Thread crochet blessing dress

I actually bought the pattern for this dress back in Japan when I first got interested in Thread crochet.  We weren’t pregnant yet, but getting ready for it.  Then the next baby was a boy, so this didn’t work.  Then we had a miscarriage and THEN got pregnant with this little girl.  But because of the miscarriage I was nervous to start it, and couldn’t quite get as invested until pretty far along into my pregnancy.  Good thing I get manic once I get started.  I finished this dress start, restart (the gauge wasn’t quite right and after doing half the top I restarted) to finish took 2 weeks!


Making the under dress was more of a challenge.  I had to make the pattern up myself.  The dress itself fit great, but the under dress was a bit too tight!  But isn’t this dress exquisite?  You can’t see it but there are small pink beads crochet into the dress.  I bought a second pattern from the same designer.  I wonder if I’ll get to make it ever (hint hint hubby!)


It had a sweet little hat too.  I should have made it bigger as well, it barely fit around her noggin!  We moved when she was 5 weeks old so I didn’t get around to getting her professional pictures taken until she was 2 months old!  Luckily it still fit, barely!


These shoes!  SOOO precious, but the shoes I made to fit the pattern didn’t even come CLOSE to fitting my Sasquatch.  I doubled the footprint size, and it was still too small in the end.  But it fit for this one day, and really that’s all it needed to fit for!


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  1. Amberly says

    Hi, this is going to sound werid. I was searching for a croched blessing dress pattern I can make for my little girl that is due in September and I found your blog post and the picture of the amazing dress you made!! I fell in love! I am looking for a pattern just like that one! You said you got it in Japan???!!! Have you seen anything even similar to it local? Would you be willing to lend out that pattern?? I know that is a stretch but I thought I would give it a shot :) It is beautiful, you did an amazing job! Please email me! thanks!

    • says

      It’s in the box with the pattern. When I find it (broken wrist so I have to wait for someone else to get it down) I’ll give you all the info I have!

    • says

      kay- we’re remodeling so I can’t get to the pattern still, but I did think to look up the old pay pal info. I’m not sure if any of this still works though. The sellers name was Sharon Wilson, her EBAY seller id was crochetilred and her email was angel {at} I’m not sure if that was the name or email on the pattern though. I’ll try to find that info still too! the name of the pattern I ordered was “Crochet Christening gown pattern – Beaded Diamond dress” (although I also got the cameo rose dress)

  2. says

    Saw this on Just Something I Whipped UP. but I guess neither of these darlings just got whipped up. She is absolutely beautiful and looks just like a china doll and your lighting is exquisite. The dress looks unbelievably complicated and it is absolutely divine. Together, it just takes my breath away. I am glad you captured it in such lovely pictures.

    • says

      Actually I did the toys in just a day each, and the dress just took 2 weeks. Once you get going it’s not to slow. But it took years to get to that speed! Thank you! It was really fun to make, I love that dress!

  3. says

    The dress is beautiful. You did a beautiful. I have crocheted 3 blessing dresses for my granddaughters. They are a labor of lov. Thank you for sharing. karie @karieschiccreations.

    • says

      Thank you! I’m sure your’s are beautiful too! It was so much fun to make! I have one more pattern… Maybe a grandchild will benefit from it~

  4. says

    WOW!! That is absolutely stunning. What an amazing job!!
    I bought myself a book on learning to crochet, I am trying to teach myself (it’s not really working, lol)

  5. says

    I had a blessing dress made for my last baby. Turned out “he” was a boy. Lol! Since he is #7 it will have to be saved for a grandchild. :o) Darling dress!

    • says

      Thank you! I think that’s what going to happen to my last pattern, I also never got to use the dress I was blessed in (my grandmother and great grandmother were also blessed in it) because my grandma can’t find it!

    • says

      Thank you so much! They were all fun to make. Although the bootie pattern was WAY to small for my daughters ginormous feet. So I had to remake them once she was born.

  6. says

    Oh how beautiful…the baby and then the dress!! I’m in awe of your talent…Everyone who has tried to teach me how to crochet over the years has given up on me!! I found you through I Made It Thursday!

    • says

      I taught myself from books. But that’s how I learn best. I couldn’t have learned from someone else. I just don’t learn that way. If you really want to learn think about how you learn best, video? Books? teachers? And try that way! It’s fun once you get the hang of it!

  7. says

    Wow. Such a beautiful baby and the dress is amazing! You did an absolutely beautiful job. I giggled a little at the fit issues. I made my daughter’s blessing dress when I was in High School, 12 years before she was born. She was chubby {love it!} and we didn’t bless her until she was 5 months old, so I had to let it out so it would fit her. The things we do for our special babies on their special days.

    Sorry to hear about your miscarriage. I had one too and it is a hard thing.

    xo -E

  8. says

    First off I am so sorry about the miscarriage. I had one also and it is so hard! But look how sweet that little girl is. I LOVE this amazing dress!

  9. Bridgette says

    WHAT A SWEET little girl! The dress is PERFECT! And the story behind it all is touching! Thanks for joining us for another great Anything Related! ~Bridgette

  10. says

    So precious! Those little feet! I wanna eat ’em! I have heirloom gowns that I made for each of my babies…but I didn’t crochet them. I am amazed! Lovely, lovely job. Lisa~

    • says

      My mom sewed all the other three. And the dress she created for my oldest? Masterpiece. I should share it She has an amazing talent for sewing. (she used to make her own bra’s and my dad’s suits! crazy!)

    • says

      did you get the info from the last comment? the email address used from the pay pal account where I bought it from? We’re in the middle of remodeling our basement apartment. my crafts supplies are all in storage for the next 2 month at least. But that paypal info might help.

  11. Amberly says

    I’m sorry I didn’t see that comment, but I just went back up and read it… thank you! I will try with that!

    • says

      I’m so glad. I was worried that maybe it wasn’t showing up for some strange reason. I’m new to wordpress hosting so I’m not sure how adding email addresses to a comment works!

  12. Amberly says

    I was able to track down this pattern, thank you for the information! I am so excited to attempt to make this!

  13. amberly says

    hey so I have been trying to make this dress and cannot get it to work! No matte how many times I start over and re check it my numbers are always off. I even had my grandma who is a master crocheter try it and she couldn’t get it to work either… Did you have any trouble??? I’m so sad… I wanted to make it so bad but it just frusturating me…

    • says

      It was almost 4 years ago for me, so I don’t really remember it all. I do remember that I made the first few rows and realized it was WAY to big. I guess my gauge was off. Anyway I ended up making it smaller. I took it in a bit. I don’t remember exactly how, but it involved looking at the layers between the body and the skirt and made sure I took out the right amount of stitches so it wouldn’t mess up the skirt. Again, once I’m done with the remodeling I hope I’ll be able to find it and maybe I can look at it and tell you exactly what I did. When do you need to be done by? I’m sorry, but I tend to take all directions with a little bit of intuition on the side! Oh… I think I might have the dress closer at hand than the directions. Maybe I can look at that for you.

  14. amberly says

    I emailed the designer and she has been helping me to figure it out. The pattern has some flaws but with her help it is going much smoother now. I’m not to good at figuring out a solution on my own when it comes to crochet. I just had my baby two weeks ago so I’m trying to get it done as soon as possible. Hopefully it continues to go smoothly from here on out. Thanks for your help. Don’t worry about finding the dress or pattern right now…i will let you know if I need anymore help!

    • says

      I’m so glad you got some help! I can’t believe your working on this with a new born! It took me 2 weeks straight while preggers! You are amazing! I can’t WAIT to see it!

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