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I hate buying party plates for every event. You always have extra and I have a box of 3 of one color, 4 of another, and so on. I decided I wanted to go with something a bit nicer, and more fun, not to mention unique! I bought extra white plate at DI and decided to use them for every party. But how to make them unique and and coordinating to each party?

food safe stamp for party plates silicone stamp

Stamps! Yup, that’s right, stamps! I’m not a scrap-booker (sorry) but I do love stamps! I love to emboss my Christmas cards and invitations. And so Stamping seemed like a great way to dress up plates for parties!

food safe stamp for party plates food safe pen

All it takes is food grade markers!!! you could also paint on Food Gel, but I found the markers to be less messy and oh so easy to use. Plus they now come in a ton of colors! So take your stamp and draw on it with your food grade marker…

food safe stamp party plates

And stamp it on! It could NOT be simpler. AND it washes RIGHT off. If they get it on their food it’s not a problem. Plus it’s super fast and easy to do a ton of plates in a short amount of time. size doesn’t matter, you can even do bowls! And with millions and millions of stamps out there you will never run out of stamps to match your themes. I have a huge stamp collection too! Every time I go to Michaels I check out the $1 clearance stamps and collect a few more every time!

food safe stamp for party plates

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  1. says

    I’m beginning to wonder if all the $1 stamps at Michaels will ever add up to the amount spent on all the ones I have from Stampin’UP and other places… they’re coming close 😉

    love this idea – I even have white luncheon plates… now to grab some food grade markers before Birthday Season hits!

    • says

      Totally cute!!! Yes, this idea works for all parties! I have loved it, and hope to collect more plates and stamps so I can do it all the time! BTW your cupcakes and fondant strawberries turned out great!

  2. says

    What a really cute idea! Except i don’t host parties big enough for me to bother buying white plates to decorate… One could also do this with ordinary white paper plates for informal bbq parties and things – now this i could do, hehe! :)

    • says

      Ha! I already own white plates (boring I know, but until my kids stop breaking plates it’s silly to buy fancy ones!) but for my last party I used paper plates and it worked okay… the ink was a little more slippery, but as long as your careful not to let them get wiped or rubbed it should be okay!

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