Mini “Hunny” honey pot cakes tutorial

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First- how totally adorable are those hands???  Okay!  One of my favorite childhood Disney movies is being re-released, The many adventures of Winnie the Pooh!  I love that silly ol bear and his morning exercise, rumbling tummy, and his antics to trick those bees into giving up some honey…


I love his sweet song “I’m just a little black raincloud” and of course who could forget Pooh getting stuck in Rabbits front door!  Ha!  I  love that one!


I was so excited to share the movie with my kids!  AND for a special dessert that night I made each kid these sweet mini “hunny” pot cakes.  of COURSE they loved them.


First I made the mini cakes, I used the mini ball pan and the mini doll cake pans to get the shape I wanted. I was planning on the narrow end to be the bottom of the pots, with the rounded tops being the lids, but I ended up doing half and half, some with “closed” lids and some open pots.


Don’t forget to create a nice flat top and cut off the rounded top left from baking.  ALWAYS start with a nice clean top, you’ll have less problems later if you do.


Then cut off the narrow point  so that pots will have a flat surface to stand on, or for the other way around the flat open top.


Stick the two halves together with your frosting, ganache or buttercream (you know me, I prefer ganache, buttercream is too loosey goosey for me, while Ganache sticks better)


Then “dirty ice” the cakes if your getting crumbs or if you can keep it together just regular frost.  Let your frosting cool or “set”.  If you dirty iced your cake then frost it, if you frosted it then move on.


Next up, cover the cakes with ivory fondant, smooth it out and add the “rim” of the pots (just a thick rolled out fondant “snake”) for the rounded, lidded, tops add a ball.  I added all fondant pieces with clear vanilla or other clear “spirits” (vodka works great)


I wanted the pots to be typical pots, dull bottom, and a glossy painted brown top!  So I hand painted the top section (the rim and lid too) with edible dark brown paint!  I hand painted it to get those stroked lines (rather than air brush it)


Then I rolled out some bright yellow fondant, and cut it to fit the top of the pots, included some intentional dripping.  For the lidded pots i added some intentional drips off the rims.  I stretched it out a bit over the rim to thin it, but left it thick again on the other side.


Finally I used my edible pen in black and hand wrote “hunny” onto each pot (with the backwards N of course).  Then came the modeling…  The bigger kids were being great little models for me, but the second we gave Baby Boy his pot he dug right in!  HA!


So I told the other kids they could dig in too!  The painted pots left the kids mouth dark brown!  Princess said “I’m wearing lipstick mom!”.  She loves fondant so she was in HEAVEN, I don’t think she even ate a single bite of cake!


Oh I love my beautiful kids!  They make me laugh and bring so much joy into my life.  Seriously, how could you be upset with these faces, like EVER!!! (okay, they still get in trouble, loads of it, but they know how to get out of it too)


do you love winnie the pooh? we sure do at our house.  Here is a tutorial for creating your own mini honey pot cakes, or as pooh says, hunny pot

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    Oh. My. Gosh. You have got to be kidding me with how absolutely adorable these are. Seriously. These are SOOOOOO cute!! Your talent Ashlee just blows my mind. Great job!!

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    These are amazing! I don’t know how to do any of this stuff but if I ever start to work with fondant I know where I’m coming for a tutorial! I would love it if you would come share this on my blog!!

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