Mini Pleated Fondant Wedding Cake

We had a few family weddings this summer.  I always offer to make the wedding cake, but I don’t always get taken up on my offer.  But making cakes for my family and friends is my favorite things, so I’m always excited and honored when I get to.  When I got asked to make a last minute mini cake for family I was thrilled!


Her dress was a simple Grecian styled dress, with some swoops, pleats and gathering.  With yellow roses decorating the reception!  So I tried to create something as simple and elegant to go along with it.


Also they requested a mini cake, the bottom tier is 6 inches and the top tier is 4 inches!  This cake is itty bitty, just 10 inches tall!  I wish I’d gotten a picture of the bride holding this itty bitty cake, I think it would have been better to see the scale that way.


For such a small cake it ended up being a huge headache.  I redid the pleats/gathers 5 times on the first layer.  I had the hardes time getting it right.  I’m still not one hundred percent happy with the end result.  I’d like to try making this cake again.


This yellow rose looks huge, like my other extra large roses, but it’s actually fairly small in comparison.  I made this with a 3/4 inch center, rather than a 2 inch center that I use for those roses.  I use a pasta roller to get my gumpaste this thin, for more realistic looking petals.


It’s so cute and little! The most adorable thing ever.  I just wish you could SEE how little it really is.  I loved getting to use my small cake plate too!  It’s more like a 3 cupcake plate most of the time, but it was perfect for this.  It was also a really light cake, most are so heavy that this was a nice change, much easier to deliver!


You can see here, with the brides hands, that it is smaller than your average cake (either than or she’s a giant!)  I made a special nutella cake flavor for this bride, along with a red velvet and a white almond.  They took the nutella tier on their honey moon to enjoy!  Congrats again newlyweds!

A mini wedding cake, it's about 1 feet tall, with fondant pleating and a bright yellow gumpaste rose

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      right? so itty bitty, I still regret not getting a shot of the bride holding it (her brother brought out the cake and had them cut into it before I knew what was happening!)

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    That looks SO good. Like, I just drooled all my computer. The fondant looks amazing and I love the simple yellow flower. Very pretty! You’re amazing.


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