Vintage Rose Ruffled Wedding Cake

I love making wedding cakes!  One of the nice things about living here in UT is both my husband and I have a lot of family in the area!  So when one of our cousins, or in this case Second Cousins, gets engaged I offer to make their cake!


This one was super fun, I love getting asked to make a cake with a technique I haven’t tried before, cause then I get to figure it out!  I love the casual and yet elegant look of her wedding plans, decor and colors!  Peach with a rustic look using mason jars, yet lots of ruffles!  (I should’ve taken a picture of the centerpieces!)


I made these gumpaste roses a few days before so they had time to dry.  I used a foam egg shape for the center and a 3 inch rose petal cutter.  I wish I’d had a 4 inch cutter…  But they turned out lovely.  Then I mixed some spirits (vodka or clear vanilla work great) with some bronze luster dust and hand painted all the edges of the roses so they would stand out!


For the fondant ruffles first I frosted and covered each cake with fondant.  Then I rolled out a long strip of fondant very thin, cut the length into a few 1 1/2 inch strips, then thinned and ruffled the top edge using a ball tool!  Starting at the top of the cake and using vodka or clear vanilla I attached the stip (ruffled side up) around the cake.  Then repeat moving your way down!


I left the roses on skewers and cut them short and stuck them into the cake where I wanted them.  The roses were pretty big and left some big gaps so once I had them where I wanted them I took the extra fondant I always bring with me to set up, rolled it thin, cut out extra petals.   And just like making a rose I thinned the edge to create ruffles, then painted the edge and used the petals to fill in the gaps.


You can’t even tell!  I rolled some, gathered some, just placed them in the gaps until everything was filled in nicely!  I love the way it turned out, and since the bride is family I got to see many of my extended family that night and enjoy great company!  Seriously the best part!


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    • says

      Thanks so much Summer! And good luck with the SNAP stencil contest! I wanted to participate, but just got to crazy busy to ever work on it!

  1. Lisa says

    Truly stunning cake!!
    Did you use any gum paste in the fondant ruffles? What kind of fondant did you use? I am in Florida and want to be sure the fondant can withhold the humidity.
    How do you serve with or without the fondant on it?

    • says

      Thank you! Yes to get it thin enough for the ruffle it’s a fondant gumpaste mixture, just the the flowers. The brand I like is Satin ice, but there are so many brands out there, it’s more about finding one that works for you.

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