Topsy Turvy Tuesday’s

I had the most amazing week! I spent Thursday – Friday in Park City at Evo Conference. I went last year and it was amazing. By far the best social media conference out there for women. It didn’t disappoint. This year was better in some ways, not quite the same in others, but overall amazing. I can’t wait to sit down and implement everything I learned as well as tell you more about it. But time to get back to real life a bit first.

We’re having our very first Family reunion (for my side of the family, my folks, siblings, nieces and nephews). It’s this Thurs-Sunday so this week is also going to be pretty slow around here. But I am so excited to get started on some of my new ideas and projects. With the baby coming I’m still not going to be an every day blogger, but I do have some goals and some plans I think you’ll enjoy!

Last week we announced our Elmers prize package winners. Thanks again to Elmers, just an incredible giveaway. I also shared the first of my new changes. I’m adding a new Sunday post, “things kids say”. It’s not going to be every week, just when something cute comes up, but a way to share some more of my real life with you all. This last Sunday was “I don’t have a mother


I’ve lived in 7 different states, 4 since we’ve been married plus Japan. I would LOVE to do something like this state canvas art! It turned out great. I love all things maps, and gravitate towards things like this state art.

My oldest daughter is just SURE she want’s to own her own business and make money. She has been dying to start her own stand of some kind. This homemade lemonade stand is just adorable. Maybe with an adorable stand like this she’d get at least a few people stopping, which I think is all she really wants! I love the idea of using chalkboard paint, and the bunting and adorable awning totally complete it!


Lil Luna loves pinterest as much as I do, and found herself some inspiration there. She created this gorgeous photo gallery wall from one of her inspirations.

So there you have it, some of the features from last week. Don’t forget to take a button if you were featured.

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Don’t forget to grab a button for you blog somewhere. OH and guess what? Not a single link up had music on their blog this week! NOT ONE! thank you so much! Not sure if the music is just getting turned off or the people with music on their blogs just quite linking up! Either way THANK YOU!

topsy turvy tuesdays

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    • says

      Thanks for linking up Leanne! What a fun idea, to display your summer list that way. I did something similar with pictures of my youngest on her first birthday. I love pictures! Will we see you Wednesday night at the GNO with Today’s Creative Blog?

  1. staci johnson says

    Thanks sooo much Ashlee for featuring my lemonade stand!! I don’t have anything to link up this week (taking a bit of a tutorial break:) Have a great week!!

    • says

      That’s totally understandable! I have MANY weeks with no crafts, or tutorials! I haven’t linked up to anything in months to anything. I really need to start linking up again, or posting tutorials, or both!

    • says

      Thanks for all the link up’s! I wish when I started I’d thought of collaborators, you get so much more done that way, so so smart!

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