St Patricks day- Pot of gold cake & crochet baby top hat

Happy St Patrick’s day!  My sister throws a fun party for her little girls and their friends every year for St. Patrick’s day.  Since they now live in UT we got to go this year!  It’s potluck style so I brought a pot full of luck!  HA HA HA HA!!!!!  I crack my self up!!!  I’m HILARIOUS (Baby Boy is sickish and so full of snot right now he’s not nursing or sleeping very good so I’m over the top tired…  And when I get tired I’m pretty sure I get more funny!)!


No really, this is a Pot ‘O Gold… CAKE (full tutorial here)!  Yup, cake, I am TICKLED by how good this one turned out!  I even took pictures of the whole process but figured since it’s too late this year I’ll pre-post it for NEXT year, but I still wanted to share at least the finished pictures with you!  I just used chocolate coins, but it would have also been fun to use fondant coined painted with gold edible spray paint, but honestly the kids like the chocolate coins better!


I had to leave early to pick up my other kids from school, but my sister said all the other mom’s were surprised it was a cake when she cut into it.  That is my most favorite thing ever, people not even knowing it’s a cake.  All of my favorite cakes have that in common, my pumpkin, my Dr. Seuss hat, this one…  SO fun!


And I figured this cake was the perfect chance to try out filling the cake with a small cheesecake (made for 1/3rd of a batch of my best EVER cheesecake recipe in a 6 inch pan) instead of frosting.  I think I like it!!!  I overcooked it a bit, Grrrr, but will TOTALLY do this again.  It’s a fun surprise.  and since the Wilton ball cake pans don’t quite make a perfect circle filling it with this extra inch of cheesecake totally made for the perfect circle!


And what party would be complete without some dressing up.  The DA insisted on pink, of course, but Baby Boy and I dressed up in green!  And just before the party started I sat down and whipped out this crochet green top hat (pattern here).  Literally, as we were leaving I grabbed the yarn and when we arrived I sat down and made it, finishing just before we had to leave!  I couldn’t help myself!


Even sick he’s the happiest baby ever!  Also?  If you know of anyone that had a baby this weekend and want’s newborns I gave the hat to my sister, Chelsea Peterson Photography, to use for fun St. Patrick’s day baby pictures!

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  1. says

    Amazing! It looks so real! When you work with black like that, do you buy the fondant that is already black? i tried to make a pot of gold cake a few years ago, but it looks really lame next to this. I did have little leprechauns diving into the gold, however! :-)

    Great work!

    • says

      yes, If I’m working with strong colors, red, black, or dark/bright anything I buy the colors. I tend to only make pastels or change pre-colored to another color myself! I was thinking about making a fondant rainbow sticking out from the top, but ended up so busy this week never made it to dry out! Next time!

  2. says

    That cake is amazing looking and it looks good too (sometimes fancy cakes don’t look too tasty but this one does). Great job Ashlee!! Your lil’ leprechaun is too cute!

    • says

      I think taste is the MOST important part when being a cake decorating, if it doesn’t taste good what’s the point? So yes, this cake is AMAZING, my all time favorite recipe, dense, moist and super chocolaty!

    • says

      Thanks kara! Have you already done a first birthday over there? My sister is doing smash cake sessions with her 1 year photoshoots now, it’s SO cute (I make the cake) watching them decide what to do with the cake in front of them!

  3. says

    You are seriously beyond talented! I still can’t believe that pot of gold cake. And that hat?! Aaaah! So darling. Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!

  4. Naomi says

    Hi Ashlee!! Your cakes are fabulous! I am making a St. PAtrick’s Day cake for a friend and I am obsessing about your Pot-O-GOld cake. You mention above that you had some other pictures of the process of making cake etc but that it was too late to post them then (2012). Well, its 2013 and about a month before St. Paddy’s day and I was wondering if those pics are indeed up somewhere on your site and if not, could you post them please? Thanks for posting such great creations. Very inspiring!

  5. says

    HI! I saw this on pinterest and headed over but it was a bad link, glad I remembered meeting you at BASH (and riding to the airport in the same van). This is truly amazing! I am sharing it with a link on my blog this week, I pinned it directly and I will share over at G+ and FB! HUGS! Chloe

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