Metallic & Turquoise wedding cake & cupcakes

My cousin got married this month!  I love family weddings, spending time with my family is one of the most fun anyone could EVER have.  I laughed more in the few days we spent together then I have in years.  I laughed until I cried, couldn’t breath, the back of my jaw hurt and I almost peed (still have bladder control after 5 kid- TAKE THAT!).


Another fun part of my family getting married is getting to make a wonderful creation for them!  I was hoping for a huge grand cake, but she wanted cupcakes…  Well the bride is always right, and in the end, while I’m STILL not a cupcake fan, I do think it turned out VERY pretty!  And I’m really happy with the whole set up!


My favorite part is the Gold Leaf Cake.  GORGEOUS!  I love that I got to learn a new technique for this cake!


We went with 5 flavors of cupcakes, almost 3 dozen of each flavor.  We used a menu board to help people figure out which flavor each cupcake was.  We still had a few people grab the wrong flavor, but we did our best!


My cousin originally was wanting a cupcake tower, but neither of us loved it, then I was struck with GENIUS!  Different sizes, heights and colors of cake stands!  She totally ran with it, and painted them different metallic shades to match her color scheme.


I’m sure you noticed my new hair color… it didn’t turn out QUITE the way I wanted, but it’s been a fun change!


I got a new extra EXTRA large star tip for these, it made frosting the 14 dozen cupcakes super fast and I love the way it looks!  Big, fat ad fluffy! Don’t forget to click on the pictures/links below to see the cake tutorial, cupcake and frosting recipes.  YES, I’m sharing recipes!


And the cutting of the cake!  Isn’t her lace dress lovely?  My second choice in wedding dress would have been something like this.  And the grooms silver suit, everything matches so nicely, I love how it all came together!


The cake was 7 layers of my dark Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache frosting.  Mmmmm  After the bride was done cutting the cake and they left on their honeymoon we took the cake with us to the family party that night!  So we all got to enjoy it!

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      Thanks again for your help!!! I wish the cupcake table wasn’t back away from the windows by the mirrors!!! Thankfully my sister thought to bring them out into the window sil for most of the pictures!

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