Thanksgiving knit turkey hat

I couldn’t help it!!! I know it’s a “bit” over the top but how totally cute and dorky all at the same time. I love love LOVE this little man. And when I saw this pattern online I just HAD to make it. In fact I did a really dumb thing, I pulled an all nighter just to finish it in time! (I used this pattern for the beanie)


There is so much to be thankful for this year. I’m grateful for my children, for a great pregnancy, easy labor, and (for the moment) healthy children. I’m SO grateful for my husband, he’s so supportive of my crazy crafts/hobbies, my GNO’s, and loves be in-spite of, and sometimes because of, my quirks. I’m so glad I met and married someone who I can be myself with (warts and all) and who “gets” me like no one else in this world does. We might not make sense on the outside, but trust me, we are the perfect partners for each other.


I’m grateful for my wonderful in-laws. Not only do they let us live in their basement but they have been so helpful since Baby Boy has arrived. Not only that, but they love me despite our differences, and they are so so SO supportive of me, my husband and the kids. They go out of their way to try to connect with my children, which isn’t always easy, and I so appreciate it.


I’m thankful I made friends this year (you know who you are). Living here has been great for the kids and my husband, but very lonely for me. I’m so glad I finally met some ladies I really connect with this last year.

I’m so thankful my baby sister moved to town. Getting to know my sweet nieces better (and them getting to know me and my kids) was the highlight of my summer. There is nothing better than my sweet niece saying my name and laughing at/with me. And with that it’s time to take a shower, pack up and go to my sisters how to spend this holiday with her family and our parents!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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      exactly, crazy things late at night anyway and when it’s 2 months of late nights it tends to get even stranger! Now to top it with some crazy Christmas hat…

    • says

      Thanks! I did change it the drumbsticks so they would lay back a bit more, but an error in my math made them also fatter, but more cartoon-y I think!

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