About Me

I love to create! And I mean EVERYTHING – cakes, recipes, crafts, babies, etc… I grew up with three sisters with very creative parents as well, so making things has been a part of my life as long as I can remember.


I’ve had different focuses over the years. I was a Music, dance theater major in college. Then when I got married in 2000 I got into cooking from scratch and started having babies, so crafting in other ways took a back seat! In 2002 we bought our first house so I started getting into DIY, I learned to tile, drywall, paint, build, repair, etc… Then in 2003 we moved to Japan, I couldn’t bring my craft supplies over so I taught myself to crochet (they have gorgeous yarn in Japan)! After I had our 3rd I was looking for something new to do so in 2005 ago I started cake decorating.

Then in 2007 my husband moved to India for the summer leaving me in our new home, in a new state with a new 5 week old baby- the fourth.  I started a personal blog to keep him updated on what we were doing and started a food blog just for fun! Then in 2010 I discovered craft blogs! I started one, and taught myself to knit! After a few months I merged my food and craft blogs and started ImTopsyTurvy.com! Finally in 2014 I rebranded to AshleeMarie.com


On my blog you’ll find a little bit of everything. I can’t seem to narrow down my interest, I get too bored! My basic calendar/plan is this:

Monday’s- link parties: Pinterest Challenge, Point of View
Tuesday’s- Recipes: meals, treats, breads, etc…
Wednesday’s- Cakes: Cake pictures, tutorials, vlogs and contests
Thursday’s- Crafts: DIY, tutorials, decor, how-to’s
Friday’s- Misc: Friday Flashbacks, My Favorite things, Review’s, Giveaway’s, events and contests
Sunday’s- Personal: “Thing’s Kids Say”, Aspergers, family and anything else I come up with


I have a wonderful full time job, being a Mom, and I love it. So my cakes, this blog, crafts and GNO’s are all just hobbies for me, here to uplift and inspire me. So if you don’t hear from me for awhile know I’ll be back. But posting every day is never going to be part of my blog.

I hope that through my blog I can make friends and maybe even inspire someone in some way! If you have anything you’d like me to do a tutorial on just ask! I’m always happy to answer questions and share anything I might have learned along the way!


In 2009 my children were diagnosed with aspergers the same week my husband lost his job, it was NOT a fun week.  Anyway we moved from the warm Houston TX into my in-law’s basement in Salt Lake City, UT. It wasn’t what we had planned, but it’s been such a blessing.  We found an amazing charter school in North Salt Lake for children on the spectrum and we’re here to stay.

We’ve done some remodeling, turning the basement into an apartment, adding a kitchen and laundry   We are enjoying making this basement apartment home. After moving 32 times in my life it’s fun to be in one place long term (it’s been almost 4 years already!)

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