White Trash Trailer cake

I love love LOVE two things best when cake decorating- a fun cake design and making a cake for someone I know!  This cake had both!  When Jesseca from One Sweet Appetite asked if I could make a cake for a going away party she was throwing I said of course!  When she said she wanted a white trash trailer I about DIED!  I was SO excited!!!


The cake is the trailer… everything else is fondant… but the details MAKE it!  I wish I’d taken a better picture of underneath the trailer…  I made little fondant cinder blocks to cover the dowels holding the cake up!  I’m SO in love with it all!


I took two layers of 8 inch chocolate cake and “glued” them together with chocolate Ganache.  Then placed it on the side and started carving!  Jesseca choose the tear drop shape (or canned ham) trailer!  Then covered it with whipped Ganache.


I covered it with grey fondant and used a pizza cutter to create lines on the sides of the cake.  then “glued” on the details with vodka (or clear vanilla if you’d rather).  This is when it got late and I forgot to take more pictures- (although I instagramed a few…) dang it… but I sprayed it silver and hand created all the rest of the details out of fondant.


See?  Silver…  The fondant board is just covered with brown fondant and then to create the dirt look/feel I added Cocoa!  In fact I used the cocoa on my fingers to rub along the details of the cake (once the silver was dry) and give it a “dirty” look!  After that it’s all about the details… tires, rocks, stairs, curtains…


I created an aged, broken down, tufted couch (more cocoa for dirt) in this “lovely” color- going for an out of date aged couch… (and crumpled beer can on the ground)


My favorite pieces is probably this broken folding chair!  Actually my broken version broke, so it’s TWICE broken, how white trash is THAT!


I made a TV for our trailer dwellers…  I wanted to BREAK it, but I couldn’t figure how the best way to do that, so I added aged rabbit ears instead.


And of course our random, long grass/weeds around our mounds of “dirt” and old broken down tires… (and more dirt)


The TOILET… one of the few requests Jesseca gave me, that and the random beer cans around.  I made 4 different toilets trying to get it JUST right.  I’m dying I’m so in love with how it turned out!


I love my trailer cake and I hope you all do to!

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  1. Jesseca says

    It was SO perfect!! Everyone loved it, and it was really really hard to actually cut and eat it. I’ll have to find out what chocolate cake recipe you use. It’s SO yummy!

  2. says

    WOW! This is awesome! Maybe I missed it- how long did this take you? I know when I did my little boys cake, Lightning McQueen- it seemed to take forever! But then again, that was my first cake I had ever decorated by myself… Great job!

    • says

      I’m kind of a slow decorator since I’m such a perfectionist. The decorating alone (not counting the baking) took about 8 hours? I’m guessing since I don’t actually time myself. I put my kids to bed, and work all night, with a few breaks for food and nursing the baby…

    • says

      Thank you so much! And thanks for the shout out on FB! If you ever need a fun cake for work or anything let me know! I’ve done a few pinterest inspired smash cakes if you want one for your show!

  3. Kimberly Curtis says

    Love this!!! We drive by a little trailer community once in a while, and this is about how it looks with about 10 more trailers scattered in random spots. :) and probably a few more broken things layin around.

    This made me laugh!!! You are really really creative!!!

    • says

      HA! It depends on the trailer park, some are nice and some are… well this! I was going to add a clothing line, but ran out of time! Making the broken couch and chairs was SO much fun! I’ve totally driven by THIS trailer park before 😉

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