Match Your Lipstick to Your Outfit

Has it been a month already? Time is cruising on HIGH speed for me. Does anyone else feel like that? I can’t believe it is already June. But there is a bonus to that, because the means next month I will be back in my home state for the Miss Idaho pageant! And then only two more months and Adam is home for the off season. So if high speed gets me to those things any faster, I will take it!

Last month I talked lipstick. There are lots of fun colors for this spring! And I shared with you my top picks – so today I decided it is time to show you how I style one color that is timeless. A red. And not just how to wear it, but tip on how to match your lips to your outfit!


Here are a few tips that I have found extremely helpful when matching my reds, pinks, and purples to the outfit I am wearing that day:

Less is more. Colors are great in moderation. Lips to match a skirt or some floral pattern is perfect! But stop there. Don’t proceed to match you nail polish, eye shadow, and on and on. You get the drift, right? Leave your lips the focal point. By keeping everything else simple it gives your lips a chance to take the spotlight.

Keep it simple. One thing I always hear people say is that they don’t want to look like a clown with bright lips. The easiest way to do that is keep the rest of your face simple and neutral. Don’t go heavy on eye makeup. A simple HAC with eyeliner and mascara will keep you looking fresh and classy.

Pick one item. Match your lips to your belt. Or your shoes. Or your skirt. The options are endless. But pick one item to really brush up your look.

Prepare your lips. To prevent lip color from bleeding, apply foundation to your lips first, then line with a neutral, lip-colored liner before applying your outfit-matching hue.

Stay away from bizarre colors. Reds and pinks are the easiest for lipstick to outfit matching.. but oranges, bright purples, and so on are hard when it comes to lipstick. If you want to match those colors go with a tinted lip gloss so it isn’t overwhelming.



Growing up my Mom was all about “everything needs to match”… and I didn’t quite get it! I always thought she was silly because she would get me tops to match my bottoms and hang them all together. But I have finally realized to be color coordinated you don’t have to match everything from head to toe. You can make outfits to match and coordinate with your own flair. Don’t believe the matching is out rumors! Make yourself stand out in a crowd by matching in your own style. You can check out my entire red on red outfit over at Love, The Skinnys.

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  1. Mandy@ a sorta fairytale says

    I have always wanted to wear bright lipstick like that but I’m too much of a chicken. I feel like I look like a clown. lol. But you look amazing!

  2. Trisha Brantingham says

    I really need to step out of my comfort zone and try lipstick. Wearing bright lipstick is actually a fear of mine. I will buy a new color and put it on, and then when I’m ready to leave the house I’ll chicken out and wipe it off.

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