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Family photo’s are something I feel VERY strongly about. We have only missed one fall, the year we were in Japan, but we made up for it by adding some summer sessions! I feel really strongly about it. Growing up we didn’t have all these amazing options and so we don’t have a lot of family pictures (although more than some have). Also I don’t want to be one of those mom’s that only get’s family pictures taken when she’s happy with the way they look! How sad would it be to look back and only have pictures every 10 or so years? Anyway, it’s that time again but my local photographer is out having a baby I wasn’t sure where to go!

At the cupcake conference I attended in the summer they had coupons for FotoFly, but honestly I didn’t really think too much about it. We’ve done sears, kiddie kandids and other studio studios and never been very impressed. Then I attended the fotofly’s open boutique last month! I decided to give it a shot anyway!

Silly Topsy Turvy Family

I totally got a LARGE version of this one. LOVE it! I have to say after doing the last few years pictures outdoors (I still love the way it looks) indoor photo’s were nice and cozy! It was also great not to have to be all BULKED up (although I adore sweaters, I’m afraid in last years photo the sweater just added to my “softness”.

AND once your session is over you take the kids down to arctic circle for an ice cream cone (bribery) while they quickly edit your pictures RIGHT THEN!!!  No waiting for weeks to get in to see your photographer, it’s SO nice!  I was able to see right away all the pictures, AND they’ve already been prettified (photoshoped) to show off the best version of you!  AND while we were reviewing the pictures they quickly (right then and there) got rid of the blemish I had on my forehead I’m not into doing more photoshoping than just getting rid of zits and stuff, I am who I am, wrinkles, bulges and all.  But I’m sure they CAN help you out if you want a quick “lift”)!
Topsy Turvy Family
Here’s a more “normal” picture too.  This one was my second favorite.  Oh and see my shoes?  I got them at DI today for $2 TOTALLY cute.  Kind of wish I had a standing picture so you could see them. I have big plans for these heels (adding some bling of sorts to them)

Okay, let’s talk photo CD’s people.  If you get offered a photo CD that gives you all the rights (except for being able to sell prints- duh) you should GO FOR IT!  Bonus, it’s a great price.  But now I OWN my pictures, I get to post them here, create my own Christmas cards, print off any for relatives, use them for pictures on facebook, twitter, etc…  (the only reason I added my watermark is because I don’t want people using these images, but I think I put them too far down- hate to actually ruin the image).  AND I have a digital copy forever in CD form as well as on my computer AND my backup hard drive. These are NOT going anywhere!
Topsy Turvy CoupleThis year was our 10th anniversary, and while this picture we took at 1 am is fun and all I wanted to make sure we had a decent one to make the occasion. It’s the first time since our wedding that we’ve had professional pictures of just us.  I kind of wish we’d added getting couple pictures taken ever year too!

And Finally let’s mention the prints.  I’ve been to the other studios that print right away.  Reasons not to use other studios:

1.  They don’t do photoshop effects and all that extra UMPH to your pictures (like FotoFly does).

2. They don’t usually give you the rights to the pictures on their CD’s (like FotoFly does.

AND  3.  They charge an arm and a LEG for their images.  FotoFly has $4 prints for a sheet.  Like an 8×10!  That’s totally on pare with Costco, with WAY better quality of printing (don’t get me started on Costco’s coloring, grrrr).  I even got an 11×14 (family picture) for $20, RIGHT AWAY (usually the larger prints have to be ordered out at studios so they take longer). It’s already framed ready for me to put nail holes in my new walls…)
The ReaderThe Reader…  Quite a beauty!  She is so much fun, and smart!  I just love the stuff she come up with.  She, unlike me, likes to read the newspaper and keep up with events.  She starts the most interesting conversation!  (check out the headshots over on the sidebar!)
Computer GuyComputer boy…  It is actually amazing how much he looks like my father and I.  Even the gap between his teeth!   It was kind of trippy looking at some of the picture.  I can’t put my finger on the exact thing, but I just saw myself (as a 7 year old boy).

Oh…  did I mention they called me the night before to check me in?  AND they asked me questions about what I expected, wanted and needed.  I was able to talk about the Aspergers, and what effect that might have on pictures.  She listened to me and when I said my kids respond well to slapstick she decided Daniel would make a great photographer for me.  She was right!  He was amazing!

She also let me mention that my husband ALWAYS has his eye’s closed and wrote a reminder to the photographer to be aware of that.  It was nice to have already talked through things so the next day, midst the madness of keeping the kids happy, I didn’t have to remember all of that stuff!

Lego BoyLego Boy…  He could not be more handsome.  I love his eyes, they are this great reddish chocolate pudding brown.  Just amazing.   Check out those hands, he’s going to be a tall one (you should see is feet, he’s like a hobbit with HUGE feet.).
The Naked OneLast but not least, The Naked One…  She looks so sweet!  Don’t let that fool you, she can be “the devil in disguise” at times.  And a complete angel at other times.  (oh and I threw that felt hair clip up just an hour before pictures!  Made the same way as these flowers, but larger, and flower/petal shaped instead of circles!  I LOVE it!)
Topsy Turvy Kiddo's
Look at these guys! Looking at them together like this made me realize just how old they are now! My babies are no longer babies.  Full blown big kids.   (oh, you can see the hobbit feet now!  Although at that angle they don’t look as large as they really are.)
Scary KidsThe kids were SO good during the pictures, but of course they started getting silly at the end.  The photographer promised them they could take a fun picture at the end.  These are my kiddo’s SCARY faces.  Yup, SCARY.  The middle ones THINK they are showing us the whites of their eyes too.  But are looking to make sure we can see.  I love that stage!  Like when they hid in plain sight, just covering their eyes because they want to SEE you looking for them.  Kids are SO much fun!   Anyway…  I LOVE this picture and I ordered an 11×14 canvas already to hang over my desk!
ANYWAY!!! I know FotoFly is pretty booked up right now, but they are offering a deal for anyone who books for January! Go for it! I haven’t seen a single picture they did that didn’t look amazing!

Disclaimer.  While I had and used a coupon I did not recieve anything extra for this review.  In fact it wasn’t supposed to be a review, but it totally turned into one because they were so amazing I keep talking about them!!!  They totally blew me away!  All the opinions are my own (but I’m right they are great so check it out!)

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    These pictures are great and I like how they show the kids personalities. I’m impressed how they called and asked about your family so they were prepared and I’m sure that made the whole shoot be that much smoother!

    – Tina “The Book Lady”

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