Crochet Mohawk Hat Pattern Free

I’ve been wanting to make a faux-hawk beanie for Baby Boy since last year.  He would have looked pretty cute as a baby wearing one, BUT I got a little sidetracked with all the other hats I made him.  It’s Fall now and starting to cool off so it’s perfect timing!


He’s not the biggest fan of hats, sadly…  He keeps pulling it off, but I’m hoping when it gets colder he’ll leave it on (yeah right).  But that’s okay, cause I’ve written a few other sizes for you, baby, child and adult (teen’s too).

crochet-child-mohawk-faux-hawk-pattern crochet-adult-mohawk-faux-hawk-pattern

I used two different yarns for this one, The Jiffy is great and has lots of texture/color variation and I used it for the beanie, the wool-ease in orange was a great contrast to the blue!  I made my mohawk a bit differnt from others I’ve seen, mine is SUPER full, and FLUFFY… I adore it!

crochet-baby-child-adult-mohawk-pattern crochet-baby-mohawk-faux-hawk-pattern

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Ear flap beanie

Hook: I/5.50mm
Yarn: Lion Brand Jiffy mine is Blue
Yarn: Lion Brand wool ease mine is Orange

ch (chain)
sl st (slip stitch)
hdc (half double crochet)
hdc2tog (half double crochet 2 stitches together)

Adult (child, baby)
Start with a magic ring
Rnd 1 – Ch 2, 8hdc around, join. (8)
Rnd 2 – Ch 2, 2hdc into each st around, join. (16)
Rnd 3 – Ch 2, *hdc in next, 2hdc in next* around, join (24)
Rnd 4 – Ch 2, *hdc in next 2, 2hdc in next* around, join. (32)
Rnd 5 – Ch 2, *hdc in next 3, 2hdc in next* around, join. (40)
Rnd 6 – Ch 2, *hdc in next 4, 2hdc in next* around, join. (48)
Rnd 7 – Ch 2, *hdc in next 5 (5, 11), 2hdc in next* around, join (56, 56, 52)
Rnd 8 – Ch 2, *hdc in next 6 (13, 52- no double for the baby size), 2hdc in next* around, join (64, 60, 52)
Rnds 9- 20 (18, 15) – Ch 2, hdc in each st around, join. (64, 60, 52)

(adult version) row 1.a – Ch 2, hdc in next 16
(adult version) row 1.b – Ch 2 and turn, hdc2tog, hdc 12 times, hdc2tog. (14)
(kid and baby)Row 1 – Ch 2, hdc in next 14

Row 2 – Ch 2 and turn, hdc2tog, hdc 10 times, hdc2tog. (12)
Row 3 – Ch 2 and turn, hdc2tog, hdc 8 times, hdc2tog. (10)
Row 4 – Ch 2 and turn, hdc2tog, hdc 6 times, hdc2tog. (8)
Row 5 – Ch 2 and turn, hdc2tog, hdc 4 times, hdc2tog. (6)
Row 6 – Ch 2 and turn, hdc2tog, hdc 2 times, hdc2tog. (4)
Row 7 – Ch 2 and turn, hdc2tog twice. (2)
Fasten off and weave in ends

The space across forehead should be around 27 (24, 20) st’s wide, make that choice after trying the beanie on your model!


Change yarn color
sl st in the back, ch 1, sc around, sl st to the first sc

Cut 6 long strips for each ear flap, slip it in between the 2 hdc2tog in row 7 of the ear flaps, and braid the long strips!


Faux-Hawk Strip
Small (Medium, Large)

Hook: I/5.50mm
Yarn: Lion Brand wool ease

ch (chain)
sc (single crochet)


ch 41 (47, 51).
Row 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each remaining ch across, turn—40 (46, 50) sc.
Rows 2 and 3: Ch 1, sc in each sc across, turn.
Fasten off.

Honestly you could easily make this any length, just chain until your happy with the length front to back of the beanie.


Cut approximately 600 (690, 750) 6-7 inches long. Holding 5 pieces together, fold the strands in half. Insert crochet hook, from RS to WS to RS again, around a stitch of the center row of Mohawk strip and into the folded strands. Draw the fold back around the stitch to the RS, forming a loop on the RS. Insert ends of strands into the loop and pull to tighten. Repeat this process to attach fringe to all of the sc in each row of Faux-hawk strip. Trim fringe to about 2-2 1/2 inches long.


Once you’ve tied all the fringe on take a long piece of yarn and a needle and sew your faux-hawk strip onto the beanie!!  I sewed down the center first then down each side to get it nice and snug!


So have you made anything Orange  lately?  Come link up to this months Point of View – Theme – Orange!

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  1. says

    Oh my goodness Ashlee! This is awesome! And it looks so darling on baby boy. I understand the frustration of them not keeping things on, especially something as cute as this hat! :)

    • says

      you are to cute! Thank you so much for the feature! One of these day’s Ill start linking up again! I’m so happy that business is going so well for you! I hope to see you soon!

  2. says

    Seriously. He is A-DOR-ABLE! This is the perfect hat for him, and it turned out so so cute. Also, I think a pink mohawk would be awesome. Just sayin. I think DA has a great idea going with that one. Just make sure you post a photo of her wearing it once it’s done.

  3. says

    Adorable! Every little guy needs one of these. Hope you won’t mind me linking up tomorrow at Tangled Happy. Thanks for sharing this fun Pattern!

  4. sara says

    Do you have any idea what the length of the hats are when you finish with the main color? :) My gauge always seems different than everybody else and I just want to make sure I’ve got ti right. I’m working on the child’s hat.

  5. Charlotte says

    Can this pattern work using double crochet as well? I’m going to try to make it for a toddler if that makes a difference.

    • says

      double crochet is a longer/narrower stitch, so while it tends to crochet faster, it won’t be as dense. also you’ll stop your increases a row or two sooner, and won’t do as many rows! but totally doable! Have fun!

  6. Brandy says

    I was wondering how you like the lion brand jiffy yarn? its kind of like mohair right? I was thinking about making a hat for my newborn daughter in this but wondered if its soft enough and not itchy for newborn everyday wear?

    • says

      I love lion brand yarn, the jiffy worked GREAT for this, cause i wanted something really warm for Baby Boy for the winter, but for a newborn version I’d use one of the soft baby yarns to make a smaller, softer version.

  7. Tamara says

    I love this hat! I have a new grandbaby and have been looking for a pattern for the faux-hawk. I think I might make one for my 17 years old too. Awesom instructions and the pictures helped also!

    • says

      I’m unclear what your asking? There isn’t an HS anywhere in the pattern. There is a WS and a RS? is that what you meant? right side and wrong side.

  8. Nancy Wisseman says

    I love your hat. I make hats for my family and also sometimes to sell. If I credit you for the pattern, may I sell some? I won’t sell if you say don’t. I always ask first.

  9. Kirsten says

    Hello, I am wanting to make one of these for my nephews upcoming birthday! Can you please let me know how many balls of yarn of each color I will need to make a child’s size?

      • StageSitter says

        Hi there. This hat is flippin’ adorable!!! I hope to try making it for my grandson. You mentioned that you didn’t use a full skein of either color. I’m an intermediate crocheter and have several.
        What size skeins?
        What size yarn (bulky, chunky, Aran, etc.)?
        Stitch Gauge?

        Thanks so much!

        • says

          these are the yarns I used Yarn: Lion Brand Jiffy and Yarn: Lion Brand wool ease, weight 5 and 4, both would work. I didn’t come close to even using half a skein, I honestly rarely start with a full skein, I’m always using scraps so I can’t really say how much of any one skein I use. it was 7 stitches for 2 inches, 6 rows for 2 inches

  10. Joy says

    Thank you for the pattern. I have made two of them now for baby gifts. I cut the Mohawk strips at four inches and like using four strands in each hole rather than five. A latch hook makes the Mohawk go much smoother too.

    • says

      very fun! I’m so glad you like them. I seriously still love it, but wish the baby would have worn it he hated it) going to make larger ones for the other kids this next winter

  11. Suzanne says

    Two questions: 1. How many rows for the baby size hat? I think it’s 15, but unsure. Everyone rights patterns different. 2. Can you explain what you mean by putting the crochet hook into the right stitch then Wrong then right? I’m thinking I may have it once I’m doing it, but not sure. Thanks! Oh and do u ever make videos reaching your patterns?

    • says

      just keep doing rows until it’s the fit you want, every baby is such different size that it’s hard to give a straight “this hat is this size” answer. But yes, I stopped at 15 for the baby. And the right/wrong/right? your asking about the fringe? It’s when your looking at the strip, it’s hopefully common sense, if you have trouble while doing it email and I’ll try to help more. and no, I don’t do videos

  12. amber says

    So cute! I think I may make this for my second cousins 1st birthday! Im wondering if maybe you could do a loop stich and cit at the end of the loop for the mohock part?

    • says

      you can, or you can just keep going, or sl st over, it’s totally your choice. Personally I did finish, fashion off and weave in the ends, then attach the ear flaps where I wanted them to be.

    • says

      I’m sorry you feel that way. I’m not a professional pattern writer, which is why I offer my patterns for free. I just create something and write it down the way I make it.

  13. Leslie says

    Thank you so much for the pattern. My baby [ who’s 38 now, but will always be my sweet baby girl] saw a picture and said how much she would love to have one like it…and now she can!

  14. Kate says

    LOVE! I can tell you are a great mom, because you have a LOT of patience even in your crafting life. Thanks for the free patterns. I love beards and mustaches, and am going to make that beard/beanie combo for a friend’s baby and also both of my sons. This one is so cute too! I was thinking of our fave football team colors… but I don’t know if I am patient enough to make the fringe. Thanks for all of the great posts and amazing ideas! Love your sense of style across all your ‘outlets’ (from cakes to home to craft).

    • says

      thanks! I do wait to respond to the difficult ones (I only respond once a month to everything) and that helps with patience, there are some comments where I do get frustrated. But I’ve learned not to react. The trim is simple and goes really fast, so just turn on a movie and have fun!

  15. Nicole says

    Im kind of new to crocheting, I am confused on what to do when i get to this section
    Rnd 7 – Ch 2, *hdc in next 5 (5, 11), 2hdc in next* around, join (56, 56, 52)
    Rnd 8 – Ch 2, *hdc in next 6 (13, 52- no double for the baby size), 2hdc in next* around, join (64, 60, 52)
    Rnds 9- 20 (18, 15) – Ch 2, hdc in each st around, join. (64, 60, 52)
    Why are there two numbers next to the 5 in round 7? Its been over a year since I crocheted so I am trying to refresh my memory

    • Naomi says

      The numbers in parentheses after the 5 in round 5 (and in every round after) are for different sizes of hats. The number outside of the parentheses is for an adult sized hat, then the first number in the parentheses is for the child sized hat, and the second number is for the baby sized hat. If you look at the very beginning of the pattern, you see this: Adult (child, baby). That tells you what numbers/directions to follow for the size of hat that you want. Hope that helps!

    • says

      it’s for sizing, at the begining of the pattern it says:
      Adult (child, baby)
      so the first number is the adult, and if you want one of the other sizes follow the directions in the parenthesis

  16. marisa says

    I need help with doing the fringe part of the mohawk. I cut all the yarn to what you had said and didn’t even use half of it. I can’t seem to understand the way they are supposed to be attached.

  17. nicole says

    hello I just love the mohawk But I dont understand the ch 2 before each row it makes a big hole all the wayto the end of one side Is it suppose to be like that THNKS Im lost lol

    • says

      if you don’t ch2 you’ll be starting the row from the “ground” level and you won’t get the height you need to create the hdc in the next stitch, if you chain loose you might be able to get away with just ch1, but I usually suggest just doing the ch2 a bit tighter

  18. Stephanie says

    Love your patterns. Some of the best that I’ve used (not that I am too seasoned :) ) Made the beard/beanie combo for my youngest for Halloween and making the faux hawk for my newest nephew who is still basting…

    • says

      awww thank you so much! I so often only get comments when people have issues (totally natural) but I really love and appreciate the positive stories! thank you for taking the time to comment!

  19. Rhonda says

    Thank you for this uber easy pattern, I worked it start to finish in an afternoon! The hat itself lends itself to lots of options (for those not into the faux hawk… Since it works so fast I see many of them under the tree this holiday season. So nice to find a project that takes a skein or less to complete!

  20. Vee says

    Hi! I love this hat! Could I make this for my daughter, or is this for boys only? (I just need another opinion, my husband doesn’t care and i really don’t know :-) )

  21. Candyce says

    Thank-you for the wonderful pattern! It was very easy to follow and turned out beautifully.

    I made this hat over the weekend for my 7-year-old son and he LOVES it. Everyone asks where I bought it.

    I have boys and sometimes cute patterns for them are hard to find. This one is a winner!

  22. Mary Lou says

    Made the Mohawk hat in red and black for my 33-year-old daughter and she’s ecstatic! She is a teacher at a school where their colors are red and black and their mascot is the Indian. Can’t wait for her to wear it to school. Has to make a few adjustments, but it should be fine. Hope to finish it tomorrow. Thank you.

    • says

      whatever the pattern calls for – often 6-9, but each pattern is different, I’ve done some with less. in this case it’s row 1 – so ch2 and hdc 8 times

  23. Aritoo says

    Hi Ashlee, Beautiful hat and beautiful baby! Two questions:
    1. Does the beginning ch 2 count as a stitch for each round?
    2. How do you join? sl st to top of beginning ch 2 or top of the first hdc?
    Thank you!

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