Quilt binding

Here is how I did my tree skirt binding.  I am happy with how it turned out, but I think I might try a different style next time I bind a quilt just to try it out.  Don’t forget to go see the tree skirt tutorial and the stocking tutorial on the blog!

binding quilted ruffled tree skirt

I decided to use 1 1/2 inch strips for my binding. I put the fabrics right side together at 90 degrees.  Then sewed at a 45 degree angle from one corner to another.

binding quilted ruffled tree skirt

Cut off the excess edges.

binding quilted ruffled tree skirt

Open it up and iron it!  You’ll want to make sure you sew together enough strips that it is long enough to go completely around the quilt (or in this case my tree skirt!)

quilt binding folding ironing

Fold in both side 1/4 inch and iron them down.

quilt binding folded again ironing

Then fold it in half and iron it again!

sewing the binding on the top

Open it back up again, lay it on top of your quilt right sides together.  Sew along your ironed 1/4 line all the way around your project leaving a tail on each side a few inches long each.

sew the beginning and end of binding

Once you get all the way around you’ll want to sew the tails together using the same style you did before  when you put the strips together.  Then finish sewing the binding onto the top of the quilt/skirt.

fold the binding over and sew

Fold the binding back up and around the edge of the quilt (tree skirt).  Pull it tight and around the top.  Now here is the part I totally spaced taking a picture of! (Grrrr  there is one picture in every craft I regret not capturing- this time a crutial step!).  Your actually going to sew around the quilt again, from the top, where the binding meets the quilt CATCHING the folded over binding from the other side while you do.

quilt binding finished

Here you can see the back side.  You can see how the stitches from the front caught the back side.  And finally the finished binding around the quilt!   Don’t forget to check out the rest of the tree skirt tutorial! And while your at it the stocking tutorial as well!

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      This was my 1st completed quilt, I’m half way done with a large queen sized quilt. I’m enjoying it. I’m not sure this first trial is the best style for binding, but it worked! I have another style I’m going to try on the big one! Thanks for your comment!

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