Topsy Turvy Tuesday’s

I had the best intentions this week, have a about a dozen half finished posts saved as drafts, but in the end it ended up being a pretty lazy week! I failed my glucose test and had to take it again, spent most of Friday enjoying my Sister in law’s and Saturday night had my cousin, her fiancee and Aunt over for dinner to discuss wedding cake plans! Finally I also had a cake this weekend. So it was crazy enough in real life that I never did get around to finishing most of my posts.

I did post the winners of the Lilypotamus Giveaway and posted my Dark Chocolate Souffle recipe! The rest of the half finished drafts you’ll just have to slowly wait for!

make your own nail polish

Do you love nail polish? Have you ever thought about making your own? Me neither. I love this tutorial on how to take cheap clear nail polish and create your own, with fun colors, glitter, etc..! I am a plain or maybe french tip finger nail gal myself, but I LOVE fun colors and sparkles on my toes!

nursing cover car seat canopy tutorial

Do you love your nursing cover? And your car seat canopy? What about making them two in one? Personally I don’t have either, they’ve become popular SINCE my last was born, and as I’ve survived 4 kids without I wasn’t planning on having either this time around as well. But putting them together? What a brilliant idea and nice tutorial! I might just have to change my mind about them!

homemade ice cream drumsticks

Okay treat of the week time. I love ice cream, and I love drumsticks but I never buy either. I make my own ice cream and buying a plain cone is a treat for my kids. But I’m going to have to invest in cones after this great tutorial on how to make your own drumstick! LOVE it, and you can use your favorite ice cream, which for me makes it even BETTER than a store bought drumstick! Mmmmm

So there you have it, some of the features from last week. Don’t forget to take a button if you were featured.

featured I'm topsy turvy tuesdays

Don’t forget to grab a button for you blog somewhere. AND we had another no musical blogs linked up week! Yippee!

I'm topsy turvy tuesdays

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  1. says

    Thanks for hosting Ashlee! Hope everything worked out with the glucose test- YUCK! Enjoy your summer and take care of yourself. :)

    • says

      I should find out sometime today… Hopefully it’s good news, I do NOT want to take the 12 hour fasting test. I can’t go more than a few hours without eating these days! Let’s Call Leanne and plan a night out soon!

    • says

      You guys post so many every week! What a great idea to have so many people contributing to your blog! Thanks for linking up so many great ideas!

  2. says

    OH NO!!! The glucose test is terrible to begin with!!! :( I hope the results are good!! I know this is NOT what you want to hear but I had GD and I remember that my hubby gave me my shots each morning. It was so sweet how he did it and took care of me. He would get SO excited when he found me some sugarfree treats. SO sweet! Hubby…..swoon! Thanks for hosting, Ashlee! :)

    • says

      Well they didn’t call yesterday so I must have passed! Honestly I was only 2 points off and I think it’s because they took the test too early (my phone was missing that day so I used my car phone for my starting time and I’m pretty sure my car phone is fast!

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