Snow covered water bottles – Melted Olaf

You guys know I love spray painting water bottles, right? Remember the Gold C3-P0 water bottles from our Lego Star Wars party?  Or the Black Bomb bird water bottles from last year’s Angry Bird’s party?  LOVE how easy it is to dress up water bottles.

I spraypainted the water bottles with fake snow to create a frozen effect for a frozen birthday party

I debated what to do for these!  I tried using crystallizing spray first, BUT it didn’t work out, BOO!!  Would’ve looked AMAZING if it had!  Oh well.  Instead I bought this one step “flurry” texture spray paint I picked up.  It has the coolest effect!  Start with taking off the labels then spray away!


One coat or two, it’s up to you!  Since the bottles are sealed you don’t have to worry about it getting inside, and once you take off the lid you’re left with a nice clean lip to drink from as well!


Add your labels and your ready to go!!!  The guests LOVED them!  Oh and since water is so important I always have a TON of extra water bottles for the guests!


Isn’t it CRAZY how different the labels print up vs the color they are on my computer screen????  Good thing I don’t sell printables, GAH! any advice?  I really wanted these to be a little more turquoise, not straight blue.

create frozen water bottles by adding texture to make them look snowy

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    • says

      Ummmm I went to so many stores for this party… I’m pretty sure I found them at Michaels! but you could also probably find them on Amazon. It would be easier to find it in the winter, I searched at a few stores for this fake snow spray before I found it.

  1. Carole says

    Thank you for sharing this – I can’t find the label for the water bottle to download. Would you please help me with this?

  2. Alexandra says

    I love the water bottle labels. Can you send me a link to print them? I’d love to use it for my daughter’s 5th bday!


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