Organizing my Spice Rack

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I’ve been meaning to organize my spices for YEARS, but hadn’t found the perfect system yet.  It’s always bothered my OCD to have my spices in different sizes/jars.  Glass, plastic, metal, etc….  BUT spices are so expensive I just can’t justify getting the same jar just because it will look nicer on my shelf!


When we were visiting my sister last year in AZ she was throwing away this one, it was full of old herbs, and weird ones, that I never use.  Half of them had gotten wet and were stuck inside the jars!


The kids helped me empty them out and we ran them through the dish washer…. three times…  then I soaked and scrapped off the old labels.


The rack only fits 20 spices, so I had to narrow it down to my TOP used 20 spices….  These are the ones I use on a monthly basis, so narrowing it down was tough.  But we did it.  If I ever find the same spice rack I’m so getting a second one.


I cut out new labels with my Silhouette, using Century Gothic bold, spacing the letters 110% and taking the cutting speed down to 2 so the details wouldn’t get caught up in the cutter.


using transfer tape I eyeballed them into  place on the round jars.  They aren’t perfect, and I did redo ONE…  But I think I got them pretty close, and good enough for now (I’m thinking if I like the 20 spices I’ll re-cut the vinyl for a stencil and use glass etching)


Then came the fun part, FILLING the glass jars!  I need more Ground Oregano, and Hot curry, but everything else I had extras and was able to fill up all the way!  SO pretty!!!!  What would your top 20 spices look like?  I had to bump 2 of mine because my husband requested Salt and Pepper….


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  1. says

    It looks beautiful. I’m ashamed to say that I don’t even have 20 different spices I use regularly. I need to expand my horizons. 😉

    • says

      WHAT! I had to NARROW IT DOWN?!! I have 25 more I couldn’t get on the rack! I’ll share some recipes with you, what kinds of foods do you like?

  2. says

    Those turned out SO GREAT! I love that they are organized and that they are the spices you use often. I have a spice rack that is full of spices I’ve never used before. I think I should use this as motivation to make mine with spices that I will actually use :)

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