Rainbow Garden Birthday Party!

rainbow garden birthday party cake topsy turvy close up

Finally the party post!  We had the party on Memorial day, so I was nervous that no one would come!  How devastating for a sweet little girl.  I invited 12, and we got 5, it was perfect!  We had two crafts planned and had a table devoted to them.  Pots to paint and then seeds to plant.  Then felt for flower headbands!

vinyl table cloth ruffled remodel craft table rainbow birthday party finished

And of course a Candy Bar, water and the rainbow birthday party CAKE!  I just love how pretty the rainbow ruffled tablecloth’s turned out!  They really added a lot of color to the party!  I’ve always hated seeing the table legs but never thought to do anything about it until now.  I don’t know if I can go back to unsightly table legs…

rainbow garden birthday party ruffles table skirt candy bar cake

I used the Butterfly garland all over, the balcony…

birthday party garland rainbow butterflies tissue pom poms finished

And in all the tree’s!  It ended up being a great day, a bit overcast, but warm and a little windy.  It made the ruffles and butterflies move and flow so it was fun.  Although it didn’t help with the crafts too much!

birthday party garland rainbow butterflies

I made rainbow tissue pom pom’s!  They turned out so much better than my Dr. Seuss birthday party pom pom’s.  I used more tissue then last time and they were so full and fun.  Last time it was just 8 sheets of tissue for each pom pom and this time I used 12!  10 would probably work well, but since I had 6 colors I doubled each one and got 12!

birthday party garland rainbow butterflies tissue pom poms

Here is everyone (My mother in law was so great and helped so much, so did my Sweet Sister in law, although I didn’t get any pictures of her!) painting their pots.  I wish I had gotten a better picture, but I bought a rug of fake grass and cut it into place mats!  The girls thought it was really fun and it fit with our theme well.  It’s always fun to see kids to crafts.  Some go fast, some slow, some detailed, some thrown together!  Since we had less girls, and more supplies the other three kids got in on the action too.  That is until Grandpa and Dad took the boys away for some Circuit City fun!

rainbow garden birthday party girls making crafts painting

Here is one of the hair bows the girls made.  I used the template from Holidash.  Each of the girls cut their own petals so they all turned out different!

rainbow garden birthday party felt flower craft headband teal

Finally we ended with a pinata!  I wasn’t going to do one, thinking my daughter was too old but she let me know that she was NOT too old and she for sure wanted one.  But because of the blogger conference I didn’t have time to make one.  Luckily I found this one at a party store!

rainbow garden birthday party pinata

This was one strong pinata.  I think each girl got like 5 turns before I finally just poured it out!  Even little S got in on the action!  Could she be any cuter?  What a sweet spoiled ball of fun!  The only thing that would have made the party better is the two things that I waited too long to order.  Wings in rainbow color’s for the back of every chair (talk about unsightly, I’ve got to get some chair covers made!) and the real live butterflies!  I just waited too long to order them!  The Caterpillars arrived a few days before the party, but not in enough time to change into butterflies, and the wings arrived the next day.  I’ll save them for our next party, with two girls I’m sure the wings will be used again!

rainbow garden birthday party pinata

And George just loved that everyone was out in the yard with him.  I think he thought the party was for him!  He loved the dropped food, the petting, and tummy rubs, etc..

micro mini pot belly pig george

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  1. Ashlee @ I'm Topsy Turvy says

    Thanks you guys! It was a really fun party to do and I'm so glad you all liked it! I might have to do rainbows again sometime! And with her I'm sure I will, since she can't pick a favorite color!

    • says

      It turned out nice! It’s frustrating when you put so much work into it and it doesn’t turn out exactly as you wanted it, but I’m sure no one but you noticed, it looks great!

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