Crescent Buttercream Smash Cake

I am so in love with buttercream right now, and so glad there are so many fun frosting options! This Crescent shape is super versatile and fun. With the rows you can easily keep it the same color, or go with an ombre effect.


I’ve done a few different versions of this, creating a good boy smash cake that isn’t too frilly. Here are the orange ombre and the blue ombre versions. These were each more tear drop shapped, just a different effect.


These are just two of the buttercream frosting effects I am teaching at Gygi’s in my class, would you be interested in step by step pictures? or would you like a video? or do you just like the finished photos.


I love seeing how each baby reacts to their smash session. The birthday Boy was NOT a fan! But seriously, even tears are cute on these little guys!


I love how both cakes turned out together. And I love the decision to go with green and purple rather than go with the traditional boy and girl blue and pink. Don’t forget to check out the Shell Buttercream Smash Cake.


I get to make the BIG party cake for the twins birthday party in two weeks! I can’t wait, it’s going to be SO much fun! I’m also working on a few birthday parties for my own kids right now. What is your favorite party theme you’ve seen lately?

If you want to learn how I frost all these buttercream cakes I’m now teaching two online classes with more on the way! Anything you really want to learn?


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  1. Brandy says

    I’m doing a crescent style buttercream cake (rainbow) for a 3rd birthday. I’m assuming there must be a “back” part of this where you can’t smooth the icing with the spatula? Any suggestions?

    • says

      yes, put it in the back… 😉

      I made dots where the two meet, then carefully scrape some away slowly, but in the end it will still be pretty obvious so hid it!

  2. Jasmine says

    Can you tell me how you do this? Is it a tip or spatula. I live in remote area and want to make this for my sister’s child.

    • says

      I’ved used both. Try both on the counter to decide which one you like best before doing it on the whole cake. this one was a cake spatula.

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