Avengers birthday cake

When I got an avengers cake order for a sweet little boy I was SOOO excited. I’m a total geek deep down and I love all things hero, comic book, etc…


I was given free reign to do what I want and have fun. The only request was to have hulk hands and 3 D effect of some kind. ree reign is always a mix of super fun and very hard! Too much freedom


I actually went through about 6 drafts of this cake. When I finally came up with this plan I swear I heard a chours of hallelujahs, “Aaaahhhhhhh”.

Captain America’s shield being held up by the Hulk hands and Iron man’s gloves/hands, topped off with Thors hammer and the Tesseract!


I started it by shaping the hands out of rice krispy treats on the back of the 14 inch pan I used for the shield. I used two 12 inch cake plates and plastic hidden pillars to create the separation/wrists. I started out with pretty small iron man hands, but they kept breaking so they ended up MUCH fatter and thicker than I wanted.

avengers-carved-birthday-cake-hulk-iron-man-stand avengers-carved-birthday-cake-fondant-hulk-iron-man-hands-stand

Once they dried I flipped it over! Voila! Then I covered them with royal icing and then fondant!  I spray painted the hulk hands green and the iron man gloves red, adding nails, and armor plating to each afterwards.

avengers-carved-birthday-cake-shield-layer avengers-carved-birthday-cake-shield-hammer-gloveavengers-carved-birthday-cake-shield-carved

for the Shield I started with a 14 inch cake, that I carved into a dome.

avengers-carved-birthday-cake-shield-frosted avengers-carved-birthday-cake-shield-fondant

frosted with chocolate ganache frosting, and then fondant.

avengers-carved-birthday-cake-shield-paint avengers-carved-birthday-cake-shield-captain-america-paint

to get the stripes I wrapped it in plastic, then cut a 9 inch hole. Then placed a 6 inch pan over the center leaving a 2 1/2 in strip! I airbrushed it…

avengers-carved-birthday-cake-shield-paint-capt-america avengers-carved-birthday-cake-shield-edible-spray-paint

then placed a 12 inch pan down and airbrushed the outside edge.


Take it all off and you have the stripes! I hand painted the blue triangles to create the white star.


I placed the shield into the hands! It was PERFECT!!!! I was so excited!!!


The hammer was easy, just a rectangle with the edges cut off at angles, ganache, fondant and some detail work. Finishing it off with some silver airbrushing.


The tesseract is another easy one, a square cake, covered in ganache and fondant. To try to get the inside look like it was glowing I spray painted different layers, silver overall, blue edges, pearl centers, more silver, more blue, etc… I’m really happy with how turned out!


Then I delivered the cake and set it up! Stacking as I went. I love love LOVE it!!!   While there is always something I’d change about each cake it totally lived up to my vision of it!


I seriously took SO many pictures because I was so excited it came out so well!


I don’t often use my airbrushing gun, but I love the texture it created and depth on each cake layer!  This entire cake is all white fondant and all the color comes from the paint!


So… whose your favorite super hero?  And what would you have wanted on your Avengers cake?

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  1. says

    Well, my Avengers fan Logan loves the cake, though he wishes you had represented his favorite, Hawkeye with a bow & arrows! Of course, then he said it would be even more coolder if the cake essplodid into pieces instead of being cut up. Yeah. I have THAT kid. 😉

    • says

      sorry, only the MAIN characters made it onto this cake 😉 I thought about adding hawkeye and black widow, but couldn’t think of anything to add to the cake that was possible with CAKE and edible material.

  2. Dezi A says

    Oh. My. Goodness. Where do you live and how much do you charge?? I have 5 sons all having birthdays coming up this summer who could go absolutely INSANE over this cake!!!!

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