About Me

I love teaching, I always have. Maybe it’s because I’m the oldest in my family. So for me blogging is just another great way to share what I love, hopefully inspiring and teaching others! I grew up in a family of all girl, and my dad was an entrepreneur that ran a business selling hand painted hair barrettes to children’s stores. My mom was his first painter, but eventually he hired a bunch of stay at home moms to paint for him as well. Growing up we all worked at the business in some capacity, so being creative and hard working and running a small business were things I learned at a young age.

ashlee marie

I love being a mom, so I want to be at home with my kids, But I also love getting out and spending time with other adults. While blogging doesn’t seem like something that gets you out of the house it truly does. I have attended over 20 blog conferences and even spoken at half a dozen over the years. I am the admin for The Utah Bloggers group on Facebook and attend and organize events with and for bloggers. I create events for fun, for teaching and for brands. I love helping other bloggers as they grow (I’ve been blogging for 8 years).

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On my blog you’ll continue to see everything I love. I adore GOOD food, like AMAZING food. There are only so many bites we get in our lives and I want each one to be amazing. I love recipe development, taking requests and making amazing food. I started baking and cooking from scratch when we were living overseas and I missed my favorite foods. That love of being in the kitchen never went away and I spoil my family with amazing meals constantly.

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I started cake decorating 9 years ago, I started with some Wilton classes and moved into experimenting and am pretty self taught from there. I teach locally and online and I just stared a youtube channel (recipes, cakes and tips). My favorite clients are my kids and I love not only making their birthday cakes, but also over the top themed parties with crazy awesome party foods. Definitely some of my favorite posts over the years.

ashlee marie kids

I have a wonderful husband and 5 kiddo’s ages 3-13. The Reader – 13, Computer Boy – 12, Lego Boy – 9, Princess – 7 and Baby Boy – 3. I have moved 34 times in my life and currently we just bought a “new to us” home in Centerville, UT. The house was built the same year I was born, so while it has great bones and good potential it is in some serious need of some fix-me-up’s here and there. I’m working on updating the kitchen first, then we’ll move on to other rooms, eventually circling back to a complete kitchen remodel (fingers crossed). I’ll be starting another video channel to go along with those remodeling, decorating and over all DIY around the house posts!