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I can not believe it’s February already! This year is already going to fast, just as baby boy is already growing up too fast for my tastes! This week I FINALLY shared a pattern I’ve been perfecting for the past month, crochet wrap around button baby booties- for girls or boys! I’ve made and remade over a dozen versions of this pattern trying to get it right. Since every child’s feet are different and everyone crochets in different ways (tight or loose) I hesitate to share the pattern. So far the response has been overwhelming, its been pinned over 1000 times since last week. But I’m already getting questions or problems people are running into, which while I’m sure is common stresses me out a bit! I want to please everyone, but I haven’t been writing patterns long enough to feel confident in my abilities! Anyway, I shared the pattern and size I made for my baby as well as a smaller infant booty version I made for a friends baby.

crochet-baby-wrap-button-boot-girls-finished crochet-baby-wrap-button-boot-boys-finished crochet-baby-wrap-button-hole-boot-newborn Do-you-pin-button-pinterest-challenge chocolate-peanut-butter-chunk-valentines-scones-recipe

Also the 5th round of the Pinterest Challenge is up and running so go link up your creations! And next week remind people to come vote for your projects! And finally I’m sharing (again) my favorite scone recipe, this time all decked out for Valentines with the addition of peanut butter chips as well!!!


Amy is not only a dear friend but amazing with ruffles and pillows! This ruffled valentines pillow is no exception! It’s part of the monthly point of view party, and all of the crafts from the ladies involved are lovely!


I love this easy to make valentines mug! With a plain mug and the right pen the possibilities are endless!


This is a gorgeous wrap around top skirt to go over an adorable under ruffled skirt! The possibilities are endless!!!


These man cave pillows would be great for a boys room as well! Just adorable, and with so many ways to work with fabric paint these days you could do this with any image!


Hot Chocolate is one of my all time favorite foods. It’s practically a meal for me (my hot chocolate is made with whole milk so it’s quite filling- and a great way to get my calcium in!). This white hot chocolate totally intrigues me! I’m not a huge white chocolate fan, but I’m going to have to try it.


I love breakfast and one of my favorites is french toast, while I love my own recipe more than any other I’ve tried I love the idea of cutting the bread with a heart cutter! BRILLIANT idea, heart shaped french toast valentines breakfast!


I’m not much of a fruit person, and I’m REALLY not much a fruit pie fan, but this rustic pear tart looks so lovely, and most of you probably DO like it, so I just had to share it! My husband and kids would LOVE it!

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      Thanks so much! And I noticed your Hot chocolate featured a few different places this week! How fun, and the amazing photography totally helps! It looks like art!

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