Photography 101 – Auto Mode

Chelsea again! I have one more post as a preface before we dig into our camera *creative modes.  This will be my only post for people who want to stay in auto mode. Some people out there have DSLRs, or even point and shoots, with no desire or intention of using them in anything but auto.  

Staying in auto mode is easy and simple, and there is nothing wrong with it if you are happy with the way your pictures look, especially if its just your everyday camera.  If you plan on staying in auto modes, just don’t poor money into a high priced DSLR.  The kits around $450 are more than enough.  Don’t bother spending more.  The higher the price will not make your pictures better. No matter how nice the camera you will not take better pictures on it without learning how to use it in a *creative mode and learning your lens options. I will have a future post to suggest where to put you money but for now will will leave it at that.

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Even in auto mode you can still make the most of the options you have. They are pretty self explanatory, but unless you take the time to know what each does you may never switch you dial.  This is my easy guide to using the different Auto Modes.  The little icons should make it easy to remember.  But if you don’t want to have to worry about all the setting on your camera, but you want to make the most of each situation.  Then take the time to switch your auto modes to fit.

If you are taking a picture of a person playing soccer, use sports mode (displayed as a person running) If you are going to take a picture of a persons smiling face, use the portrait mode and so on.  It seems so simple yet most people will leave their camera on the green auto and never bother to know what all the other dials do.  So take one second and switch it, and your pictures will improve.

Next month we will dive into ISO.

*What I consider Creative Modes: Canon TV, AV, M. Nikon, S, A, M.

Everything I teach is subject to my own personal opinion. Every photographer has to figure out what works for them best and they are not always the same.

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