Thread Crochet Rose Ring pattern

I love thread crochet, so when I saw these cute thread crochet rings on Pinterest last year I HAD to make them!  I’ve already made all three in every color of thread I have and sizes for me and for my girls!


This is ring 1 done with a smaller hook to create a smaller flower


And ring 2 using the hook the pattern calls for


I actually used the technique from the first rings (creating longer loops and connecting them in the back) with this doily earring flower!


Then I found this AMAZING and totally gorgeous ruffled ring!  SERIOUSLY I’m going to make about 3 dozen of these!


So I thought my crochet rose would be perfect as a thread crochet ring!  I love it!

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Thread Crochet Flower ring
US 7 hook (1.5mm) – up or down a size or two is fine, it will just change the final size a bit
crochet thread
This flower can be rolled tight or as loose as you’d like it, so the size also depends on that.


Chain 53


Row 1: DC in 5th Chain from hook *CH 1, skip 1 (DC-CH-DC) in next ch (V stitch made). repeat from * across to end, turn.


Row 2: CH 3 (counts as DC) 5 DC in CH space, *SC in next CH-1 space, 6 DC in next CH-1 space (shell stitch made). Repeat from *, ending in 6 DC in last CH-1 space. Fasten off, but leave a good LONG tail for anchoring the flower. 6inches or so.


Starting at that end roll the flower up, this should have a natural twist so it should be easy!


Threading the tail onto the needle and weave across the base creating x’s all around.  make sure not to pull TOO tightly!


Add it to a blank ring base! and Voila!  Done!


Have you made anything inspired by Pinterest recently?  Come post it up on our Pinterest Challenge link party!

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    • says

      thanks so much for the feature Michelle!!! And I’d LOVE to teach you to crochet! I’m planning on teaching Leanne this summer so you should join us!

    • says

      Thanks so much! I love crocheting, and it’s really very easy once you get the hang of it! It’s totally worth learning, I taught myself out of books when we were living in Japan!

  1. says

    Ashlee- oh my these rings are so adorable! I saw them on another site and just couldn’t wait to get over here and see more! We love your idea and your topsy turvy blog! We would be honored if you stopped in and linked this up into our Saturday Showcase. This past week and into this week’s theme is DIY Fashion. Your ring idea would fit in perfectly! Stop in if you have a few minutes. We are your newest follower and can’t wait to see what other topsy turvy ideas you have!

    Have a super week!

    Susie @Bowdabra

    • says

      sorry I’m just getting around to reading and responding to comments! It’s always a bit crazy around here and this last month(s) is on exception! I’m so glad you like my rings! They are so much fun to create.

  2. Katie says

    Love your rings!! I was trying to make the first one but I’ve never worked from a chart before. Could you let me know what the symbols mean? Or a written pattern if you have one. Thanks!!

  3. Diane Langley says

    Could you please tell me what kind of yarn you used for the rose ring? Thank you. I love itl.

  4. says

    I am want to know how I can have some rings crochet…they are so sassy and gorgeous….I do not know how to crochet and I love the rings……or a web site that have them for sale…thank, you Linda

    • says

      Try Etsy, there are tons of people who sell crochet goods there. If you can’t find the ring your looking for you an approach one of the sellers there and request they make one!

  5. Diep says

    Hi Ashley
    I love your rings and other patterns so much.
    I am working on the rose ring and have a little confusion about the CH-1 space. Is it the space between two V-stitches or the space of CH in DC-CH-DC ?

    Tks in advance

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