Crochet Baby Sandals

I’m so excited about these crochet baby sandals!  I’ve been wanting to make some for awhile, there are lots of cute patterns out there, but they are all so expensive, so I played around and made my own.  I matched them to the ones I BOUGHT the older boys for the summer.

a free pattern for adorable baby sandals

I loved making these and I’m totally going to make a few different styles as well!  Maybe even another size!?!  Any requests?  I love these sweet fat ankles and those cute chubby toes!  Don’t you wish you had these toes kicking you all night long?  I love it.

He’s not a fan… yet, he doesn’t like to stand in them, but I adore them!  And I’m sure he’ll get used to them!!!  He keeps kicking them off, but they sure are cute!  I love the heel as well!  I’m just so tickled with how they turned out!

not much cuter than sweet fat baby feet, make these crochet sandals for your little one with a free pattern

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Baby sandals:

Lion Brand Baby Soft Yarn in 2 colors
Lion Brand Martha Stewart Extra Soft Wool Blend for trim
small buttons
G6- 4.25 mm hook (To go down a size use a G-4mm, to go down a second size use a f-3.75mm hook)

ch (chain)
sl st (slip stitch)
sc (single crochet)
hdc (half double crochet)
dc (double crochet)
sc2tog (single crochet 2 together)
sc3tog (single crochet 3 together)

first sole (color you want under their feet/top side:
in the first color
ch 12

creating the crochet sole

row 1- 3sc in 2nd ch, sc 6 times, hdc 3 times, 7hdc in last ch, finish the rest of the round working along the back of the chain, hdc 3 times, sc 6 times, 2sc in the last/first ch, sl st to the first sc (30)

row 2- ch1, sc in same sc, 2sc, sc 6 times, hdc 4 times, 2hdc 3 times, 3hdc, 2 hdc 3 times, hdc 4 times, sc 6 times, 2sc, sc in SAME stitch as the first sc, sl st to first sc (41)

row 3- ch2, 2hdc in same sc, hdc, 2hdc, hdc 14 times, 2hdc 7 times, hdc 14 times, 2hdc, hdc, 2hdc, sl st to first hdc (52) finish off

Now the key to getting these to look like sandals (with an edge of the sole sticking out) work in the POSTS rather than the top of the stitches. See where the toothpick is? Pick up 2 stitches in the POST, this will leave that EDGE around the shoes.

in a second color
count over 5 stitches and sl st in the POST

adding the sandal part of this crochet shoe

row 1- ch3, 2dc in the same post, dc, 2dc, ch3, skip 5 posts, 2dc in next post, dc, ch3, skip 4 posts, 2dc in next post, dc, ch6, skip 12 posts, dc in next post, 2dc, ch3, skip 4 posts, dc in next post, 2dc, ch3, skip 5 posts, 2dc in next post, dc, 2dc

row 2- ch2, turn, hdc in the next 15 stitches/ch, sc3tog (this includes the last 2 dc on the right side of the shoe AND the first ch across the toes), 4hdc in ch across the toes, sc3tog (this includes the last ch from across the toes and the first 2 dc on the left side of the shoe), hdc in the next 15 stitches and ch to the end, ch4, sl st in first hdc, finish off

left shoe
(counting from the sl st in row 2) sl st in the 11th stitch on the RIGHT side

this is where it turns into a left shoe


row 3- hdc in 5th ch (creating a button hole), hdc in next 7 ch, sc3tog (this includes the last ch and first 2hdc in from row 2 after the sl st), hdc 20 times (this includes 4 across the ch 4), finish off

right shoe
(counting from the sl st in row 2) sl st in the 15th stitch on the LEFT side (counting the ch4 as 4 stitches)

this is where it turns into a right shoe


row 3- hdc in 5th ch (creating a button hole), hdc in next 7 ch, sc3tog (this includes the last ch and first 2hdc in from row 2 after the sl st), hdc 20 times (this includes 4 across the ch 4), finish off

in the first color again, or third contrasting color

adding the trim, in the same color or a fun bright color

sc across the edge of the toe and along the heel, weave the ends through the sole.

sc around the top of the shoe, using sc2tog in the corners, and 5 sc in the button hold ch, sl st and finish off

pull all the ends through to the bottom of the sole.

second sole:
in the second color again or the contract color

pull all the ends through the base and add a second sole

ch 12
row 1- 3sc in 2nd ch, sc 6 times, hdc 3 times, 7hdc in last ch, finish the rest of the round working along the back of the chain, hdc 3 times, sc 6 times, 2sc in the last/first ch, sl st to the first sc (30)

row 2- ch1, sc in same sc, 2sc, sc 6 times, hdc 4 times, 2hdc 3 times, 3hdc, 2 hdc 3 times, hdc 4 times, sc 6 times, 2sc, sc in SAME stitch as the first sc, sl st to first sc (41)

row 3- ch2, 2hdc in same sc, hdc, 2hdc, hdc 14 times, 2hdc 7 times, hdc 14 times, 2hdc, hdc, 2hdc, sl st to first hdc (52)


adding a second sole strengthens the sandals

place against the first sole, matching up the 2 soles

sl st the two soles together all the way around,

this will create a thicker stronger sole as well as add a contrast trim around the edge

finished crochet baby sandals are cute, fun and soft for your babies feet

Seriously?  Could they be any cuter????  I considered not having the top strap button, but be permanent, but then it’s trickier to get them on, and I love buttons…

Remember my baby is a hobbit and has HUGE, FAT feet, so if these don’t fit your baby there are places to tighten up the pattern, smaller hooks, less chains, etc..

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        • Laury Lybrand says

          Someone on a different page mentioned puff paint to put traction designs on the bottom of baby slippers. I haven’t tried it yet, but others swear by it. Hope that helps.

        • Ginger Davila says

          It is very simple to make cutesie baby shoes and booties, like these, non-slip. Once the sandal or shoe is complete just add some puffy paint to the bottoms. When they are littlest I merely add several dots all over the bottoms but as they grow and get more agile I actually do wavy lines along the bottom for more traction and stay power. And you buy paint to either match the color of the ‘sole’ or contrasting colors to compliment, which ever is more fun for you! :)

      • erin Mooney says

        I have tried many many times to crochet things. I am left handed so it difficult to learn from book an for people to help me. is there anyway I can buy a pair…

      • Irene Jones says

        Hi Ashlee, I have a picture of a pair of baby sandals I would love to make…..If I send you the pic do you think you
        could make a pattern for me? I would be happy to pay you for your work.

        Thanks so much,

        PS these are for my Great Granddaughter and I need a 3 – 6 mo size if you would prefer to make them I would
        purchase them….
        I will try to attach a photo now but I am not good at this…lol

        • says

          I have designed all my patterns with my baby boy as my model, he’s now almost 2, I really only do a pattern here and there, not professionally. I’d try one of the larger crochet pattern maker, the ones that do a lot of baby booties, I have no idea about sizing, or anything, I wouldn’t know where to begin without a model.

        • says

          these are my only sandals. Someone created a collage with a bunch of paid patterns from etsy but linked to my free pattern. Sorry to say the hello kitty ones aren’t mine, youd have to buy the pattern on etsy from whoever made it

    • jeanne says

      I am so impressed. You did this up so well that anyone can make the sandals. Love them and I know the perfect baby to make them for! thanks, jeanne

      • says

        thank you so much! It’s so nice to hear, I get so many problems or questions that I get discouraged, but I love hearing when people love and enjoy the patterns!

        • jeanne says

          Please don’t get discouraged…trust your instincts…believe in yourself ! ALWAYS!!!

          As long as you keep creating such fantastic patterns…I guess you’ll have to “deal” with those of us who aren’t as advanced as you! That’s another positive!!! Best always, Jeanne

          • says

            Thanks! I try not to, and I don’t mind answering a few questions, I’m not a professional so I know they aren’t perfect, but over and over and over again it get’s tiring. so thanks again for your sweet words.

        • Aury says

          Hi..what a great pattern.!!! Want to make it..only thing is do you start.!? I make the loop arounf the hook, then how many loops in the starting chaine.!? Ireally love it and want to make it..just misunderstand the begginin.. :/ Thanks for your help and your patterns.!! Great job.!! Thanks a lot for sharing <3

  1. Brittany says

    I have made one of your other patterns and absolutely loved it I am very excited to try this one. :) Never stop creating!

  2. Ariana says

    Love them! I will be giving them a try. I would love to try thong sandals or gladiator sandals and different sizes too. THank you for sharing! :)

    • says

      I personally can’t STAND things between my toes, so I’m not sure I could ever torture my baby with thongs, as cute as it would be… but I’ll add it to the request list!

  3. says

    These are darling! I love the little baby feet in the picture too. I sure wish I had taken the time to learn to crochet when my Grandma taught the rest of my cousins when we were younger, ugh. Thanks for sharing :)

    • says

      I agree, those baby feet are delicious!!!! 😉 I taught myself from reading crochet books and it was totally worth it! we all learn in different ways! It’s never too late!

  4. Allyson says

    Those are adorable! Thank you so much for sharing! My ‘baby’ is 12 months and I’m wondering if this size will fit him. How old is your little one?

    • says

      My little guy is only 8 months old with HUGE feet! It’s always such a guessing game! I’d make a sole, see if it worked before moving on. Once you know if the sole is too big or small you can go from there.

  5. Laurie says

    I love these , can I buy a pair from you for a new unknown baby boy or girl. Please contact me if interested I can’t crochet and these are the cutest for my soon to be baby Brice or nephew of my brothers wife ( he is a Navy Seal) and has been gone and will be back just before birth Thanks laurie

    • says

      I don’t sell my creations anymore. but I know a lot of people take my free patterns and sell items from them on etsy, you could try there. I had a store but I hated the pressure of it, and I hate making more than one of any item. There are a lot of other sandals for sale there too, just make sure to actually buy a sandal and not a pattern!

  6. Angela Rowlands says

    Absolutely gorgeous sandals. My 18month grandaughter will look great in girly colours!!!!

  7. Shannon Adams says

    I love these shoes they are amazing!! Im in the process of making them and I have a question. Is there a right and a left sole? If so I can only make the right one. I dont know how to make the left sole. Do I just flip it over and the bottom becomes the top? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    • says

      thank you so much for that! I love getting sweet comments like yours! So often it’s complaining about something, so thank you for being so sweet!

  8. Emily D says

    I’m confused when reading your directions.

    row 2- ch1, sc in same sc, 2sc, sc 6 times, hdc 4 times, 2hdc 3 times, 3hdc, 2 hdc 3 times, hdc 4 times, sc 6 times, 2sc, sc in SAME stitch as the first sc, sl st to first sc (41)

    2sc, sc 6 times
    wouldn’t this just be single chain 8 times? or does 2sc mean something else?
    2hdc 3 times, 3hdc,
    wouldnt this just be make 9 hdc’s? What’s a 3hdc and how is it different than a 2hdc? Does it mean do a hdc 3 times?

    Sorry I’m new to crochet and still learning how to read patterns.

    • says

      if the number is before the stitch, 2sc, it means 2 sc in one stitch, if the number is after the stitch, sc 6 times, then you do 1 sc in the next 6 stitches, if there is a number before and after the stitch, 2hdc 3 times then it’s 2 hdc in EACH of the next three stitches- so you’ll go from 3 stitches to 6 stitches, it’s an increase

  9. Dana says

    I LOVE these! So precious! Thank you for sharing your pattern with us. What size are they designed for? My little guy has big chubby feet. I would hate to get started and find out that his feet were too small. Thank you again!

    • says

      ummmm fat 8 month old baby feet size? I truly have no idea. I’d suggest making one sole (they whip up really fast) and seeing if it fits his, from there it’s easy to resize a bit. And when you start the top just keep trying it on, you can add or take away stitches from the straps to make it fit really well!

  10. Skylar says

    Hi, just wondering if you had printable versions of your patterns? I just don’t want to mess up any instructions by copy/pasting around the pictures (since I’m clueless) I am in love with them! (I’ve repinned a bunch) and I can’t crochet or knit but my aunt does. She doesn’t have a computer so I was also wondering if I could have permission to print them for her to make for my baby? They are just too cute! Thanks

    • says

      I don’t, I’m sorry, It’s on the list of things to do for the blog, on a very LONG list- GRRRR what I do when I get a pattern from another blog I copy and past the page in word, then delete the stuff I don’t need and then print!!! i’m sorry this response is so late, I’ve been without a computer for 1 1/2 months now and finally catching up! Of course you can print out the pattern, I’ll bump up the printable pattern on the to do list!

  11. mary says

    alright, I have only been crocheting for about 2 weeks..but these are totally going on my TO DO LIST..Thanks for the pattern.

  12. says

    simplemente adorables y las posibilidades de variar el modelo infinitas!!!…gracias por compartir ; )
    estoy muy segura que lo usare en un próximo proyecto personal…MUY PERSONAL!!!

  13. Sharon says

    Hi Ashlee,

    This is truly one of the cutest sandals I’ve seen. I love that it is so versatile. It will work for boy or girl. I have one question regarding the shoe part of the pattern. Do I need to do a few chains to connect the beginning and ending part of the heel? Is there something else after “2dc in next post, dc, 2dc” that I miss? Thank you for your help!

    • says

      not in that row, it’s just one direction, with an open heel, then the NEXT row you’ll close it up, this way the back strap is higher up on the back of the heel! Sorry for the late response, I JUST got my new computer and am finally able to catch up (using my computer instead of my phone!!!)!

  14. Sarah says

    I do not have a store but I want to be clear on your terms for your AMAZING patterns. (I tried searching for any of your previous input.) Do you allow people to sell what they’ve created using your free patterns? I know on this thread you mentioned people do but I’d love clarity on the topic from the creator! :)

    • says

      I do allow it, and I TOTALLY appreciate being asked. My request is that anyone who sells things from my pattern links to my pattern so those that want to make their own can. the people who don’t want to make their own, and want to buy them will either way! but either way of course you can sell what you make from my pattern! If I wanted to have a store I wouldn’t share it for free!!!

    • says

      I don’t! I personally can’t stand flip flops so I haven’t thought about it, but with a couple request I’ll add it to The List (it’s a big list…)

  15. Alison says

    LOVE your pattern! I have an 11 month old baby with huge fat feet. Regular shoes don’t fit b/c her foot is just too thick so I have decided to make some. My question is whether or not the soles will be really slippery. She is on the verge of walking and my fear is that she will slip if I use such soft yarn. Have you found this to be an issue at all? I was thinking of just using a courser (sp?) yarn for the bottom layer of the sole, but I’m not even sure that would work. Any suggestions?


    • says

      probably, I wouldn’t use crochet or knit booties on slippery floors, only on carpet. they really are cute over functionality in my opinion. I don’t think a course yarn would be any better. you could do a crochet sole and then a felt sole that you sew together with a needle, and then add puffy paint to the bottom to create a rubber sock effect maybe???

    • Donna says

      You could buy the paint on stuff they use to make rugs non slip. You can get it at Michaels by the hooked rug kits or go for the cheaper option of Puggy paint.

  16. Amy says

    I made a pair of these just because I Loved the pattern but dont have any little ones to give them too. Are you still interested in a pair? I made them in brown and ecru with ecru trim instead of blue. If you are, you can send me an email to

  17. Lisa Hayes says

    I made my grandson a couple of pairs of booties that he didn’t particularly like, but kept them on for a bit, and now I wonder if instead of using wool yarn for the sole, if it might be a good idea to use something more sturdy and then put a piece of felt on the foot side so it wouldn’t be quite so sticky on the bottom of his feet. I know that would make it a bit more time consuming, but it seems that the sturdier they are, the better the little guys would like them, and their brothers might be jealous of their new shoes, too.l

    • says

      you are welcome to try anything you want! my little guy doesn’t like shoes no matter what, so I haven’t even gotten to the sticky sweaty side. I use baby soft yarn, so it’s super soft! and he pretty much only wears them inside, as they never last very long! I think crochet shoes are more for looks than function!

  18. Elisa says

    Gladiator sandals is what I was thinking too. Like something with a few straps across the top of the foot and a couple of ankle straps. But I know I will love anything you come up with. Thanks so much for your patterns, love them! I am working on these right now. I modified it a bit by making the strap more of an ankle strap to hopefully stop my little one from kicking them off lol. I will post them on ravelry when I’m done! Thanks again! making your wrap around boots next. Hoping to start some fall shoes now so I’ not making them last minute like I have been for summer haha.

    • says

      I’ve been meaning to make a few more versions, but summer is kind of kicking my butt, I love having the kids home, but with all electronics breaking and some last min cake orders I’m WAY behind… Still planning on it, but we’ll see when I get around to it!

  19. says

    How do you get it sized so perfectly? Your post made me go out and have a lady custom make one for my little girl and although she took the measurements of her feet, they came out HUGE i couldn’t believe i was so disappointed. I guess she wasn’t as experienced as she had claimed…

    • says

      I start with the sole, then measure it against baby boys foot, if something isn’t right I adjust! once the sole is right I move on, during the first row you can measure the ch across to get it right, then in row 2 make sure the heel ch’s as well! It’s hard to do without the baby there to try it on! Tracing the babies feet would get the sole right, but the rest is trial and error, I take crochet things apart ALL the time as I create until I get it just right! I’m sorry you’r disappointed! Any chance they’ll fit soon?

    • says

      you are SUPER welcome! Thanks for taking the time to leave a sweet comment! I often only get questions and frustration from my patterns, so I really love that you took the time to reply!

    • says

      this is what works for me, I’m just sharing what I created for my own baby, and wanted to share for people who wanted to try it. but if it doesn’t work for you feel free to modify it, or create your own! It’s what works for me, but when I follow patterns and they aren’t working quite right for me I just alter them. Feel free to alter this pattern in any way you want! It’s all in good fun (it’s why I don’t sell it, I don’t want to be responsible for charging someone and it not working for their crochet style!)

  20. Janice says

    Wow, just wanted to send a quick note to say that I’m thrilled to have found this little corner of the web!! You are so generous with your time to have created these sweet sandals and then also take the time to teach us. Thanks so much.


  21. Ramya says

    Thanks for sharing, these are so so cute…perfect for the weather where we are!
    We’re expecting our second baby boy….so this will be my next project while he’s getting ready to say hello to the world. :)
    I’d like to try them out in cotton yarn though, ’cause it’s so hot here…any suggestions for the best hook size (in mm) to acheive a similar size/gauge?

    Thanks again

  22. says

    I was wondering the same thing … My grandson is 13 mths and has been walking for about 3 months now and has taken to running to keep up with his older siblings … I wanted to make him some for the beach and thought of adding some strips of the rubber gripping (like you use to keep rugs from sliding) to the bottom and have recently read somewhere that the puffy paint or even just strips of hot glue provide a gripping surface … I was wondering though what size the pattern is written for … he’s in a size 4 shoe now but rapidly growing out of all his shoes

    • says

      you can adjust the size easily. make one sole and decide what adjustments you need to make. Mine is a size 4, but everyone’s gauge is different so personalizing it if you can is best. You can add or take away length if you need to. Then for the chain across the toes and around the back of the heels you can add or take away to get the right size. you won’t need gripe on the sand, and inside I wouldn’t bother with shoes… but you could try anything you want to add a grip.

  23. Carin Smilde says

    Hi! I really love these sandals!! They are soooo beautiful!!! My baby boy is 12 months now, and the sandals are still to big, cant wait till they fit!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  24. Simona says

    I cannot wait to try these, my son has huge fat feet too! The are going to be adorable, the question I have is are they slippery when he walks?

    • says

      I made these when my little guys was sitting, but not crawling or walking yet. They are mostly just to be cute, I wouldn’t make yarn shoes for him now that he’s walking. But it’s a personal preferance.

  25. Fran says

    Adorable sandals!! I am working on a pair now and I’m confused about the left foot/right foot. In the part of the instructions where we are making the strap that goes across the top of the foot, you say to start at the sl st from row 2 and count 11 on the right side. But then that ends up being the left side of the shoe when you turn it so that the toes are up. And the buttonhole is at the end of the chain you make, which means the button would be sewn onto the right side of the shoe. So isn’t that, then, the right shoe???

  26. Petreana says

    I really love your work and this pattern is really cute, will be making them this weekend, think i will put small snaps on the back of where the bottons are, so that they will be easy to put on and off

  27. says

    Hello! I may be speaking too soon sense I haven’t made these sandals yet! I would just like to thank you for this FREE pattern and compliment you on how great of a job you have done! Not only is this sandal adorable, the pattern is super detailed and very organized. You took great pictures and used the best colors of yarn to really show off what you are doing. I can’t wait to give this pattern a try! I hope it is as easy as you make it look! Hope to share pictures of my finished product! Thank you so much!!

      • Vikki Starr says

        Ashlee, agree totally with Tiffany. Your pictures were clear AND easy to see what you mean in the instructions. You did such a good job answering the questions one at a time and easy to understand for the beginners. You have a wonderful gift and you give that gift to those of us who are not so gifted. Thank you!

        • says

          you totally just made my night, thank you so much! It’s wonderful to get such a sweet note amid the questions! I really appreciate you taking the time

  28. Rachel says

    I made these last night and it only took me a couple of hours. Great pattern instruction. Is there a way to shrink the pattern to create a much smaller size sandal.

    • says

      I only made this one size, since that’s what size my baby boy was at the time. if you just want to go a tad bit smaller use a smaller hook size, if you want to go even smaller than that leave off a row of the sole, and make up the rest as you go?

  29. Jessica says

    I’m working on these sandals right now and I’m having a little trouble understanding the part in shoe: row 2 where it goes back across the toe 4hdc in chain, does that mean that I do four half double crochet in each chain across the toe so 16 total or just 4 hdc around the chain?

  30. Brenda Rowland says

    I just loved making these sandals, but they turn out much bigger than I wanted. Have you written the pattern in a smaller pattern. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with me!

    • says

      no I only made the one size, the size my baby was making at the time. I don’t have plans to make any other size now that he’s walking, sorry.

    • says

      4 1/2 inches long and 2 1/4 inches wide, but it depends on how you crochet, tight or loose, and changing hook sizes will change it too. I always tell people to make one sole and see how it measures up against the foot your making it for. better to make changes then than finish the whole shoe and not have it fit right.

  31. Helen K. McMaster says

    I am seeing these sandals for the first time and they are adorable. I don’t have any little ones to crochet these for; but I may have to make some just to have on hand….never know when I might need a baby gift. Thank you for sharing your pattern

  32. Evelia says

    Hola, en verdad que lindos trabajos y lo mas hermoso que compartes las instrucciones, me ayudarias mucho si los tuvieras en grafico ya que desgraciadamente no en tiendo. Gracias de antemano

  33. ronda says

    I was wondering where to find the instructions for the sandals with the flowers or the hello kitty ones in you picture?

      • Dorothy Villanueva says

        Ronda on May 13th, 2013, asked for the patttern for the flower and Hello kitty sandels. I too, saw them, They’re on your Facebook site.

        • says

          can you send me a link to were you saw them? i have no idea what your talking about. i think my sandal was included in a round up of sandal ideas, but I was just one of many pattern makers featured, the others were made by someone else.

  34. Susan Daniels says

    I made my first shoe and working on the second. I used a button on the first pair and on the second pair I am going to sew on a button,, but underneath I am going to sew on a snap so that it can be easier to get on and off. Thought about Velcro but didn’t use it because it gets caught on the yarn. Thank you so much for this great pattern and I love your other project on your FB page as well. You are a GREAT CRAFTIER.

    • says

      sounds smart! just be careful when pulling the snaps apart, some are so strong it pulls and stretches the yarn a bit too much! I’m so glad you like the pattern!

  35. Renee M says

    Thanks so much for the free pattern! These are adorable and I plan to try them this weekend. Thanks so much for sharing!!

  36. Jessie Jones says

    Can I use cotton yarn, the kind you make dish cloths out of? Can I use any softee baby yarn as well?

  37. Alecia D says

    I am new to crocheting and am wondering if there is a video on how to do these? I have the sole finished, but when it comes to the POSTS and how to work in them for the upper part of the sandals, I’m at a loss…

  38. Donna says

    These sandals are soooo stinking cute. They are also addicting. I make them with leftover scraps of dishcloth cotton and use velcro dots for the closures because buttons are very expensive and I am giving them away to a women and children’s domestic abuse shelter where everyone must wear shoes or slippers at all times. Have 5 pairs done already and I only got the pattern 4 days ago.

    Thank you from my sore hands (lol)

  39. Trudi Brannon says

    Thanks so much for sharing this pattern! I’m fairly new to crochet but wanted to make these for my 14month old son. I made a sole, added an extra round and measured it against a pair of his shoes. It seemed a good size. I’ve just finished them and they’re too big lol! Looks like I didn’t need the extra round after all. They don’t look quite as good as yours but they’re still cute and will look better when his feet have grown a bit (I know you said your son has big feet but they really must be big lol!) I’ll definitely be returning to look for other projects :-) xxx

    • says

      ha! I call him my Hobbit, seriously HUGE feet! these fit him when he was 8 months old- CRAZY, huh? sorry they ended up too big! I hope it was easy enough to follow that you can create the perfect fit for your little guy!

  40. Susan says

    Very cute! So tenuous of you to come up with this pattern, and more importantly, so generous of you to share….Thanks!

  41. says

    Hello there!
    I would love to feature this pattern on our blog with a few other baby shoe patterns. Would you let me know if that’s okay and if I can use a picture of the shoes from this post?

    You did an excellent job on these! Patterns I feature need to have a high cuteness factor AND be a well written pattern – you blew me away with the picture tutorials!

    Abbey (for The Firefly Hook)

    • says

      I am sorry but I have no idea what your talking about, I don’t have pumpkin, froggie or flower booties, maybe my sandles were part of a round up of patterns somewhere?

    • says

      every baby feet are so different that it’s hard to guess. if going down one hook size is still too big than you’d probably need a completely different pattern, with one less row in the sole, I haven’t written a smaller pattern, I only made the one pair for my own baby.

  42. Alice says

    These are adorable . I am having a problem with this. The soles are shaped for the arch of the foot and if you make all 4 soles the same you have 2 right feet and if you turn 2 of the soles over to the wrong side the pattern for the upper dosen’t seem to work. Can you please help

    • says

      the soles are symmetrical, there is no right or left feet. Because your working in the round they tend to twist while your working, but they’ll work up and stitch together just fine. If it really bothers you you can block them before moving on, but I usually just keep going.

  43. charity says

    I am not new to crochet but am very confused by row 3 on the first color. So the amount of stitches adds up to 90 not 52. Am I reading the pattern wrong? The hdc, 2hdc, hdc 14 times? How do you do that and the rest for 52 stitches.

    • says

      ch2, 2hdc in same sc, (1-2)
      hdc, (3)
      2hdc, (4-5)
      hdc 14 times, (6-19)
      2hdc 7 times, (20-33)
      hdc 14 times, (34-47)
      2hdc, (48-49)
      hdc, (50)
      2hdc, (51-52)
      sl st to first hdc

      does that help?

  44. Caryn says

    The sole is huge lol that’s all I could understand to do…I can’t get the actual sandal part to come out right :/

    • says

      My baby did have big feet, but people also crochet differently so you could try going down a hook size and see if that helps. It is an advanced pattern, it takes a lot of counting and keeping track of stitches. sorry your having a hard time!

    • says

      Thanks so much for the feature! I miss those cute little toes, my little model is SO big now! it’s fun looking back on older pictures and posts seeing how they’ve grown

    • says

      I’m not sure why they don’t include a picture of my sandals when they link to me. I don’t make ANY of the patterns in the picture they show. In fact I believe every one of those patterns are PAID patterns on Etsy.

  45. Monika Brkic says

    Love the sandals i made the soles bigger i used a 5,5 mm hook and in the last round i used all double crochets in the end i came out in a size 7/8 and its perfect for my little 3 year old girl.
    Thanks allot for the pattern.

    • says

      YAY! I’m so glad you got it to work for the size you needed! So many people aren’t brave enough to do that but it’s perfect!

  46. Angie says

    Do you have any idea on what size these may be??? I’m wanting a newborn size, do you suppose a smaller hook? and if so, what size would you recommend. thanks

    • says

      these are definitely not newborn, I didn’t create a newborn size. If you want to create your own newborn size I’d actually just do 2 rows, not three, for the sole. If it’s a bit small at that point then go up a hook size, but with the three rows even with a smaller hook size it will never be newborn. From there you’ll have to make up your own, just using this as a basic guide/idea.

  47. Susan Bro says

    I will be making these using the same crochet cotton that people often use for making dishcloths. I have my nephew’s foot measurements and will adjust the pattern as necessary. Then puffy paint or buckskin soles will be added. These are adorable!

  48. Tonja says

    Hi! These are awesome! I have a 9 month old and live on an tropical island and moms have been requesting me to make sandals like these. I hope you don’t Mind but can I use your pattern and modify it for sizes and such? I have been looking around the web for 2 hours and I finally found your awesome site. Ps we have so much in common. Thanks the inspiration!

    • says

      of course! I only ask when people sell work based on my pattern that they give credit to my site so that anyone else who might want to make their own can esily find the pattern as well! Have fun!

  49. Mary says

    I have been desperately seeking for a sandal pattern for my first granddaughter. She is now 8 months old. The poor sweet thing has a cross between daddy’s narrow heel and grandma’s (me) little feet. This is the first pattern I have come across that has even given me hope for a shoe that wouldn’t be too big in the heel. I’m doing it in pink. I will probably be using the sole pattern for all her shoes if it works out. I will let you know how it does and try to send pictures if possible! I am like you and can’t stand flip flops, but her momma loves them, and I would love to see you make a pattern for those also.

    • says

      My baby had such big feet I hope it can help you! you can always make a smaller size for the narrow part but add a few chains and few stitches along the center to lengthen the shoe to the right size. Good Luck!

  50. natasja says

    They are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing the pattern.
    One point of interest you could may look at.
    When you click on print friendly to print or download the pattern in pdf the pictures are so large that they wil take more than one page to print of. Maybe next time pictures al little bit smaller so they will fit on a page. It will read easyer and saves paper too.

    Greetings from Holland

    • says

      the print plugin I use actually allows you to delete whatever you want before you print, just click on the paragraph, pattern size or images you don’t want and delete before printing, it’s super easy and works great. if I did pictures smaller i’d get a lot of grief for not making them visible enough

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