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I mentioned last week that Lego Boy turned 8 and got baptized. After the baptism we had everyone come over to our place for a picnic lunch to celebrate.  We were going to do a park but it turned into the hottest week all summer, THEN 2 days of rain so I wasn’t sure what the weather would be and we decided to just set up at home and not risk it.


I stuck with red and white for the decor, using a few different patterns.  I collected a bunch of fun elements that I was really excited about!  Like these food trays instead of plates!  When I found them I was SO excited.  I picked the 5 lbs size to fit a sandwich and two sides!


These chevron fry containers were perfect for potatoes chips!  The kids LOVED them and it was way cleaner than tons of little hands in large bags.  I got mine from Pick your Plum months ago, but I’ve only seen them there twice.  If you know of another place to get them let me know!


I bought these cellophane bags, and used them for the napkins, bamboo utensils and paper straws!  The Reader helped me put them all together, we made enough for everyone with some extras.  I know that some of the utensils (like the knifes) get wasted this way, but it’s just so cute and so handy for a picnic!


I made my own mason jar condiment dispensers.  I cut a whole into the lid, and used these 2 part dispensers to top it off.  Next time I’ll buy these lids with pre-cut holes, because my holes were a bit wonky and didn’t seal well so they didn’t end up pumping as well as I’d hoped.  BUT they were super cute!


Then we had all the lunch supplies.  We had lettuce and tomatoes for topping, we had 3 meats (turkey, ham and roast beaff) and 3 cheeses (swiss, cheddar and provolone), and of course peanut butter and jelly and nutella for the kiddo’s!


I found these adorable salt and pepper shakers (sticking with the mason jar theme) and of course we also had sides!  Pickles, pasta salad, potato salad, jello salad and lentil salad!  SO many salads!!!  (clearly my extended family eat’s healthier than I do!


So everyone put together their trays and headed outside to chairs and blankets!!!  The weather ended up being BEAUTIFUL and the adults enjoyed talking while the kids enjoyed the playground equipment!

We also had a Italian Soda Bar (but no pictures- grrrr) and water.  So the kids loved mixing their own flavors and drinks and everyone got plenty of sugar!


I made my no bake cheesecake in small jars that every one loved.  I love food in jars!  I know every one does these days, I just love easy to serve food, and jars are perfect for picnics and single serving treats!  I enjoy not having to stand and serve food the whole time, but getting to enjoy the company!


Of course we had to have a cake, but because it was a simple picnic I just went with my chocolate cake and ganche frosting!  With ton’s of ice cream choices!  In the end everyone was so full of Italian soda’s and the cheesecakes that we ended up saving it for dinner than night, but a cake always makes a lovely centerpiece!


I was really happy with the way it came out in the end!  We had plenty of food, good company and lots of fun!  It doesn’t get much better than that!  I love my family as well as my husbands so days like this, where we just get to relax and celebrate together, are my favorite days!


Click to get my printables in PFD form.

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    • says

      ha! you are so cute! If only you had full photoshop! next time we both have a free day you are welcome to come watch me create some printables, but it might only make it worse knowing you only have elements 😉 but seriously, happy to have you come watch and ask questions any time.

  1. Sandi Miller says

    Hi Ashlee,

    I was wondering if you had this printable in a format that I can adjust some of the words. I’m having an indoor picnic birthday party for son’s 1st birthday and I have some different foods that I will be serving. Do you have a file you could send me?

    Thank you,

    • says

      I don’t share my PSD files, they take hours and hours to make and I don’t want people using them and taking credit, so I only share the final images. which size did you want (small condiment size or large labels size) and I can send you a blank sheet

      • Cagney says

        Is there any way you could send me a blank sheet of these in the large label size please? These are amazing and my daughter’s party is coming up September 12. I just LOVE them! You do a wonderful job.

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