the adult pattern. They look comfortable!

    • says

      for the left bootie you just start the cuff a few stitches over. Remember when you come down the ch with the HDC’s continue to hdc around the side and back and other side, don’t hdc across the front.

  96. Megan says

    I can’t get it to work for me :( so disappointed with myself :/ lol Mine just keeps coming out like a twisted peanut :( Idk what I’m doing wrong. In row 2 it says chain 1 sc in the same sc then sc 7 times so is that a total of 8 sc before the first hdc?

    • says

      yup, you sc in the same sc that you just sl st in the row before, and yes that adds up to 8 sc. just keep going, mine twists a bit too (you might just be crocheting tighter than I do) just keep going and once your done block it (pull and twist it into shape.)

    • says

      I added a diagram of the sole, hopefully that will make the sole more clear, and you can see how symmetrical it’s supposed to be, even if it twists keep going!

  97. Megan says

    On the row where it begins to decrease I have 9 sc before the decreases but 17 after the decreases. Is that right? Because I’m sure that is why mine look so twisted up.

  98. Samantha says

    hello, first off I just love this pattern it’s simple to follow and these are to adorable. you’ve done a great job explaining on what to do and the pictures help out a lot also. But I do have a question. I’m making these for a friend who’s baby is due in Jan. however she wants a matching set for her older daughter. She said that her daughter is a size 7. Now I tried and tried and tried and finally I gave in and have to ask. HOW can I turn these in to size 7 lol. I get the bottom of the sole just about where I need it, but it ends up being around 80 to 82 stitches. Then going on from there I fail miserably each time. Can you please give me some advice on what I can do or how to match this pattern to that size I need. Example since it’s a bigger size once I sc around in the back stitch do I need to add a few more rows of sc around. Then if so how do I decrease once I get to that point with out them looking horrible. Any help or advice would be appreciated thank you.

    • says

      no idea! I’ve never made anything larger than baby size! Honestly I’m not into crochet booties in larger sizes… I only create patterns with my model close at hand. So I’d start the sole size, measuring it against the daughter. Then the sides and decreases the same way, I took apart and re put together my booties a few dozen times til I got it right! Have fun!

  99. Stacie says

    Thank-you so much for this pattern I love it! your directions are so easy to follow and I love the stitch count at the end so helpful! one question though….my finished boot cuff, for the girls boot on one of my boots the “wrong side” is facing out and for the other boot the “right side” is facing out….is that how they are supposed to be or did I mess something up?

    • says

      each row of the cuff is a different direction, “right” “wrong” “right” or “wrong” “right” “wrong” they are opposite, you did that right~!

  100. Annie says

    Thanks for the free pattern Ashlee, I had too many stitches on the 2nd row. Do I count the slip stitch as a stitch? I’m a beginner so I’m sure it’s my mistake and nothing to do with the accuracy of your pattern. I finished it out anyway – I think I had 2 extra stitches all the way up. They still look lovely :-) Thanks again, Annie

  101. Kaylynn says

    I am attempting this for the third time now and I am having trouble on row 6. I’m assuming that the dc3tg should be in the middle front of the pitied but everyone it isn’t for me. I’m sure I’m making some stitch count mistake but I can’t get it to line up. Any suggestions? Have you ever had this problem?

    • says

      Are you sure it isn’t in the middle? As your crocheting the booties tend to curl a little bit, nothing blocking won’t take care of. mark the center stitches of the previous rows to make sure it isn’t centered. It doesn’t look centered as your making it but once your finished and block it it worked out fine for me.

    • says

      I need more details to help, just saying your stuck on three rows is a bit broad, can you narrow it down for me? WHAT exactly are you having trouble understanding? Or is the problem just that you have gaps? if that’s the only issue try crocheting those decreased a bit tighter, or even using a smaller hook for those stitches (but not for the whole round)

  102. says

    Hiya!! This question may have been answered already, so sorry to be redundant, but when I’m ch1 in row 4&5 of the sole, is that counted as the first sc that I sl st into when I’m all done? Thanks!!!!

    • says

      the ch is not counted as the first sc. You only count a ch as a stitch when the pattern specifically says so, like “ch 1 (this counts as the first sc here and throughout” Only in that case would it ever count. in this patterns case it does NOT count.

  103. Samantha says

    Thanks, I have been trying think I’m just gonna have to wing it a bit and hope I can get it some what close. Thank you again though and again I really do love these.

  104. Kimberly Lopez says

    Thank you so much for this pattern! I was looking for something like this but most places charge for the pattern. I love that you posted this for free! So easy to work up and just adorable!

  105. sara says

    I got one boy boot done… and instead of doing a matching boot, I decided to try the girl boot! :) I’ll match them up later! :)

    Just a quick question.. somehow my seam always ends up on the side of the shoe, instead of at the very back. Maybe 3 stitches from the very back. All the stitch numbers add up, I’m just not joining at the very back of the shoe. It’s not a big deal until the round where you slip stitch 7 sc from the seam! instead of using my seam, I just folded the shoe and did it from the back.

    But I’d love for my seam to be in the right spot! LOL any idea what I’m doing wrong?!

    • says

      the seam is designed to be on the side, that’s where mine is, and when I say to count 7 over I mean from the side, that’s why it says 7 over then 11 over, if the seam was centered I’d say count 10 from the left or 10 from the right for the different starts of the cuffs. The seam is on the side cause when your making the sole it’s easier to write it doing one side, then the toes, the other side, then the heel, it’s hard to create the soles from the center of the heel and keep it that way. So the only thing you did wrong was counting only 4 rather than 7.

  106. sara says

    so I’ve now done 3 boots! gotta finish the matching girl pair tomorrow! :) And every single one ends up the same way! It’s not 100% right, cause on the cuff I always end up with 30 instead of 32! It’s a great pattern! Thanks a ton!

    • says

      what row does your count get off? make sure in row 3 of the cuff to also hdc in the space 1 and go al the way to the END of the row, making sure your count is at 32! Glad you like it!

  107. sara says

    oh good! I’m not crazy! :)

    so if I count 7 from the seam…it seemed like it was way too close to the tip of the toe…where the decreasing stitches were. where do you start the strap compared to the decreased stitches? Getting ready to finish my little girl bootie! Thanks for responding so quickly!

    I’m hoping to do your mohawk hat too, just need to get some thicker yarn for the hat part.

    • says

      if you look at my wrap around they are very close to the front, in fact the start of both straps are just a few off of each other just 2 stitches off the center.

  108. Linda Schiller says

    Thanks for the pattern also. I too hate when I find a pattern I love and then find I have to pay for it. I cannot buy every pattern I love. I’d be broke before nightfall – lol. You mentioned that you had this in other sizes? I was looking for one for a 4 yr old. I volunteer with an organization that sends care packages to soldiers in Afghanistan. When we find out that they are having babies back home we try to send a baby blanket and booties for their newborn (and sometimes a little something for an older child). I think these in camouflage will be adorable. Thanks again!

    • says

      how great of you do send care packages! I’m glad you like the booties. I made the pattern to fit my baby, and then an infant patter, I don’t have anything larger than that.

  109. Susan says

    I am very excited to come across your pattern… I have made a santa hat (red with long tail and matching white rim and pom pom and was wanting to do a little boot to match and now I can – thank you.) I am a newborn baby photographer and enjoy making my own props…. can’t wait to get started… thank you all the way from New Zealand

  110. Megan says

    Although you already have a ton of comments, I thought I’d add mine too. I just finished making a newborn pair in hot pink with a big black button. They are so cute!!! Reminds me of La La Loopsy. Your pattern was great, easy to follow and so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing it for free!

  111. Megan says

    These are sooo sweet! Wow! Thank you so much for the free pattern. I’m not an advanced crocheter and I found this pattern SO easy to follow — I’ve followed other patterns that were written very poorly. I’m looking forward to trying others of your patterns because of how well this is written. I’ve done a pair of the larger pattern (although I used a G 4.25 for it so I think they are a bit larger than 3’s and are too big for my daughter who is probably a size 2) and I am going to do a pair of the smaller pattern now, but I think my daughter is in between both size booties, but since Caron Simply Soft stretches a lot, I’m hoping this smaller pattern fits. Can’t wait. :)

  112. says

    I’m in the exact situation as Sarah. I made two soles first, that way I knew they were gonna be the same size as each other before working on the cuffs… well some how I made two left-footed boots (the sole part has the arch indent like a left shoe). I’m guessing Sarah and I both messed up somewhere along the line if the bottom of the soles aren’t suppose to have the arch indents. Any ideas?

    • says

      again- there is not left or right foot for the soles. they are completely symmetrical, the same number and style of stitches on each side. As you work in a round things tend to get a bit twisted, giving the illusion of a right or left foot, but they are in fact not. you can either take the time to block out the soles, or do what I did, and just keep going. I don’t finish off after the sole, but keep going.

      If you did finish off and cut your yarn make sure you start again at the same point, as if you hadn’t cut it, otherwise you’ll have trouble. one reader finished off and started in the center of the back and created a lot of problems.

    • says

      I added a diagram of the sole, hopefully that will make it more clear that they are symmetrical, so even though they curve it will work itself out as you keep working

  113. says

    I made the sandals! I thought your pattern was great, I think I have a problem with counting, or knowing exactly where to start counting, so I ended up moving my toe hole to make it more centered, but i’m pretty sure that’s me, and not your pattern! Just great, Thank you so much! I also love the way you start your soles on the wrap around booties. I ended up making someone else’s converse pattern, but I ended up modifying it to start with your sole, and I liked it a lot better. 😀

  114. lynsimarie says

    I’m teaching myself to crochet just so I can make these adorable booties for my baby girl! Thank you SOOO much for sharing your pattern for free, and for all your effort at answering questions in your comments! So I’ve found answers to all of my questions just reading others’ comments and your answers! I’m starting over for the third time (HUGE beginner here!), but I can’t wait to see how my booties turn out! Thanks again!

  115. says

    Well, I just love these. I have read most of these posts. Your stitches I’m sure are correct or else YOU would not be able to make them! lol However, I am just starting on making things other than afghans. So I kinda suck. I like how it curves though. Anyway, I’m SURE you are doing it right and I’m not, but starting with row three, I end up with like 50 stitches or something instead of a steady DECREASE. It steadily INCREASES. So I end up with a shoe that looks like it got its face ripped off! lol talk about zombie apocolyps! I have tried to look it up online but cant find anything. Here’s the question: Do i skip any stitches at all? like when i do the dc or hdc, do i skip stitches? cuz when i skip them, it matches up and looks cute, but when i do stitches in every stitch so they are warm with no holes, it looks terrible and is asymetrical. and nothing is landing right. Thank you so much. My email is judkinsjenny at the place where you yell in case you want to contact me there. These are sooo cute, to heck with negative people! How do they think you made them if the stitches were wrong? I had to laugh. much love, Jen ps sorry about spelling its late.

  116. says

    Never mind, I just kept practicing. This time, no curve to the sole or holes that weren’t supposed to be there! Super cute. Thank you for sharing. I hope you are sharing more.

    • says

      it’s okay, as you work in the round, like these soles, it’s not unusual for twists, curves and twists to happen. you can choose to block the sole (get it damp, pull and twist it back into shape, OR what I do is just continue on. once your completely done and get it on the baby they pull themselves back into shape with wearing!

  117. Melody says

    I have done one bootie,a right one. but how do I do the left one? Is there a change that I missed because the sole is definitely shaped for a right foot.

    • says

      the soles are completely symmetrical. it’s common when working in the round for the piece you working on to get twisted or curved, but there are the same number of stitches on each side, same stitches. you can either just continue on and block at the end or block as you go. Personally I just continued on and blocked when I was done with both booties.

  118. Alex says

    I was wondering if the pattern for the booties on this page is the size 4 or the size 1?? I have an almost 2 month old that I am wanting to crochet these for!

    • says

      the INFANT size is close to a size one (depending on the hook you use and how tight or loose you crochet) and the OTHER pattern for the BABY size is the size 4 (again depending on the hook and how you crochet!)

  119. says

    Thank you so much for sharing your pattern for FREEEEEE! lol I bought one a couple weeks ago for a cute bootie and drove myself crazy trying to figure it out! Never did gave up! Yours is awesome and easy! Great instructions! My first pair came out so cute now! Thank you again!!!

    • says

      thank you so much! I’m SO glad it worked for you! I consider myself a amateur pattern designer, I just don’t feel confident enough to ever ask anyone to PAY for it! So I’m glad you liked it!

  120. lynsimarie says

    So I finished my first pair…they’re so cute! The first one I made is noticeably bigger than the second one…I did much better counting my stitches once I started using stitch markers, because otherwise I can never recognize where a row should start or end. I’m going to make another left booite and see if I can get it to be the same size as my right bootie. :) Here is the info I found most helpful…

    “when the number is after the stitch: hdc 3 times, it’s in the next 9 stitches
    when the number is BEOFRE the stitch: 7hdc it’s in the SAME stitch”
    “you don’t count the sl st as a stitch.”
    “they didn’t have dc2tog listed so I googled it for you and found written instructions, picture instructions and a video for it!”
    Of course, I’m a complete newbie crocheter with NO experience reading patterns, so I’m sure I struggled more than was really necessary. Once I knew learned how to read a pattern, and learned the stitches I didn’t know yet, it was really super-easy! Thanks again for making this adorable pattern available for free, and for all your patience answering our questions! So, so, SO sweet of you!

    • says

      thanks so much for letting me know! I’m slowly working on the FAQ post, and hope to have it up soon! It’s nice to know what newbies AND experienced crocheters found helpful, so thanks for getting back to me!

  121. says

    Love the little booties! So my question may be silly. But as I did the shell stich around the cuff for the right bootie the stitching of the shell is flat but for the left bootie the shell is puffed like the inside of the shell stich of the right shoe. Is that normal or did I stich it wrong. I hope this makes sense. Basically the shell on the right looks right side out and the left shell looks wrong side out.


    • says

      your actually right. The way I wrote the cuffs, to keep it as easy as I could, the rows that are right side out on one foot are wrong side out on the other. no one ever noticed (people looking at my babies booties, crocheters notice when they are working on it of course). If it really bothers you, you can finish off before the shell row of the left bootie, start at the other end and do that last row backwards! does that help?

  122. Ashley says

    I Really love this pattern But I have the same problem…This was my first try. I’m going to do a DCdec (DC2tog) on row 8 on each corner…that should take me back down to the 23. THANK YOU SO MUCH – MY NIECE WILL LOVE THESE:)

    • says

      sadly I only made one pair and gave them away so I can’t measure them. They fit about a size 1 shoe, the other version, the larger size, fits close to a size 4. changing hook size will help size up or down the booties. Does that help?

  123. nicola says

    hi can i use dk yarn or does it have to be aran my baby is 3 months old will they fit her x these are absolutely fabulous lil booties

    • says

      you can use any yarn you want, just know it will change it a bit. i like using soft, specific to baby, yarn for anything I make for babies, so it’s not scratchy. If you go up or down in yarn or hook size you’ll get a slightly different size in the booties.

  124. Hannah says

    Thank you for sharing your pattern so freely. I have now made two pairs and am very pleased with how cute they are. I used loop stitch on the cuff and made them a little taller, but I did little else as your pattern was so clear.
    All the best

    • says

      thank you so much! I’m so glad the pattern was clear for you, sometimes I get so many questions or complaints I wonder if I just shouldn’t share! So I love hearing positive feedback!

  125. kay says

    Thank you so so much for this pattern! You are brilliant and so kind to share! I’ve made a couple pairs of these, tweaking one into little rain booties :-) So sweet! Again, thanks.

  126. Olivia says

    my seem on the side seems to be going slanting toward the toe instead of straight up. I’m not sure how I am adding stitches. when you count the stitches after you have slip stitched into the first sc do you count the stich the loop on your hook is coming out of? or just the one after it around to the one before it? thanks so much!

    • says

      its totally normal for it to look a bit twisted in the direction youve been crocheting, it will work itself out (but get worse before it get’s better), just keep going! and when I say sc in the same sc that is the one you just sl st into, thus the SAME sc your already working in.

    • says

      I’m glad you found something that works for you, but the soles are written symmetrically, if you add stitches to one side it will end up throwing the whole shoe off later.

  127. Schaara says

    Love, love, love this pattern! I just finished making a pair for a friend that is due next month. I’m due in February and will definitely be making a pair (or two or three :) for my little boy.

    Thank you so much for posting a great tutorial and pattern. I’ve been looking everywhere for something like this!

  128. Karen Jenkins says

    I would love to make these boots but don’t find a print pattern option,I don’t want to print over 200 comments along with the pattern,could you please help with this?

    • says

      I’m sorry, I’ve been looking in to a print it plug in, but I can’t get any of them to work for me. I’ve emailed bloggers that have the feature that I like and they won’t respond! I’m not getting any answers, so I’ll keep trying. But for now what I always do with blogs that don’t have that feature is highlight the text from the blog, paste it into an emtpy word document and delete the pictures. it should end up just a few pages.

    • says

      I don’t know. I hate having things on my feet, I don’t even own socks, and yarn on my dry cracked heels would probably kill me… 😉 I have not, and will not create adult booties. Sorry.

  129. Pilar says

    Hi! Loved your bootie pattern so much I already started my project for a baby girl. I just finished one that was supposed to be the right bootie, but the strap wraps around to the left side, so it’s actually the left one. I’m afraid to start on the right one because I don’t know how to make it turn the other way. I know the pattern says sl st in the 11th st but how do I make it go the other way? THanks so much!!

    • says

      after you sl st and do the chain out and hdc down the chain you need to go down the side and around the back, NOT across the front. if you cross the front your shoe will wrap the wrong way. Hope that helps.

  130. Emily says

    Thanks so much for sharing your pattern! I have a question though… How do you make the left foot? I noticed that the sole has a curve making it the right foot. Please email me back the answer if possible, thanks!!!! Emily

    • says

      the sole is symmetrical, same number of stitches on each side, it tends to curve in the direction you are crocheting but just keep going, it will work itself out in the end. after your all finished just block the shoes (OR just put them straight on the baby, it works itself out)

    • says

      I do not, but quite a few people on Etsy sell them using my pattern. Feel free to buy from one of them. But it’s crochet, not knit, so when doing a search try searching for CROCHET baby booties. Good luck!

  131. says

    Whew! Thank you so much for this tutorial. These are adorable boots! I must admit this took me several attempts over the last two days, but I am very pleased with my final product. I did make a few adjustments, but I think I was only misreading the pattern. I would say that I was a beginner (with most of my experience in knitting, not crocheting), but now I believe I am well on my way to being a moderate crocheter. Thanks

  132. says

    I just found this (and pinned it, naturally). I’m making a set for my niece who is expecting in about a month from now. The set I’m making is in DK yarn. Now, my opinion of Caron Simply Soft is that it’s more of a 3.5 weight, as I often use Vanna’s Choice which is thicker than CSS, though both are classified as 4. The yarn I’m using for this set is 3. So if I’m using DK weight with this very cute pattern, what would you suggest, size H hook? Size I?

    I’m almost finished with the blanket, still have booties and dress to make, all in this same yarn.

    • says

      I’d try the G 4.25 and just do the sole. the sole doesn’t take much time and can tell you alot about your sizing. If it seems to large or open, or to small and tight adjust after that. She’s a lucky girl!!!

      another option if when you make a practice sole it’s too small or too loose you could make the larger BABY version of this with a smaller hook to still get a small size. does that make ANY sense?

  133. Caryn says

    Hi! I have had these booties “pinned” on pinterest for awhile now, just waiting for someone to have a baby! I now have a niece on the way and am working on these for a christmas gift :)
    I’m just having a little bit of a problem with the scallops for the girls version:
    (Row 4 scallops (girls)- turn, 5dc in second hdc, *skip 1dc, sc in next hdc) – I have the 5dc in second hdc, but what is the “*skip 1 dc” – because we are crocheting on the hdc layer. For my first pair, I just skipped over the “*skip 1 dc” but wound up with too many scallops and a “flaired” effect. Can you help??

  134. Jolee says

    I have really enjoyed this pattern. Slightly confusing at first just because it is written a littel different but for the most part makes sense!
    Just a thought-I was confused when making the cuff of the 2nd booty and for some reason kept messing it up! You could do it on the opposite side but if you forget and put it where you did the other one, just turn it inside out when you done! VOILA! Now yes the back loop stitches you did are not quite as prominent but it looks good otherwise.
    Thanks! Happy Crocheting everyone

  135. Courtney says

    Hi there! These are adorable! I managed to successfully make a pair for my baby. However, I am a novice crocheter and it took me a few tries to get them right. Well as right as I think they are anyways. I have a few questions: do you work into the same stitch that you chain 1 in in each row? Do you count your slip stitch as part of your row count? My slip stitch seam ends up crooked and its supposed to be straight im assuming, meaning that you slip stitch in the same spot in each row which would cause a vertical seam right? Mine tends to be crooked/diagonal which mean I am messing up with slip stitching into the correct stitch and the starting the row in the correct stitch. Help please, I love these and am trying to make another pair as a gift. I have gotten sooooo many compliments on the pair I made for my son. Also, is the cuff supposed to overlap over the front of the show cause mine sort of looked like mary janes once they were buttoned? It is unclear to me where exactly to starts the strap, didn’t know what seam you were referring to to count from? I hope you can help me, thank you so much for sharing this patterns for free!

    • says

      a sl st does not count, when I ch 1 and sc in same sc that’s working the stitch in the same stitch you just sl st in. other wise the seam will twist badly. my seam is straight but a little twisting is okay, too much means your not working in the right stitches.

      and the seam I’m referring to when counting out where to start the cuffs is the only seam on the booties, where you end your rows and start a new one, the seam you just called a seam in your question, 😉 if you don’t want to finish off and count you could always sl st 8 /12 times to get to where you want to start your ch, but I don’t like the bulk that adds to the booties. if you look at the picture you can see that where you start is just off center for both cuffs.

      does that help? let me know if it’s still unclear!

  136. KrochetKenda says

    I absolutely LOVE this boot!!!! If this isn’t the cutest pair of footwear I’ve seen for a baby, I don’t know what is! Thank you very much for this FREE PATTERN!!!

  137. Briana says

    I think that these are just adorable. :) I’m going to try and make these for my niece. But, I was wondering if you have a pattern for adults? Thanks.

    • says

      I don’t have an adult pattern. And I won’t be making one. I just do this for fun, and only create patterns for items I want, and I have not interest in an adult size, I’m so sorry! If I end up getting a book deal I’ll TOTALLY create one for that 😉

  138. nichole says

    I’ve tried to make this pattern and when I got to the dc2tog parts I started to realize that part doesn’t looks straight it is off to the side is it suppose to be like this? I also got confused on the part where you said to backstich did you mean that for that just one row or the rest of the pattern?

    • says

      working in the back loop is just for one row, is your seam still off on the side? I once had a reader finish off after the sole and restart the next row from the center of the heel, this would, of course, make the decreases off to one side. if you follow the pattern the decreases will be centered on top of the sole increases.

  139. Yessennia says

    Im doing these booties for my 7month baby girl. im just stuck on the sole part. can you help me please.?
    what does this mean?
    2hdc 3 times, 3hdc, 2 hdc 3 times, 2sc 3times
    and what about this one?
    *2hdc, 1hdc* 7 times
    im having trouble on the sole patern.

    • says

      if the number is before the stitch it’s the number of times you do that in a single stitch
      if the number is after the stitch it’s the number of times you repeat it across the last row

  140. Shell Crites says

    I was wondering if you have a tutorial for this pattern? I’ve tried this pattern at least 50x (stopped counting after that lol) I understand what your doing but for some reason I can’t get it it :( I guess I’m a dink when it comes to reading patterns but when I watch someone do it I get it every time and I would LOVE to have these for my daughter (it’s hard finding boots to fit her…long skinny feet and legs) anyways Thank you for sharing these, hopefully I’m not being to picky 😀

    • says

      what do you mean? this is a tutorial and pattern? there are tons of pictures. If you mean a video? no, I don’t do videos. sometimes you just need to keep going, sometimes it doesn’t look right, but sometimes you just need to push through a few rows. if you have a specific question, a row or stitch I’m happy to answer

  141. Jessica says

    I may have done something wrong… When I get to where we start reducing stitches my boot twists. I’ve gone thru to row 8 and my whole shoe seems off center. The reductions aren’t in the front as pictured, they are off to the side… My numbers are correct tho. Any suggestions? Love this pattern btw!!!

    • says

      is the seam still on the side? how off centered are we talking about here? as long as the center decrease is directly above the center increase of the sole you should be just fine. it twists slightly while your crocheting, but will work itself out by the end.

  142. Angel says

    Hey! I looked everywhere for a pattern to make these and i’m so excited to try I want to make pairs for friends babies i’m slightly new at crocheting so we’ll see how they turn out haha. Have you thought about making a video tutorial? I always seem to learn better from watching it be done.

  143. Brittany says

    to other Thank you so much for having this pattern for free I absolutely love it. I just finished one for my daughter still have to do the right one but it was simple and your pattern was easy to read. And the stuff that I would have questions about I found in your reply to other people’s questions it was very helpful that you answered everyone thanks again :-)

  144. Donna says

    I love these! I am working on crocheted Easter animals for the local pediatric ward and I don’t want to leave the babies out. These are awesome!!!

  145. Rhi says

    Hello there, this is such an adorable bootie! I am pregnant with twins and know that they will be smaller than the average newborn. Could you give me an idea as to how to make these even a tad smaller for a premie/newborn? I’m not very good at adjusting patterns but would really love to make a smaller set. Thank you so much for this free pattern!!

    • says

      try going down a hook size, make the soles. if you still think it’s too big decide if it’s too wide, too long, etc.. and from there we can make a few other changes for you. Let me know and I can help!

  146. alicia says

    hi there i am wanting to make these for my two girls. my oldest is 3 years old and a toddler size 8/9 and my little one i can just follow the pattern printed here….adorable by the way…

    my question is do you have any size chart for making them bigger? something i can use as a guide to make the slipper fit my oldest….

    • says

      there is the baby pattern, that is larger than the infant one. but I don’t have anything bigger than that. If you go up a hook size that does make it quite a bit larger, if you go up a second hook size you’d want to also go up a yarn weight.

  147. Amanda says

    These are SO cute! I’m just a beginner but REALLY want to make these! I’m due with my 2nd baby (1st little girl!) on Feb 24th and we live in a part of Canada that gets freezing cold winters so I hope I can manage these!! I searched my house high and low last night for my “G” hook but couldn’t find it!! Hoping I can find one for sale in our tiny little town!! If not, would it make a huge difference to use a “H” ? I’m wanting them to be the newborn size. Thanks for your help and thanks for free patterns!!

    • says

      a hook size change makes a HUGE difference, esp on small things. my advice is to make the sole and see what you think before finishing the rest.

  148. Estrella says

    Thanks for this pattern! I had to find a gift for a baby boy and your directions and pictures came very very handy. In the end the baby already had like a ton of baby shoes but making them myself meant so much for the parents :)

  149. paulygirl says

    Thank you SO much for offering this pattern for free and with great pics too! I’m a foster mom who takes in infants only, and am currently waiting for my next baby to come. We only take one at a time, so when that baby leaves I have some extra time in between and I love to make cutie things for them to wear! I so much appreciate you offering it at no cost, and I can’t wait to make a bunch! God Bless You!

  150. Ranjitha says

    Hi Ashley,
    Thank you sooooo much for the free pattern. I loved your booties. And I feel disappointed too when I’ve to pay for a pattern I love. I have made the booties for my cousin’s baby and planning to make infant booties for a friend who’s expecting soon :-) Thank you very much again!

  151. says

    Just finished making the boys version of these boots (well I need to add the buttons still, but otherwise done). They are adorable. I have a 2 week old & have found that none of the socks that we have will stay on, so I wanted to make something that would. I’m hoping these boots are the solution. Thanks so much for sharing this pattern & especially for free! I found it very easy to follow & love the way they turned out. I used a F hook & they turned out about 3 & 1/2 long (I often have to use a smaller hook, so that’s why I tried that), I think they’re a bit big for my little guy, but they should last longer that way I guess. Thanks again.

  152. Rachel says

    Thank you so much for this pattern! I have been trying to find one for months! You are awesome for sharing this for free.

  153. Tiana says

    Having some trouble with the toe area, specifically row 6 starting at sc2tog. Instead of pulling the tip of the bootie together it just all ends up on one side. How many ch do I skip between sc2tog and dc2tog?

    • says

      there are no skips, if there was I would say “skip the next stitch”. if you look at the stitch diagram you can see that where you start the decreases is where the toes start, and the center decrease is over the center of the front of the toes.

  154. Jessie says

    Hi there, I so very much love this pattern. I am kind of a beginner, this is my first deviation from hats/scarves/blankets. I feel like I followed the pattern to the letter, however, I used regular worsted weight acrylic yarn (red heart super saver) and a size H hook. I didn’t have a G hook. My finished product is cute, except that when you lie the cuff around nicely, the button hole is on the back of the heel instead of the side of the foot! I’m so sad, I don’t know how to fix it or what to do different. Do you have any idea what the problem is? Also, the top of the shoe isn’t as nice and neat as yours, I had lots of trouble with the dc3tog, I couldn’t find a video anywhere for that one!

    Thanks for any light you can shed on my problem, and again, LOVE the pattern!

    • says

      I believe when you came down the chain of the cuff you went the wrong direction, instead of continuing down the side, around the back and up the other side, you instead went across the front THEN down the side, around the back and up the other side, so the opening is offset instead of the front. Just a guess

  155. says

    I think I just need to make the cuff shorter, the rest of the boot fits pretty well, so if I go down another hook size it will be too small. Unless I just do a smaller hook size just for that part. Thanks.

  156. Jessie says

    I figured out the problem! What I did was when I chained 12 for the cuff, and hdc’ed down the chain, I went the wrong direction around the shoe. This created a cuff that folded over in the wrong direction, making it appear to be too long – and then the opening for the foot was on the side of the shoe rather than in the middle. I bought a G hook, and started over completely, fixing this mistake. It turned out perfect! The smaller hook helped a lot with the top of the shoe too. :)

    Thanks again for the pattern!

    • says

      your so welcome, sorry it’s taking me so long to get back to responding to comments, I get so many I set aside one day a month to play catch up!

  157. says

    Thank you so much for sharing this pattern. I am very new to crocheting and have been looking for patterns for my 7 m.o. daughter, and LOVED this pattern as soon as I saw it. I was even more grateful that it was free, since I am still “experimenting” with my crochet ability. And for being new and self taught, I could follow along pretty well with only a few hiccups, and I am so excited to make some more for her (and maybe some her friends that will be arriving soon!). I’ll be posting on my blog with links back to this site, since this is so great. Thank you, thank you!

  158. Claire kelly says

    Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for posting this wonderful pattern for the boots. My cousin is expecting later this month and I have crocheted her a pair of them in a lovely mink colour pure new wool so they look like they are suitable for boy or girl. I live in Northern Ireland and our crochet terminology is different to the US. I just wanted to say that I copied your pattern and then retyped it in British terminology so that I could share it with some of the ladies in my crochet group. I would be delighted to send it to you so that you could have it available to any other guests who might like it. I am just not sure how to get it to you as I am not a tech expert. I can either save it in Word or pdf. If you want to contact me then I would happily email it to you or follow instructions how to get it to you
    Kind regards and again many thanks, Claire K

  159. Marlene Newell says

    I hope you are still checking for comments on this project. I’m making these booties for the first time for a friend having her first baby and am having trouble following the pattern. I check my stitch count through 4 and 5 and I am right on. But row 6 does not work for me — If I do ch1, sc in same sc, then 9 sc and then start the decreases, the toe portion is off-center. As I count them, only 13 stitches are accounted for in the decreases in a row that starts with 39 stitches, leaving 26 stitches for single crochets, 13 on each side. In your photo, it looks like there are 13 stitches on the side, which is what seems like it should be. Since other people have successfully completed these, I’m sure I’m missing something. A second question, do you at some point start working on the outside of the bootie instead on the inside? If you do, when do you make the transition.

    • says

      I’n not sure what you mean by working on the outside of the bootie instead of the inside? the pattern is written working on the outside, outside of the sole, outside of teh shoe, your never working on the inside until you switch from working in rounds to working in rows for the cuffs.

      also remember your already on one side when you start each row, the first sc and the next 9 take you to the 10th stitch, which will be over the 2nd hdc from row 2, the perfect place to start the decreases. I maybe the mistake you made was maybe finishing off after the sole and restarting in the center of the heel, but if your following directions I never say to finish off, or start over at the heel. I make the entire sole and shoe in one. I only finish off and restart for the cuffs.

      row 6- ch 1,
      sc in same sc, (1)
      sc 9 times, (9)
      sc2tog, (1)
      dc2tog, (1)
      dc, (1)
      dc3tog, (1- this is the CENTER)
      dc, (1)
      dc2tog, (1)
      sc2tog, (1)
      sc around, (you go down the side AROUND THE HEEL and end up back where you started on the side- 16)
      sl st to first sc (33)

  160. Laetitia says

    Hello, sorry I speak french, je voulais savoir si des personnes on réussi a faire le modele, si oui s’il était possible d’avoir des explications en français, le modele me plait mais je debute tout juste au crochet, je ne connais pas encore les points, un tuto vidéo serai le bien venue pour moi lol
    Merci a vous

  161. amandamarie says

    I would like to say like all the other comments on here, a big thank you for posting your pattern, I am always crocheting baby gifts for anyone I know having a baby and its so nice to have such an easy readable pattern, I am blown away by the amount of comments and questions you have on this site….well done you!!

  162. Shala says

    You are so awesome! I am so in love with these. Freaking everyone in my family is pregnant or just had a baby and these are adorable. I’ve skimmed through your blog and decided we should be best friends. (I really hope that’s not weird. Maybe I should have saved that for, oh, 10 – 20 comments down the road?) Anywho, thanks so much for this pattern. Super easy to follow, especially with the pictures. I’m amazed at the dedication you have to put together a blog as in depth as this. I only have one kid and often can’t find the time to pick my nose.

    Thanks again!

  163. Lauren says

    I’m newish to crocheting, and I know all of the basics and have even moved on to more difficult patterns, but there is one thing confusing me, because by the time I get to row 7 mine is all curved and horrible looking. When you say 2hdc 3 times, do you mean 2 hdc in the same stitch 3 times? Something is not lining up in mine at all. When I make the sole it curves and is obviously made for the right foot.

    • says

      2hdc 3 times is 2 hdc in each of the next 3 stitches. if you look at the stitch diagram you can see that the booties are indeed symetrical, and not right or left footed. it’s totally normal for crochet this small, curved and tight to curl. you can block the soles before moving on, but I dont bother, I just make the whole thing then block it.

  164. Myha says

    I absolutely LOVE these booties! :) I can’t wait to actually make a pair. After seeing someone post their FO on Reddit, I immediately picked up a bit of leftover Caron Simply Soft yarn and made a trial bootie.

    It was pretty cute but it didn’t look as good as yours, so I frogged it and tried again. Same thing happened and it wasn’t until my third try that I figured out that it was my tension that was causing the bootie to be super tiny and left-footed. I think that’s one of the problems that an earlier commenter also had, so people should make note of their tension if they start producing only left-footed booties!

    Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you and keep up the great work! :) This pattern was very detailed and stylish. Thanks for providing it for free, too!

    • says

      you can go up a hook size if your tension is a problem, but it’s natural for rounds like this to curl and curve. if it bothers you you can block it, but I just put it on the babies feet and it worked itself out!

      glad you like it!

  165. Martina says

    These are the coolest, easiest and most fabulous booties out there!! I LOVE this pattern. It hooks up really easily and is the perfect project for a quick plane flight 😉
    I particularly love that the upscaled version is in a separate pattern sheet – much less confusion for this ‘bear or little brain’.
    Thanks so much for posting it, Ashlee.

  166. says

    Hi! I love this pattern and obviously.. i want to create it for an adult. I know you won’t do it as i read you ansers in the comments.
    I would like to know if you’d be offended if i tried to adapt yours. Of course l’d share my version with you ! You can write an email to me at gdgermain @ :)

    THANK you for this wounderfull pattern. Can’t wait to try it!

    • says

      not at ALL! I think you could easily adapt it, with a good footie base, then use the same idea for the cuff! easy peasy (but it makes my feet twitch just thinking about yarn on my FEET *shudder*) let me know how it goes!

  167. Hanna A. says

    Thank you so much for this pattern! I tried it a while ago, but at that time it was too hard for me since I had just picked up crocheting again. Today I wanted to give it another try. Now I just finished my second boot. Thank you for the little drawing of the sole and all your advise along the instructions. So much fun! I also read a bit through your blog. You are very talented and inspiring! Blessings to you and your family!

  168. says

    OMG! Love this pattern! I had to go up to a H hook bc I crochet tightly… but it still looks AMAZING! I love it! now off to make the matching one! lol. I only got one finished but had to tell you THANKS and I <3 this pattern! This will be my new go to boot/bootie pattern!

    • says

      I totally do that when I crochet, change the hook size to fit my crocheting style! I’m so glad you like them! And kudos that you know so much about your own gauge! not everyone does!

  169. Divya says

    Hi Ashlee,

    Just loved the booties you made :). I am a begineer and I am following your pattern. I am stuck at one point and need your help. I am not sure what you mean by this “Boot cuff: for the right boot sl st in the 7 stitches from the seam, for the left boot sl st in the 11 stitches from the seam”

    Which is the seam??

    Can you guide me here, that will help me proceed with my booties :).

    Your pattern is very easy to follow :) thanks for the sharing.


  170. Kristen says

    I hope this makes sense; should i be workig from the inside of my boot or the outside? I love this pattern, thank you!

    • says

      for the sole and foot your working on the inside, the cuff changes every row, with one foot’s cuff being inside outside inside, and the other cuff being outisde inside outside.

  171. Elizabeth M says

    Thank you so much for the awesome pattern! I can’t wait to try it out! I’m going to to be making these for a 6 month old little boy. Your directions show the hook size and says to go up or down depending on size. What size does the G6 hook make to start with so I know what size hook to use to get to the right size? Thanks so much!

    • says

      your so welcome! it all depends on how tight or loose you crochet, so my advice is to make the sole and see what size your getting. just one sole, it’s pretty easy to gofrom there, up or down. Mine made a size 4, but other readers have gotten totally different results

  172. Kathleen says

    Cute! I am the same way. I won’t buy a pattern either unless it’s a adult sweater for knitting. I think I got the furrylicious booties figured out. :) will be posting the pattern for free when it’s done.

  173. Dawn says

    Love the pattern. It is very well written. I cheat and sl st over to the beginning of the cuff. I’m doing some for my friends little girl to be and its hard to believe her little feet will be that big in a year. Having fun though!

    Keep up the good work… but is it really work when its so fun to create?! 😉

    • says

      I “cheated” and sl st over the left bootie, but it made it a bit too stiff right there so I didn’t do it for the right. I don’t like finishing off and restarting if I don’t have to! and thank you so much!

  174. Brigitte says

    Hi there..i just love these booties..but for some reason im struggling to make it like in your pictures..dont know what im doing wrong..would realy be great if you could put a video up on how to make them..coz ive tried a few times and failed.feel so silly reading how some people tried making it for the first time and did it perfectly..please please please reconsider putting up a video of this… love these booties

  175. astitchintwine says

    I’m loving this pattern. Adorable boot! I have a couple of questions. 1. Do you know if my Hero G hook is 4 or 4.25? I can’t find that info online anywhere! I’m having a little trouble when starting the cuffs, lol I keep coming up with two of the same boots. Reading through the comments I know its my error…Im going to try again before I try to explain what Im doing and see if you can help me!

    • says

      I have no idea, My hooks not only have the letters, but also the MM so they both say 4.0 or 4.25. as for the cuff, your just working it down the wrong side, for booties you work down the chain then when you get to the shoe part work down the inside around the back then the outside of each shoe, one show will be right side out/wrong side out/right side out… the other will be wrong side out/right side out/wrong side out… does that help?

      • says

        thank you so much! when I first started writing patterns I just did it for fun (still do) I’m totally not a professional and I feel bad when something I wrote isn’t clear!

  176. Liz W says

    I love this pattern so much, and am working on my 3rd set! So far they have all measured differently, and I was wondering if you have measurements for them? lol Just so I know I’m not making them too big and unusable with a matching 0-3m hat. Thank you!!!

    • says

      it totally depends on if you crochet tight or loose, the yarn and if you go up or down a hook size. The only time I made the exact same size I used the same yarn, just in a different color, even a slight change changed the sizes for me!

  177. says

    Great pattern, thank you so much. It was very easy to follow and very fast to work up! I will post them on my facebook page for all to see hopefully tomorrow, of course linking back to your blog :-)

  178. Keri says

    Hey, Just wanted to say thank you for the fabulous pattern!! As a crochet newby, I thought your pattern was really easy to understand. I did the right foot incredibly fast, so I was super excited. The left boot took me 3 tries, but it was my issue, not the pattern. The first one, I didn’t get my decreases right, but thought it would fix itself when I started the cuff, so I fastened off. I was wrong. (I have tension issues, since I am still pretty new at this)The right side/wrong side was bugging me, so on my second try, I ripped out the cuff twice. I tried to reverse sc the 4th row, but the stitches were too loose, so I ended up fastening off and tying on, to make the last row match the first boot. I LOVE your pattern and will definitely do these again. This pair is for my grandson who will be here in August, I will make him some more in different colors for winter.

    Thank you again for sharing the pattern with all of us. You are a blessing.

    • says

      thank you for your kind comment! I really appreciate it! I’m glad you like the pattern. I’m not a professional, but I do enjoy sharing hoping others can enjoy them as much as I do.

  179. Kimie says

    Hi. Your boots are too cute. I’m having trouble with mine, it just don’t look like yours. I must be doing something very wrong, but I will keep on trying. I am confused on “working on the back loops” . I’m not familiar with this term. Can you describe what that means? Thank you for posting the instructions.

  180. Heather says

    Hi! Thank you for posting this pattern! It’s adorable! I have found your size 1 and size 4 pattern…do u by chance have a pattern for a size in between?

    • says

      to get the in between sizes just change your hook size! It’s pretty easy! using a different weight yarn will also change it a bit. start by doing a sole, measure it up and go from there.

  181. says

    The finished product looks very cute and I’m looking forward to trying a pair of these for my newest addition (#9, expected mid-November). Can’t wait to see how they turn out! :)

    I thought you’d like to know that the “print this” button is not working. I’ll just copy and paste to a pages document so I can have a printout so no worries, but if it were my page I’d like to know it wasn’t working. 😉

    Looking forward to checking out the rest of your blog…


    • says

      #9!!! i love you! I always wanted 8-10 kids, but I barely got 5 out of my husband… Yay you! I know the print this isn’t working, I’ve been hopging they would fix the plug in before I take the time to re do every single recipe and patters post. I guess it’s time to give in and fix it.

  182. Micki says

    First off, I have to say thank you SO much for posting this pattern! I’m in love with these booties and determined to make them. Also, I have to say thank you for donating your time and effort and posting the pattern free of charge as well as taking the time to read and answer all these comments!
    I have a couple of suggestions (sorta):
    (1) everyone seems to be hung up on what you’re saying when you’re trying to say to do the same stitch x number of times in one stitch. Well, my two cents is that in a lot of the patterns I’ve read, they put into parentheses or brackets what they want performed in a single stitch. For example, row 2 would read: ch1, sc in same st, 7sc, hdc, (2hdc) 3 times, (3hdc), (2hdc) 3 times, hdc, 8sc, (2sc) 3 times, sl st to first sc. This may or may not help cut down on the questions/complaints. I understood what you meant just fine, so I don’t care. It was just something that I thought might make your life a little easier.
    (2) in regards to the cuff, (I could be totally off base as I haven’t even gotten that far) some seem to be sensitive to one of them being “inside out” and I thought a solution might be to chain x number of stitches then attach to the boot, thus working around from the opposite direction and making the two match. If this sounds feasible to you, I’ll give it a try when I get to that point.

    Now, I have a question. I’ve seen several others post with this same issue and I can’t tell what I’m doing wrong. I get my soles done just fine and work r3 alright, too. But, that’s when it all goes kinda wonky. Starting with r4, I sc around, counting to 39 (not counting the first ch1) and still finish 2 or three stitches short of the first sc. I’ve tried to keep plugging along, but by the time I finish r6, the toe seems to be off to one side of center (still requiring more sts than indicated to complete the row). I’ve even used stitch markers in the first stitch in hopes of finding where I’ve gone wrong. Can you or anyone else help me with this? I’m so tired of frogging for 2 days but not willing to throw in the towel. Thank you so much in advance. :)

    • says

      feel free to change the pattern for your own use however you want! I didn’t do the cuff that way because joining pieces on such a small project make it too bulky or stiff in my opinion.

      as for row 3 and 4 your just working in the stitches already there, so if row 2 and row 3 have 39 stitches then row 4 should too. as long as your stitch count is right just keep going, then when your done you can either just let the baby wear it, or you can block it.

  183. says

    I love your pattern. It’s amazing and super simple to follow. I’ve followed several of your other patterns and I love how you write!
    I am having a problem with the first two rows of the cuff though. I know I’m missing something but I’m not quite sure.

    row 1- hdc in 3rd ch from hook- ch2 counts as hdc, hdc in next 9 ch, hdc in first sc (the same one you sl st in), hdc 19 times (there will be 3 spaces left), skip 2 spaces, sc in last space. (32)

    row 2- ch2 (counts as hdc), turn, hdc in first hdc and around 28 times, ch 1 skip one hdc, hdc in last 2 (31- with a ch1 space)

    The ch2 is supposed to be stitched into during round two correct? So what is this ch1 skip? Is it supposed to be on the other side of the boot? I looked at the picture and my hole is at the bottom of the strap, not the top.

    • says

      when I say “ch 2 counts as hdc” in row one I’m talking about the 2 chains at the end. when you hdc in the 3rd ch from the hook, those 2 chains you skiped to do the hdc are the ch 2 i’m talking about. don’t chain two more, or your you’ll get a huge hole. and then when you come back around you want to make sure you do an hdc in that ch 2 (on the other side of the first hdc) does that help? the ch1 and skipped stitch is the button hole.

  184. Ellen M says

    Hello everyone,

    So, was going along swimmingly (I thought!); I, too, have a pair of booties where both wrap to the left. Been trying to piece together comments to correct this.

    So…after creating the strap (chain … hdc back down to the slip); do I need to go in one direction (back) for the left bootie and forward (right?) for the right bootie? Or???

    Luckily I did practice cuffs and they are not attached! Shower is coming up soon!

    Appreciate anyone’s instruction.


    • says

      yep, one direction for one, one direction for the other, go down the chain, down the inside, around the back up the outside and then back the other way.

  185. Sarah Godden says

    I absolutely love these boots! I made them about a year ago when I was new to crocheting and they were the second pattern id followed. you made it so easy to follow, they turned out perfect and ive now come back to your pattern to make them for a friend who’s expecting. Thank you so much :-)

    • says

      Thank you SO much! you have no idea how much I love hearing that! I sometimes wonder if I’m the worst pattern maker of all time with some of the complaints I get. so thank you thank you thank you!

  186. Krissy Houston says

    I am having some trouble with round 2 where it says in one stitch is that the 7 sc and hdc all in one stitch of do i do 7 sc in one stitch?

    • says

      if the number is after the stitch, like sc 7 times, you do that stitch that many times around. You can see in the diagram. If the number is BEFORE the stitch, like 3hdc that that many stitches in ONE. when it has both, like 2 hdc 3 times your doing to do two hdc in each of the next three stitches.

  187. Amelia says

    I have never made booties before, but I tried your pattern and it worked GREAT for me! I thought it was incredibly easy, especially after I finished the first and went on to the second. Will be making lots of these for my little girl due in November!

  188. Diane says

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! I have been looking for a pair of high tops with buttons and everything is buy it and the instructions I got were translated to English so didn’t make much sense. Your pattern is clear and concise and JUST what I’ve been looking for! Love it!!!!

  189. Melissa S says

    Help! I’ve made the base of a boot (everything except the wrap), and it’s so crooked!

    I followed the pattern, and I’ve tried stretching the right side, but it still won’t straighten up. I think there *is* something wrong with the pattern …

    (link has photo)

    • says

      after you finished the sole did you keep going from where you ended up (the correct way – off to the side) or did you finish off and restart in the center of the heel (wrong way)? the only other thing I can think of is that maybe your sole is off, does it look like the diagram with the 3hdc in the CENTER of the 7hdc of the first row? that would mean it’s getting off on that first stitch somehow. Do either of those suggestions make sense or help?

        • says

          Whoa, no need to get upset! I was simply starting by asking about the two most common mistakes people make, people who think they are following the pattern perfectly. I start asking about the common issues and if that’s not it work from there. you didn’t answer my other question: is the 3hdc in the CENTER of the 7hdc of the first row? because it looks like it might be off one stitch each row. everyone writes patters a bit different so the way each row ends and begins is sometimes the place where people get off. and if that continues around you end up with your top way off. and finally it could simply be that you crochet tighter than I do. If your stitches are all in the right place (the center increase and center decrease all on top of each other then it might just need to be blocked.

  190. Tammy says

    These are awesome!!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing the pattern.
    They look great and everyone who sees them thinks I’m amazing and are in awe of them. None of them crochet so they think I’m magical or something lol

  191. Barbara Kessler says

    Just found this pattern and I really like it for my GB 2 B. What is your gauge on these booties? I’m using a worsted wool alpaca blend that are leftovers from the sweater I just knitted. When I make one it came out HUGE. I couldn’t find where the gauge is mentioned.


    • says

      Sorry, I am not a professional pattern writer by any stretch of the imagination, these are just what I made for my baby and I shared for anyone interested. I didn’t create a gauge, I wouldn’t know how to begin to make one for this pattern. I used baby soft, so it’s prob MUCH thinner than the alpaca your using, all I can say is try a thinner yarn and smaller hook. Try doing just the sole and see if it’s the size you want before going on to the whole shoe.

  192. Nina says

    Hi! So happy I found this pattern as I’ve been searching extensively. I’m making my first bootie and am at row 6 and I’m doing something wrong. I have the 39 stiches on row 5 as explained; however, with the stiches given, I don’t see the decrease of 6 stitches. My together stitches don’t end up exactly at the toe and I’m still at 39 plus the extra together stiches. What am I doing wrong?

  193. Miriam says

    Thank you for a simple yet very effective pattern, i have tried 3 baby bootie patterns this evening and been very disappointed with them all, this was a pleasant find, and free too, double bonus. Thank you once again.

  194. MLJ says

    I’ve already made two pairs of these for our babe due in 9 days, but I’m wanting to make one more size and now having trouble with my stitch counts. Wondering if you are counting the chains or sl sts in your stitch count in parentheses for each round. Thanks much. They are adorable!

    • says

      no I’m not. I’ve never heard of a pattern counting sl st’s and unless a pattern says “count this chain as a stitch” they don’t ever count. so since i don’t say that it’s not counted in my pattern.

      • Megan says

        ok. thanks. that’s always confused me and this helps. I was able to match the pattern better and our little girl is home wearing the booties! thanks again.

        • says

          I hope it helped a little. I’ve had trouble when translating patterens from other languages too, since they have their own “rules” that the rest of us don’t always know! Glad you figured it out

  195. Kendra Julian says

    I am new to crochet. I have learned so much from your pattern. I have also learned lots from the questions and answers. I do have one question about rows 4,5 and six. In row 4, I did the following: ch1, sc around, sl st to first sc sc. Does this mean in row 5 (after the sl st) I should sc in the first sc and then ch 1? Then for row 6, do I (after the sl st) sc sc and also ch 1, AND sc in same sc?
    Thank you very much for the pattern AND your help!

  196. says

    Hey just a quick question I’m new to this and I’m sorry if you said it beforeI didn’t read all the comments, so manybut when you posted the pictures of the duties with the pictures from the bigger size or the infant size?mine just don’t look the same size no matter how many times I’ve made them.

  197. Laura says

    I went online to find booties to buy and the image in my mind were these booties. I do not know how to crochet and wish I did because these are absolutely amazing!!! You have inspired me to lean a new craft. I just hope I can get it down before her feet get too big :) Thank you for the inspiration and the generosity you have to share this with everyone.

    • says

      you are so welcome! i sure hope you figure it out before she get’s too big! their is also a larger size pattern for the same booties just in case. Also a few of my readers use my pattern to make and sell on etsy if you decide you can’t wait!

  198. Lauren says

    Hi. I am soo in love with these boots! I have attempted to make them numerous times and have had them all twisty. I think I have figured out the problem as I have seen a few comments to the same effect. In row one, you start with 6(8) side stitches. We curve the toe w a come back with 5(7) side stitches. The diagram you made shows both sides with 6(8) stitches.I have not finished my newest boot, but I think that may be the problem with the twisted sole? Because you start with sc in same sc, then 5(7) stitches. And then before the toe you end with 5(7) stitches leaving one side shorter.Please advis ewhich is right.

    • says

      nope, its written right

      row 1- sc in 2nd ch, (first sc, and part of the heel, not part of “6”)
      sc 5 times, (5 sc)
      hdc 3 times,
      7hdc in last ch, finish the rest of the round working along the back of the chain,
      hdc 3 times,
      sc 5 times, (5 on the other side)
      4sc in the last/first ch, (i think the 4 in the first ch are messing you up, I think your counting the first of these 4 as part of the side 6 when it’s actually part of the 5 stitches in the first chain)
      sl st to the first sc (28)

      the sides are perfectly even, it twists because of people crocheting tight or loose, those 7 in the toe tend to push the one side over more, but as you keep working, and as the baby wears them they work themselves out just fine.

  199. natasha says

    Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for this free pattern! I’v just made my first pair (for twins so have one more set to go) and they have turned out well! Easy to follow pattern too which was good because I’m only a beginner! Thanks again! Tasha (England)

    • says

      I’m so glad that you found them easy! I start to get worried as the negative comments start coming in, so I treasure the nice ones like yours. thank you thank you!

  200. Emma says

    Hi! I love these boots! Thank you for posting!!! I’m having a problem though. For rows 4 & 5, it says “sl st to first sc sc”. After I sc around & sl st to the first sc, am I supposed to sc into the same sc or is it a typo? Thank you so much!

  201. Andie Cavanaugh says

    I am just starting to work on trying this pattern starting with row 3 you state to work with the back loops my question is at row 6 are you still working in just the back loops?

    • says

      it only says to work in the back looks on row three, so it’s the ONLY row you do it for, it’s just to give a sharp edge to the bottom of the booties. It would say “from now on” if it was an every time thing, or “work in back loops” for each row you are supposed to use it.

  202. cindy salas says

    Thank you for sharing this pattern. Didn’t run into problems with it. Almost done with the first boot, just need a little help with row 4 of the cuff. The very last part (sc down the side (1 fit 5), continue around the bottom along the original chain 11. Question how should I dc down the side and around and what does (1fit 5) mean?

    I was hoping someone else asked this question so I wouldn’t have to bother you. Again thank you for the free pattern God bless.

    • says

      It’s not 1 fit 5, it’s I (as in me), I fit 5 sc down the side. When doing sc’s down the sides sometimes it’s hard to know how many you can fit down, some people only do 4, some do 6, I fit 5!

  203. Sammy says

    This pattern is so great! Question…on row 3,4 and 5, do you use the slip stitch from the previous row as your last space to single crochet in for the row you are working on? I normally don’t crochet in the slip stitch when I’m doing the next row but I have taught myself a lot of crocheting so I’m not sure if I do it right :) thanks!

    • says

      no, I don’t count the sl st as a stitch. In all the years I’ve been doing crochet you never use the sl st, it’s not a stitch, it’s just to connect stitches. you also don’t count the ch at the beginning of the row.

  204. Jessi says

    Super cute boots! Great pattern! Didn’t have trouble outside of my own mistakes. Thanks so much for sharing — much appreciated!

    • says

      I’m so glad! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and tell me that you were able to make it! I get so many questions that sometimes I wonder if i just should take them all down! So I live for sweet comments like yours! Thank you!

  205. Jessi says

    Love these booties and I appreciate you posting the pattern! Thank you so much!

    I made the infant size and unfortunately determined they’d be too small for my niece, but the size 4 pattern is definitely too large. She is in between a size 2 and 3 for the winter… can anyone suggest which would be better, using a smaller hook on the size 4 pattern or using a larger hook on the size 1pattern? I would greatly appreciate some input!

    • says

      I’d try both, just making the soles, and decide from there. The sole doesn’t take too much time but you’ll be able to tell which one will fit better!

  206. Erika says

    Hi. These booties are adorable. Just curious if anyone else got two left boots too…it’s not too noticeable, but I noticed.

    • says

      The boots are the same, only the cuffs are different. you can make it with the seam on the other side, but it’s much more complicated and trying to teach it in a free pattern is a bit challenging. You can attempt to do it yourself, you just do the end of each row (the heel) at the begining, so you do heel, side toe side instead of side, tow side heel. Does that make any sense?

    • says

      I’m not sure why your asking this, the full pattern is right in this post, there isn’t anything more. And you can print or email the pattern yourself from this page, the green “print email” button (just click on the images and paragraphs you don’t want before printing)

  207. Megan says

    Wish i was good at crocheting so i can make these, but I’m clueless to this stuff. You should make them and sell them.

    • says

      Thanks so much, I have no interest in making and selling items, I tried it for awhile, it just wasn’t for me. But because I don’t I allow other people to make and sell from my pattern, I’ve given permission to prob a dozen sellers, so if you check out Etsy I’m sure there are a few sellers that are using this pattern to make some.

  208. Jennifer says

    I am in awe of the strong and giving woman you are…5 children, special needs and you share your amazing talents with us…During this xmas season I want to wish you and your family a wonderful holiday and thank you for sharing a little bit of yourself with me.
    ….Oh yeah…..I love this pattern….You have explained and written it beautifully….

    • says

      thank you SO much! Tis the time of year when I get a lot of activities on these patterns, it’s so nice to have such a sweet comment to wake up to!

  209. Lauren says

    Thanks so much for the amazing free pattern. I just learned to crochet yesterday and was able to make these following your tutorial. The photos were very helpful! I used a 5.00 mm hook with worsted weight yarn and it produced a size 2 bootie, if anyone is looking for a size between the two you’ve made. I did have to add an extra row at the top of the foot to make it look right though; I think it was sc 5, sc2tog, dc3tog, sc2tog, sc around. Thanks again!

  210. Shelly says

    I’m having difficulty with rows 6-8, am I suppose to skip some stitches. If row 5 is 39 stitched and I’m increasing won’t I get more than 33 stitched in row 6?

    • Ashley says

      This is the part I’m stuck on as well. I keep getting more stitches than 33 and the end of row 6 and I can’t figure it out. Don’t have a clue where I’m going wrong.

      • says

        So you end row 5 with 39 stitches
        row 6- ch 1, sc in same sc, sc 9 times,
        sc2tog, (this is a decrease so you go down by 1)
        dc2tog, (this is a decrease so you go down by 1)
        dc3tog, (this is a double decrease so you go down by 2)
        dc2tog, (this is a decrease so you go down by 1)
        sc2tog, (this is a decrease so you go down by 1)
        sc around, sl st to first sc (33- so there are your 6 stitches of decreases)