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Wow! Last week I was still recovering from SNAP (which was GREAT) and I missed the link party, then this week I fell asleep last night at 7!!!! That’s even before my kids went to bed! INSANE!!! It’s been CRAZY around here, with parties, conferences and 1-2 cakes every week. I’m WAY behind on sleep, laundry and grocery shopping. A few more weeks of this pace and then School will be out and we’re heading down to AZ to spend time with my sister’s family for a week… Finally a break! And it’s summer vacation, which is busy but in a different way!

airplane-baby-shower-table airplane-cookies-color-flow-method-finished airplane-baby-show-air-traffic-control-tower-cake airplane-ticket-baby-shower-invitation

The last few weeks I’ve shared my Airplane baby shower, with Color flow cookies, control tower cake and boarding pass invitations.

topsy-turvy-fondant-cake-teirs topsy-turvy-cake-pops-business-cards teacher-appreciation-canvas-finished-quote I'm Topsy Turvy

Also the HUGE topsy turvy craft trend inspired cake I made for the SNAP opening dinner, AND my topsy turvy cake pop business cards! Also my teacher appreciation canvas for this month’s Point of view link party! It’s still open so come link up any teacher appreciation or end of school projects you’ve been working on!

Now features from the last two link parties! You guys are AMAZING, I had the hardest time narrowing it down!


I think it’s obvious I LOVE parties, and this medical party it right up my alley! The details are amazing, the labels are AWESOME, and the themed treats are RIGHT on! Even the trays, and plastic cups. The only thing missing (for me) is a cake… But what do DO for that cake? No idea? A skull?


How could I NOT feature something named the Ashley bag? (when she linked up she even spelled it my way, Ashlee- CUTE). Bev I NEED one of these bags, for my camera/diaper bag…! I love the ruffles, the braid at the base of the handle, the bright color… AND as always Bev gives an amazingly clear and easy to follow tutorial!


we LOVE angry birds around here, and my boys have been asking me to make them some, but I have been so backed up with cakes and other knitting/crocheting patters I haven’t done it yet. Now I don’t have to! I love that other designers out there are offering patterns for free! Here is a pattern for the red angry bird and another one for the green pig!


After some MAJOR issues with painting this table top it turned out beautifully! I probably would have given up after all the trouble, but she took the time to hand paint it and it turned out beautifully!


these fan medallions make a lovely update to a picture frame. How could would this look on a BIG pictures on the wall? I NEED one of those awesome scoring boards! Cool!


In addition to the treat of the week I think we need a tip of the week, this miracle concrete patio cleaner looks AWESOME!!! My concrete is in some serious need of some TLC. I’m SO showing this to my husband (what? I am WAY to busy to do it myself- that and I’m not really a fan of the outside…)


The treat of the week: I love cake and I love coconut, these coconut cream cupcakes look FANTASTIC! And I’m SO going to try them this summer. Coconut is a great summer flavor!


I love cilantro, and citrus (lime) and easy meals (crockpot) so this slow cooker cilantro lime chicken? PEFECTION! and like the coconut these flavors are perfect for summer, with corn on the cob and a fresh salad? Another recipe to add to my summer menu! Mmmmm

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    • says

      Your so welcome! And thank you so much! It is one of my favorite parties to date! I can’t WAIT to share my next one, I LOVE how it turned out!

    • says

      Thanks so much for adding my link party to your rotation! I hope you not only enjoy linking up, but enjoy the amazing projects linked up every week! I can’t wait to see what you’ve linked up! Sunday night visiting ever link is such a BLAST!

  1. says

    Hi Ashlee: I linked up the Pin Board Tute, check it out if you have the time, it turned out so nice.
    Thank you for having me! I hope you have a great week.

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      Thanks for linking up! I can’t wait to see it. I visit EVERY link every Sunday night. I hope you have a wonderful week as well!

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    Thank you so much for featuring my medical party!! You’re right.. it is missing a cake. Unfortunately, the hosts bought a generic slab cake from the grocery store so that didn’t cut it. (No pun intended!!) Haha!! I’m always so honored to be featured on your blog! Have a good one.

    • says

      Your so welcome! I loved all the details from the party, you always do a good job though, but this medical party just totally tickled me!

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