Pink buttercream ruffled smash cake

As part of the new Smash Cakes for my sisters 1 year old photography session we’ve been playing around with buttercream itty bitty cakes!  These are 6 inch cakes, the perfect size for tiny hands.


I am in LOVE with this vertical ruffled cake! I still love the more heavily ruffled cake too, but this one is really VERY elegant in it’s own way!


If you want to see the smash session my sister, Chelsea Peterson Photography, has a post on it!


I used my regular buttercream recipe with shortening to hold the ruffles, but my sister said it was a real greasy mess, and so I’ll try butter next time hoping it’s easier to clean up, yet still hold the ruffles well!


Kay I’m TOTALLY in love with this cake, and the color, and that’s pretty much all there is to it!  I can’t WAIT for Baby Boy’s cake smash session in just over 5 months left to decide what to do!


If you want to learn how I frost all these buttercream cakes I’m now teaching two online classes with more on the way! Anything you really want to learn?


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  1. Megan says

    I worked at a bakery for years and there are two tricks for ya… one, use a little cornstarch to help hold items. This may work with your traditional buttercream recipe that includes butter. The second hint is that there is an icing shortening available that is a ton better for taste and greasy-ness. It’s not nearly as gross as shortening but holds up really well. We live in Missouri and our heat and humidity can melt icing right off a cake, but this icing shortening holds up extremely well!!! We even used it in our chocolate to thin it down some for dipping strawberries and other items.

    • says

      where do you get icing shortening??? I’d LOVE to try it out! what a great tip! And do you add the cornstarch right to the frosting? I use it when working with fondant, but never with my buttercream.

    • says

      Thanks so much! It was so much fun to finally REALLY meet you at the GNO last month! I’m also glad you liked my cake! The flavor is for sure the MOST important part!

    • says

      I use a few different colors. i don’t remember for sure, but I know I added ivory to cream it up a bit… I usually use a mixture of 3-5 colors til I get what I’m looking for!

  2. says

    I’m trying this tomorrow! I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll have a steady hand and my ruffles will be in a semi straight line! And considering a cupcake version…. hm…. Your cakes are so beautiful!

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