Mason Jar Birthday Cake

I had planned on taking the summer off from making cakes, but then I just got some of the most AMAZING orders I just couldn’t say no to!  This cake was no exception!  When the darling Kristen Duke called and asked if I could make a Mason Jar shaped birthday cake I was SOOO excited to do it!


It was for her grandparents 90th birthday party (see the party here). It is an adorable party, their last name is Ball so the mason jar theme was such a cute idea! I love all the fun turquoise jars they used, for the invitations, decorations and more.


So when she called about the cake we debated a few sizes.  We used the 3 inch by 5 inch jars as a base. And turned it into an 8 inch by just over 13 inches tall!  CRAZY!  It’s basically a three tiered cake, with each teir the same size.  I stacked three 4.5 inch cakes right on top of each other and then carved the base (I used a 6 inch circle base) and the top- creating a lid.


Then I covered the carved cake with ganache.  Not jars aren’t perfectly round, they are a bit squarish, so I added some extgra ganache to shape it.  Then I covered the entire cake with white fondant.  I added a hand cut “ball” and cut the other lettering.  I added fondant around the lid in a swirl and base to create a lid.


Finally I spray painted the whole jar turquoise.  I spray painted the white fondant instead of using colored fondant so it looked more like a glass jar. Then I spray painted the lid silver. And DONE!

a mason jar cake - hand carved, covered in fondant with hand cut details and airbrushed to be vintage mason jar blue

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    • says

      thank you so much! I had so much fun making it, and I’m SO happy with how this cake turned out! I might have to remake it for myself, it’s a great theme.

  1. Debbie Mernaugh says

    I would love to make this cake for a baby shower but I’m not sure I can pull it off can you do a video?

    • says

      I don’t have any plans to make a video at this point (I don’t repeat cakes). feel free to email me with any specific questions and I’ll add creating a video to my “to do list” but it will be awhile, sadly, my to do list is WAY too long!

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