Making my own cake stand

glass plate goodwill cake stand craft

So I’ve fallen in LOVE with the glass isle at Deseret Industries.  It started when I was looking for big glass containers for the candy bar at the Dr. Seuss party.  Then last week I saw this great glass cake stand and was inspired.  But I can’t commit to a fabric because what if it didn’t match an event I wanted to use it for?  I just love glass (it matches everything SO well!) so I skipped adding fabric.

I’ve been looking for a good candlestick for awhile.  Since my glass plate is GINORMOUS when I found this wide crystal candlestick I figured it was perfect.  I’ve been hearing all these amazing things about gorilla glue.  So last week I went by Lowe’s looking to grab some.  The original gorilla glue is BROWN, ugh.  The newer stuff dries white, still no good for this project.  So I decided to risk it with the gorilla super glue, dries clear!   Apparently I’m a total rookie!  

crystal candlestick goodwill cake stand craft

I marked the center on the NONE glue side (wouldn’t that be frustrating, making a mark then forever gluing it to the plate!  But I DID make an error.  I had the plate upsidedown and glued the candlestick to it.  Then I flipped it over so I could weight it down while it dried.  BUT since the glue was still wet the candlestick moved!  Aaarrrgghhh!  SERIOUSLY~  So frustrating.  I should have had the candlestick on the ground and added the plate and weight so I didn’t have to flip it over.

glass plate crystal candlestick cake stand craft gorilla super glue

I wiped what I could off with a wet rag.  But there was still some left, and because of the cold wet rag the glue turned white!  LUCKILY I have a box full of razors.  VERY handy for cleaning glass.  I sue them all the time.  And yes, those are my comfy sweats I’m wearing in this picture.  I know, you all want a pair.  Mine are only 18 years old and my favorite thing to wear around the house late at night while crafting!  It cleaned up really nicely!

glass plate crystal candlestick cake stand scrapping off excess gorilla super glue

This badboy can hold a 12 inch cake!  I KNOW!  The only thing I’m worried about is can it hold the weight of a cake.  I’ll just try it one cake at a time and see how it goes.  So to christen it I made my go to flourless chocolate cake.  I make it all the time, fast to mix up, slow to cook and the most delicious food in the whole wide world!  I first made this during my year of monthly chocolate challenges in 2007-2008.  I make it at least once a month (although I’ve changed the chocolate I use!).  SO it held up to the weight of this cake, what to try next…

cake stand finished with cake

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