Blue Chevron Ombre birthday cake

The last few years Computer boy had Lego parties with friends so this year we did a family party only (we attempt to do an every other year thing, but there is the occasional exception). The fun thing about Computer boy’s birthday is that he was born on his dad’s birthday! So we celebrate both boys (well man and boy) together for these family parties.


When I asked Computer boy what he wanted for his birthday cake (last year was the lego head the year before the lego blocks) he said he wanted a blue cake.  That’s it.. a blue cake, oh with fondant.  But I couldn’t just cover a cake with blue fondant and leave it at that!  So I took it as the perfect opportunity to try out an ombre layered cake!

blue-chevron-ombre-birthday-cake-layers blue-chevron-ombre-birthday-cake-layered

I stared with a double batch of my white cake, and added a little bit of blue and baked a thin layer, added more blue to the batter and baked another thin layer, repeat again and again… So from light light blue to dark blue- GORGEOUS layers! I added the same blue to some white butter-cream and put the layers together with it, dark on the bottom to light on top!


Frost the whole thing… and then I covered it with white fondant. I created ombre chevron labels for our small dinner party, so I wanted to use chevrons on the cake too. Using the parchment technique I used with this mustache and lips cake I cut a chevron template and using my airbrush gun sprayed the cake, attempting to go from darker to lighter. Not TOTALLY in love with it, but it’s always having a cake with no major expectations to play around with it!


The birthday boy’s hadn’t seen the layered inside (since I bake and frost at night when they are in bed) so cutting into the cake was a HUGE reveal moment for the whole party! Everyone was super in love and impressed with it! Totally worth baking for the ENTIRE DAY!  I LOVED (sing-song voice) how it turned out.

blue-chevron-ombre-birthday-cake-labeled blue-chevron-ombre-birthday-cake

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      Thanks! My sister is making a purple version for her little girls next birthday! It’s worth the bit of extra cooking time for such a fun effect!

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