Topsy Turvy Tuesday

I actually got these features done EARLY this last week! AND I blogged this week OTHER than the Topsy Turvy Tuesday stuff! That hasn’t happened in months! (It’s not anything HUGE, but check it out, I made a mini wedding cake, to top a cupcake tower, I showed off a carved pumpkin cake I made years ago but it still one of my VERY favorites and I also showed off my new “look” while I’m working on the remodeling (yes, I am THAT hot!)!

I’m FINALLY living at home with my family and my husband (and he really does have a job- Honestly after 15 months without one I didn’t REALLY believe it) and my computer (Oh sweet internet I hope to never leave you for so long again!). I’ve missed you, I’ve missed my blog, I’ve missed Hulu (I have 2 monitors and I watch HULU while I do this!) and I’ve missed CHECKING all my favorites blogs out! It was so nice to not have to RUSH through the features this week. You guys are such a fun and creative bunch! There were a LOT of new blogs linked up this week too! So Welcome to you newbies and thanks again for coming to my repeaters!

detective party

How have I not come across this blog before? Creative Birthday Party Ideas is RIGHT up my alley and this Amazing Detective party is SO fun! I have to say her husband is a GREAT sport, he played 4 different characters! It had all the makings of a fun party! Decor, adorable invitations, great activities, awesome theme, costumes, great favors and cupcakes! EVERYTHING! From the pictures it looks like the guests and birthday boys had a GREAT time! I love the briefcases she made for each boy full of items they would need during the party (like a magnifying glass and a mustache- MUSTACHE Nuf said). In the story line there was a thief out there stealing party goodies (the cupcakes). They had 3 suspects and by following the clues figured out who it was, found him (and the cupcakes) and put him in “jail”. I am in LOVE and totally going to do this when my boys are older (Actually I think my daughter would LOVE it!).

Nurse Costume

Okay, Tis the season to think about costumes (of course my husband wouldn’t mind if I thought about them more often! he he he- sorry it’s late and I’m sleep deprived and SILLY!). I am still so busy with the house I haven’t even BEGUN my Halloween plans. There goes the party I SWEAR I’m going to throw every year! Oh well. ANYWAY, back to this adorable Nurses Costume at Nap Time Journal! Becca based it on another pattern by The Crafty Cupboard but she added a super sweet ruffle as well as glitter and a bag! This costume will be fun year round! And since it’s an apron it will fit okay for even longer! Also around here it’s so cold by Halloween that you have to consider wearing sweats under your costume. This totally works for that! I’m afraid I’m going to be stuck wearing something lycra, tight and oh so flattering again this year! Eeekk!

Gingham cake apron

This is not the first time we’ve had Flamingo Toes here on our featured page! I’m missing my sewing machine and I really fell in love with so many of these sewn projects! But how could I not? This apron is not only a cute apron it has CAKE on it! PERFECTION! I think in need some of this cake ribbon, but I ALSO need Bev to embroider me a Cake for my pocket! I haven’t embroidered anything since I was a teenager and tried embroidering a His and Her’s pillow my grandmother got me for my “Trousseau”. I don’t remember being very good at it. Bev on the other hand? Is AMAZING! Simply AMAZING! I might just have to try embroidery again! It doesn’t hurt that Bev gives AMAZING clear tutorials. SO thanks again Flamingo Toes!

Bat wing Shirt

Sumo is another repeat here. One of the things I’ve really enjoyed about my Topsy Turvy Tuesday’s is finding so many like minded bloggers/bakers/crafters out there! I feel like I’m getting to really know some of these women! And it’s fun to find so many people I have to much in common with (because I don’t have much in common with my neighbors- with live in a neighborhood where the AVERAGE age is seriously 75. Honestly! Any of you followers in UT let me know, I’d LOVE to get together I’ve been a bit lonely since my move!). So Sumo… This Bat shirt and Onsie are just ADORABLE! I think I need to have a baby next fall simply so I can make this onsies! In fact I have a girlfriend due in the next few weeks and I think she needs to make a manly bat for her little guys’ first Halloween! I won’t be able to get this shirt done this year for my three year old (remodel, sewing machine broken, yada yada yada…) Sumo actually based this off an earlier shirt/Tutorial she made that was a butterfly Onsie so check out her great tutorials and make a BAT!

Color mixing bottles

ANY kid would LOVE these totally fun Color mixing bottles from Cabbrea. As the mother of children with special needs, I am SO in love with these. My kids are going to love love LOVE these! They’ll even have fun making these with me! I am TOTALLY going to make these as soon as I get some bottles collected! I might have to go BUY bottles just for this fun project! I JUST threw away the perfect bottle last week too. I’m such a flake! ARGG I keep trying to stay uncluttered and throw stuff away, then I regret it (better than being a hoarder though, right?)! I think I might need one for me and my desk too!!


Okay, so This Pig Ami Egg wasn’t linked up this week, but she usually links up and I think it was supposed to be linked up last week, but I’m a flake and didn’t have the link ready! ANYWAY. This Pig was made ESPECIALLY for me! I fell in love with this blog and these AMAZING crocheted eggs MONTHS ago and started begging for a pig. Begging is a GREAT way to get things. Anyway, not only is this the most adorable egg EVER but she SELLS her adorable creations and I’ve already ordered mine! Can’t wait to get him (yes it’s a him!)! EEEkkk! I’m SO in love! So THANK YOU Ami Eggs!
So if you were featured please remember to take a button! Thanks to all who participated! I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with this week!

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  1. says

    Thanks for featuring my bat wings! I think they are pretty fun! Another option for a boy would be to have the wings go from his underarm to his side – does that make sense?

    You’re in Utah now? I’m here, let’s craft! :)

    • says

      That totally make sense! I’ll pass that on to my friend! I AM in UT! I’ve been here a year, but still feel new, and like I don’t know where to go to do stuff with my kids and have fun! I’d love to craft!

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