Merry Christmas!

We’re having a wonderful few days with my husband off.  Thankfully most of us are 100% healthy again and able to have fun!  I’m grateful for so many things in my life, my husband and children of course top the list.  I don’t think I could love them more.  Being a mom has always been what I have wanted to do with my life and I am so grateful my husband supports me being at home taking care of our clan.


I’m also thankful for my generous in laws, who not only let us live in their basement while we get back on our feet, but also love me and love my children.  My own parents, who love and support me even when they don’t understand what it is I do.  And of course my sisters.  I’m especially blessed to have my baby sister living so close now, I enjoyed our years far away from family and that time to do our own thing and find our own path and now it making living closer even sweeter.


Here is the internet version (names changed) of our Christmas cards with you all!!!  I figure some of you probably “know” me better than my extended family members that get the “real” cards!!!  So Merry Christmas, I hope you all get ever wish your heart desires this time of year.  I have everything I want already, everything else is just bonus!  “See” you in a few days… or not depending on how much fun we’re having!

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  1. Coni says

    I live in the SLC area–can you tell me who did the photography for your Christmas cards? Love love love it! New to your blog – I will be a “forever follower”!

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