Topsy Turvy Tuesday’s

Sorry for the late posting of Topsy Turvy Tuesday’s this week! My mornings are great, but my evenings are a bit rough. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you need to see my last post! I finally made my big announcement! I waited to share until we saw the heartbeat, then told our families and finally shared it with you guys! Now you know why things aren’t moving too well around here. And why I’m still looking for guest posters! We have the next few months full, but are looking for beyond that! My goal this week is to post ONE tutorial… Wish me luck!

millenium falcon cake

Two of my favorite things come together with this Millenium Cake. I’m a not-so-in-the-closet geek. I love Sci Fi (or SyFy… ) and fantasy. So of COURSE I love Star Wars. This cake turned out terrific! And she talks about how quickly she made this. I can’t imagine doing all of this in just one afternoon/night. Fantastic. Lego boy wants a Lego Star Wars birthday party this year. I might just have to save this one…

product cards

I’ve been wanting to made some of my own product cards, but didn’t want to have to order a few thousand cards for a business that isn’t growing. THIS tutorial from Sumo for how to make your own product cards is brilliant! My only problem now? I still don’t have a Silhouette! GRRRR

This week was Dr. Seuss’s birthday week. And there were tons of crafts out there, this cat in hat tutorial is totally fun and adorable, and she makes it so easy and do-able!! I wish I had thought to make something like this last year for my daughters!

So there you have it, some of the features from last week. Don’t forget to take a button if you were featured.

featured I'm topsy turvy tuesdays

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  1. says

    Wowser, that cake is awesome! Glad to see you’re feeling well enough to get the linky party started. I was getting worried about you. :)

    • says

      It’s it amazing! My son is already planning what kind of cake and pinata he wants for his lego star wars party. I’m not letting him see this…

    • says

      I love your product cards! I really was just thinking last week how I needed to find a way to make some. Now I just need a silhouette! Grrr… What happened to my string of luck, I can’t seem to win one to save my life!

  2. says

    I’m thinking… with as large as punches have gotten these days – you may be able to pick up a huge fancy shaped punch for your custom product cards…

    Years ago I made a 3-D R2D2 cake for a neighbor’s birthday… and even all these years later it’s still my piece de resistance of cakes… that kid is still into StarWars… you think he wants a Millennium Falcon this year?

    yeah, I’m not gonna ask either :)

  3. Glamourpuss says

    Wow! Thank you so much for featuring my cake! I was so excited to see this feature and I definitely will have to add your featured button on my blog now. PS Congratulations! :)

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