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I’m so excited to share my newest Crochet hat with you today! I have been dying over this pattern for months now. Curtsay Designs is actually my 2nd cousin once removed (or something like that, I can never keep all that stuff straight). And she has a fun blog where she talks about her family, her life and her crocheting. It’s so fun to have a family member whose interested in the same hobbies as me. Then she started her pattern shop and I’ve had this Peanuts the Elephant hat pinned forever!


I finally got the pattern from her and made it in ONE NIGHT! It was quick and easy and when my daughter woke up this morning she fell in love! The only thing I would add as a tip is this. CHECK YOUR GAUGE. It’s one of those quick and easy steps that I often skip and overlook. Sometimes I can get away with it, but clearly Lindsey and I crochet very differently because my gauge was WAY off. But it was an easy fix. I didn’t want to start over again so I just cut back a few increase rows and a few length rows and it worked out great!


My gauge is so much LARGER that I’m actually attempting to make the hat for my 10YO right now. The hat itself will be easy to make large enough, but I want to expand the ears as well, so that will be my challenge, but honestly I think it will be just as easy, just add a few rows here and there. I can’t wait to show her, she’ll love having a matching hat with her younger sister.

crochet-patterns crochet-patterns

Curtsay Designs has so many amazing patterns! I love love LOVE this sweet little frog prince cap, and how about this gorgeous Owl hat? Could you just die from cuteness?

crochet-patterns crochet-patterns

And then she has these animal bibs! Seriously? I of course love the pig, but then the chick, the frog? The sweet little dog? So so SO cute. She not only sells a ton of cute patterns (more hats, and afghan, etc…) but some finished products as well, a clutch, a purse and these gorgeous necklaces in a ton of colors!

She also posts small free patterns on her blog, as well as sewing and craft projects, she’s seriously well rounded and talented. Also? She just had the cutest little baby boy (well cutest until MY little boy is born… right?). She also has a facebook fan page that will remind you to check out her latest posts!


And how could I not finish up with this great picture of The Destroying Angel hamming it up for the camera! She hasn’t taken this hat off all day (and it’s stink’in warm here). She’s never left something on her head for so long (with her Aspie-ness she doesn’t like things touching her hair!). This sweet girl has been so upset she doesn’t get to go to school with the older kids ever day. So waking up to this gift this morning totally made her feel special and made her day! Thanks Lindsey!

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    • says

      Thanks Leanne! I learned about 7 years ago, and just taught my daughter how this year (I finally learned to knit this year) it’s worth learning, there are so many fun things to make!

    • says

      SO cute, huh? It IS time to learn, I learned how almost 8 years ago, and my first full project was a hat, it’s really not very hard at all! And once you learn there are so many other fun things to make!

    • says

      Thanks so much! Crocheting actually is pretty quick and easy once you get the hang of it. I’m SO glad I learned how, it’s worth it! You should try it!

  1. says

    So cute! I found you from a linky party…Love that necklace she has too! Going to check out her blog. I don’t crochet…but my mom make she can make some for me!

    • says

      I’m glad you like it! She has some really fun patterns! Have your mom make a few for you, but it’s actually a really easy to learn to crochet as well!

    • says

      Hmmm She just had a baby so maybe she just hasn’t had a chance to update in awhile. you can use Etsy to contact her and ask her to relist the pattern, or here is her email lindsayhaynie at gmail dot com

  2. alexandria adams says

    Are these for sale at all? been looking for something to go with my daughters elephant outfit for her first birthday … her onesie is white with a lime green elephant and her name …Elli ( which is why we and she love elephants lol) in pink.. aned she has pink elephant print shoes being made

  3. Stephanie Smith says

    Can I get that pattern from you? A friend is having a baby and their theme is elephants! This would look TOO cute on their baby girl!

  4. karen benny says

    i am crocheting animal hats for “paying it forward corbin style” on facebook to donate to the children’s oncology unit at university medical center in Tucson and would love the pattern for this hat . . . the link above would not work for me . . .

  5. Andrea says

    Hey Ashlee,

    My sister is having a baby soon and I would love to knit this elephant hat. Could you send me the pattern? :)


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