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Oh how I’ve missed you all! Missed blogging, missed reading blogs, missed updates from friends, etc… It’s been a crazy few weeks over here. Get ready for the worlds LONGEST post!

It started with the computer crash of 2011 (my husbands computer has it now… grrrr) and things just haven’t quite recovered. My silhouette software decided to break down and not work before I could finish my Christmas cards (they finally got mailed, on the 23rd). Next my phone died, more inconvenient than anything else.


A few days before Christmas I got a call from my dad that my 90 YO G’ma was in the hospital and the next day she died (I’m still in shock- The funeral is next week I’ll talk more about her later). During all this time Baby Boy has been super stuffed up and we’ve had to take him to local respiratory clinic a few times to get his snot sucked out- not very fun. Then Christmas came (and went)- it was wonderful, maybe I’ll get around to posting about it at some point. Next up the day after Christmas… The D.A. woke up complaining about a tooth ache. 3 days of no sleep and constant screaming ended with a pulled molar and now she’s back to normal.

And to top the whole month off? Baby boy started biting, isn’t sleeping well and has a slight fever (in addition to the stuffy nose and excess snot). SOOOO I’m ending the year about 3 weeks behind in posts I planned on.

Now onto my top 10’s for 2011 crafts, food, personal and referrers…

Top Ten Crafts Countdown
It’s funny- Five of these top 10 are actually from 2010, with Stumble upon, pinterest and Ravelry time doesn’t always matter!


10. Quilted ruffled stockings (and quilted ruffled tree skirt) It was so fun getting these out this year and using them! I still LOVE them!

lego mold done
9. Make your own food grade Lego mold I’ve used this mold for 4 birthday parties already, and I’m pretty sure I’ll get years more use out of it! Totally worth the cost of the silicone!

8. Ruler Growth Chart It took me years to get this finished and put up. I just have to remember to actually UPDATE it, let alone post date the kids heights from medical records.

7. Boot-cut to skinny jeans When I grew larger than a size 4 I swore I’d never wear skinny jeans again. This year that totally changed! I love my skinny jean makeover- I even made over my maternity bootcut jenas!

token chore chart finished tiles
6. Chore chart and token system Honestly the DA destroyed the chore chart so we don’t use it anymore, BUT we still adore the token system and I’m hoping to resurrect the chore chart this year, now that the DA is older…

5. Thread crochet converse shoes Baby boy still wears these whenever we go out and they are a huge hit. It’s almost time for a larger size though!

lego star-wars-birthday-party-millennium-falcon-cake
4. Lego Star Wars party (and invitation) One of my favorite parties to date… I get around 10 requests a week for these labels.

seuss brithday party birthday cake cat in the hat fondant carved topsy turvy
3. Dr. Seuss birthday party (and invitation) This party was my absolute favorite… I just wish I’d photographed it better. I learned a lot from this party. I will be doing this party again some day!

2. Crochet bearded beanie The amazing thing is that this post is already number 2 for the YEAR and it’s been posted less than a month! I’ve been enjoying my recent knitting and crocheting kick. It won’t last forever though- it never does…

1. Knit ear warmer with crochet flower And my number one post for the year was one of the 2010 posts!!! Crazy insane. It was number one by almost 4 times the amount of views! I keep getting asked for a video tutorial so I’m hoping to get it done before my recent knitting and crocheting kick is over!

Top Ten Cake, Food and Recipes countdown
Three of these posts were from 2010, so apparently while my crafting is timeless my more recent food/cakes/recipe are better!

sour cream lemon pie recipe
10. Sour Cream Lemon Pie Still one of my al time favorite recipes. In fact I made two this week and ate one all by myself!

9. German Pancakes. Our go to breakfast around here. We all love it. For a change I also like it with powdered sugar and fresh squeezed lemon juice.

8. Ice cream cone oreo balls (and Ice cream party) My birthday party turned out AMAZING!!! This party is for sure another repeat. Esp since I already have the labels, it would be super easy to throw it again! It just might become my yearly birthday tradition!

chocolate covered chocolate marshmallow cupcakes inside
7. Chocolate dipped marshmallow frosted cupcakes. These were actually a last min idea for a snack when my mother was visiting. They turned out GREAT!

fondant cake converse shoes carved
6. Converse tennis shoes cake This cake was for my sweet cousin’s sweet 16th birthday party!

5. Cinnamon roll pancakes We love pancakes at our house and adding this version to our collection has been fantastic! LOVE these! And love Pinterest where I got them from!

birthday cake party topsy turvy finished tutorial
4. Topsy Turvy cake Tutorials I love sharing how to make cakes. I’ve gotten a bit of flack from some other cake designers, but I’d rather teach how to make a cake than get paid to make that cake. I love it when someone sends me a picture of something they made for their child and how proud they are of themselves! Thus my How to cake decorating video series was born (and interrupted and born again… and again…)

3. Homemade andes mints I’ve made these for three years now and they never last more than a day. Next year I’m crushing up candy canes to add to the middle layer- Mmmmm

lego head fondant birthday cake
2. Lego head birthday cake (updated with instructions) This is another one I get constant emails about, so I added the written instructions. I think I’ll make it again this year so I can do a picture tutorial, let’s face it, Lego’s are timeless!

Princess Rapunzel barbie birthday cake tutorial finished
1. Rapunzel cake tutorial This is the tutorial that I originally did for U-create last January!

Top Ten Personal posts and moments from this year

1. Baby Boy! From announcing the pregnancy, the gender reveal, his birth (and birth stories) and now his baby blessing

2. Computer boy turning 8 and getting baptized! A huge deal for us. And he looked so handsome and grown up!

3. We’ve now lived here for longer than anywhere else, just over 2 years! And becoming so settled has been a huge blessing for the kids, and for me it means I’ve finally been able to start throwing parties for myself (not just for the kids birthday’s)! My Ice cream birthday party, the 70’s Abba party and my Elmer’s craft and tell party. My husband knows how happy it makes me so he suggests that I should throw a party every quarter next year! Love that man!

2011-07-10 358
4. I got to attend two blog conferences this year as well as other blogging events. I’ve loved it, being social is a huge deal for me, esp living with 8 other people with aspergers who aren’t naturally social. My favorite by far was Evo, I already have my ticket for next year, after that I loved Creative Estates in AZ and I can’t wait to attend Snap in April this year!

5. My baby sister moved to Salt Lake this year! Not only bringing herself, but my two adorable nieces! Also she’s become a photographer so she took my maternity pictures, a second birth story, baby pictures and this years family pictures and headshots (post coming up)!

6. In January I got to participate in So You Think Your Crafty! I ended up getting the boot the same week my morning sickness kicked into HIGH gear so while it was a bummer it was PERFECT timing!

7. I made some pretty big changes to my blog, and blog style over the years, this year especially. But the biggest change was closing my “store”.

8. My sister in law was sharing the basement with us when we first moved here, after the first year she moved upstairs to give us more space. I moved into the office right away, but the extra bedroom sat empty for almost a year (space a family of 7 could sure use) so FINALLY at 37 weeks pregnant we cleaned out and painted the extra room so we could move into it (master bedroom). NOW the old bedroom is sitting empty instead!!! This weekend we’re trying to fix that…

9. I finally got a smart phone… True it’s the last week of the year, but it still happened in 2011~

10. Also, while it was just a itty bitty spot, and not anything related to what I blog about I got to be on TV. A secret (or not so secret depending on how well or how LONG you’ve known me) wish, and it was totally fun!

Top ten Blog Referrers of 2011
Thank you ladies!!!

Tip junkie
Someday Crafts
Today’s Creative blogs
Flamingo Toes
Creations by Kara
Organize and Decorate
Be different act normal

Thanks for participating with me in the best hobby ever! My job (the most important part of my day and life) is being a mom and I love it. This blog is my hobby, my way of relaxing, of getting to be ME (creative and brilliant?) for part of my day and I love it. But since it’s NOT my job (I’ve never gotten paid- although I HAVE gotten some pretty fun perks over the past year) it will always be the thing that get’s pushed back when real life pops up. Thanks for sticking with me through the ups and downs, the learning curve and my inability to stay consistent. I have loved the perks of being a blogger, and the best part is the people I get to know through what I do! I’m SO excited for what’s to come in 2012 (although I have NO idea what that might be!)

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