Crochet Mini Top Hat Pattern- boys and girls

I made these hats for my cousin’s sweet twins for their newborn pictures (yes the same cousin I made the button wrap crochet boots for)! How it happened is she sent me this picture and asked if I could make the hat in the top right corner! So when it came time for this months Pinterest Challenge I knew JUST what I was going to do!


Always up for a challenge (esp when it’s something cute!) I said SURE! After I finished the girls hat (yes I put my Baby boy in a girls hat for a picture- he looks REALLY happy about it, huh?) I thought we needed a boy version as well! I Love love LOVE how they turned out and I may or may not (but most likely I will) be making larger versions for my daughters birthday in April.


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Crochet newborn Top Hat

medium weight yarn
I- 5.5 mm hook
G- 4 mm hook (for the flower)

ch (chain)
sl st (slip stitch)
sc (single crochet)
hdc (half double crochet)
dc (double crochet)
sc2tog (single crochet 2 together)
2 double crochets cluster (2dc cluster)


hat top
Start with a magic ring
row 1- 6 sc in the ring around, sl st to the first sc (6)
row 2- ch1, 2 sc in each around, sl st to the first sc (12)
row 3- ch1, *sc, 2 sc* around, sl st to the first sc (18)
row 4- ch1, *sc twice, 2 sc* around, sl st to the first sc (24)
row 5- ch1, *sc three times, 2 sc* around, sl st to the first sc (30)

I like to not only work in the back loop, but the loop along the back of the stitch as well when I’m trying to create a sharp corner

row 6- ch1, work in the back loops sc around, sl st to the first sc (30)

after working in the back loops you’ll have the front loop left which helps create the sharp corner as well

row 7- ch1, *sc 8 times, sc2tog* around, sl st to the first sc (27)
row 8- ch1, sc around, sl st to the first sc (27)
row 9- ch1, *sc 7 times, sc2tog* around, sl st to the first sc (24)
row 10- ch1, sc around, sl st to the first sc (24)
row 11- ch1, *sc 6 times, sc2tog* around, sl st to the first sc (21)
row 12- ch1, sc around, sl st to the first sc (21)
row 13- ch1, *sc 5 times, sc2tog* around, sl st to the first sc (18)
row 14- ch1, sc around, sl st to the first sc (18)
row 15- ch1, *sc 4 times, sc2tog* around, sl st to the first sc (15)


row 16- ch1, *sc 2 times, 2sc* around, sl st to the first sc (20)
row 17- ch1, *sc 3 times, 2sc* around, sl st to the first sc (25)
row 18- ch1, *sc 4 times, 2sc* around, sl st to the first sc (30)
row 19- ch1, *sc 5 times, 2sc* around, sl st to the first sc, fasten off and weave in ends. (35)


Start with a magic ring
row 1- 5 sc in the ring around, sl st to the first sc (5)
row 2- ch1, 2 sc in each around, sl st to the first sc (10)
row 3- ch1, *sc, 2 sc* around, sl st to the first sc, fasten off leaving a LONG tail (15)

ch 16, sl st into the first ch creating a circle
row 1- ch 2, *hdc 4 times, 2hdc*, around, sl st to the first hdc, fasten off and weave in ends (16)


flower- girls
ch 27
Row 1: DC in 5th Chain from hook *CH 1, skip 1ch (DC-CH-DC) in next ch (V stitch made)*around, turn.
Row 2: CH 3 (counts as DC) 5 DC in CH space, *SC in next CH-1 space, 6 DC in next CH-1 space (shell stitch made)* around, fasten off, but leave a good LONG tail for anchoring the flower.

Starting at the beginning of the first chain roll the flower around. Using the long tail weave it through the rolled base securing it. You’ll have 12 petals. you should still have a long tail to attach to the hat


bow- boys
ch 16, sl st into the first ch creating a circle
row 1- ch1, sc into the same ch, hdc, 2dc cluster 4 times, hdc, 2sc, hdc, 2dc cluster 4 times, hdc, sc, sl st to the first sc (16)
row 2- ch1, sc into same sc, hdc, 2dc cluster 4 times, hdc, 2sc, hdc, 2dc cluster 4 times, hdc, sc, sl st to the first sc (16)
ch 6, wrap around the sc areas creating the bow, sl st in first ch, fasten off leaving a long tail to attach to the hat

slide the band over the hat


attach the flower or bow! Attach them wherever you think they look best!


stuff the hat with stuffing, but not TOO full.


weave row 3 of the underside into row 15 of the hat closing off the stuffing.


If you want to have your hat on a band (I used lace elastic) leave a gap on each side as you weave the two pieces together to slide the elastic (or other material) through.


Don’t forget to head over to Rebecca’s at Better Life Bags and link up YOUR pinterest inspired projects!

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  1. says

    Those are amazing Ash! I love both versions. You are wicked talented with a crochet hook (and many other things as well. 😉 )

    • says

      Ah thanks! I’m really happy with them (and the larger one I’ll be sharing in a few months! Can’t wait to see you soon! just over a week- FINALLY

    • says

      It’s actually the same baby in all of them, my little boy and he is pretty darn cute! I’m excited to see them on my cousin’s twins once they get home from the NICU

  2. says

    Love the idea to make a crochet one! I saw little headband hats at Buy Buy Baby last week and was going to do it with felt and fabric…but this is adorable!!! Thanks!
    Saw you at Sew Chatty!
    Come by sometime,

    • says

      Thanks so much!!!! And good luck with your upcoming baby! Labor is my favorite day ever (all 5 times)! So have fun and good luck! (and your mobile is lovely!)

  3. says

    Crochet is the one craft I have not learned to do yet, but this is so cute! I’m wishing I knew how because my son NEEDS one of these! : )

    • says

      Thanks so much! I’m sorry I missed your party! I try to get to comments earlier, but life gets in the way and I’m sometimes behind! Thanks for the invitation though! I’m glad you like my hat!

    • says

      It’s a pretty easy pattern and I hope you have an easy time making them! Putting the whole thing together is probably the trickiest part! Good luck and I hope you love it!

  4. says

    Oh my word! These are some of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen. I am stopping by from Creations by Kara. I seriously just giggled my way through the photos. I just launched a link party over at my blog, and I’d love to have you link up with this post. So awesome!
    Thank you,
    Paula at Welcoming Spirit

  5. says

    OMG…these are just the cutest little hats ever:) The babies are just too adorable!!!! If I had a baby I’d definitely be making something like this!

    • says

      Thanks so much for the complement! I actually used to link up to everything, but it took so much time away from my family that I now limit myself to 2 a day, but thank you for your interest.

  6. Jackie C. says

    Hey, Ashlee, do you allow people to sell items made from your patterns? I’d love to make these for craft shows. (I don’t have an etsy shop or anything.) thanks.

    • says

      as long as you don’t sell my pattern I don’t have a problem with it. I personally don’t want to make and sell hundreds of them, but I know not everyone knows how to crochet and some people would like the ease of buying it. If someone asks please direct them to my free pattern, and thank you SO much for asking first, I really appreciate that!

  7. Shawn says

    Love!!!! Thank you for posting! I did change it up a bit to stand up to my 9 year old :) by crocheting in tge front post stitches when moving onto the brim. I also did a sl st in each st around the last row of the brim to get it to lay flatter. <3 thanks again!!!!

    • says

      your so welcome! I’m saving the larger version post for closer to my daughters birthday since that’s what I’m making them for, but in then next 5 week!

  8. says

    Hi, I am making the tiny top hat and i would like to know how the elastic band is connected? Did you sew the band together and hid it under the underside of hat? Or did you just tie a knot at the back. How many inches did you use of elastic? I don’t have a baby so it’s hard for me to measure. i’m giving as a gift. Thanks i love this pattern you did a great job.

    • says

      when I added the bottom with the sl st I skipped two stitches on each side to leave two openings, I then slid the elastic through, cut it long and tied it with a knot so my cousin (customer) could change the size. If I was doing it for my own little guy I’d sew it at the right size, but for a gift I didn’t want it to be too big or two small! I hope that helps, I don’t remember how big I made the elastic, I measure it against my babies head!

  9. ariel says

    Wow, this is just adorable, I totally envy your crocheting talent and creativity! I wanted a top hat so bad when my son was born so I tried so hard to make one but it never turned out right, too bad I never found this site back then! But I will be making your boots and sandals for my girl coming in september! It felt like christmas when I found all these adorable free patterns!!! 😀 you are just awesome.

    • says

      your so welcome! I have a larger hat too, I need to add the pattern for that one as well! I know we all have different styles so not all patterns work for everyone, but I love creating them!

  10. says

    I made this hat over the weekend. It was so fun and fast to make. This will be my entry for the baby hat division at the NC State Fair this year. Thank you so much for designing it!!!! :)

  11. Bonnie says

    thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you
    for sharing some really cute patterns!!! I love finding people who are truly talented; and you are!

  12. Bella says

    This is fantastic! I just worked one up and I love it :). Thank you for the pattern!! I added an extra row at the end. I worked a crab stitch in each sc around and I think it added a nice effect like that little lip around the edges of top hats. Just a suggestion :). Thanks again!!

  13. Jamie says

    Thank you for posting all of your free patterns! I am getting back into crochet so I appreciate having accessible guidelines that I can use while learning the ropes. I made mine into a wee little leprechaun hat for this upcoming spring!
    Thanks again,

    • says

      no, I never did and now I can’t find the pattern (I hand wrote it on some piece of scratch paper, I’m awesome like that…). Thanks for the reminder, I’ll look into re-writing it.

  14. Randi says

    Just made this hat last night and it turned out to be FABULOUS! Great pattern! My 8 year old wants one desperately 😀

  15. says

    What an awesome hat! I’ve always wanted to take up crochet and this is the sort of thing that inspires me. I’d love to make something like this for my niece who is really into dressup – she is 2 this month. How would I go about altering the pattern to fit?

  16. Marcia says

    So glad I found this. We are having hat day at the end of the month and I think this fits perfectly. So adorable. It’s perfect for the preschool I work at. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Paige Dove says

    I made one of these last night for my son to wear for St. Patrick’s Day :) I made the hat green, added a black band and a shamrock and it turned out sooo cute. Thank you so much for all the free patterns I LOVE your work :)

    • says

      you are so welcome! this is one of my favorites! I still need to add the larger size, gah, it’s amazing how much I have done and just don’t have the time to post!

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