thread crochet beaded Socks!


I started making these socks a few years ago for my daughter, nieces and baby shower gifts.  I can usually finish a pair while watching a show or movie.  Most of mine are packed up since my “baby” is turning 3 next month.  But she LOVED these, and so did everyone else.


These were my top 3 favorites: personalized socks.


Red (my favorite color to dress my kids in, easy to find them when we go out)


And Rainbow!  And the reason I still have some out?  My “baby” loves to wear them on her hands!


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  1. Katie says

    I was wondering what thread you used for the socks . . . I’ve been wanting to try a pair of grown-up socks in a thread-weight, but wondered about the give & resiliency, as well as the wearing comfort. The beaded kids’ socks are so cute!

    • says

      Sure, I use crochet thread, it’s in the crochet isles at joanns, although I’m sure you can find it at any yard craft store. They are great to work with. I use them all the time!!! Good luck!

    • says

      Only once, I made one set with metal bells. The edges that I crochet onto the socks were sharp and kept coming off. I made a trial pair for my daughter and since that happened I never tried to sell those. But I never had any problems with the other beads!

  2. Leanne says

    hello, these socks are the cutest ever!!! I was wondering if you have the instructions posted somewhere and I am just missing them or did you just post pictures? I would love to make my niece some but I am a little confused how you stitched them. I love all your work and thank you for sharing!!!!

    • says

      This was back when I had an etsy store so I wasn’t sharing the pattern, thanks for the reminder, I’ll put together a tutorial and pattern!

  3. Sandi says

    i have 2 Grand daughters and I would love if you were to put together a tutorial and a pattern! I have 4 Daughters and one of their Aunts made them each a pair when they were little, how we adored them! If we had lived closer I would have had her teach me how to make them! Thanks for everything, I’m so glad i found you for i find you to be quite interesting!

    • says

      Since I learned this from someone else I haven’t thought about doing my own tutorial, just use a thread crochet hook, they are small and metal, and you can use them to poke through the socks, then do an sc then chain then poke through and do an sc again. I string the beads on first than work two into each chain.

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