Cake Mix & Sprinkles Fudge

EVERYONE loves fudge, right? Thick, rich, smooth and delicious.  What do you love about fudge? My go to is chocolate, but for this party and recipe collection it’s all about the cake mix and sprinkles…  This has a great fudgey texture, but it has more of a dough flavor, the cake batter flavor is great!

Everyone loves this Cake Mix and Sprinkles white chocolate fudge (most pinned post)

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Cake Batter & Sprinkles Fudge
Recipe type: Desserts
Cuisine: American
  • 2 1/2 C cake mix
  • 2 C powdered sugar
  • 2/3 C butter, cut into 4 pieces
  • 1/4 C milk
  • 3/4 C white chocolate chips
  • 1/2 C sprinkles
  • Extra Sprinkles for the top
  1. Mix together the cake mix and powdered sugar in a large bowl.
  2. Add milk and butter (do not stir them in) and microwave for 2 minutes. It's cool cause the butter starts to "cook" with the batter, my kids loved looking at it.
  3. Mixing everything together RIGHT away. The batter will be VERY thick.
  4. Fold in white chocolate until MOSTLY melted (a few chunks left is actually really nice in the fudge.
  5. Then add the sprinkles and stir gently. You do not want the sprinkles BLEED.
  6. Spoon into an 9x9 inch pan (lined with parchment paper), and cover with more sprinkles
  7. Cool in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour (overnight is better).
  8. Cut into squares and enjoy

Cake Mix and Sprinkles easy and delicious fudge

Do you have a favorite recipe so far? This Fudge has been the #1 post of all the cake mix and sprinkles collection, but a few have been creeping up over the years. My favorite is the no bake cheesecake, I make it all the time. But they are all great! In fact while re-watermarking I’ve been wanting to remake them all again!

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    • says

      Thanks! and thanks for YOUR recipe! It feels like this recipe has gone out of control… One pin from i heart naptime and it’s insanity! I wish she had picked one of my original recipes to pin! I hope that with the link back to you people come and look at all the other recipes you have!

    • says

      I refrigerated mine, better to be safe than sorry I think. BUT depending on how long they will be in a box you might be able to get away with it and if your shipping someplace hot or cold. But in the end i’d try something else, the cookies, marshmallows (after they’ve been allowed to set for awhile) or the bark or popcorn (if your shipping someplace cold) could work.

    • says

      The fudge is good, but everything in the party ended up tasty, I already remade a batch of the no bake cheesecake as well…. We just finished off the fudge, truffles and marshmallows this week!

  1. Laura says

    With milk in it and the fact that its not really “cooked” I would worry about someone getting ill and it has a quite a bit of butter in it so if it gets too warm you run the risk of it “melting” this is why I don’t use milk or butter in my buttercream icing. Lets put it this way I have been working in a resturant kitchen for about 18 years and if I made this still keeping in mind it’s not “cooked” fully however happy to see one that does heat it (raw cake batter can cause samonilla poisoning) I would refrigerate this. Hope this helps!

    • Shelia says

      Don’t you have to have eggs in the batter to get salmanilla poisoning? Just having a cake mix and butter and milk wouldn’t necessarily cause that, although I do agree that unless you were to use some way to keep it cold while shipping I wouldn’t suggest it.

    • Sara says

      Lol, raw cake batter can NOT cause SAMONELLA. Raw EGGS can cause samonella. I don’t believe this recipe calls for eggs. What restaurant do you work in? lol

    • LamerBaker says

      Raw eggs are the problem. If anything, I made this with water and shortening and it still came out delicious. Vegan baking :) This way, there isn’t a temperature issue. BUT it tastes better colder, in my family’s opinion.

      Salted and unsalted butter in baking is a matter of opinion, not a requirment.

    • says

      ummmm I made a double recipe and put it in a 9×13 pan… I didn’t keep track, but I cut 1.3333 inch squares and I cut about half an inch off each side to get rid of the curved part of the pan, and ended up cutting 54. Does that help?

      • Amanda says

        when you say you doubled it to a 9×13, are you saying you doubled everything in the recipe above or you made it as the recipe says but made it in a 9×13 so youd have more? i just came across this recipe and my daughter wants to take these for her class for her bday treats. :)

        • says

          when I say double I mean I double the recipe. Putting the basic recipe in a 9×13 pan would just make it thinner. the regular recipe fits an 8×8 pan, so double the recipe to make a 9×13

    • says

      yup! I used white cake mix cause I wanted white to me the main color, but this would be good with yellow cake mix too, and I bet even a chocolate version would be great!

  2. says

    I’m glad to hear you made it without the white chocolate. I tried white chocolate cake batter bark and the white chocolate completely overpowered the cake batter. I was shocked since it was a recipe that I’d seen all over the place… Will have to give this one a try! Perhaps with the white chocolate and half without!

    • says

      It also depends on what white chocolate you use. It’s funny that out of all the recipes I made for the party this was the one that went viral, it was fine, but not the most popular at the party itself, calling it fudge is on the generous side of things… Let me know what you think of it!

    • says

      Unless someone says unsalted specifically in a recipe go with salted. I do like baking with unsalted, it’s easier to control the amt of salt and flavor when you go with unsalted, but I like to use the salted when writing a recipe for others, since it’s so much cheaper.

  3. Dianna says

    There are no eggs in this recipe, so there is no chance of salmonella poisoning. Butter can be left out at at a cool room temp for days with no problems either. The amount of milk is minuscule, and with the amount of sugar and preservatives in the cake mix, you are definitely going to be ok to ship. My only concern would be if it would soften and lose the shape of the individual pieces. Perhaps make and ship it in a disposable aluminium pan. I’m looking forward to making this for our New Year’s party!

    • says

      it did get a tad bit greasy and separate a bit when left out, I still don’t think it would ship very good, refrigeration isn’t always about safety. when food items warm up they react and change, it doesn’t always mean it’s unsafe to eat, but it’s still a change. I think the disposable pan is a great idea if your going to try. of course my husband and boys totally downed it anyway!!! BOYS!

      • Natasha says

        Hi. I made this recipe a few months ago to rave reviews. I also do not have parchment paper and I used wax paper and it was fine. Hoping to make this for Thanksgiving next weekend (Canadian). Its delicious.

        • says

          I’m SO glad you liked it! Every recipe from this party was fun, but everyone really loves this one! Thanks for sharing and have a happy Thanksgiving!

    • says

      well crap! That’s a tough question, I’ve never looked! just a regular, nothing special microwave… It says 1100W output.. is that the right number?

  4. Holly says

    This might be a stupid question…in the first step it says to mix the cake mix with the powdered sugar, does this mean the dry cake mix or do I need to prepare the batter first?

  5. Chuck says

    1100W is the right number…If your microwave is less watts, you simply need to cook it longer and if more watts than the time needs to be less. My microwave is 850W so I just microwaved until the butter was melted. Everyone loved your fudge – Thank you

  6. Sheila McCurry says

    I want this recipe bad!!!! lol I cannot send it to my inbox because, it prompts me to download & I do not feel good about that…. how can I get this recipe????? Thanks! Sheila McCurry

  7. Lala says

    When I have mixed it a little bit after the microwave, everything turned yellow because of the butter :( so sad I wanted them to look so clean white like yours :(


    • says

      did you use WHITE cake mix? not yellow? and butter, not margarine? hmmmm It wasn’t pure white, but it def wasn’t yellow with the white cake mix, only the yellow (red velvet could be beautiful)

  8. Jenna says

    I just want to say that this fudge is delicious! I made it for my boyfriend last year and he loved it. So, I decided to make some for my family at Thanksgiving and Christmas time. They loved it. They liked the fudge I brought better than the chocolate fudge my mom made. (Her’s was tasty, though!) Thanks for the recipe!

  9. Sara says

    Do you melt the chocolate chips before you mix them? I was thinking of using confetti cake mix. Have you tried that? The more colorful the better, I say. :]

    • says

      nope, but they melt because the batter is already warm. I didn’t use confetti cake cause I don’t love the flavor of it, but I think any cake mix flavor should work so go for it!

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